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{Intentionally Focused} Translations Now Available!


Aaaaahhh… announcing translations each session seriously never gets old!

My heart is full once again.  It’s honestly more than full… it’s OVERFLOWING with praise and gratitude to God, for the many doors that HE has opened for us here at Good Morning Girls yet another session!!!  I humbly come before you today to announce that our {Intentionally Focused} study documents will be offered in NINE additional languages!!  Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that when we offered “an online bible study with you in mind,” that God would expand that “you” to include women whose materials are now translated into languages representing countries all over the globe!  Simply click on the links below to access materials for each language listed (Czech and Afrikaans coming soon!):








Wow.  It’s almost too much to take in!!  When I think about women literally all.over.the.world. coming together as sisters in Christ, passionately seeking to know God more through His Word, I am in awe of what God has done.  A huge THANK YOU to the incredible women who have made these translations possible.  MUCH prayer, time and effort has gone into their labors of love, so that even MORE women are reached, inspired and encouraged by the GMG community, and most importantly, by studying God’s Word together!

May Your light shine in the darkness,
as we walk before the cross.
May Your glory fill the whole earth,
as the water o’er seas.

From the mountains to the valleys,
hear our praises rise to You.
From the heavens to the nations,
hear our singing fill the air.”

~ Reuben Morgan {Hear Our Praises}

Oh God, may Your glory fill the whole earth!

At His feet,

Don’t forget that our enrollment period for our {Intentionally Focused} study ends on FRIDAY!!  If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can do that here.

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Thanksgiving Translations now available & session checklist!


Nothing makes my heart beat faster than thinking about women around the world joining us each session!

God is doing amazing things in women’s lives as they open and read their Bibles together in small groups not only here in the United States, but around the world! I simply love hearing how God unites women together through their common bond of Christ. What a privilege it is to see the body of Christ come together as women love and embrace each other from different denominations and sometimes from countries who have in the past been at war…only God!

God changes women’s hearts when they start reading His powerful words and applying His truth to their lives.

My prayer for all of us this upcoming session is that we will slow down and look at our Lord with a little more thankfulness and awe as we begin this new study.

Today I’d like to take the time and announce that our Thanksgiving study has now been translated into 8 + languages and counting! Please share this blog post if you have any friends who speak one of these languages. We also have a few other translations in the works and I hope to have them available before the start of the session!:)

Thanksgiving 3D CoverOur Thanksgiving study has been translated into:
1. Afrikaans

2. Croatian

3. Dutch

4. French

5. German

6. Hungarian

7. Russian

8. Spanish


I would like to personally thank our amazing translators for always offering their services to us and helping us reach women around the world with the Word of God!

How to prepare

We can’t wait to get our Thanksgiving online Bible study started with you! In order to be prepared, please make sure you have done the following.

1. Subscribed to our blog-  When you subscribe to our blog, you will receive an email in your inbox each time a new post is submitted here on the blog.  We will have blog posts go out on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays which are all part of our online Bible study content. Scroll down to the very bottom of those emails, and you will find the links to the {Thanksgiving} Study Guide and Reading Plan.  The Study Guide – in journal format – is a wonderful, interactive way to record what God is teaching you throughout the study.  Not subscribed yet?  No problem!  You can do that here

app-icon-english-512x512-eb6a67e6a54cfcd29ac4d62caf19d9af2. Good Morning Girls on YouVersion (optional)- we recently have begun adding our reading plans on YouVersion.

How do I find the Thanksgiving study on YouVersion?
Download the YouVersion app on your smart phone, tablet or computer. After creating an account, go to the Plans section and search “Good Morning Girls” to find our studies, then click “Start This Plan.”

What is the link to YouVersion?
You can find the app on your mobile device, or link from the web at YouVersion.com.

3. Invite some friends to join you- It’s not too late to consider inviting a friend to join you this session!  Maybe, just maybe, God has already laid someone on your heart, and you’ve been meaning to share this study info with them.  Don’t wait another day (you’ll never know their answer unless you ask, right?!)! It’s never too late to get into God’s Word!

