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You Are Loved- Enrollment starts NOW!


I am so excited for the upcoming Bible/Book study, ‘You are Loved’! This endearing book melted my heart, reminding me that I am loved… me and all my flaws. Personally, I appreciate that Angela and Sally thoughtfully considered how they could reach more women all over the world when they decided to publish this book the ‘non-traditional’ route. The traditional route has increased availability in multiple storefronts but limits availability to the women who need a translated copy in order to join our Bible study! I love their sacrificial hearts in taking this route.

Please consider joining us for this beautiful, loving 8-week study over the summer. I pray this post will help answer some questions you may have regarding enrollment, subscribing to the GMG blog and joining a private group.


enrollment info

We ask all our members and leaders to …
Enroll in the study (taking attendance)
Subscribe to the Good Morning Girls Blog (if you are a current subscriber and receiving emails, you are all set)

How to enroll in our Summer Bible/Book study, ‘You are Loved’
The enrollment form for our current study will be available from May 19th to 30th. To enroll, hover your mouse over the tab ‘Enroll’ on the menu bar above, then click ‘Enroll Here’. You will arrive at a page and toward the bottom of the page is a button – {click here to enroll}. The Enrollment Form will be available ‘only’ during our enrollment period.  If you are participating in a past study, no enrollment is required.

Explanation about Enrollment
The enrollment form is our way of taking attendance for this session; it’s like signing up for Bible study at your church. We do not send out confirmation emails but upon completion of the enrollment form you will receive a ‘Thank you’ confirmation page or pop-up depending on your browser. Please note that responses are not always recorded if you fill out the form via your phone – this is out of our control!

how to join a group

How to Join a Group
Our available groups will be listed on our blog only during the enrollment period. If you do not have a group to join, but still wish to join a private group, hover your mouse over the tab ‘Groups’ on the menu bar above, then click ‘Join a Group’. You will arrive at a page with more information about how we list our groups. To join an existing group, select the type of group you want to join: Facebook, Email, International or other groups. We will add available groups throughout our enrollment period, so keep checking back.

available groups

Private Facebook Groups We have arranged groups using Time Zones – ‘Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific’. NOTE: if you live in Eastern Time Zone but wish to join a group in Mountain Time Zone – feel free – you are not limited to your own time zone. Once you select Facebook groups, scroll through the list of leaders and choose a group. Then click on the group link provided and request to join their group! The link will say ‘Closed’ If the link is broken the group is full and the leader has disabled access. We remove the links as fast as possible, so please be patient and continue to look through the list to find another group to join.

Our Email groups and International groups are across all time zones mainly because they have a slightly different format.

If a group is leading a past study, it will be noted. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find the “perfect” group, but you’ll be surprised at how God places you in the group that fits your needs!

make sure to subscribe

Subscribing to the Blog (Free materials)
If you are not already subscribed, this only needs to be done once.

1. Subscribe at goodmorninggirls.org. Enter your email address (it will be in caps, email addresses are not case sensitive). Located under Angela’s Welcome Message

2. You will receive a popup message from Feedburner that states, “your email address will receive a verification message once you submit this form.” You will be asked to ‘enter the text’ listed – to prevent spam. Please disable any pop-up blockers/ad-blockers so this step can be completed.

3. Confirmation Email – check your email inbox, spam folder or promotions tab (Gmail) for a verification message from “FeedBurner Email Subscriptions.” Click the link contained in that message to activate your subscription.

4. Once confirmed, you will begin to receive emails from GMG. The free study guide and other materials are available by clicking the links at the very bottom of the emails.

Please Note: The emails from GMG are sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, or with each new post. So if you activate your subscription on a Monday, you will likely begin to receive emails on Wednesday.

join us on

Join us on:

Good Morning Girls - You Are Loved

#YouAreLoved is available in paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon. Get your copy today!

#Get1Give1 – For every book you purchase, GMG will give a ‘translated copy to a woman in another country for FREE’!

