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{Week 2} Supremacy of Christ~ Colossians 1:15-23



Welcome back to week 2 of our 8 week study on the book of Colossians!!! I’m so excited you are joining us!

This week we will be studying the supremacy of Christ….how Jesus is not only equal to God, but Jesus is God.

In Colossians 1:15-23 Paul is refuting some of the false teachings that had begun in that church.

“The false teacher in Colossae, like the false teachers of our own day, would not deny the importance of Jesus Christ. They would simply dethrone Him, giving Him prominence but not preeminence. In their philosophy, Jesus Christ was but one of many “emanations” that proceeded from God and through which men could reach God. It was this claim that Paul refuted in this section.”- Warren W. Wiersbe

Today I invite you to open your Bibles with me as I go through Colossians 1:15-23.

(If you cannot see this video- click here to view it)

For those of you who would like to dig deeper into our scriptures this week, I’ve provided a few additonal resources below. Feel free to read or listen to them through-out the week as we dig into God’s Word together!

Digging Deeper Resources:

1. John Piper

2. John MacArthur


Weekly Challenge: As we study Colossians 1:15-23, think about what Christ has done for you in reconciling you to God. Who in your life is in need of this wonderful reconciliation? Pray specifically for that person EVERY day this week. Ask for prayer from your GMG group as well.


If you would like to memorize the complete book of Colossians in a year – I encourage you to download Ann Voskamp’s free Colossians Bible Memorization Booklet.  This link will also take you to her writing on “7 Ways of Highly Effective Bible Memorization“.  This is powerful stuff!


Tell us – what are you learning as you read Colossians 1:15-23?

**For those joining us for the very first time – we encourage you to subscribe to GoodMorningGirls to receive the free Colossians daily Bible reading plan and eStudy Guide!




Love God Greatly!




{How to subscribe} Did you get our blog post in your inbox?


A few of you mentioned yesterday that you didn’t receive the blog post in your inbox and wanted to know what to do in order to get them. Below I’ve provided the step by step directions on how to subscribe to our blog. :) I hope this helps. If you have any further GMG questions, please direct them to me, Angela, at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com

Why Subscribe?
By subscribing you will get our M-W-F blog posts each week that go along with our Colossians study. These posts provide our personal commentary on what we are studying that week plus resources to help you dig into God’s Word a little deeper. Additionally, all our Bible study documents are now located at the bottom of every email so if you lose one, you can easily find it and download it again.


Step 1: Click on the word “Subscribe” located in the navigation bar at the top of the blog.


Step 2: Select how you would like to receive the Good Morning Girls blog posts. Your options are: email, web-based readers or other readers.  In the example picture I’m selecting how to receive the blog posts as emails.

Step 3: Provide the email address where you’d like the Good Morning Girls blog posts to be sent and then retype the text that you see in blue. Press the “Complete Subscription Request” button.

Step 4: An email will then be sent to your account requesting you to activate your subscription. Once you respond to the verification message you will start to receive the Good Morning Girls blog post in your inbox.


Hope that helps!!!


Love God Greatly!







1. Find a group (your own or use the message board) or you can study by yourself.    http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

2. Sign up. We want to know who will be doing the study.http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/gmg-sign-up-form/

3. Subscribe to the blog. All the materials you will need will be attached to the emails. You also will get every lesson blog post directly to your inbox. When there is a blog post, you will get an email. http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls







Materials You Need For The Colossians Bible Study..


I’m sooooo excited to get our Colossians Bible Study started on Monday with ALL of you! We are having a record breaking turn-out this fall with over 11,000 women signed up! Woot! Just think what God can do with 11,000 women around the WORLD opening up their Bibles every morning and seeking HIM first!

What materials do I need?
1. A Bible

2. The Colossians Bookmark that is available at the bottom of every emailed post for blog subscribers. The Colossians bookmark is the S.O.A.P. reading plan we will be following these next 8 weeks. I always have mine printed out and in my Bible…….as a bookmark! :) I love to check off the verses as I read them!

3. The Colossians Study Guide- I personally like to print the study guide out each session and have it spiral bound at either Staples or OfficeMax. You can also use a 3 ringed binder or regular notebook to record your S.O.A.P. observations, applications and prayers. Do whatever works for you!

Not up for printing the study guide? Then try this resource! Check out: SOAPstudy.com

Find a spot:
Select a spot where you’re going to have your quiet time, that special time you share with God each morning, reading His Word and developing a deeper relationship with the creator of the universe.

Set a time:
Set a time when you’re going to have your quiet time. This depends on you and your life circumstances. For me personally, I like to get up before my family rises to have some time with my Lord, to pray over my day, my family and rest in His presence before the craziness of the day begins.

