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How Does This Work?

How Does This Work

So how does this whole Good Morning Girls thing work anyway? We’re glad you asked! 

Why does Good Morning Girls exist?

Good Morning Girls exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word.  Simple as that!  Our prayer is that GMG will:

… INSPIRE women to make God’s Word a priority in their daily lives.

… ENCOURAGE women in their daily walks with God through online accountability.

… EQUIP women to grow in their faith, so that they can effectively reach those in their own spheres of influence for Christ.


We believe God’s Word is powerful, effective and relevant in daily living.  Because of that, we have a passion to make disciples… women who put God’s Word into action in their lives!


Because God is in the business of changing lives,

we believe that when we’re changed by Him,

He also has the power to change the world through US!


How does Good Morning Girls encourage women to get into God’s Word?

“Good Morning Girls” consists of groups of Christian women who use technology (email, Facebook, twitter or text messaging) to keep each other accountable for their quiet times.

We need help getting into and staying in God’s Word on a regular basis.  Life is busy.  We’re distracted easily.  Commitment is hard.  Accountability is KEY.


How can YOU become a part of the Good Morning Girls community?

Grab a group of women with whom you can be accountable to.  You can form your own group with personal friends/family, or you can join an established group with women that you’re meeting for the first time through our GMG Forum.(Please note: Our GMG Forum is only open during Bible study enrollment)   The beauty of using tech accountability (you choose which mode of communication works best for your group!) is that your Good Morning Girls can live in your same town, on the other side of the world, or anywhere in between!  Once your group is formed, be sure to enroll for each current study… we love knowing who is joining us each session!

Choose what you want to study.  Most choose to study along with the Good Morning Girls selection for each session. GMG provides FREE online resources for online Bible studies throughout the year, complete with:

  • specialized reading plans
  • interactive study guides
  • personal videos
  • and online encouragement through the GMG blog.

Simply subscribe to the GMG blog to receive access to our free study materials If you’d rather, your group is welcome to choose another topic/book of the Bible based on the interests of your specific group.  The goal is to be in God’s Word every day!

Communicate with your GMG group!  After your group is formed and you’ve committed to a study, you’re ready to connect (via email, Facebook, twitter, texting) with your group Monday through Friday of each week!  You’ll read the Bible verses assigned for each day, then simply send a quick message to your group sharing what you’re learning through your Bible reading.  You’ll enjoy fellowship and accountability, all centered around God’s Word (and that’s just scratching the surface)!


Good Morning Girls:  Inspiring. Encouraging. Equipping.


And YOU’RE invited!!  We’d love nothing more than for you to join us, as we prayerfully ask God to transform each one of us as we immerse ourselves in His Word!!


  *Have more questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section!

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