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Why The Last Supper Matters


Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. 22 Shall we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he?
1 Cor. 10:14, 21-22

As Paul gave these words of admonition to the people in Corinth he was reminding them of things that they already knew but were in danger of forgetting.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that many Christians are plagued by spiritual forgetfulness. I sure am! It seems that as soon as there are difficult circumstances in my life a kind of amnesia sets in that causes me to forget the goodness of God and many of his other attributes. But this doesn’t only happen when things are hard. Others experience spiritual amnesia when thing are going well. God is easily pushed aside and forgotten when life is easy. In such circumstances we feel like we don’t need him.

It had only been a little over 30 years since the death of Jesus and already the church in Corinth was in danger of forgetting important truths. One such truth was the evil of idolatry and the danger of their selfishness and irreverence in observing the Lord’s Supper.

Paul spoke to the Corinthian church with real affection. He cared deeply for their spiritual well being and knew where they needed to pressed: they needed to reject false gods and demonstrate love and holiness when participating in celebrating the Lord’s Supper. We too fall into the same dangers the Corinthian church did. Here are some things we need to remember.

The last supper Jesus had with his friends before he was arrested was also the Passover meal. It was a meal where the Jews were suppose to remember their miraculous rescue out of Egypt. But the passover was also pointing them to something even grandeur, when a rescuer would come and save them from the power of sin and hell.

When Jesus had the Passover meal with his disciples the time had come when it was no longer necessary to look to the Priests and the blood sacrifices of animals for the remission of sins but to him–a great high priest who would take their place and offer his body as the final sacrifice, bridging the great divide between God and man.

For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.
1 Cor. 5:7

As truly amazing as the rescue from Egypt was it was time to start remembering something even greater – a better deliverance and a better Deliverer. This deliverer was selfless and pure, holy and full of love, and completely without sin that Moses pales in comparison. And he brought a deliverance that was eternal and would change cold hearts of stone into living beating, hearts of flesh.

Like the Corinthians we are often in danger of forgetting the value and priority of the Lord’s supper. Instead of it being a holy, humble, joyful, remembrance of and believing in Jesus as we celebrate our deliverance together, we think it to be a very little and non-important thing. We do not prepare ourselves before taking communion. We often come without repenting, or giving much thought to the grace of God in the death of Jesus. We end up treating it like a mere ritual rather than a gift from God meant to strengthen our faith and produce deeper communion between God and his people, and his people with one another.

So, do not forget. Fight the amnesia that creeps into our minds by returning to the central event in the history of the world, and the most important work God has even done.

It is time to remember the death of Christ.

Looking To Jesus,

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  1. sheila payne says:

    How do you prepare for communion? How do you celebrate Passover and Easter? I am not really thinking of egg dying, Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, etc. I want it to be meaningful but I have never been a part of an Easter celebration that would fall into that category. We go to church and go home to a good meal and that is about it.

    • JoLynnH says:

      Sheila, I get you. Our family has done the same in Easter’s past but I want to do more to focus on Christ and “Why Easter Matters” this year. I read a neat idea recently…instead of opening baskets Easter morning, do so the Saturday before so that Easter Sunday can truly be focused on Christ. Another good idea is an Easter Advent Calendar using resurrection eggs. I’m doing this w/our 4 yr old daughter this year to help teach her (and me) and count down to the glorious day. GMG’s pinterest page has good ideas (that’s where I found the resurrection egg idea). Interested in what others may do too!

