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{New} GMG Mentor Leader Program Starting…NOW!

Today I have VERY exciting news to share with each of you…..GMG is starting a Mentor Leader program for GMG Group Leaders!!!

If you have been thinking about leading a GMG group, here is your chance to get involved NOW and receive some valuable training on how to lead a GMG group which will prepare you to lead your own group in the upcoming Spring session!!!

Here is my dear friend and Mentor Leader Coordinator, Amanda, to share all the details with you!


It’s so wonderful being a part of Good Morning Girls! Every day as we dig into the Word we learn together and grow closer to God. Regardless of if you’re doing it on your own or in a group, you know what I mean!

The study groups are especially exciting, though. There is something unique and so incredibly special about connecting with a group of other women who all have the same desire to deepen their relationship with God. Leading a group of these women in a GMG study can be a daunting task, however… but it comes with great rewards!

Being a leader can be many things: inspiring, scary, challenging, encouraging, discouraging, rewarding – it calls for commitment, for honesty… Leaders are called to be faithful, and to bring that faithfulness to their group. One leader summed up her ‘job’ like this: “I share. I encourage. I pray.”

Someone once said, “You can follow without knowing how to lead, but you cannot lead without knowing how to follow.”

Every time we start a new Good Morning Girls session there is a need for new Leaders. It’s exciting to see more women enroll with each study, and they need groups!

We know that becoming a GMG leader for the first time is a steep learning curve. But if God is calling you to lead a group, He will enable you to do it!

We are starting a new initiative for prospective leaders. Just as Paul told Timothy that the older women should teach the younger women, we believe that the experienced leaders should mentor the inexperienced leaders. So we’ve developed a Mentor Leader program!

In the next week I will be pairing up prospective leaders with experienced Mentor Leaders. The Mentor Leaders will do a two week study with you, similar to a regular GMG study in format. They will also show and teach you how to lead a group, things like:

  • how to find members
  • how to create a group
  • how to encourage discussion
  • and more!

We only have room for about 100 ladies in this mentoring program right now (through facebook), and for another 20 who would like to learn to lead groups through email.


Be blessed!


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