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Let the Giving BEGIN! (Announcing 3 Translations)


I sit at my computer tonight, humbled and excited…three…we are releasing three translations today with three more coming next Monday!

Oh friends, I feel like crying! Just the thought of women in countries who have never heard about God’s love for them now having the opportunity to read for themselves, in their own language, how they are dearly loved by the One who created them. Well, just the thought can make me go into the “ugly cry” if you know what I mean.

Since writing this book with Sally Clarkson, one thing I’ve learned….we ALL need to know we are loved. It’s a universal need unspoken in a thousand different languages.

So I dream and pray tonight…wondering what God is up to. How will He use this book in women’s lives in countries like Germany, Holland and Mexico? Its nights like tonight that I wish I could pull back the veil just a little and see some of His mighty work behind the scenes in countries I may never visit, with sisters I may never meet until I get to heaven and see my Savior face-to-face.

And so I dream and pray tonight. I pray for blessings over my sweet translator friends who have worked hours, upon hours translating You Are Loved into their own language…..all out of love for God and the women in their countries.

Love….that’s where it all begins, you know.

“For God so LOVED the world…”- John 3:16

Today, with the help of three amazing women (Katja, Edurne & Rafaëlle), I give you,  You Are Loved in German, Dutch and Spanish!


You all have been amazing in purchasing a copy of You Are Loved in English, now the REALLY fun part starts…..it’s time to start giving our translations away!!!

Not sure how? I can help you with that!

I’m trying to make it as simple as possible. I’ve talked with all my translators and they have said the BEST way to give this book away and spread it out across the globe is to save it as a pdf and have it downloadable from our site. And so that’s what I’ve done.

you-are-loved-spine copyYou can find our three translations here:

After you have purchased your own copy of You Are Loved, I invite you to share one of the above translation links of your choice with a friend who could benefit from You Are Loved in their language. :) If you don’t know of anyone who would be blessed with a copy of You Are Loved in Dutch, German or Spanish, then share the links with your pastor or another ministry who would be blessed to have this book for their women in one of the above languages.

And yes, if you’re wondering, it’s all on the honor system.

Please remember the money raised through the sales of You Are Loved benefit Good Morning Girls and MomHeart….two amazing ministries who help women around the world know God better. You can read more about how we will be using the money raised for Good Morning Girls here.

With that all being said, let the getting and giving begin!!! 

Good Morning Girls - You Are Loved


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls





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