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Changing the World for Christ…One Translation At A Time

There are times in our lives when we wonder if one person, or a small group of people, can truly make a difference…

Allow me to tell you a personal story…..something that I’ve seen with my own eyes.

It involves one of my GMG translators- Katja!

Katja has been translating for GMG now for a few sessions…..when she first started we had maybe a handful of blog hits coming from her home country of Germany. Since she has joined us and has started translating our documents, Germany is now listed in the number 7 spot out of 135 countries! Katja is a beautiful example of how God can use ONE woman to reach an entire NATION!

Today I’d like to introduce you to not just 1 but 3 women God is using to make a difference in their countries for Him…..each woman is playing a part in fulfilling The Great Commission.

You see, one person can make a difference…..a really big difference actually.

1. Katja- translated all our Advent documents into German.

Ich komme aus Bayern. Und bin mit einen Österreicher verheiratet. Bei meiner Ausbildung zur Hotelfachfrau habe ich gelernt hart zu arbeiten und meine eigenen Interessen für die Bedürfnisse anderer zurückzunehmen. Mit Mitte 20 habe ich ein Jahr lang in Amerika gelebt. Ich bin eine typische große Schwester. Mein kleines pinkes Netbook ist mein “Lieblingsspielzeug”! Dank facebook kann ich mit all meinen Freunden überall auf der Welt in Kontakt bleiben. Ich liebe Bücher! In der Regel lese ich mindestens ein Buch – meistens ein paar gleichzeitig. Neuerdings auch gerne auf dem Kindle! Ich liebe Musik!!! Jede Art von Musik, Musizieren und vor allem Singen. Ok, so langsam ist es nicht mehr JEDE Art von Musik… In den letzten 15 Jahren habe ich in acht verschiedenen Städten in vier verschiedenen Ländern gelebt. Ich habe zwei Kinder mit 5 und 8 Jahren. Ich liebe meinen Job als Hausfrau und Mutter.

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2. Edurne – translated all our Advent documents into Spanish.

Mi nombre es Edurne Mencía. Soy de Bilbao, España y actualmente vivo en Amazonas, Venezuela, junto a mi esposo y mis tres hijos: Yennixon Daniel (4), Nahiara (2)y Markel Elías (3 meses). Junto con mi familia, servimos a Dios en el ministerio con indígenas y oramos por entrar en la selva definitivamente. Mientras tanto, seguimos trabajando para Dios y haciendo nuestro viaje personal.

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3. Rosilind- translated all our Advent documents into Croatian.

Moje ime je Rosilind i živim u Hrvatskoj od 2004. kada sam došla iz Amerike raditi u Crkvoj cjelovitog evanđelja u Zagrebu. Udana sam za Hrvata i zajedno imamo dvoje djece. Radim kod kuće kao administrator za crkvu, dajem instrukcije iz klavira i lektoriram tekstove. Ali u slobodnom vremenu volim pisati, imam blog na engleskom gdje ohrabrim žene biti zadovoljne s svojom ulogom što im dao Bog. Pridružila sam se s Good Morning Girls u 2010. kada sam tražila grupu za proučavanje Biblije. Bila sam nova majka i svidjalo mi se kako su materijale bile jednostavne – savršeno za majke koje imaju malu djecu – kao što sam ja! U 2012 započela sam Dobro jutro djevojke na Facebook-u za žene u Hrvatskoj, Bosni i Hercegovini, i Srbiji. Ako ste zainterisirani se pridružiti s nama, javite mi se na alittlerandr @ outlook. com.

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Thank you Katja, Edurne and Rosiland! Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice! Women’s lives in your countries and around the world are changed because of you!

If you know of someone who speaks Croatian, German or Spanish, please pass along these documents to them! I’m sooo excited to see how God is going to use these 3 beautiful women’s acts of service for HIS GLORY during our Advent study!!!

***NEW TRANSLATIONS****Stay tuned…..we have our Advent eBook being translated into Italian, Russian and Ukrainian this session as well! I will include those translations with the rest of our Advent eBook translations when they are ready! (Note: If you are interested in translating our documents into another language we are not yet offering, please contact me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com)

Because of the internet, we can now reach THOUSANDS of women for God, encouraging them to read His Word and doing all of this from the comfort of our homes! No traveling required!