4. Pray- Finally, and most importantly, will you join us in PRAYER as we humbly come before God, asking Him to protect, bless, strengthen and empower us as we seek to know and love Him more throughout this study?  We are asking for God to prepare and soften hearts to receive truth from His Word, so all who participate might walk away from this study thankful for who He is and what He has done for us.

Oh friend, we cherish our time spent together with you in God’s Word!  Thank YOU for being a special blessing to the Good Morning Girls community!  {Thanksgiving} Focusing Our Hearts on Gratitude MONDAY!  Get excited!!!



Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls

GMG in {German}… God’s reach continues!


In our GMG Leadership Team conversations, we are often overwhelmed with the reach that God continues to open up and expand for us over the internet.  We are humbled and brought to our knees at the thought of nations – from many different tribes and tongues across the globe! – opening God’s Word with us each session.  “To the ends of the Earth!” is a common phrase and prayer among us, and one that God has given us great passion for. Today we hear from our dedicated friend Katja, who serves faithfully on our GMG Leadership Team, and carries our International passion into her homeland of Germany…


Hello everyone… we’re happy about the chance to introduce ourselves! We are the German “Good Morning Girls,” or “Guten Morgen Maedels” as you would say it here. We are a few women who have taken part in the GMG Bible studies for already three years now!

It all began in 2011, during Winter holidays on a Christian internet forum. I read about the GMG James study on Courtney’s blog and was fascinated by the idea. On the GMG Forum, I straightaway found around ten German women who had joined the study. Back then, we still used the English study materials, together with our German Bibles. The Bible is such a personal “book,” that it is better read in your mother tongue!

Since the GMG Ephesians study, the GMG Reading Plans and Study Guides have been translated and made available in German.

Now I am happy to report that there are currently three German-speaking groups of women who study together on Facebook or a private blog.  We share our experiences with the Scripture, our life and everything that is connected to our lives as daughters of God. We are looking forward to many more amazing women joining our groups!

You can find the German Good Morning Girls on:

Facebook: GMG Deutschland

or on: Ein bisschen Haushalt…

Do you speak German or know someone who does?  We would love for you to study with us this session!

To the ends of the Earth!




Die Good Morning Girls sind eine Gemeinschaft von Frauen, die sich in kleinen Gruppen zusammenfinden, um sich gegenseitig für ihr tägliches Bibelstudium Rechenschaft abzulegen und auszutauschen. Die Good Morning Girls haben ihren Ursprung in Amerika und sind seit einiger Zeit eine weltweite Verbindung von Frauen, die miteinander die Bibel studieren und ihre Erfahrungen austauschen.

Good Morning Girls Gruppen können klein oder groß sein, sich privat aus dem “richtigen Leben” kennen oder nur online. Sie können in Facebook-Gruppen lesen oder über eMail kommunizieren, SMS oder Twitter-Messages austauschen.

Mehrmals im Jahr wird von www.goodmorninggirls.org ein gemeinsames Bibelstudium angeboten, das kostenlose Studienunterlagen, wöchentliche Videos (auf Englisch) und viele zusätzliche Studienmöglichkeiten anbietet.

Die Good Morning Girls lesen die Bibel in ganz kleinen Absätzen mit der SOAP-Methode:

S = Scripture – Schrift

Wir lesen pro Tag nur wenige Verse aus der Bibel und schreiben diese ab.

O = Observation – Analyse

Danach denkt man über das Geschriebene nach und überlegt, was genau damit gemeint ist. Wenn man bei einem Vers Schwierigkeiten mit der genauen Bedeutung hat, kann man auch einen Bibelkommentar zu Rate ziehen. Diese Analyse (oder auch Beobachtung, wenn man vom englischen Wort Obervation ausgeht), wird auch in ein bis zwei Sätzen schriftlich festgehalten.

A = Application – Anwendung

Nach der Analyse gehe ich noch einen Schritt weiter und überlege, wie ich das eben gelesene auf mein Leben anwenden kann.

P = Prayer – Gebet

Den Abschluss bildet ein kurzes Gebet – und auch das kann man schriftlich festhalten.

Das tägliche Bibelstudium dauert in der Regel nicht mehr als 10 Minuten!

