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SUPER Sale on The Dig Vol 2! Today ONLY! {Plus a GIVEAWAY}

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Today ONLY, The Dig Vol 2 is on SALE!!! Just in time for Monday when we begin using it with our kids! Woohoo! Can’t wait! I have been LOVING doing this study with my girls in the mornings during breakfast!

Dig-Luke-2-3D-500Special price good through Thursday April 18, 2013 at midnight!! The Dig: Luke Volume 2
The Dig for Kids Bible Study: Luke Vol. 2 ~www.thedigforkids.com

On Kindle, Nook, PDF, and in Paperback!!!
Click to purchase The Dig: Luke Vol. 2 in paperback for only $7.99!
Click to purchase The Dig: Luke Vol. 2 on Kindle for $.99!
Click to purchase The Dig: Luke Vol. 2 on Nook for $.99!
Click to purchase the PDF of The Dig: Luke Vol. 2 for $.99!





{GIVEAWAY} We also have 5 (digital) copies of The Dig Vol 2 to giveaway!!

To enter to win 1 of 5 copies of The Dig Vol 2 – leave a comment in the comment section.

For bonus entries share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and then leave an extra comment letting me know where you shared it! 

This giveaway ends Wednesday, April 24th at 11pm!

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Living & Leading Like Jesus- For KIDS! {Free Subscriber Download}

children are the church

Children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.- Rosilind Jukic

Before they celebrate double-digits they have already formed a world-view that will shape their attitudes, habits, and moral values; and as parents we play the most important role in what that world-view looks like.

It is so easy to allow our lives, our busy-ness, our deadlines, and even our children’s various activities to determine what our daily and weekly schedules look like.  So often what is most important is demoted on our list of priorities.

It is difficult to put into words how deeply passionate I am about children and training up a generation of men and women who will change the world for Jesus Christ.

This is why I am so excited to be able to share with you what the Children’s Resources team has put together for YOU, so that you may share with your children what you are learning in the Good Morning Girls Living and Leading Like Jesus study.

DSC_0821 copy

First of all, we have put together a manual that gives you practical tips on how to have a Bible time with your children.  We have divided this up into two areas: Bible time for small children and Bible time for pre-teens and teenagers.

For smaller children, we have included SOAP charts where you can write down or illustrate your children’s comments or reactions to the SOAP study. We have also included daily activities for them to do.  Some of these activities are art projects, others are family activities, assisting in community/church projects, and games.  All of these activities are geared to reinforce the daily Bible passages.

Moms with toddlers are able to do them as well.  For the more difficult activities we have provided an alternate activity for toddlers.

DSC_0818 copy

DSC_0823 copy

Once again we have paired up with the author of The Dig.  This study will use the remainder of The Dig Volume 1 and part of Volume 2. There is a separate manual that shows you how to use The Dig and provides reading charts for your children.

Additionally, we have provided colorful memory verse cards for each week in the following translations: KJV, NIV and NLT.  They are sized for you to attach them to index cards (Hint: there is a special activity in the first manual for this). To help with memorization, we have provided a number of tips and activities that aid in memorizing the weekly verses.

These manuals are packed full of helpful advice, fun projects, and colorful graphics. But best of all, they are FREE! I can guarantee that you will find them useful, not only for this study; you will certainly refer back to them over and over again.

I pray that this material will be a blessing to you and your children. Every child is born into this world with a destiny already written down by the mighty hand of a loving and creative God. We are blessed with the awesome task as parents to guide them, teach them, and train them to follow that destiny; to seek God and desire all that He has dreamed and planned for them and to fix their gaze on the prize – the high calling of Jesus Christ!

- Rosilind Jukic

Note: If you are a GMG subscriber, both of these resources are listed at the bottom of your email. Look for: {ENGLISH} Living & Leading Like Jesus-for Kids, {ENGLISH} How to use The Dig for Kids with your GMG Study Guide.


Not a GMG subscriber? Subscribe today and you will receive these documents tomorrow morning in your inbox along with our Living & Leading Like Jesus study guide, reading plan  and all our translations!


I would like to send out a special thanks to the GMG Children’s Resources Team for making these wonderful resources for our children!

GMG Children’s Resources Team

Rosilind Jukic
Edurne Mencia
Linda Wells-Harr
Bethany Grove
Catina Klinzmann Pendleton
Nikki Rosenzweig Hinkle
Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler

- Angela

A video to encourage you & a giveaway to enter!


Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video from my dear friend, Sally Clarkson…..she made it with you in mind!

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

I’m sharing this powerful video with you today because I believe those of us who are in the trenches of raising children need encouragement. We need women to speak words of life into us.

We need to hear we are wonderful mothers….even on the days when we know we’ve made mistakes. We need to hear that what we do inside are homes matters …..especially to God. He sees our long hours. He sees how we kiss booboos, generously give hugs and work on kindness, manners and self-discipline with our children.

He sees our hard work……and He smiles upon us.

Being a mom is not easy, it’s hard work, but every now and then I’ll walk into a room and see a card, a drawing, or something like this…..

And God gently reminds me that what I am doing inside my home matters.

What you, my sweet friend, do inside your home matters too!

You are amazing! God has blessed you with gifts, talents and a purpose that only you can fulfill! Remember that today!

God is with you, God is for you…..:)



With that in mind, I’d like to announce a special giveaway today!

My sweet friend, Ruth from The Better Mom and The Dig For Kids, has given me 2 pdf copies and 2 paperback copies of The Dig for Kids to give to my GMG readers!

To enter to win 1 of 4 copies I’m giving away – leave a comment in the comment section. 

For bonus entries share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and then leave an extra comment letting me know where you shared it! 

This giveaway ends Thursday, January 10th at 11pm!





Information about The Dig for Kids

The Dig,is a fun and easy way for YOU to get into the book of Luke 1-8 with your kids this session!!!

The Dig is offering a SPECIAL price to all the women participating in our Good Morning Girls winter Bible study!!!! Now you and your children can learn about the same chapters of the Bible together!

A typical Dig lesson consists of the following four components:

1.  The Map: The Map tells you and your child where you’ll be going in each lesson.  It is a short summary of the study ahead.

2.  The Dig: The Dig is the main passage you will be studying.  Following each passage will be several questions designed to help conversation and understanding.  They are meant to be a guide.  You can use them or tweak them to help you talk with your children.

3.  The Treasure: The Treasure is the big idea of each lesson.  In a short statement, it is what you want your child to remember from the passage you studied.

4. The Display: When an archaeologist finds a treasure, they will clean it up and put it on display for everyone to see.  This is the basic idea of the Display.  It is the application of the Treasure you have found!

You can purchase The Dig for a special price offered by Good Morning Girls and The Dig for Kids!!

Available on KindleNook, or as a PDF for only $2.99 (regularly $4.99)!!!

and now for the FIRST time available as a paperback for only $7.99 (regularly $12.99)


 So join us this winter as we dig into Luke chapters 1-8 with our friends and our children!!!



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For those interested in joining our {Free} online Bible study here are a few links you might find helpful!

1. Click here to enroll

2. Click here to subscribe

3. Click here and here to find out more information about Good Morning Girls.


Love God Greatly!










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