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Week 2 – Your Spiritual Life {Are You Too Busy for God?}

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Today I want to get serious about our walk with God.

Over at my blog we’ve been talking for the past two week’s about our daily quiet times, how the voice of social media gets in the way of listening to God’s voice, and how important it is to have community and accountability in our walk with God – but here – I want to go just one step deeper.

chapter 1 quote 3

What is it that we are focusing on?  What is our driving force?

“It is in the secret discipline of private prayer and meditation on God’s word that our roots grow deep into the rich soil of holiness.

But the reality is…holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.

We live in a culture where prayerless tweets and status updates fly through our fingers without a thought toward holiness.  The lines between principle and impulse have been blurred as information rapidly swirls like wind about us, moving us one direction and then the next.

All the information of every library in the world, we carry in our purses in the form of iPhones.  But most of the food for our minds found there is emptiness; emptiness served on a platter for our starved souls to feed on…If our roots are not deep into the rich soil of God’s Word, we will be swayed by the empty soul food we feed on. If holiness is not our driving force, we will be blown to and fro by the ways of the world and the emotions of our hearts.  Remember, holiness has never been the driving force of the majority.”
~excerpt from the book, Women Living Well

I’ve been told by many women over the years, the reason they miss their quiet times is because they are simply “too busy”...

I believe it goes a bit deeper than that.  Watch my video below to see what I think is the real problem.

(if you can’t see this video – click here to play it)

Week 2 Challenge:

Open to Revelation Chapter 1 and read what John saw when he saw Jesus in all his glory.  When you close your eyes to pray – pause and imagine what John saw.  Then begin praying.  I believe it will change the power of your quiet times this week.

Week 2: Reading Plan

Week 2

Week 2: Memory Verse


Let’s Talk:  What is it that draws you to God?  How have you made Him a priority in your life?

Walk with the King,

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org

What Is God’s Purpose In Trials?

If I could, I’d reach out and give each and everyone of you a big hug! Thank you for such an amazing week last week! God is soooo GOOD! I can’t begin to tell you how encouraged Courtney and I are to hear how you’re enjoying using the S.O.A.P. method! I just want you to know that those of you who left comments last week on our blog or on our Facebook page, each and everyone of your comments touched our hearts! I LOVED reading about each of your groups. I loved reading how you can see God’s hand in who He put in your group! Being apart of GMG is such a wonderful blessing and an answer to prayer!

This week we are starting week 2 in our 12 week series. My prayer for each of you is that as we dig further into James this week:
1. God will give you a hunger for His Word.
2. You will make it a priority in your life to be in His Word.
3. He will open your eyes to new truths in His Word!

I’d like to share with you a quick video of what I learned last week as we read about God’s purpose in trails.

If you are following along with us in James don’t forget to download this week’s S.O.A.P. print-out. This week, we are reading James 1:12-18

James Book Club Downloads

1. Week 2 S.O.A.P. Print-Out

Thanks again for being a blessing in my life and making God’s Word a priority in yours!!!!

Love God Greatly!

Jesus – The Prince Of Peace

 Life has gone into overdrive! Christmas seems to be coming at me at a fast pace and every year I feel organized in November and a little overwhelmed in December!

So I am thankful today for today’s quiet time in Isaiah 9:6 which says “”For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

We’ve looked at Jesus being the “Wonderful Counselor“, the “Mighty God” and the “Everlasting Father” and today I am pondering His name the “Prince of Peace.”

As I have been reading many blogs out on the web, I can see two common themes with women. One – we are stressed about the holidays ie. decorating, shopping, cookie baking, mailing Christmas cards, attending or hosting parties and on and on it goes. On top of our daily workload, these are added and if we do not manage our time wisely this can be disastrous to the peace God wants us to have in our hearts.

Secondly, I see the financial burdens that women are carrying. There is a lot of talk on the web world about America’s recession. Women are dealing with the layoffs of their husbands or their own cut hours. Some cannot sell their house and are desperate to get out from their mortgage payments while others are just wondering how they will pay the debt that they are creating with the holiday season.

