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Back to the Basics… {You Are Loved} begins TOMORROW!!!


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We have these days as a family.  I’m guessing that you might have them too…

Because, let’s face it, life gets a little out of control sometimes.

The schedule gets full. The house gets cluttered. The world gets hard. People get grumpy. When we least expect it, life creeps in and so subtly begins to suffocate the living joy right out of us.

Been there? You’re welcome here, friend.

Just a few weeks ago, my six year old nephew was diagnosed with cancer. Life and perspective can change so quickly sometimes.  In my family, what seemed so very important a month ago is very different than what we consider to be important now. So.much.different. As a result of this new “perspective shift,” we’ve made some recent changes in our home.

All of the sudden, we needed to regroup and get back to the basics.

Basics like God, family, and keeping short accounts. Basics like not overcommitting, turning off electronics and sharing mealtimes together as a family. Basics like snuggling more and fighting less; sacrificially serving and praying-without-ceasing instead of being so self-consumed and dissatisfied over stuff that really doesn’t matter.

Back to the basics, where life looks a whole lot more clearer. Where priorities are revisited. Where joy is uncovered once again.

I’m learning that I need this regrouping regularly in my spiritual life too. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m so easily distracted by the world.  I get caught up in the daily, and before I know it, I’ve taken my eyes off of Jesus… forgotten His promises… doubted His love for me.

In the beginning it was different.

Thirty five long summers ago, I first understood God’s great love for me. I can close my eyes and remember that sweet day just like it was yesterday. My sisters and I and a handful of other kids were attending a Summer Bible Club right there on the floor of my neighbor’s tiny living room. There was no moving music or long aisle to walk. No scripted prayer. Truth, simple child-like faith, and the work of the Holy Spirit was all that was needed that day.

All that was needed, yet He loved at an amazing cost.

I got it that day. Really got it. And my heart was so full of joy that I felt like it could have exploded right then and there. This normally quiet, awkward girl – always more comfortable in the shadows – now bursting at the seams at the realization of the matchless love my Savior had for me. For me.

I ran hard.

As hard and as fast as I could across the driveways and into my mother’s arms to tell her the good news. And I couldn’t stop talking. Jumping up and down even. Smiling. Rejoicing over His love for me. His love had changed everything, and I couldn’t keep it to myself.

I’ve known of God’s love for me since I was a little girl, so you’d think that by this point I’d always have my act together. That I wouldn’t need to be reminded over and over again. But this life gets so busy and complicated along the way. As grown women, the voices of the world try to convince us that there is too much in us that is unlovable. That we’ll never measure up. We need a beautiful, refreshing reminder of God’s free and generous love for us – love not based on our performance or muddled by our imperfection.

And so tomorrow we begin our {You Are Loved} study, and we’re praying for just that.

It’s high time that we stripped down the unnecessary clutter that’s keeping us at arm’s length from our Savior, and simply take time to be still, lean in, and embrace His great love for us.

Tomorrow, we’re going back to the basics.

Starting fresh – or maybe for some starting new for the very first time - this love relationship that trumps all others. Jesus, open our hearts to all you have for us, and help our lips to glorify You, because Your love is better than life (Psalm 63:3).

At His feet,


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  1. Melissa says:

    Good Morning! What a wonderful message to start today. I am looking forward to the “You Are Loved” study. :-)

  2. K. Edsall says:

    Can’t wait to get this study started tomorrow.

  3. Oh, how good He is! Before I read this, there was this prayer I prayed in my kitchen today: An afternoon of thinking about bigger houses with more rooms to fill can seem okay until you come across a 19 year old Momma who just wants to own her own mattress and take care of her babies. Oh Abba…Daddy, may we never (and since I know we are, set our gaze aright) have our eyes so glued to this world that we fail to see Your heart. Please, don’t let us live blind! Open our eyes and hearts to see the needs of those around us, and may we live to love them! John 15:12! Fan a flame within my husband, myself, and my children that will never die and always grow to spread your love, your hope, and your peace! This world and all it contains is not our goal! This world is a gift (absolutely!) because our Creator made it, but as with all things He made, it was created to lead us to Him…always! If I am “far” from You, Jesus, how “of” the world am I?
    He is timely! He is near! He is Beautiful!

  4. Cindy cox says:

    This is so good!!! It totally bright tears an I shed those tears. How good God is my 25 then year old sister passed away 1year ago April 13th stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I saw the life go out of each day, spent many long hours at treatment center with her. We were best friends. My sister died. My dad had always taught us to love, give hugs. We were very close, nothing could have prepared us for what was going to happen the next year of our lives. The one I did know was God loved me and He alone was going to get me through this.
    I thank you Whitney for the reminder of coming back although it’s only been a year, I have 8 children and it is easy for me to get ver busy with life. I suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and neuropathy on my legs. But in all this I know that I am loved I make it through. But I would love to do it without so much hollering at the kids. It brings me back to reality, we never know what can happen in a moments time. Let us all be blessed by this study.

