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A Dream Came True…Good Morning Girls in Spanish

gmg spanish

Today’s blog post is from Edurne,  director of our Good Morning Girls- Spanish branch. I can’t wait for you to read her amazing testimony of how God is working through our Spanish translators and materials to reach the hearts and minds of women all around the world!


Three years ago I felt completely useless. I had read a zillion times Ephesians 2:10 but I couldn´t find the works I had to do. I was pregnant with my third baby and my oldest two were 4 and 2 years. The days of traveling to the Indian villages and join my husband in the ministry with tribes seemed very, very far away.

What was I in the jungle for? To be a wife and a mom? I could do that in Europe! What was the point of going through so many things if only my husband was “doing ministry” and having all the fun?

Then, for the first time since I arrived to the jungle, we got a quite reliable internet connection and a new world opened for me… the blogosphere. I had to leave all my books in Spain when I moved to Venezuela and could not afford to buy new ones so, blogs were my new passion.

As much as I enjoyed reading blogs, my heart ached… I was able to read in English and to have access to such wonderful, free resources to nurture my soul and my heart, to feel like I was having real, adult conversations that helped me to keep my sanity during the long days locked at home with my children. But there were so many women around me that had not the opportunity to enjoy these resources because they were not able to read in English…

Then, God put a desire in my heart… to start a blog who could give women the tools they need to help them grow spiritually. I had the dream to have good quality, free resources for Christian women in Spanish.

God lead me to Women Living Well. Courtney was offering her Proverbs 31 woman eBook for free so I wrote her and asked for the permission to translate it into Spanish. She agreed and said that her book was going to be used in a Book Club/Bible study at Good Morning Girls and asked me if I could have the translation on time to use it for that study.

I did. And enrolled in the Bible Study… in English. I put and advertisement at my blog´s Facebook page talking about the study. I was thinking in the women who could read in English…

…but God had other plans.

I got a message from my friend Trisha, an American missionary serving in Paraguay. She asked me to make the study in Spanish so I posted another status, sharing about the study in Spanish. It was a Saturday and the study began next Monday… 82 women enrolled for the very first Good Morning Girls study in Spanish.

God used the free resources at Good Morning Girls to start GMG Español/GMG Spanish and fulfill the desire of my heart to provide women with free resources to help them grow in their Christian lives, but also helped me reconcile with the works God had for me at that time: being a wife and a mom and, after that was done, helping women to grow in Him.

Now, 2 years later, we have a blog in Spanish where we post Good Morning Girls´ weekly blog posts, a Facebook page with more than 3000 likes, an amazing group of 56 leaders and a translators and media teams which make possible to have all GMG resources available in Spanish every-single-session. We have women studying the Bible in Spanish in a daily basis with Good Morning Girls in all the American continent, from Canada to the Argentinian Patagonia, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, all South America, Europe… even in places like Qatar and Australia!

I am amazed and humbled by how God is using this ministry. We´ve had even pastors emailing to us asking to use our Good Morning Girls materials with their churches´ women AND children ministries. We also have women from different places that use our studies to improve their Spanish skills and moms who home school and use our children´s resources translations to teach them the Spanish language. We have women meeting in online groups, women gathering together, women studying the Bible with their children… How amazing is that? Only God can do it!

(Jahaira´s son and a friend from Costa Rica and Josué from Mexico – Loving like Jesus)

2 1


(Maly from El Paso – Intentionally Focused)




(Bookmarks for her church women made by Joanna, from Venezuela – Why Easter Matters and Carmen from Peru – Intentionally Focused)

 5 4


(A GMG group meeting for breakfast in Barcelona, Spain – Gratitude 2013)



Karla from Mexico having her quite time with her baby – Intentionally Focused



The dream came true.

And now, my heart is full of joy and expectation with our new study/Book Club You are Loved. This year, thanks to the generous hearts of Sally Clarkson and Angela Perrit our women will know that they are loved. They will read and study about God´s love… and they will be able to live it by knowing that these women love them so much and want to make God´s love known to them so badly, that they gave them the opportunity to have the book in Spanish. They will experience also love from YOU who, by buying a copy of You are Loved are being a part of this dream of equipping women to help other women around the world to grow in their faith and transform this world upside down.

Good Morning Girls - You Are Loved

Oooohhhh I have chills all over my body as I type these words.

Let´s keep sharing God´s love girls! That love that will change us, that will empower us to change the entire world for Him, in Him and because of Him. To God be all the glory.

Romans 11:36


For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever.  Amen.”




Content in His service,


Good Morning Girls- Spanish Resources

Invite some friends and join us this summer for our 8 week Bible study/book club starting June 2nd! Enrollment begins on MONDAY!!!


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