I have one word I see – STRESS! But wait – it’s Christmas – and in Isaiah 9:6 it says that Jesus is the Prince of Peace - so why is there so much turmoil in our souls?

Are you experiencing the peace that only Jesus can give? As Christians, our lives should not look like the world’s - it should be baffling at how much peace we have in the midst of chaos – but can that be said of us?

Peace can not go hand in hand with rushing, hurrying, tossing, and turning. It can only come from turning to our Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace and just being alone with him – as our “daddy”. Pray and ask God to give you His peace in an area of your greatest need.

Right now on Women Living Well I am running a December Challenge titled “Peace On Earth”.  Each Monday I am giving practical and spiritual tips for finding peace in the midst of the holiday rush.  I hope you will join me there as I walk with the King!

Peace may be the best gift you can give your family this holiday season!

Walk with the King!

Baby Jesus Is The Everlasting Father

 Today I am continuing my study in one of my favorite verses for Christmas time, which is Isaiah 9:6 which says “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

I’ve already focused on the first two names that God calls baby Jesus – “Wonderful Counselor” and “Mighty God”. Today I am pondering His name “Everlasting Father.”

This is a verse that clearly points to the trinity – Jesus is the Everlasting Father! They are one! And then I think about the word “Everlasting” and how God never changes. We can experience his love for all time. Let that soak in. It’s hard for us to imagine because we live in a finite world. God the Son is not bound by time or space. In an ever changing world we can be totally secure in Christ – he is from everlasting and will continue on with us into eternity for forever!

My friend Aimee  sent me an email yesterday morning. In it she was writing about how God is like our earthly father and it seemed appropriate to share as I am looking at Jesus being the “Everlasting Father.” Here is what she wrote:

 “I was thinking today about the access we have to God — I compared it to my boys freely going to their daddy, running into his arms when he comes in from work, or crawling up on the couch with him to snuggle in his arms or on his chest, and the fact that he might be sleeping does not deter them; afterall he’s their daddy, why shouldn’t they crawl up into his arms even if it means waking him up. Now, I know that God never sleeps, but if someone else looked at a man sleeping, most would leave him alone — not a good time to approach him, but children, with their daddies, in their innocence, go to him on a whim. That is how God wants us to be with him; come to him, crawl up into his arms and bear our hearts to him, on a whim, anytime, all the time. That is humbling.” 

Have you crawled up into the arms of your Everlasting Father yet today? He loves you – He desires to be close to you. Won’t you take the time today and allow him to talk to you through His word, listen – allow him to speak to your soul. He is always watching, He is always listening and He cares for you!

Walk with the King!

Worshipping Jesus As God

One of my favorite verses to reflect on at Christmas time is Isaiah 9:6 which says “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Last Thursday, I focused on the first name that God calls baby Jesus – “Wonderful Counselor”. Today I am pondering the second name - “Mighty God”.

Jesus is the Mighty God!
While Jesus was fully human he was not merely man. JI Packer says “The really staggering Christian claim is that Jesus of Nazareth was God made man… The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets. Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as this truth of the incarnation.”

Though many photos show Jesus looking soft with flowing hair and a white robe – we know that he was actually a construction worker with callused hands and muscles on his frame. Many people have claimed to be speaking for God such as Buddha, Muhammad and Gandhi – but very few claim to BE God. Jesus was not killed for telling stories and healing people but for claiming to be God.

Matthew 1:23 says “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel which means “God with us.” So who do you say that he is?

Our only appropriate response to Jesus is to worship him as God. If you saw Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of Christ” you were moved by the reality of Jesus’ humanity as you watched him be flogged and crucified. It was the portrayal of Jesus’ humanity while maintaining his deity that made this movie a box office hit.

Do not forget what this baby Jesus – the Mighty God – has done for you – and worship him during this holiday season. He is worthy!

Walk with the King!

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