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{You Are Loved} God is in this, and a little video encouragement!

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I should have been doing laundry, I know.

But instead, I finished reading You Are Loved today for the third time. Heh. And I cried. Again. The tears started on the dedication page (What?! I’m a mess…), and came on and off all book long in between moments of deep pondering, laughter and worship. I’m not even kidding. Words like this:

He formed us, gave us personality, knows our quirks, crafted our hair and eye color, our stature, our frame. Because we are His very own artwork, His design, He especially takes pleasure in us and understands us as no one else understands us.”

Wow. And this:

With Jesus’ help, we can silence the voices that tell us we have to be perfect to be loved by Him. Let those words take root into your precious heart.”

And crazy how this is exactly what I needed to hear today:

Your life is in God’s hands, and nothing can touch you that does not first go through Him. God sees the whole picture… God can and will bring something beautiful out of it.”

I’m just plain humbled to be a small part of this vision that God has laid on Angela and Sally’s hearts. I’m amazed at their vulnerability and obedience. I’m learning from their complete humility and reliance on God, and I’m watching God show up over and over in ways that only God can…

{If you’re unable to see this video, you can view it here.}

You guys, God is in this.

He’s working out crazy amazing details that are above and beyond what we could have asked for or imagined. He’s provided translators and leaders that have come out of the woodwork, simply because they love you, and more than anything, want God’s name to be lifted high.  He’s opened doors and inspired dreams and provided opportunities for His Word to go forth in places that we never thought possible.

Only God. And it’s all for Him.

This is it: God is confirming that women all over the world are longing to be loved. It’s evident in You Are Loved book sales and in Amazon rankings. It’s obvious in the stories you’re already sharing with us, even before our #YouAreLoved study begins. But numbers aren’t our gig… God’s glory is. So we’re hitting our knees hard, making choices that are pretty counter-cultural in the world’s eyes, and we’re asking Him to take us out of the equation entirely so that He will become famous.

This study has our hearts. YOU have our hearts. And God has captured our hearts above all. Because His love has transformed us, we are sold out to getting the #YouAreLoved message into the hands of as many women as possible.

Will you help us?



Gift a book.

Pray some more.

Don’t miss out on this study. Beloved, God wants to change our lives, so we can change the world, with His love. I’m thinking there’s no sweeter way to spend a Summer…

At His feet,



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Because He Lives –I Can Face Tomorrow

Banner week 3


The crux of Christianity hangs on one fact…

The Resurrection of Jesus.

I Corinthians 15:13-17 says:

If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised.

And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.

More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God,
for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead.
But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. 

For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either.

And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.

Wow – do you see the strong words of this passage?

If there is no resurrection of Christ – our faith is useless, our preaching and faith are futile, the dead are not raised, we are false witnesses, and we are still in our sins.

Oh my! That’s serious friends.

But praise the Lord – the angel rolled back the stone and the tomb was empty for all to see!  Then Jesus appeared to over 500 people and then ascended into heaven!  AWESOME!!!!!

Jesus is alive – just as he said!  Our God is not dead – he surely is alive.  And because he is alive – we have the assurance that we too will be resurrected.

Today’s video is about the resurrection of Jesus and of us!  I will answer the question – “what will our heavenly bodies be like”?

(if you can’t see the video – click here to view it)

Life is hard.  Trials, fears, stress and worries come at us from every side.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming I can’t sleep or I break down in tears…but when morning comes and the sun rises, I am reminded that his mercies are new every morning.

Because He lives – I can face tomorrow.

Week 3 Challenge:

Read Luke 24 –the resurrection account of Jesus.  Stand in AWE!!!

Whatever you are facing today – take it to Jesus. He is alive! He loves you and He wants you to bring all your burdens to Him.

Walk with the King,
Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org


Here’s a few links to some fun activities to do with your children to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus this week.