Please make sure and stop by to thank them for the resources they have provided our community!


Don’t forget, our Advent study begins one week from today! (Monday, November 26th)

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Love God Greatly!




{Week 8} WIWW Link-Up Party… Finding Peace by Wrestling in Prayer…

Every other Saturday morning I kiss my sleeping husband on the cheek and whisper a soft “thank you” into his ear.  Tiptoeing through the living room, I beg God to please let my children sleep just two more minutes until I can make it out the back door without being noticed (because awake children are always on this momma’s heels, but especially if I dare try to slip out the door without them).  I quickly slide my Bible off of the kitchen counter and under my arm, and head out the door into the dark, early hours of the morning.

I don’t especially love hearing the alarm go off that early on a Saturday, but once I’m up, an immense feeling of satisfaction pours over me.  Houses all around me are still asleep, and the day is momentarily untainted by the world.  My drive is short but peaceful, and I can’t help but notice God in the soft silhouettes of trees and farmland.  Details that for some reason I don’t take time to appreciate except for on mornings like this.

Just like clockwork, I smile as five others pull into the church parking lot at almost exactly the same moment as I do.  A year and a half later, we’ve got this thing down, and our sea of minivans gives us away.  We’re moms on a mission.  The only ones on the road this early on Saturday morning.

And we’re here to pray.

We’ve taken time to email our prayer requests in the days before, because we’re aware of our own tendencies.  Specifics and explanations have already been shared, because we’re not here to talk.  We’re here to pray.  Our time is limited, and our needs are great.

Before we cry out to the Father, we humble ourselves by taking time to recognize who God is.  We focus on one specific character trait of God each meeting, and take time to read together a handful of verses to remind us just Who it is we’re approaching.  This particular morning… God is my Helper: One who assists, aids, eases or relieves (Deuteronomy 33:26; Psalm 18:6; Psalm 121:2).  Ah, just the reassurance this momma needed to hear on this particular morning, in this particularly busy season of mothering.  Of life.

After intentional times of thanksgiving and confession, we enter into a time of intercession, or going to God in prayer on behalf of others.  While we mostly focus on our children, we often weave in prayer for ourselves, our husbands and others.  Sometimes we pray back fitting scripture, inserting our children’s names (“May Chase know that You are his God, who takes hold of his right hand and says to him, ‘Do not fear; I will help you.’” ~ from Isaiah 41:13).  But most of the time we use our own simple, broken words, clearly demonstrating our passion and great need for God in all things.  Some of us have been praying for years; others of us, only recently.  But God doesn’t need fancy prayers… just willing servants who are quick to admit their need for a Savior.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our time together, it’s that we can go to God with any request, great or small.  We’re not afraid to ask God to help our kids master math facts… any desperate mom to a fourth-grader will instantly high-five me on this one with no further explanation needed.  Heh.  But there are moments of intense wrestling with God too, as we ask Him to protect, mold and guide our children to turn from their sin and to walk in His ways.  Oh, God, bring them to Yourself, we pray…

God is our Helper.  And He hears our prayers.

We’re lucky if we make it through the hour without tears, because there’s just something so humbling and powerful about hearing someone else pray for your child by name.  I love these women’s children, and they love mine, and there’s extreme comfort in knowing that we’re not alone in this battle.

We reluctantly finish up our prayer time, exchange quick hugs, but can’t linger.  The sun is coming up, and there are early morning soccer games to attend, Saturday morning pancake batters to mix, and oh yes, all of those children who will soon wipe the sleep from their eyes and will be looking for their mommas.  But we’ll continue to check in, share updates, and pass on new requests until we meet again.


I drive home with a new outlook on the day, feeling like a weight has been lifted.  The peace in my heart out-weighs that spent feeling, from all of that prayer “wrestling”.  Practically speaking, no circumstance has changed, and no prayer request has been answered in the last sixty minutes.  The difference then?


Our focus, our confidence, our hope has been shifted… off of our circumstances,  and instead onto our Helper.


 “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” ~ Colossians 4:2


At His feet,



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