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Download the NEW GMG Leader’s Guide…TODAY

I am sooo excited to announce, for the first time ever, we are providing a special GMG Leader’s Guide!!! Woohoo!

I’d especially like to thank Whitney and Shonda Knowlton for putting this Leader’s Guide together for us! What a valuable resource this will be for ALL our GMG leaders! Thank you to each of you for the time and effort you put into this project!!! We are so very thankful to each of you!

In this guide, we hope to address some of the most common questions you might have as a leader:

  1. Why I need to know the Good Morning Girls Statement of Faith…
  2. What exactly are my responsibilities, and what resources are available to me as a leader?
  3. How do I go about setting up a Good Morning Girls group?
  4. What important information should I communicate to my group as we get started?
  5. What are some tips for helping my GMG group succeed?
  6. How can I consistently engage my group members and encourage participation?
  7. Keeping a healthy perspective (don’t get discouraged!).

Each session we have more women signing up than there are GMG leaders….would you please prayerfully consider being a GMG Leader? Ideally we like to keep the group sizes to about 5-10 women but because of the vast demand we have some groups that have had hundreds of women in one group! Though we are soo thankful for each of those women who want to participate and for the leaders who willingly includes them, we also want to make sure each woman experiences a “personal touch” and fills apart of their group.

We’d LOVE for YOU to join us as a GMG Leader!

Our heart here at Good Morning Girls is to reach women all over the world with the good news of Jesus Christ……one life at a time!

With that passion in mind, I’d also like to announce today that we will have our summer book club selection translated into 3 different languages!!!

This summer we will have WomenLivingWell’s ebook: Proverbs 31: One Virtue At A Time translated into:
AND Spanish!

Stay tuned for those downloadable ebooks! If you have any friends who speak those languages, be sure to let them know!


This summer we will be studying the life of the Proverbs 31 woman and using Women Living Well’s FREE ebook Proverbs 31: One Virtue At A Time as our summer book club choice!

To learn more about Good Morning Girls, click here.

To sign up for Good Morning Girls, click here.



To download the Proverbs 31 Reading Plan, click here.

To download the GMG Leader’s Guide, click here.


Summer Session Info:

  • Summer sign-ups run from: April 16th-May 14th
  • Summer session dates: May 14th-August 17th


Until next week for other downloadable goodies…..


Love God Greatly!




What I Love About My Good Morning Girls Group!

(My personal Winter GMG group- one sweet friend was missing from this picture.
This summer session my group has grown to 12!!)

Good friendships are hard to find.

Finding friends who love God, are raising their children to love God and who are actively passing on their faith to the next generation are even harder to find. I have found those types of friendships in my Good Morning Girls group.

I can’t begin to tell you what my Good Morning Girls mean to me. These girls are my “iron sharpening iron” friends. They are my accountability partners and they inspire me and stretch me each day! My group this summer session has exploded and instead of having my normal 6, God has brought in 6 more making the group a total of 12 now! This past week has been amazing as we have all gotten to know each other and it encourages me to see God working so mightily within my GMG group. In our emails to each other, we share insights into what God is speaking into our hearts as we read His Word together. We share our heartaches and prayer requests…we are there for each other in life’s ups and downs because of our common bond which is in Christ.

Another aspect of Good Morning Girls I love is we encourage the women who participate to be active in their faith. This past fall we challenged all the Good Morning Girls groups to put their faith into action either within their group or outside their group whether it was in their city, state, country or around the world. This past winter we challenged all the Good Morning Girls groups to help and support the Mercy House in whatever way they could. One sweet group of bloggers went shopping and sent new clothes to Maureen, the Executive Director of Mercy House. My personal GMG group supported the Mercy House through prayer as well as by purchasing two laptops for the Mercy House girls to complete their school work on.

I love being in a Good Morning Girls group because I am accountable to these sweet friends to be in God’s Word each day but also because I truly feel it makes me be a better mom and wife. Being in God’s Word WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better!

I hope each of you have enjoyed your new Good Morning Girls groups this week too! Now that you have had a week to get to know each other and understand how this whole GMG thing works, lets get ready to read Ministry of Motherhood shall we??!! I’m soooo excited to get started with you all!

Next week’s schedule:

Monday you’ll see Sally’s introduction video and we will read the introduction to Ministry of Motherhood. You will also be able to download next week’s SOAP handout.

Wednesday, we will have our Women in the Word link-up and sharing time. Courtney and I invite everyone whether you have a blog or not to link-up or share your insights from that week’s scripture reading or book reading.

Friday you’ll see a vlog where Courtney and I discuss some of the introduction questions. Within your group, share your answers to the introduction questions as well.

If you would like to join Good Morning Girls, there is still time. Head over to our message board and click on the thread, “If you don’ have a group…”

Looking forward to digging into God’s Word and reading Ministry of Motherhood with all of you!

Love God Greatly!

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