  5. Whitney, praying for your little nephew & his family. Thank you for the reminder to focus on what is important! :)

  6. Whitney,
    I have so been convicted lately of slowing down and not getting so caught up in the worldly stuff going on around me. What you wrote spoke volumes! I will keep cell phone use to a bare minimum. I sure will be praying for your precious nephew! I am so looking forward to starting this study as I loved Intentional, my first with GMG! Thanks!

  7. Terri aNderson says:

    I didn’t register for this but I hope I can join this study, and may Father God bless everyone in Jesus name!

  8. Excited about this study!

    Praying today for your sweet nephew to be completely healed, Whitney. Hugs

  9. Oh Whitney, my eyes are welling up with tears. Hate is such a strong word but I truly think it’s appropriate to say that I hate cancer! It’s taken the lives of some pretty good people in my life, cousins near my age. I’m a cancer survivor myself. It pains me when young innocent children are plagued with that horrible disease :( I will keep your sweet nephew in my prayers!!!

  10. Lisa manns says:

    Thank you for bringing this word today. I look forward to this bible study.

  11. I started this study 2 weeks ago. You will feel the presence of the Lord as your read each chapter and scriptures. Thank You Jesus.

  12. Heather Mapes says:

    I would love to be apart of this study! Please let me know if I still can. Thanks! – Heather :)

  13. Can you tell about the youversion and how it works? I’m new to this bible study.

    Thank you

    • Naomi,
      YouVersion is an option if you like to use your phone and apps. So on Monday, you need to go here to start the app – https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/944-good-morning-girls-you-are-loved
      You will need to sigh up for YouVersion to do so and it’s free. Then you will be able follow along with the daily reading /soap. If you are subscribed to the blog, you can download the study guide as well and write out your soaps. Also the study guide is included in the book ‘You Are Loved’.


  14. Is it too late to sign up? :-/

  15. Catherine says:

    Is it really too late to join in the study?

  16. I have the book and was planning on doing the study by myself but a friend directed me to you today. Anyway I can still join?

    • I just sent an email asking also if it was too late to join. Could someone please let me know though how this works…as an online study?

      • Lori,
        Since the groups are full. You can follow along here. So (3) days a week we publish the blog, you are welcome to post your SOAP here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you wish. Or, just join in the conversation.
        If you were in group, you would log in daily to your group and post/discuss your the day’s reading, during your free time. I have members posting at 4:30am and some posting throughout the day and again more at night.. it just depends on your time.


    • Julia,

      Email enrollmentgmg@gmail.com and I and help you with registering.


  17. melinda says:

    What a brilliant post to begin the “You are loved” book study. Thankyou for your endless effort & im looking forward to this study so much. I appreciate it because this book study came to me at the time i most needed, god bless

  18. Hi
    I’m Audrey, how can I get in on this study?

  19. I am truly sorry about your nephew. I pray that the Lord strengthens and comforts your nephew and family. I look excitedly forward to the summer study. Stay completely blessed:)

  20. JoLynnH says:

    Whitney, my prayers are with your nephew and your family. My niece was diagnosed with cancer (Acute Lymphatic Leukemia) at the age of two. I understand what you and your family are feeling and dealing with right now. Words cannot describe the feelings and nothing seems to make sense (especially for his parents). My niece is now a healthy, happy, thriving 8 year old girl and is considered a Cancer Survivor. I found it so very comforting that so many people were praying for my niece; people I or my brother/sister in-law didn’t even know. Great love is shown in these times that helps to carry us. Very tough days are ahead but God is with your nephew and your family. Call on him each and every second if you have to (especially those days when you’re waiting for testing results). He understands all and is capable of anything, miracles even and my niece is living proof of that promise. My sincere love and prayers go out to you and your family.

  21. Well, I’m late in posting. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to post on June 1st. I am excited about starting this study, but also a little apprehensive. I keep thinking about all the times that I’ve started Bible studies and fallen short of completion. Today I challenge myself to spend more time in God’s Word and less time on social (non-academic) media. This will be tough since I will balance my time with other academic studies (toward my master’s degree), but I know there is time if I use it wisely. God will show me how to discipline my time. He will give me the strength and I know I will be blessed. I can’t wait to start!

  22. Kristie says:

    Good morning!! Have to say I’m so excited to start the new study…I have one concern, however. I’m changing my email due to hacking, but can’t find where I can change it for this site. Do I just need to re-enroll with the new email, and unsubscribe the old one? I can, just don’t want to miss anything! Thanks!

  23. I am so very excited about this study! Thank you and I pray we will all get a refreshing in our minds, body and spirit as we allow God reveal more of Himself.

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