Make a goal:
Make it a goal to have a quiet time 5 days a week……rising before your family. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in how well your days run.


Don’t forget to give yourself grace too. Remember, our aim is not perfection, our aim is spending time in God’s Word. If you miss a day or two then make it a goal not to miss the next day! Work on developing this life changing habit….one morning at a time!



Love God Greatly!







To find out more about the upcoming Colossians Bible Study, click here.

Here are the steps to be part of the fall study for Colossians:

1. Find a group (your own or use the message board) or you can study by yourself.    http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

2. Sign up. We want to know who will be doing the study.http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/gmg-sign-up-form/

3. Subscribe to the blog. All the materials you will need will be attached to the emails. You also will get every lesson blog post directly to your inbox. When there is a blog post, you will get an email. http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

4. Study begins September 17!!


For my blog subscribers, you’ll find ALL the GMG Colossians documents, including the translated documents, RIGHT HERE in your email or reader feed!





A sneak peek into my week….

The past few weeks I’ve been preparing for a change for my family…we are going to do school different this year. Because of my husband’s random days/nights/weekends work schedule, we decided to enroll our daughters in a private/homeschool program this school year hoping we’ll be able to have more family time together. Now my girls will attend school two days a week at a private Christian school and then the other three days, I’ll be homeschooling them.

We just completed our first week and I have to say…..we LOVED it.

Here’s a sneak peek into my world…..I hope you enjoy!

  •  The weekend before school started many of the families from the school attended a “meet-n-greet” family camp get together. Here my husband and two oldest girls prepared to go on a zip line……Note: I would NEVER have done this at their age!!! They are much braver than me!!!



  • First day of school…..stuck in traffic…..better take a few pictures while we’re waiting!

  • We also celebrated my husband’s and youngest daughter’s birthday this week! Nothing like having family over to celebrate!

  • In the evenings I’ve been working on this…..

Grab a few friends and join us this fall…..we’d love to have you.

To find out more about the upcoming Colossians Bible Study, click here.

Here are the steps to be part of the Fall study for Colossians:

1. Find a group (your own or use the message board) or you can study by yourself.    http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

2. Sign up. We want to know who will be doing the study.http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/gmg-sign-up-form/

3. Subscribe to the blog. All the materials you will need will be attached to the emails. You also will get every lesson blog post directly to your inbox. When there is a blog post, you will get an email. http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

4. Study begins September 17!!

  • Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures of my homeschool room that I’ve been working on the last few weeks….it’s still a work in progress but my girls and I had a blast in it this past week. Here’s one picture. If you love Ikea you’ll recognize the light and table! Love that store!


Until tomorrow…

Love God Greatly!

For my blog subscribers, you’ll find the fall Colossians documents RIGHT HERE in your email or reader feed!







FAll Session Sign-Ups Start Today!

I’m excited to announce our GMG fall session sign-ups start TODAY!

Fall Session Info:

  • Fall sign-ups run from: August 15th-September 17th
  • Fall session dates:
    September 17th-November 9th (8 week -Colossians study)
    November 26th-December 21st (4 week -Advent study….preparing our hearts for Christmas)

What is Good Morning Girls? (GMG)
If you have never heard of Good Morning Girls before here’s a little explanation.  “Good Morning Girls” is a title for a group of women who use email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. For 3+ years, I have been a part of a group of girls who email each other each daily after we have our quiet time. We say “Good Morning” and then share what we read in our quiet time. Some of us have our quiet time first thing in the morning, while others squeeze it in during children’s naps or at bedtime. The time of day doesn’t matter…..our focus is just being in God’s Word daily!

Here is a video about Good Morning Girls and a few testimonials from my own personal GMG friends!


For those of you viewing this in your email, click here.

Who can join?
Single women, married women, women with kids, women without kids, high school or college girls….. basically ANY woman who wants to pursue walking with Jesus. (This is our belief statement- scroll to bottom of page).

Our main goal is to be accountable to each other and to help each other maintain the discipline of reading God’s word daily.

What’s the commitment?
Joining a Good Morning Girls group requires commitment. Now that I have had time to watch these groups form and grow, I am aware that some start strong but then fizzle out. As a result the entire group can get discouraged. So it is very important that if you join a group you remain committed to the end. Even if you can only check in once or twice a week – please do not quit completely. The other girls WANT to hear from you!

  • This is a 3 month commitment.
  • The fall session runs from September 17th-December 21st. (8 week study in Colossians, two week break for Thanksgiving, 4 week Advent study)

What To Study?
The fall SOAP Bible reading plan of Colossians is optional.
You can choose as a group to read through a certain book of the Bible together, to join a Bible study together such as a Beth Moore study or each do your own thing.