Nach dem morgendlichen Bibelstudium kontaktieren sich die Frauen aus der Gruppe per Email, Twitter, Facebook, in Foren oder per SMS und tauschen sich über das Gelesene aus.

Das Herbststudium der Good Morning Girls schließt das Lukas-Studium ab. Bereits in zwei Bibelstudien haben wir das Lukasevangelium in kleinen Abschnitten gelesen und uns einzelne Verse nach der SOAP-Methode erarbeitet.


GMG in {Spanish}… more info on how you (or a friend!) can get connected today!


Today’s post comes from our sweet friend Edurne, who so generously serves on our GMG Leadership Team and at BuenDiaChicas.com.  Read on to find out more about our amazing GMG {Spanish} resources, and how you (or a friend!) can get connected today!


Luke 17-24… now available in Spanish!

Do you (or maybe someone you know!) want to study Luke 17-24 in Spanish? You can do it! In GMG espaÑol / www.BuenDiaChicas.com we provide you with the translation of all the amazing resources that you can enjoy in Good Morning Girls.

Maybe you have family or friends in a Spanish-speaking country who you want to invite to the study but don’t know enough English to join you in your GMG group. Or maybe you just want to improve your Spanish! Whatever the case, you can form a group or join one of our Spanish groups and have access to all the resources IN SPANISH!!

General Information:

1. Enrollment: August 19th – September 1st 2013

2. Study: September 2nd – October 25th 2013

3. What do we offer?

We have a wonderful team of translators who are getting ready all GMG resources for you:

- Luke 17-24 Study guide

- Bible Reading plan

- GMG Monday – Wednesday – Friday blog posts in www.BuenDiaChicas.com

- Weekly challenges

- Memory verses

- Online community

- Luke 17-24 for kids manual

4. How can you participate in the study?

By yourself:

You can follow the study in the GMG espaÑol Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GMGespanol

Forming Your Own {GMG} Group:

Many women form groups from already established personal relationships with friends or family. If you prefer this route, consider connecting with women who are already in your life: church friends, mom friends, co-workers, high school or college friends, neighbors, moms/sisters/aunts/grandmas… you get the idea! We think 5-12 women to a group is ideal, but do what works for you!

If you don’t know how to lead a group, don’t worry. We have the GMG Leader’s Guide translated into Spanish and a Leader’s group in Spanish you can join! – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154835451355595/

Join one of our GMG groups in Spanish:

Just go to our GMG espaÑol Facebook page and take a look to the pictures of the leaders who offer to welcome new members. Leave your name under one of the groups and the leader will contact you as soon as possible.

Remember that “Good Morning Girls” consists of groups of Christian women who use technology (email, Facebook, twitter or text messaging) to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. We want to help YOU grow in the Lord. And now, you can help others who don’t speak English to do it too!!

Do you have any questions? Please leave us a message in GMG espaÑol – https://www.facebook.com/GMGespanol

Remember to “like” our Facebook page and subscribe to our blog in Spanish (www.BuenDiaChicas.com) to have access to our awesome resources in Spanish. Let’s Love like Jesus together this session!

Content in His service,





{Spanish} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide

{Spanish} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


**SHARE AWAY!  Please share this post with women in your life who would benefit from these wonderful GMG resources in Spanish!



¡Nuevo estudio! – Lucas 17-24

¡Comienza un nuevo estudio en GMG espaÑol! ¡Qué emoción poder estudiar la Biblia junto a ti! Te invito a que puedas unirte a nosotras mientras terminamos el estudio del evangelio de Lucas y aprendemos cómo amar de la forma en la que Jesús lo hizo.

Información general del estudio:

1. Fechas para la Inscripción – del 19 de agosto al 1 de septiembre de 2013

2. Fechas del estudio: Del 2 de septiembre al 25 de octubre 2013

3. Los materiales que vas a poder descargar:

~        Plan de lectura

~        Guía de estudio

~        Artículos extra en BuenDIaChicas.com para ayudarte a profundizar en el pasaje de la semana

~        Retos semanales que te ayuden a poner en práctica la Palabra de Dios en tu vida

~        Versículos para memorizar

~        Comunidad en línea

~        Material para niños con el mismo plan de lectura que tú y actividades para que puedas compartir con ellos todos los días.

