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{Why My Response Matters} in the here and now…

let God 

“Up from the grave He arose!”

I closed my eyes as I belted out the words, and I could hear my momma’s off-key voice so clearly that she might as well have been sitting right next to me.

All of those Easter Sundays growing up, she’d belt out those words next to me.  She could hardly sit still, because she believed and lived the hope of those words every day.  Every year, just like the year before, she’d grab my hand and lift it higher than I felt comfortable, and with every new note, she’d pump our fists together in the air, worshipping with all that she had.

Off-key loud and all.

And now my poor boy sits next to me, and he might be praying that none of his friends are watching.  It’s Easter Sunday, and I just can’t contain myself.

But then Monday came. Life got hard. The crown of thorns, the cross, the nails - it all got blurry, and my faith was challenged once again.

It’s a vicious cycle – a constant struggle – this place where my faith and this world meet.

I long for consistent, childlike faith. I have this girl who prays bold prayers.  She may only be five, but she asks for God’s power to show up like you wouldn’t believe.  Her voice has strength behind it, and there’s not a doubt in her mind that God can more than handle what she’s just laid at His feet. But me? I belt out praises of His victory over sin and death on Easter morning, and an hour later I’m doubting His plan in the here and now.

He fed the five thousand. He walked on water. Yet the very next day, the crowd followed him to the other side of the sea and had the audacity to say, “Then what sign do you do, that we may see and believe?”

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe.” ~ John 6:35-36

You have seen me and still you do not believe.

Then came the cross.

Oh, the cross… where He took on the sin of all of humanity. The punishment that should have been mine.  Then came the resurrection. The victory that I sang about so passionately on Sunday morning. Then all too quickly my focus shifted, and the crowd’s words may as well have been my own: “Then what sign do you do, that I may see and believe?”  I’m daring Him to prove Himself again and again come Monday.

As if the cross wasn’t enough.

So before the days and the weeks and this messed up world starts to blur my view of the cross, I must stop and remind myself of this:

The cross not only gives hope for eternity.  The cross also gives power in the here and now.

At the foot of the cross, perfect love is poured out.

At the foot of the cross, forgiveness is available in abundance.

At the foot of the cross, grace is generously given.

At the foot of the cross, the weak are made strong.

At the foot of the cross, death is conquered.

At the foot of the cross, lasting peace is found.

At the foot of the cross, there is freedom and NEW LIFE.

At the foot of the cross, I can lay down the here and now, knowing that I can trust the One who has already done the work for me.

I’ve tried living on my own strength.  Oh, I’ve tried.  And even if I muster up every ounce of energy that I have left, I know by now that I won’t get anywhere, worth anything if I don’t start each day – and live each moment – at the foot of the cross.

Today and every day, I have a choice. My response matters.

Jesus, I trust you in the here and now. Take me back to the foot of the cross.


“I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness

of God’s power for us who believe him.

This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead…”

~ Ephesians 1:19-20

**Let’s talk: What is it that keeps you from trusting God in the “here and now”?

At His feet,

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  1. I’m in Australia so I am reading this on Wednesday night. I did my bible study this morning and SOAP really enjoyed my time with God was feeling close. Only 1 hour later while doing homeschool lessons I began to feel sick with a sore back already from pulling a mussel the other day. It all become so overwhelming how quickly I had forgotten I don’t live alone He has given me all that I need. He has feed me already with His word I just need to hold on to the truth that He has given me. I am not in this alone He has filled me with all I need He has satisfied my every thirst I just need to go to Him and lay my situation down at His feet. So after giving myself a reminder of what The Lord had already taught me today I got through. I still felt sick my back still hurt but my mind was resurred by hope eternal that I am never alone I go through nothing without His comfort. He is my all in all.

    • Loretta,
      Thank you so very much for sharing! I pray that your back heals quickly! He is our ALL — AMEN!
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  2. right on time! I will take these words to work – “my response matters! I trust you Jesus in the here and now!”

    My body will be at work by my mind at the foot of the cross…where I first saw the light and the burden of my soul rolled away! <3

  3. Annika gingerich says:

    I love how children pray boldly, without doubting, that God indeed can handle everything we ask of Him. I pray I can sit at the foot of the cross, every day, accept ALL He has done for me and boldly pray, without doubt, for God to open my eyes to His greatness so I may fully embrace His goodness and plan for my life…. Thank you GMG for allowing God to use you to speak Truth into my life.

