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Special Note: Enrollment has ended for the Summer Study ‘You Are Loved’ 

‘All groups are full’ 

You are also welcome to study with us alone or form a group with your friends and family.

Interested in joining a group for our upcoming Bible study but not sure where to begin? We’re here to help!

There are a couple of ways that Good Morning Girls groups are formed. Check these out, then choose the direction that works best for you!

Form Your Own {GMG} Group

1. Many women form groups from already established personal relationships with friends or family. If you prefer this route, consider connecting with women who are already in your life: church friends, mom friends, co-workers, high school or college friends, neighbors, moms/sisters/aunts/grandmas… you get the idea! We think 5-12 women to a group is ideal, but do what works for you!

Once your group is formed, please enroll as a GMG Leader.

new leader enroll hereUsing this button, you will be able to enroll as a GMG Leader as well as enroll your personal group.

Join An Existing {GMG} Group

2. Another option is to join an existing Good Morning Girls group with women from our GMG Groups Pages (Please note: These pages will only available during enrollment time!). Think of the GMG Groups Pages as a “meeting place” of sorts, there you will find GMG Leaders who have opening in their groups and are welcoming new members. Group Leaders post their “open” groups to the GMG Group Page, complete with a description of their group. Once you’ve found a group that’s a good fit for you, simply message the group leader with a request to join!


GMG Groups- Facebook

GMG Groups- International

GMG Groups- Email

A Good Morning Girls group is a wonderful place to receive extra encouragement, fellowship and accountability with other women throughout the study. We encourage you to take the step and form or join a group today!

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