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Ministry of Motherhood



The Ministry of Motherhood book by Sally Clarkson
Ministry of Motherhood Reading Plan
Ministry of Motherhood Study Guide
Cover Sheets for Bible study binder

Be sure to follow the reading plan for each week as assigned.  There are verses from all over the Bible that we will be studying using the SOAP method.

Week 1:
Monday- Welcome video from Courtney
Wednesday- WIWW (Women in the Word Wednesday Link-Up)
Friday- What I Love About my Good Morning Girls Group by Angela

Week 2: Introduction
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Sally’s Greeting
Wednesday- A One Woman Retreat by Darlene Schacht and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Intro) video from Courtney and Angela

Week 3: Chapters 1 & 2
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Grace Part 1 from Sally
Wednesday- Check Out This Wall Art by Jolanthe and WIWW
Friday- The Grace of Time Together (Chp. 1 & 2) video from Courtney

Week 4: Chapters 3 & 4
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Grace Part 2 from Sally
Wednesday- Exchanging Silence for Kindness by Stef and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 3 & 4) video from Courtney and Angela 

Week 5: Chapters 5 & 6
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Inspiration Part 1 from Sally
Wednesday- The Purpose of Motherhood by Myra and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 5 & 6) video by Courtney and Angela

Week 6: Chapters 7 & 8
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Inspiration Part 2 from Sally
Wednesday- Inspiring Our Children by Connie and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 7 & 8) video from Angela

Week 7: Chapters 9 & 10
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Faith Part 1 from Sally
Wednesday- WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 9 & 10) video from Courtney

Week 8: Chapters 11 & 12
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Faith Part 2 from Sally
Wednesday- WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 11 & 12) video from Courtney and Angela

Week 9: Chapters 13 & 14
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Training Part 1 from Sally
Wednesday- The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers by Angela and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 13 & 14) video by Courtney and Angela

Week 10: Chapters 15 & 16
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Training Part 2 from Sally
Wednesday- What I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Marriage by Angela and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 15 & 16) video by Courtney and Angela

Week 11: Chapters 17 & 18
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Service Part 1 from Sally
Wednesday- Our Summer Family Verses by Courtney and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp 17 & 18) by Angela
Saturday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 17 & 18) video by Courtney

Week 12: Chapters 19 & 20
Monday- The Ministry of Motherhood Book Club- Service Part 2 from Sally
Wednesday- Serving as a Family by Angela and WIWW
Friday- The Ministry of Motherhood Commentary (Chp. 19 & 20) video by Courtney and Angela

A Farewell Video from Sally Clarkson


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