My Favorite Easter Morning Breakfast – Resurrection Rolls

 Ressurection Rolls

Fun Easter Story Cookies 


Jesus Story Easter Eggs

Resurrection Eggs 002

Week 3′s Reading Plan:

Week 3 Reading Plan

Week 3′s Memory Verse:


Drink From the Living Well

 John Piper Quote

I stood at the YMCA vending machine digging through my change. I had just slipped my dollar into the machine and it spit it back out at me. Again I tried with the same result. So now I stood there digging through my change for quarters – crossing my fingers that I could come up with 5 of them. I really wanted that Diet Coke. So digging digging digging I went, until finally I came up with enough nickles, dimes and quarters to make $1.25! In they went, and out through the change holder they came. ARGH! I could feel the frustration growing inside of me.  “Are you kidding me?” This has to be a joke! In went the change, out it came in the return.  Oh dear! This is not even funny!

Finally, on my third try – {sweet victory} the Diet Coke bottle moved forward and down it dropped to my delight. Then I twisted the cap and EXPLOSION! From the long drop – the carbonation had been jostled and an embarrassing mess surrounded me!

Water – I know, I know – I should be drinking water right?  But for some reason, I am continually drawn to Diet Coke.  Water has been proven to improve energy, performance, remove toxins, keep our skin healthy, aid in digestion and in losing weight.

Soda has the opposite effect – it dehydrates and does other harmful things to my body. And though I’ve heard all these facts many times – I just keep on drinking my Diet Cokes! So what’s my problem?

The simple answer is – I like it! But I know water is better for my well being.

Jesus compared his word to water – here’s what he had to say in John 4:13-14, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Jesus calls us to drink from His living water – we know all the benefits and how he can change our lives and yet we STILL continue to fill up on other earthly stuff to fill our void and Jesus says – as long as you fill up on this temporary stuff – you will continue to thirst.

You see, without Christ we will always long for more – more food, more clothes, more friends, more fun experiences, more vacations – more, more, more. But Christ says – come to me, I will fill you up and you will never thirst!

The Bible is revolutionary, life-changing, extraordinary, eye opening, jaw-dropping, and downright amazing.  It is filled with romance, tragedy, heroes, good and evil.  There is suspense, drama, wisdom, and comfort.  As you read, you will weep and you will jump for joy.  Yet we women are too often drawn away by novels, self-help books, cookbooks, magazines, and social media.  These are a poor substitute for the Bible and a relationship with God.

There is no other place in this world where we can get a direct message from God, so why do we neglect reading Scripture?  Don’t we want to hear God’s voice?

The Word of God is full of living water.  We need to drink deeply from this living well so we can be women living well.

~excerpt from the book, Women Living Well

The Bible has been read out loud and recorded.  It takes a total of 70 hours and 40 minutes to listen to the entire Bible.  If you do the math and divide that number by 365 days you get 12 minutes a day.  12 minutes a day!  That’s it.  In just 12 minutes a day, we could read or listen to the entire Bible cover to cover -


Doesn’t that seem doable?

It really is, yet we simply don’t make it a priority to drink God’s living water.

So the question is not Diet Coke or water? But will we reach for Jesus or stuff –to satisfy our souls?

Voices The Great I AM

Have you felt discouraged in your walk with God?

Have you felt like God is working too slow in your life?

Or like God doesn’t see you in your home?

Or  like you don’t even know where to start in your quiet time?

Or like you are in a season of dryness?

Many of you joined us this fall for the WLW Webcast featuring the Good Morning Girls – but some of you might have missed it.  Angela’s keynote wow’d me and the chat with Whitney and Jen on the couch was so inspirational.  I know we usually only post videos on Monday’s (and this one is a bit long), but just think of this as an added bonus for those who need extra encouragement ;)  Grab a couple loads of laundry to fold and enjoy this 45 minute webcast made just for you.

(if you cannot see this video – click here)

Walk with the King,


Week 2 – Your Spiritual Life {Are You Too Busy for God?}

Intentionally Focused Week 2 Banner

Today I want to get serious about our walk with God.

Over at my blog we’ve been talking for the past two week’s about our daily quiet times, how the voice of social media gets in the way of listening to God’s voice, and how important it is to have community and accountability in our walk with God – but here – I want to go just one step deeper.

chapter 1 quote 3

What is it that we are focusing on?  What is our driving force?

“It is in the secret discipline of private prayer and meditation on God’s word that our roots grow deep into the rich soil of holiness.

But the reality is…holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.

