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{You Are Loved} God is in this, and a little video encouragement!

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I should have been doing laundry, I know.

But instead, I finished reading You Are Loved today for the third time. Heh. And I cried. Again. The tears started on the dedication page (What?! I’m a mess…), and came on and off all book long in between moments of deep pondering, laughter and worship. I’m not even kidding. Words like this:

He formed us, gave us personality, knows our quirks, crafted our hair and eye color, our stature, our frame. Because we are His very own artwork, His design, He especially takes pleasure in us and understands us as no one else understands us.”

Wow. And this:

With Jesus’ help, we can silence the voices that tell us we have to be perfect to be loved by Him. Let those words take root into your precious heart.”

And crazy how this is exactly what I needed to hear today:

Your life is in God’s hands, and nothing can touch you that does not first go through Him. God sees the whole picture… God can and will bring something beautiful out of it.”

I’m just plain humbled to be a small part of this vision that God has laid on Angela and Sally’s hearts. I’m amazed at their vulnerability and obedience. I’m learning from their complete humility and reliance on God, and I’m watching God show up over and over in ways that only God can…

{If you’re unable to see this video, you can view it here.}

You guys, God is in this.

He’s working out crazy amazing details that are above and beyond what we could have asked for or imagined. He’s provided translators and leaders that have come out of the woodwork, simply because they love you, and more than anything, want God’s name to be lifted high.  He’s opened doors and inspired dreams and provided opportunities for His Word to go forth in places that we never thought possible.

Only God. And it’s all for Him.

This is it: God is confirming that women all over the world are longing to be loved. It’s evident in You Are Loved book sales and in Amazon rankings. It’s obvious in the stories you’re already sharing with us, even before our #YouAreLoved study begins. But numbers aren’t our gig… God’s glory is. So we’re hitting our knees hard, making choices that are pretty counter-cultural in the world’s eyes, and we’re asking Him to take us out of the equation entirely so that He will become famous.

This study has our hearts. YOU have our hearts. And God has captured our hearts above all. Because His love has transformed us, we are sold out to getting the #YouAreLoved message into the hands of as many women as possible.

Will you help us?



Gift a book.

Pray some more.

Don’t miss out on this study. Beloved, God wants to change our lives, so we can change the world, with His love. I’m thinking there’s no sweeter way to spend a Summer…

At His feet,



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  1. So, I was praying that God would send me someone(s) that had never done a study before. I was looking around at different studies, thought I had chosen one, and then this one popped up. I still hadn’t had anyone come to mind or show up in response to my prayers, but I talked with a friend who has done studies before and we decided to do this one at the same time. Still praying. I posted on my FB page that I’d be doing this this summer if anyone was interested in reading with me. And then…there she was – along with a few wonderful ladies who have done studies before! I love getting together with like-minded ladies who love Jesus and who want to study His Word, but God has recently given me a desire (along with many other ladies, as I have seen) to find someone who hasn’t traveled this road and take her along. So, I’m both excited and nervous. Excited because I love my Jesus and I’m crazy about His Word. Nervous because doing something new does that to me. It is all good! He is all Good!

  2. So excited for the study and more excited that after (hopefully one day) I can afford to get the book to read! Thank you so much!

  3. REneecalvo says:

    I am very thankful for your ministry. I am encouraged already that this study is not only going to impact my life this summer, but countless others throughout the world. I have already started to S.O.A.P and what a difference God’s Word has been to me. I do feel loved by God!

  4. I have been seriously struggling over the last two months. My stress began taking a physical toll and made me ill. All I could think about was all the wrong I’d done and I was buried beneath the guilt of my life. I wondered how God could forgive my life, how He could love me at all, and then I began searching.

    I was just looking for some answers or some help. I was looking for something that could help me through my nightmare and I stumbled onto this Bible Study. And something about it just made my heart weep. That’s how I knew, no matter what my money situation was, I needed to sign up. I’d never done anything like this before, but it was so heavy on my heart that I just couldn’t walk away.

    I am so excited for my book to get to me today and for the study to start on Monday. I can’t think of a better way to start my Summer!

    • Emily Dixon says:

      Indie, I’m so happy you will be a part of this study. I pray for you renewed hope and faith so you may overcome your circumstances, because you are loved.

  5. Whitney, you are beautiful!!! I have my book, gifted a book, joining a group and praying…..so excited!!!!

  6. Will this study have a plan on youversion.com?

    • Yes Donna it is our hope that it will be on youversion. GMG has submitted the plan to them now it is all up to youversion to get it up and running on time. (LE)


  1. […] can check out all the times I’ve raved about GMG here. I am SO stoked about their new #YouAreLoved study that begins Monday! Come join […]

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