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You Are Loved-Week 2: Knowing God

Good Morning Girls- You Are Loved- Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of our You Are Loved, 8 week summer Bible study/book club! I am beyond excited to have you back and look forward to digging into God’s Word with you this week as we learn how to get to know God better in our lives!

Learning about the ocean from books and videos is one thing, but nothing compares to actually going to the ocean and experiencing it. I was thinking about that truth this past week as I visited the Atlantic Ocean with my family and friends. Learning about the ocean from books, pictures and even videos, is not the same as actually being at the ocean and swimming in the water, running on the beach and hearing the sounds of the waves rushing to shore.

I believe some of us tend to approach God like that, lots of facts, data…..but no experience. We might have a lot of head knowledge about God. We can quote Bible verses and know most of the famous Bible stories, but head knowledge does not necessary turn into heart knowledge. This week in chapter two we talk about ways we can get to know God better. One important point to keep in mind this week as we read chapter 2 and dig into this week’s verses is that God desires for us to know Him. He has gone to great lengths for us to know Him in a personal way, through a relationship with Him. God has blessed us with His Word and when we are reading it, His words come alive and can speak straight into our hearts. God is good and He gives us opportunities to know Him through times of stillness and prayer as well as through His creation.

One thing is for sure; God loves each of us dearly and desires to have a personal relationship with us.

I’m so excited for you sweet friends as you begin to dig into the scriptures and see for yourself how God desires for us to know Him.

This week, make an action plan of how you are going to incorporate the different ways mentioned in chapter 2 into your life. Make a plan of when and where you are going to spend time in God’s Word. Practice spending some time this week just being still as you pray…..work on listening as much as talking when you are praying. And don’t forget it’s summertime, make sure and get out into nature!

Ohhh friends, I can’t wait to get to know our precious Lord better with you this week! Let’s get started!!

You Are Loved: Chapter 2 Video

(Click here if you can’t see today’s video)

Week 2 Reading Plan

Week 2 Memory Verse

Good Morning Girls- You Are Loved- Chapter 2

Week 2 Challenge

Let’s Talk:

1. After watching today’s video, what spoke to your heart?

2. What are some things that you can do to help you get to know God better?

Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls


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