If you have any questions about enrollment or joining a group, please email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com

Live life worthy of God’s Glory,
Martha, Director of Enrollment

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  1. I would like to buy this book and join this study, however, I live in The Netherlands, Europe, and this book is not available here. I tried Amazon but I can not pay because I have no credit card. Can you tell me if this book will be available in the near future in Europe? Thanks for your answer, Yvonne

  2. Hello dear sisters of GoodMorningGirls!
    I enrolled and looked for the English version of the book, but being Dutch I have the same problem Yvonne has: it’s only available on Amazon. I too don’t know how to buy the book because I don’t own a credit card. That’s not because we Dutchies really are tight with money, it’s just that having a credit card is not very common here. We pay with tulips… ;-)
    Can you please help me in some way? (In case this looks like begging, you’re right, I am. But I pledge to give away some of my own favorite christian lifestyle or bible study books to sisters in my community!)

  3. Hello Ladies
    I just enrolled for the bible study group. This will be my first experience with the GENERAL. I looking forward to having fun all you wonderful ladies. I am a Canadian, a single mother of two wonderful children. I have been divorced for about 13 or 14 years. I am confident that this bible study is going to open new doors and will bring with it wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I love Jesus and my goal is to become a spiritual life coach. Looking forward to starting the bible studies. Ohhh I am so excited

    • Hi Viktoria! We are SO happy that you’ll be joining us! I pray this study is a blessing to you and that it draws you closer to the Lord. ~ Marlene {Leadership Encourager}

  4. Phaedra Holtzclaw says:

    Hi, I am sharing this study information and opportunity with my Children’s Ministry volunteers, I have purchased the book but I may have some in my group that are financially unable to make the purchase of the book. That being said, would it be ok for me to share the contents of the book in a PRIVATE FB group page with them? I want to make sure I have the ok before I do it!

  5. Kerri Bell says:

    Would this study be appropriate for young, single women (17 and up) or is primarily more relevant for married women and/or moms? I lead a Bible study with teen girls and also mentor two young 20-something women so just wondering if this would be a good study for us this summer! Thanks for your thoughts on this!

  6. When will the study guide and reading plan be available to print?

    • Laura I don’t have a for sure answer but I am sure next week we will all have access to the study guide and reading plans! (LE)

    • Laura…
      Keep watching your emails… we will post the links for you to download the study guide and reading plan. It will be before the study!


  7. My first study here was “Why Easter Matters” and I was so blessed that I am back and EXCITED to begin a regular study (joined a Facebook group too)! I have also gifted the book to a friend and she is going to do the study, as well. Thank you for being available to God and allowing Him to work in and through your lives! God is good. All the time! Praying for all the leaders and participants. Psalm 126:3

  8. faye lancon says:

    Just wondering what the timeline is for this bible study, once a week?

    • Hello Faye,
      We read and soap scripture every day (5 days a week) – the blog will post 3 days a week.

      Leadership Team

  9. Tammy brown says:

    Two questions: Can two people co-lead a group? And I cannot subscribe to the blog. It just keeps telling me something went wrong. I tried on both mobile and stationary computer systems.

    • Tammy,
      Yes there can be co-leaders. If you are leading a group – be sure to fill out the leaders form and register your group.
      Send me an email telling me that you could not subscribe and I will do it for you… enrollmentgmg@gmail.com
      Leadership Team

    • Tammy Brown says:

      I tried today to get into private facebook groups page, but am getting a blank page. Again tried on more than one device. I have several friends who want to all join on one page and have enlisted me to find a group to join.

      • Tammy,
        If you email me I can help you get into a group! I have the master list. enrollmentgmg@gmail.com
        Our blog has been overloaded with requests (the reason for the blank page). Please email me and let me know how many members and their names so I can get you taken care of.

        Director of Enrollment

  10. I just signed up to lead a private e-mail group with some friends. Not sure how all this works. Do we need to get the You are Loved book to do the summer study? How to the members of my group join my study? Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Cindi,
      I see you are in the leader’s group – The how-to to run your group can be found in the Leaders Guide.
      We do encourage buying the book, as the Bible study and the book go hand in hand – We will be discussing what we are reading in the book along with reading and soaping Bible Verses.

      Director of Enrollment
      Leadership Team

  11. I have enrolled already. Do I need to join a group?

  12. I am trying to get set up for the upcoming Bible Study but everytime I try to subscribe this is the message i recieve. Any suggestions? I have enrolled but that is as far I can go We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for acces
    Thank you
    Dawn Stover

  13. I have read so many articles oor reviews regarding the blogger llovers but thiss piece of writing
    is actually a nice article, keep it up.


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