Los artículos “extra” se van a ir publicando aquí, en https://www.buendiachicas.com

Y también nos puedes encontrar en nuestra página de Facebook, donde estaremos compartiendo los versículos diarios para hacer el estudio – https://www.facebook.com/GMGespanol . Asegúrate de suscribirte al blog y dar a “Me gusta” en la página para que no te pierdas nada.

Recuerda que los materiales son GRATUITOS y que no hace falta que seas parte de un grupo de estudio para descargarlos, puedes bajarlos con total libertad y utilizarlos por tu cuenta.

4. ¿Cómo puedes participar del estudio?

1. Por tu cuenta – puedes seguir el estudio en la página de Facebook de GMG espaÑol. Ahí estaremos publicando los versículos diarios, versículos para memorizar, retos semanales, planes de lectura, enlaces a los artículos… todo lo necesario para que puedas hacer tu estudio personal.

2. Forma un grupo de mujeres para hacer el estudio de manera presencial (reuniéndose cuando decidan) o por internet (por medio de emails, twitter, Facebook, Skype  o cualquier otra red social). El número depende de ti, ¡recuerda que 2 ó 3 ya son un grupo! Si no sabes si estás preparada para llevar un grupo de estudio recuerda que tenemos dos materiales para ayudarte con eso:

  • Guía de líderes
  • Grupo de líderes y orientación en Facebook

3. En nuestros grupos de estudio – A partir del lunes vas a tener en GMG espaÑol la foto de cada líder de grupo, su enlace y en número de vacantes que tiene en su grupo. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es dejar un comentario debajo de la foto del grupo en el que quieras entrar y seguir el enlace de su grupo para solicitar tu entrada. En caso de que no te permita acceder al grupo directamente, ponte en contacto con la líder por medio de un mensaje.

5. ¿Qué tengo que hacer en el grupo?

Después de hacer tu devocional con el pasaje correspondiente en tu guía de estudio, entra en el grupo y comparte lo que has aprendido en ese día. Todas van a hacer lo mismo, así que entre unas y otras van a ir viendo cómo el Señor habla a cada una en forma personal con los mismos versículos. Puedes entrar en el grupo a cualquier hora del día, cuando tengas tiempo. Además de compartir el devocional, en el grupo encontrarás los artículos suplementarios para profundizar en el estudio, podrás conocer a las demás mujeres y compartir motivos de oración.


Unirse a un grupo de estudio requiere de COMPROMISO. Hay mujeres que comienzan fuerte pero se van desvaneciendo a medida que pasa el tiempo. Cuando ese sucede, todo el grupo se desanima. Así que es muy importante que si te unes a un grupo te comprometas con el estudio de principio a fin. Incluso aunque sólo participes una o dos veces a la semana, no lo dejes del todo. Las otras mujeres quieren oír lo que tienes para decir.

Este es un compromiso de 8 SEMANAS, así que, si no estás segura del todo, ora para que el Señor te muestre si debes unirte o no a un grupo. Quizás este no sea el momento adecuado para ti y puedas participar más adelante.

El objetivo de GMG/Buen Día Chicas es ayudarte a pasar tiempo con Dios todos los días y tener un grupo de apoyo para hacerlo. No importa si haces tu devocional en la mañana, durante la siesta de tus niños o en la noche. El propósito es ayudarte a que pases un tiempo con Dios todos los días.

¿Tienes alguna pregunta? ¡No te quedes con ninguna duda! Déjanos un mensaje en GMG espaÑol:


Contenta en Su servicio,




Announcing: Loving Like Jesus {Translations} ~ NINE Languages and Counting!


Online Bible Study International Translations

I LOVE writing and creating these translation blog posts because they get me so excited to see what God is doing through GMG. Women AROUND the WORLD are coming together to translate our documents for fellow sisters in Christ….helping to fulfill the Great Commission. These women, who are normal everyday moms just like you and me, are being used by God in extraordinary ways. Because of these nine women, hundreds….maybe even thousands of other women are able to have these materials in their own language allowing  them to dig into God’s Word a little deeper. Just think for a second the impact one act of service, like translating these documents, can do for a woman, her family, her children……her country. These nine women are making ripples of hope throughout their countries as they provide these resources in their own languages.