We live in a culture where prayerless tweets and status updates fly through our fingers without a thought toward holiness.  The lines between principle and impulse have been blurred as information rapidly swirls like wind about us, moving us one direction and then the next.

All the information of every library in the world, we carry in our purses in the form of iPhones.  But most of the food for our minds found there is emptiness; emptiness served on a platter for our starved souls to feed on…If our roots are not deep into the rich soil of God’s Word, we will be swayed by the empty soul food we feed on. If holiness is not our driving force, we will be blown to and fro by the ways of the world and the emotions of our hearts.  Remember, holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.”
~excerpt from the book, Women Living Well

I’ve been told by many women over the years, the reason they miss their quiet times is because they are simply “too busy”...

I believe it goes a bit deeper than that.  Watch my video below to see what I think is the real problem.

(if you can’t see this video – click here to play it)

Week 2 Challenge:

Open to Revelation Chapter 1 and read what John saw when he saw Jesus in all his glory.  When you close your eyes to pray – pause and imagine what John saw.  Then begin praying.  I believe it will change the power of your quiet times this week.

Week 2: Reading Plan

Week 2

Week 2: Memory Verse


Let’s Talk:  What is it that draws you to God?  How have you made Him a priority in your life?

Walk with the King,

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org

Used to build God’s story… {PLUS Interview #2 Video with Jennie Allen and GMG Contributors!}


So it’s Tuesday night, and my situation’s not much different from a couple of days ago.  I’m still restless for God to move more and more in my life, and my clothes dryer is still on the fritz (tune into my real life in the pic above, where my porch has become a revolving clothesline!!).  Good times.

No, really.

Here’s what’s crazy.  It’s taken God reminding me a few times, but all these years later, my stubborn heart is finally waking up to this:

When you walk with God and ask Him to use you, you start getting excited about little hiccups in everyday life.   

Interruptions become opportunities.

Failed plans become open doors.

And Laundromats become mission fields.

So in an effort to be radical where God has me, I’m trying to change my mindset. Instead of praying that my dryer part arrives in record time, I’m praying that during all of my quality time spent in the Laundromat this week, that God will place someone in my path that needs to hear about Jesus.  Sound a little out there?  Maybe.  But you and I both know that God does stuff like that.  Since Jesus was born in a stable, I’d say the Laundromat circuit is a definite possibility.  Heh.

“Moses and Jonah and Esther all wished their callings away.  But in their obedience, God was changing the world and building his stories.” ~ Anything, pg. 112

I want God to use me to build His stories.  Don’t you?

On a day that would change his life forever, my husband made a phone call to a pastor that had taken interest in Tyler and his three college roommates.  Those four boys had been living in the world in every sense, and only rarely would show up in the very back pew – mostly during exam weeks - when they thought they might need a little divine intervention to boost their grades.  But this pastor wouldn’t give up on what God could do.

Desperate and full of fear on a drive back to campus one night, Tyler remembered that pastor.  Through a series of difficult events, God had been stirring Tyler’s heart toward the things of Him, and that day the promptings were louder than ever.  Tyler needed to get right with God, and it couldn’t wait.  Longing for some guidance, he prayed that the pastor would pick up the phone.

Could he meet that night?  The pastor apologized for already having a commitment, but promised to touch base with Tyler the next day.  They hung up.  Tyler was distraught, and more than a little disappointed.

But just moments later, the phone rang.

The pastor had sensed the urgency in Tyler’s voice, and called back to say that he had canceled his plans, and they could meet right away after all.  And my husband fully surrendered his life to Jesus that night.

Embracing interruptions in order to be used to build God’s story. 

I still can’t get over it, and could tell you story after story of the dominoes that have fallen as a result of one man choosing to be available when God opened an unlikely door.

Who knows if God will have someone waiting tomorrow morning at the Laundromat.  But I want to be available just in case.

Whenever, wherever God chooses to move.  Even in the most unlikely places.

“Because heaven is coming… and soon none of us will care about any other glory but his anyway.” ~ Anything, pg. 113

At His feet,

BONUS Video #2: Interview with Jennie Allen and the GMG Contributors…

Question 2: How do you live a daily surrendered life?

{If you can’t see this video, you can view it here.}


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