What we provide: (FREE)

  • a SOAP Bible reading plan
  • weekly videos that provide further understanding and personal application
  • weekly blog posts on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays to help you dig into the scripture of the week and gain better insight and application.
  • challenges aimed at helping you put God’s Word into action in your life.


Let the sign-ups BEGIN!


Joining GMG is as simple as 1-2-3!

1- Find a group of friends to form an online accountability group.

  • Women in your Sunday school class or church
  • Friends from your women’s bible study
  • Past college roommates,
  • Relatives,
  • Neighbors,
  • Co-workers,
  • Other moms that you do life with…
  • Still not sure who to invite? Then visit our online message board and find a group there to join! GMG groups are forming based on location, age of children, pastor wives, homeschool moms, public school moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, special needs moms…etc. If you don’t see a group that interests you then form your own online!

2- Once you know who is in your group, decide how you want to daily communicate to each other.

  • Facebook -setup a secret group. (Not sure how? Here are the steps)
  • Twitter- our hastag is #GoodMorningGirls
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Skype

3- Sign-Up HERE!


After you have joined our summer session, please make sure to subscribe to our blog for blog post updates and join our Facebook community by “Liking” us! We are also now on Pinterest sharing past Bible studies, blog posts, videos and many more wonderful resources to help you!


Still not sure if you should join Good Morning Girls this fall? Here are a few quotes from women who participated in this past summer’s Proverbs 31 study!


I think this study has brought a whole new level of mindfulness to my day. It has forced me to look at myself and evaluate my responsibility in strengthening relationships. It’s also helped me define goals for myself with the confidence that these are Biblical goals. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied the Bible with any consistency and I’m so grateful that I chose this one. Very positive!- Ginny

I have enjoyed this study on the Proverbs 31 women, it is amazing. I have found the study to be reinforcing the way I feel about what a women of God should be. It is at times hard to swallow but then the Lord steps in and tells me that I am all ready doing some of these things, but need to continue to work on many of the others . The Lord has spoken to me through the verses and I will pray that he will continue to do so. My desire is to be more like her each day and that my husband and children will rise up and call me blessed, at the end of my time.- Wendy

God has definitely used this study to change me this summer. It gave me a new pep in my step and confidence in who I am as a wife and mother. This world tells us it should be all about “me me me” all the time, and when we devote ourselves to our family that we pretty much must have a screw loose! I struggle with my personal goals conflicting with my job as an at home wife/mom. Proverb 31 made me see that I can have it all…but only through His strength….not on my own, could I do this!- Sheila

I LOVED this study so much that I will be using it in January as part of our Women’s Bible Study. I also LOVED the s.o.a.p. method. I had never seen it before. I’m teaching this fall on 10 women from the Bible and put the lessons together using this method. I am so excited to see what God has done and will continue to do.

Thank you so much for this study. It’s made a difference in my life, which extends to my husband, children, grandchildren.- Cheryl

Well, I must admit I had a shaky start with this study, but it’s made a difference and I through enjoy and am glad that I persevered through it! I will most definitely sign up for the next one! I had so much fun learning and gaining new insights to proverbs 31!- Amy

Thank you so much for this awesome study!! Before I used to read Proverbs 31 and cry out of despair that I could never be and just wasn’t like her. A few weeks after my crying episode I stumbled upon this study on FB and hurried to catch up since u were on the 3rd week. I am now so encouraged to be all the wife and mommy I can be! I now see that her work was only through Christ’s strength and that she was intentional and that her family and she is blessed through her efforts. – Janee

I love the encouragement that’s been given, and it helps me to encourage other women around me to be this woman they desire to be for God and forget what the world is telling them about being a strong independent woman. There is a way to be strong and it’s in God and in love and dedication to the purpose he has for us to tend and nurture. I think sometimes us moms forget we may sacrifice our wants, but we get to watch our children do so much more with God and our blessings are multiplied through them. Thanks again!- Amanda

As you can see, being in God’s Word on a daily bases DOES make a difference in your life! You can sign-up individually or in a group……either way, we’d love to have you join us this fall!


Questions? Feel free to ask them in our comment section!!!


Love God Greatly!






Women around the world are IN THE WORD!

Every Wednesday we will have a link-up. If you are a blogger we invite you to link-up any blog posts that you have written about your quiet time that week. We ask that you put our button in the post or on your sidebar so we can find each other. We do not have code for this link up button. Just right click and save as. Then link it to http://www.goodmorninggirls.org






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