This session our materials have been translated into: Afrikaans. Hungarian. Russian. Dutch. German. Spanish. Croatian. Arabic. French.

It’s an honor to introduce you to these world changers!

Jerine-227x300Jerine- translated all of our Luke:17-24 documents into Afrikaans!

Hallo, my naam is Jerine. In November 2012 het ek my eerste aanlyn Bybelstudie met Good Morning Girls gedoen. Die daaglikse bymekaarkom met vriendinne van regoor die wêreld wat God wil dien en wil groei in hulle geloof, is ‘n wonderlike, verreikende ervaring! Ek het so baie geleer en geestelik gegroei deur hierdie proses. Dis my gebed dat hierdie studies meer vrouens se lewens sal aanraak, en God se Koninkryk sal uitbrei. Alle eer aan God!

My liefdes is my familie, musiek , fotografie, lees en bak en brou.

{AFRIKAANS} Loving Like Jesus - Study Guide
{AFRIKAANS} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


snjezanaSnjezana- translated all of our Luke:17-24 documents into Croatian!

{Croatian} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide
{Croatian} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan

Bok. Moje ime je Snježana i imam 30 godina. Prije 4 mjeseca sam od prijateljice dobila GMG adventsko proučavanje a nedugo nakon sam upoznala i osobu koja je radila prijevod na hrvatski jezik. Kako smo se malo više upoznale, shvatila sam da je ona majka dvoje male djece i da bi joj dobrodošla moja pomoć u prevođenju. Tako sam se ponudila i od tad prevodim proučavanja za Good Morning Girls na hrvatski jezik.

Raduje me što sam postala dio tima i osjećam se počašćenom što sam dobila priliku prevoditi ova proučavanju. Nadam se da ćete uživati u svemu što smo vam pripremili u ovom novom proučavanju te da ćete naučeno moći primjeniti na svoje živote.

RafaelleRafaëlle- translated all of our

Luke:17-24 documents into Dutch!

Hoi, ik ben Rafaëlle. Afgelopen jaar stuitte ik op de Goodmorning Girls website en besloot me (samen met een goede vriendin) aan te sluiten bij de Spreuken 31 studie die destijds werd aangeboden. Daarna konden we niet wachten tot de volgende studie begon, dus zijn we doorgegaan met Jakobus en vervolgens met Kolossenzen. Ik heb ontzettend veel geleerd de afgelopen maanden en houd er van om Gods Woord op deze manier te bestuderen. Om iets terug te doen, besloot ik de volgende studie te vertalen, zodat meer mensen uit Nederland en België kunnen aansluiten bij Goodmorning Girls.

In het dagelijks leven werk ik als invaller op een basisschool en als ik niet werk, vermaak ik me thuis prima met het huishouden. Spreuken 31 heeft me hier veel over geleerd. Tegenwoordig houd ik ervan om een liefdevol (en schoon) thuis te creeëren voor mijn man en anderen die ons huis in- en uitgaan.

{Dutch} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide

{Dutch} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


Katja-212x300Katja- translated all of our Luke:17-24 documents into German!

Ich komme aus Bayern. Und bin mit einen Österreicher verheiratet. Bei meiner Ausbildung zur Hotelfachfrau habe ich gelernt hart zu arbeiten und meine eigenen Interessen für die Bedürfnisse anderer zurückzunehmen. Mit Mitte 20 habe ich ein Jahr lang in Amerika gelebt. Ich bin eine typische große Schwester. Mein kleines pinkes Netbook ist mein “Lieblingsspielzeug”! Dank facebook kann ich mit all meinen Freunden ü

berall auf der Welt in Kontakt bleiben. Ich liebe Bücher! In der Regel lese ich mindestens ein Buch – meistens ein paar gleichzeitig. Neuerdings auch gerne auf dem Kindle! Ich liebe Musik!!! Jede Art von Musik, Musizieren und vor allem Singen. Ok, so langsam ist es nicht mehr JEDE Art von Musik… In den letzten 15 Jahren habe ich in acht verschiedenen Städten in vier verschiedenen Ländern gelebt. Ich habe zwei Kinder mit 5 und 8 Jahren. Ich liebe meinen Job als Hausfrau und Mutter.

