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Week 2 – Your Spiritual Life {Are You Too Busy for God?}

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Today I want to get serious about our walk with God.

Over at my blog we’ve been talking for the past two week’s about our daily quiet times, how the voice of social media gets in the way of listening to God’s voice, and how important it is to have community and accountability in our walk with God – but here – I want to go just one step deeper.

chapter 1 quote 3

What is it that we are focusing on?  What is our driving force?

“It is in the secret discipline of private prayer and meditation on God’s word that our roots grow deep into the rich soil of holiness.

But the reality is…holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.

We live in a culture where prayerless tweets and status updates fly through our fingers without a thought toward holiness.  The lines between principle and impulse have been blurred as information rapidly swirls like wind about us, moving us one direction and then the next.

All the information of every library in the world, we carry in our purses in the form of iPhones.  But most of the food for our minds found there is emptiness; emptiness served on a platter for our starved souls to feed on…If our roots are not deep into the rich soil of God’s Word, we will be swayed by the empty soul food we feed on. If holiness is not our driving force, we will be blown to and fro by the ways of the world and the emotions of our hearts.  Remember, holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.”
~excerpt from the book, Women Living Well

I’ve been told by many women over the years, the reason they miss their quiet times is because they are simply “too busy”...

I believe it goes a bit deeper than that.  Watch my video below to see what I think is the real problem.

(if you can’t see this video – click here to play it)

Week 2 Challenge:

Open to Revelation Chapter 1 and read what John saw when he saw Jesus in all his glory.  When you close your eyes to pray – pause and imagine what John saw.  Then begin praying.  I believe it will change the power of your quiet times this week.

Week 2: Reading Plan

Week 2

Week 2: Memory Verse


Let’s Talk:  What is it that draws you to God?  How have you made Him a priority in your life?

Walk with the King,

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org

Week 11: Learning to Pray Like Elijah

We’re heard there is power in prayer but do we really believe it? James points this week to Elijah as an example of how mightily God can use us if we earnestly pray to Him. Our prayers ignite God’s power in our lives! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an answer right away, KEEP PRAYING!!! Keep asking, seeking and knocking until you do get an answer from our Lord!!! Don’t forget what James says this week, “The prayer of a righteous man is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!” Claim that verse this week as you petition God!

Week 11 Challenge: Our challenge this week is to step out in faith and pray specific prayers…..just like Elijah did. Move beyond the umbrella prayers and start deepening your fellowship with God, stepping out in faith with your specific prayers. Remember what Jesus said in John 15:7 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you.” Share your specific prayers with your GMG group and together pray for each other!!! Become neutron prayer warriors!!!

James Book Club Downloads

Week 11 S.O.A.P. Print-Out

Reminder: Don’t forget about the Mercy House Challenge!!! I’d LOVE to start sharing how you or your group contributed this session!!! Email me at lovegodgreatly@gmail.com. I’ll post your pictures, emails and/or videos during our month break starting April 11th. :) Thanks in advance for how you helped this wonderful organization!

As always, we’ll be praying over you as you spend time reading God’s Word!

Until next time…

Love God Greatly!

Women In The Word Wednesdays

If you are a blogger we invite you to blog about what you are learning in your walk with God and then link up below (this includes devotionals you have written).  If you are not a blogger, we invite you to weekly share in the comments section what God is teaching you in his word.

I want to learn to pray like Mose. Mose’s prayer in Exodus 32:11-14 has always amazed me. Moses is PLEADING with God to not destroy the very people He brought out of Egypt. Moses is intense. Mose’s whole being is focused on pleading with God to turn from His anger and not wipe out the generation He saved. The very generation He displayed His great power and mighty hand when rescuing them from their slavery in Egypt. (vs. 11) Moses pleads. Moses begs on behalf of his people, but most importantly Moses reminds God of His promises.

And you know what??? This is the part of the story that still to this day AMAZES me and  excites me……..Moses changes God’s mind!!! Then the Lord relented and did not bring on His people the disaster He had threatened. (vs 14) God heard Moses’s prayers! He saw the intensity in how Moses prayed. I believe God was moved with compassion because of the prayer Moses prayed on behalf of a people who did not deserve God’s compassion but rather His wrath. Nonetheless, because of Mose’s prayer God changed His mind!

Max Lucado says “Our passionate prayers move the heart of God. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16). Prayer does not change God’s nature; who he is will never be altered. Prayer does, however, impact the flow of history. God has wired his world for power, but he calls on us to flip the switch.”

I want to start praying like Moses did. I want to PLEAD with God for salvation for my unsaved friends and family. I want to be focused and intense when I go before my Heavenly Father’s throne praying for my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my country and my world. I want my prayers to scare Satan because he knows that they move the heart of MY God, who I dearly love.

Won’t you join me in praying like Moses? Gone are the days when we fall asleep in bed praying over our loved ones. Let’s pray like Moses……together let’s “flip the switch.”

Love God Greatly,

Being Intentional In Our Prayer Life

A few weeks ago I challenged each of you to become more intentional in your life and start putting what you’re reading from the bible into ACTION. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve discussed being intentional in your parenting and today I’d like to talk about another area of our lives where we need to be intentional……our prayer life.

I saw this video on YouTube a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you all today because I love how it shows the power of a mom modeling the importance of prayer and the effect it had on her daughter.

I love what Stormie Omartian says in her book, The Power of a Praying Wife, “It’s your responsibility to pray. It’s God’s job to answer. Leave it in His hands.” It’s our responsibility to pray!!! When things in your life start to go wrong, what is your first reaction? Do you go to God first in prayer? In James chapter 5:16 we are told that “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” There is POWER in prayer. Do you realize that today? Praying should be our first response not our last. There have been a number of times in my life when praying over a certain situation was NOT my first response. I so desire to become more intentional in my prayer life and to model that for my children so they learn the importance of prayer.

Here are just a few ways that I’m trying to model being intentional in my prayer life with my children:

  • Praying for daddy when he is at work.
  • If I am driving and see an accident, I pray for everyone involved in that accident with my children.
  • Praying for our country and our leaders
  • I pray with my girls before they go to school
  • With my oldest, I’ve prayed with her concerning fears that she is having or problems she is experiencing.
  • and of course at meal times and bed times.

What would you add to this list? I posted a new topic on our message board and I would love to hear your ideas!

Challenge: This week focus on being intentional in your prayer life. Make praying your first response to problems when they arise. Focus on praying with your children and your husband at other times during the day, not just at meal times or bed times.

Until next time…

Love God Greatly!

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