    • Annika…
      I love seeing children pray boldly too! I long to be more childlike – I have let the world take that away from me. Thank you for being here and sharing!
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  4. This goes down as my favorite post you have done whitney

    • Tina,
      I’m with you … I love reading Whitney’s words! They hit home!

    • Oh Tina, it’s when I am the one who needs the refining that the hard words and lessons flow. He is constantly doing a work in me along with you girls. Thanks for your sweet and timely encouragement today.

      Much love,

  5. “What is it that keeps you from trusting God in the ‘here and now’?”
    The “here and now!” Oh how life can seem so big when it is right up in my face. This post could not be more timely. How I need to remember, to keep my eyes heavenward, on HIM, the bread of life.

    • Rita…
      This post hit home with me too and how great is God’s timing! He knew what we needed to hear!

      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  6. I give Jesus my burdens, but, then, I take them right back. I don’t want to take them back, but, I am too impatient. Forgive me, Lord, for not giving you the trust you deserve. You always hold me in Your loving arms and I thank You for loving me.

    • Melissa,
      It is a test of patience when we give him our burdens and then take them back. I have to remind myself daily ‘not’ to take them back. It’s so hard but we can do it! One day at a time!
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  7. Amen Whitney! Beautiful post!

  8. As I sit in front of this computer screen, I am in a texting conversation with a friend who recently lost her daughter. 20-something, beautiful, a new mommy, and she got into a car accident on her way home from work and she’s gone. I prayed to God to ask Him to give me the words to speak to her, how can I comfort her? What can I offer her? I knew there was a reason God led her to me, and I believed that He alone could give me the words and, just like every single morning, I clicked on this site and HE GAVE ME THE WORDS. She cannot trust right now- she cannot understand why her daughter is gone and it seems to be a gut-reaction to blame God. And once you’ve placed the blame on Him, you certainly don’t want to turn to Him for help! PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FRIEND- call her by name to the Lord. Her name is Lori. Please pray that she could see the light of the Lord in her infant granddaughter’s eyes. Please pray that she can know the gift of salvation that her daughter knew JUST DAYS BEFORE SHE DIED. There is a miracle in this situation- I know it. Thank you for these words:)

    • Cary, this breaks my heart. I am praying for Lori right now and asking God to continue to give you His words as you love on and minister to your dear friend.

    • That is so heart breaking. I will be praying for her!! God bless you for being there for her during this unimaginable tragedy.

    • Cary,
      I’m so very sorry! Lifting your friend and her family up in prayer. Praise that her daughter knew the gift of salvation — oh that is something to cling to. I lost my niece when she was 14 (auto accident) – it was heartbreaking. We faithful long to go home to the Lord – and although it hurts us deeply when we lose a loved one – they are where we want to be. They are experiencing great joy while we mourn here. Lifting you up in prayer too as you love and minister to your friend. Blessings!

    • Oh Cary, I have prayed for Lori by name today. Jesus hears our hearts’ cries, and I am pleading with the Father that He will pour out His power, strength and peace into Lori’s life, and that He will bring her to a saving knowledge of Him. Thanking God tonight that she has a faithful, loving friend in you. So, so glad you are here.

      Much love,

    • Praying for Lori~ (And you as you minister to her)

  9. Beautiful words Whitney! I appreciate your honesty, for I too sang my heart out on Sunday and by Tuesday was letting fear cloud my mind with doubt. Not doubts about God, but about me, about my ability to clearly hear God and to walk where He is leading me.
    What keeps me from trusting God in the here and now?
    The there and then. The past. My past that is littered with mistakes and missteps. My past that haunts me and calls me a fool.
    The future. An uncertain future as I step out in faith to follow God’s call on my life, which meant stepping away from my job to pursue full-time study, writing and teaching God’s Word. My future is clouded with the mistakes of my past, the decisions I made that ended in disaster and hardship and brokenness.
    Yet I know that He has called me to this. God please give me peace in this great adventure with You.