Follow Katja on Facebook here.

{German} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide

{German} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


violaViola- translated all of our Luke:17-24 documents into Hungarian!

Bolbás Viola vagyok, férjemmel és kislányommal Magyarországon, Budapesten élünk, most várjuk a második kisbabánkat. Egy éve csatlakoztam a Good Morning Girls (GMG) Biblia tanulmányozói közé és egyből megragadott két dolog. Egyik, hogy elfoglalt anyukák számára is kivitelezhető a tanulmányok beosztása, hiszen csak napi 1-2 verset tanulmányozunk behatóbban. A másik, hogy engem is kutatásra, elmélkedésre késztetett, mert nem csupán valaki másnak a gondoltait olvashattam el egy-egy igeszakaszról, hanem először nekem kellett mélyre ásni kincsekért az Igében. Magam is meglepődtem, hogy milyen könnyen megtelt a tanulmányozó füzet, és milyen jól működött az I.M.Á.K. módszer, amit a csoport vezetői javasoltak. Sok bátorítást, és erőt kaptam Isten igéjén és más nők gondolatain keresztül. Sokat tanultam a napi csendesség fontosságáról és életünket átformáló erejéről. Most szeretném, ha első alkalommal, más magyar nők is megtapasztalnák azt az áldást, amit én kaptam a GMG-n keresztül. A tanulmányozó dokumentumok lefordításával és a Facebook-on látrehozott saját magyar nyelvű GMG csoportunkkal szerettem volna kifejezni szívem vágyát, ami az, hogy az Igén keresztül egyre több magyar nő tapasztalja meg Isten közelségét a hétköznapjaiban, tanuljon meg Jézussal járni, imádkozni és feltétel nélkül bízni Benne a napi teendők és nehézségek sűrűjében is. Nagyon szeretnénk hallani felőled, kérünk csatlakozz online Bibliatanulmányozó csoportunkhoz a Facebook-on és oszd meg velünk miként tanít Isten. Itt találod meg az aktuális tanulmány anyagát is magyar nyelven. Isten áldjon!

Follow Viola on Facebook here.

{Hungarian} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide

{Hungarian} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


Lenna1-178x300Lenna- translated all of our Luke:17-24 documents into Russian!

Лена Ривера: родилась и выросла в Волгограде, Россия. Она стала христианкой в возрасте 10 лет в Коммунистической Росси. Она и ее брат были первыми рожденными снова христианами в поколении. В 18 лет она последовала призыву Христа в сердце и стала миссионеркой . Как говорятся : миссионер-это навсегда , и ее миссионерское путешествие далеко от завершения . Последние 9 лет она живет в Небраске , США. Лена, ее муж и их два сына служат Господу и посещают церковь Ассамблея Бога. Самая любимая работа Лены-это быть мамой . Она очень любит Слово Божье и любит его изучать .

Follow Lenna on Facebook here.

{Russian} Loving Like Jesus- Study Guide

{Russian} Loving Like Jesus- Reading Plan


edurne2Edurne – translated all our Luke 17-24 documents into Spanish!

Mi nombre es Edurne Mencía. Soy de Bilbao, España y actualmente vivo en Amazonas, Venezuela, junto a mi esposo y mis tres hijos: Yennixon Daniel (4), Nahiara (2)y Markel Elías (3 meses). Junto con mi familia, servimos a Dios en el ministerio con indígenas y oramos por entrar en la selva definitivamente. Mientras tanto, seguimos trabajando para Dios y haciendo nuestro viaje personal.

Follow Edurne on Facebook here.
GMG Spanish Blog: www.Buendiachicas.Com

{Spanish} Loving Like Jesus - Study Guide

{Spanish} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan


sandra-231x300  Sandra – translated all of our Luke 17-24

  documents into French!


{French} Loving Like Jesus – Study Guide

{French} Loving Like Jesus – Reading Plan



**Stay tuned for Arabic and Russian translation downloads coming soon!!!


If you would like to translate for us, please contact me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com


Love God Greatly!




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