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My Spiritual Legacy


You never know how extending an invitation can change a family’s course…..today I’d like to share with you a very special story. A story that is near and dear to my heart. This is my spiritual legacy…..


I have a story to share with you today, a “Once Upon a Time” kind of story except this story does have a date in which it takes place, the 1960’s and instead of it happening in a land far away….well,it starts out in a small town in rural Indiana. And like all great stories, it starts out with children….two little girls to be exact.

One little girl named Debbie knows about God, she comes from a home where both mom and dad tuck her into bed at night and give her kisses after her prayers.

The other little girl named Diana doesn’t know about God, comes from a home where daddy left and now only her mommy tucks her into bed at night with kisses but no prayers.

Both little girls are friends at school.

Please join me today at MomHeart.Org to read the rest of this story!!! I pray it blesses and encourages you!


Love God Greatly!







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