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Living & Leading Like Jesus {Luke 9-16}

Living & Leading Like Jesus Luke 9 16

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Luke 9-16 for Kids
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Week 1:

Monday- {Luke 9} Small Gifts and Full Bellies
Tuesday- Jesus Takes You Places-and Teaches You How to Lead with Your Heart
Wednesday- The Importance of Interruptions
Friday- Carry Your Cross

Week 2:

Monday- {Luke 10} From Easter Sunday Worshippers to Monday Missionaries…Go!
Tuesday- Leading Our Children to the Kingdom of God
Wednesday- Loving Like Jesus, One Life at a Time
Friday- Lessons from Bethany

Week 3:

Monday- {Luke 11} Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Tuesday- How to Have a Mission Focused Family
Wednesday- What’s in the Center of Your Life?
Friday- The Fight Against Hypocrisy

Week 4:

Monday- {Luke 12} 4 Ways to Combat Worry
Tuesday- How to be Rich in Things that Matter
Wednesday- My Non-Perfect Life
Friday- Become Spiritually Minded

Week 5:

Monday- {Luke 13} A Call to Repentance
Tuesday- Are You Bent Under Pain?
Wednesday- How Big is Your God?
Friday- Living Under the Providence of God

Week 6:

Monday- {Luke 14} A Call to Humility
Tuesday- Since You are Being Watched…Be Humble
Wednesday- You are invited to the Ultimate Party
Friday- A Call to Be Salty

Week 7:

Monday- {Luke 15} Jesus Still Searches for “Lost Sheep”
Tuesday- Do You Pray Your Child Will Someday Turn to God?
Wednesday- Prodigal Sons, Prideful Hearts and Hollow Trees
Friday- The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Week 8:

Monday- {Luke 16} Eternal Investing vs. Earthly Gain
Tuesday- Costly Mistakes
Wednesday- Changed, to a Life that’s Faithful
Friday- Glorifying God with Our Money

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