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Moms are Modern Day Shepherds…

 {My own personal little “flock”}
{Image credit: Marie Kelley Photography}

God treasures those who the world sometimes doesn’t see.

I LOVE that God REVEALED the birth of His Son…..Jesus, to common everyday…..shepherds.

His first “birth announcement” was sent to a group of men who didn’t have “degrees”, didn’t have it “all together” and probably weren’t in their “dream job…” Yet God used them right where they were at and now, thousands of years later we are reading about this heavenly birth announcement God decided to start with them.

Shepherds, these were men who:

… held an occupation that didn’t hold respect.

… go unnamed…..yet were chosen by God to be the very “birth announcers…” the first ones to share and tell others about the “good news of great joy that will be for all people…”

God chose them, the unseen, unnamed…..to tell of the “Good News.”

I love that He sees and chooses those who no ones else does.

If God would of had a marketing committee……I think they would have laughed at His idea of sharing this important birth announcement  with these lowly shepherds……yet I love that my God’s ways are not man’s ways……for God looks at our hearts.

I LOVE that about God!

I believe God has a tender spot for those who care for His “lambs.”

Many times as moms, whether we work inside our outside the home, we feel our work done in our homes goes unnoticed.



Yet I know that is not the case because God sees everything!

We, as moms, women who are raising the next generation for Christ……are modern day shepherds. Our jobs, our workload, our sleepless nights may go unnoticed by some…..but not by God.

He sees it all…..

Some of us might not hold the degrees we wish we had. Some of us might think we are not in our “dream job”, yet it’s in this job, this occupation, that we learn to touch eternity as we invest ourselves into our families…..tending to our own personal “flocks.”

It’s in the tending to our little lambs, that we can help spread the “good news of great joy for all people” …..one life at a time.

Have you ever specifically considered that, in being a mom, ( or a grandma, a daughter, sister, aunt) you have been called……YOU have a calling!

Tend to the lambs who are in your flock…..you never know what God has planned for your life.

Or who one day, may pay you a visit……

{Image credit: Marie Kelley Photography}

Love God Greatly!






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