    • Ooh Beth,
      He has forgiven your past mistakes! Please forgive yourself! Praying that you find peace in this great adventure (love how you worded that).
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  10. It is a new mindset and heart attitude for me to put the Cross before everything- but I’m finding such peace when I do!
    This week we are in revival in our church and the focus the first night was how in our spiritual walk we allow the Diety of Christ to prevent us from seeing the humanity of Christ- and thus prevents true intimacy. THIS IS ME! Going back to today’s question, I think this attitude and head knowledge keeps me from trusting in the here and now. I think the things I face daily are small, insignificant, first world problems that God does not care enough about to help me through. When I fail (daily), when I speak too harshly to my husband, when I lack patience with my son- I immediately feel defeat, like I’ve failed Him completely today. I’m focusing too much on Diety- on the holy, perfect, righteous person of Christ that I can never live up to. But that’s just it – I don’t have to! He covered that all on the Cross- and now He desires a relationship with me in the middle of all those imperfections and weakness- I am His delight. Everything I am going through, He cares about. If I can hold on to that truth, then nothing I face in my daily life should be too big- or too little- to trust Him with.
    “…yet you have not, because ye ask not.”

    • Kenya,
      Oh thank you for sharing. I hate it when I let my head knowledge get in the way of my heart! YES, you are his delight!

      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  11. I loved your post and thank you for the scripture from Ephesians, I really needed that reminder!

    I’ve been going through a frightening illness for almost 3 months now and I gues it’s hard for me to trust God with it because I keep wondering “what if it gets worse”, “what if I never get better”, what if… I need to take my thoughts captive and trust that no matter what happens, He is in control, but it’s hard. No one wants to get worse or never get better, even if it is His plan. He did speak to me during prayer a few months back that He would heal me and you would think that would fill me with joy every day waiting for that time, but I still get emotionally down and anxious. I want so bad to be carefree and trust Him no matter what!

    • Christine,
      Lifting you up in prayer for healing and restoration according to God’s will.
      I’ve been ill for 15+ years but God has been there through every step. I found for me when I wake up in the mornings. I praise Him first thing for my illness… and it has helped me to remember he is in charge and his ways are not my ways. It’s not easy and I feel for you as you go through your trial.
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  12. Loved this! Thanks for the encouragement! “Jesus, I trust you in the here and now. Take me back to the foot of the cross.”
    I’m struggling with my health right now; would everyone who sees this mind taking me before out Great God, Who is Alive, in prayer? Thanks!

    • Chelsea,
      I am lifting you up in prayer for healing and restoration according to God’s will.
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  13. Are y’all going to do another series this summer/

  14. This is a great reminder and I love reading it. I post on my blog not long ago about Counting it all Joy when I walk thru trials. These trails get my focus off people and circumstances around me and put it on God, which is where it should have been all along. Thank you for sharing.

    • Starla,
      Thank you for joining us and sharing! Yes count it all JOY when we walk thru trials! :)
      Blessings, Martha {Leadership Encourager}

  15. Thank you for writing this. I am living in uncertainty and limbo right now waiting for God to make His innevitable next move in my life. Funny when you know a climax is about to come…I get so frustrated with myself when I KNOW and can speak to myself the truth of God, but I don’t really believe it. I don’t believe in His desire for goodness for me. I scold myself for being an Israelite and ignoring the many times God has provided when there seemed to be nothing. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to the sky when I pray, that I’m just inside my own head and not conversing with the Lord, not really listening to what He has to say to me…:(

  16. Michelle says:

    It’s funny that she Whitney talks about our faith slipping and us needing Jesus to “prove to us again. ” The area of my life I truly need to give to Jesus is my twin boys. They are 5 and I try to teach them the best I know how about God, but they don’t pray bold prayers as she says her child does. Instead, I must remind them to pray walk them through prayer most of the time. I fear that one day when they’re older, they’ll fall away from the faith because as a mother and teacher, I failed to teach and live out a godly life for them. I have to constantly remind myself to leave it at the foot of the cross and have faith that Christ will be there to take care of us, but it is a constant fear.

  17. Denise Ross says:

    Michelle, I’m hearing you. With child raising it is up to us to plant the seed, which you are doing, and leave it with God. He’ll do the rest. Satan is messing with you. Take it to Jesus, all your fears, feelings, inadequates. He has promised to supply all our needs. By the way, my kids have never prayed boldly and yet when difficult life moments have happened, God calling home a young friend, my kids came out with words that could only have come from a seed being planted and God growing it. I’ll put you on my prayer list. Hugs x

  18. Denise Ross says:

    Sorry forgot to put in mine. My challenge that I need to leave at the foot of the cross is my financial situation and my husband gaining full time work as a nurse, rather than bring casual. My security needs to be from Jesus, “He shall supply all our needs”, not anything else.

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