      • Yes! GMG’s Pinterest are FULL of great ideas for easter! One thing I have been doing that has really helped me prepare is going outside. It might sound silly, but there is just something about being out in God’s creation. Sometimes, I feel closest to the Lord when I am just enjoying nature with Him and reflecting on all He’s done and seeing all He’s made. I guess it’s so impactful because it’s like what, Romans 1:20 tells us, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” –It really just leaves me in awe, and draws me so much closer to Him. Nature speaks. And it proclaims the glory and majesty of God. I would encourage you to take a walk with Jesus. After all, it is a relationship. Spending time in God’s word and study is VITAL but just like in my relationship with my husband for example…once I sat down with Him and spent time reading all of these love letters I wrote to Him, and He responded well of course, and it was a sweet time of fellowship and communion with my Husband. BUT, it was mostly one sided. I think that’s why sometimes I feel like when I just read God’s love letter, (the Bible) to me, the response He gives and what He reveals to me through that time in His word of course is always precious, and special. But how much more special would that time of communion and quality time with my Husband have been had I spoken those words written on a page and spoken them directly to him –without a paper in front of my face and my nose in the letter. Nothing getting in the way, just me and my man, in perfect unity. (Not saying that the Bible doesn’t have the same effect –it so can and it’s vital to spend time in the word as well) but, just like I was saying in my marriage relationship…if all I was ever doing was reading about how much he loved me instead of listening to HIM and hearing from HIM how much and physically seeing how much he loved me over time, that would put a strain in our relationship. Again, I cannot stress enough –this does NOT mean chuck your Bible and go sit on top of a mountain alone to pray. But what this does mean is, there is no shame in taking a break from study for a short time to just get outside, and enjoy HIM. One on one. Just you and your creator. My husband and I could take a walk outside and read our love letters that we have written to each other the whole way…missing out the beautiful nature in front of us and that opportunity to put down those letters for a time, and embrace, hold his hand, look into his eyes, and enjoy the entire forest so to speak –and not just focus on one tree. This Easter, I would encourage you to focus on deepening your relationship with you creator in this way. I think you will be pleasently surprised at what God reveals to you through simply taking His hand, and enjoying HIM. Blessings! -Tina

  2. JoLynnH says:

    This first week of our Easter study has been AMAZING for me! God IS working and reaching others through this study. Thank you, Lord and GMG!

    God has quietly spoken to me each morning, reminding me that I should go to him and our study before anything else in my day and he’s given me the discipline to do so – this is HUGE!

    I’ve been able to look at passages as never before in my 38 yrs of life. For example, Luke 22:19-20 “…my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me…the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you.” In the past, I haven’t even looked at this but simply heard it at mass and thought, “O.K., we are to remember Christ in taking communion.” Well, yesterday, Christ opened my eyes and helped me to understand that it is so much more. He told me, “you are to give your body over to Me in memory of Christ. His blood was shed = sent forth, spread about for our sin and in so doing his love radiated throughout the world. I want you to go forth in your life here in the world and spread My love, the love I gave to through Christ and let it radiate through you into the world as it did through Jesus. Never before have I understood it this way! Amazing; now that I have finally acknowledged his quiet call and allowed myself to yield to it and really take time with him when he calls me; not just when I find a convenient time of day – how he speaks to me!

    Oh, I am so excited I could go on and on! GMG, I am so thankful for your work in Christ. God bless.

    • Thanks for sharing this! Beautiful to hear what the Lord has revealed to you! And now, to me! I have never thought of that verse that way either! How profound!

    • Jennifer says:

      This was a beautiful perspective! I never thought of it that “mission” minded I suppose. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am in the same spot as Sheila Pane. I would love a point in the right direction!

    BTW- I love the GMG’s studies. You ladies Rock! :)

    God led me to your site, and I have never learned so much from the Bible or felt closer to Christ as I have since I joined GMG’s! I am so thankful to God for you all!

  4. I agree, it is high time to focus on Christ’s death. Also in his beautiful life and the life He has so graciously and sacrificially gave to us on the cross! The tomb is empty! Praise the Lord! He has risen from death! And has given new life to us! Glory be to God! I love this study! Thank you Lord for GMG it’s on fire! And all because of you God! I am so excited about this! This is not just a website, it’s a movement! My life as well, and relationship with God because of God working through GMG has strengthened my relationship with God more than ever before. I feel like I can’t go without starting my day like this now. It such a blessing to wake up each morning and seek God in this way. God bless you all! And may He continue to reveal to us the wonders of His ways. <3

    • –I meant, he WILL continue to reveal to us the wonders of His ways every day. But it’s up to us to listen and embrace what he wants us to learn each new day. God bless!!! :D

  5. Hi
    I just recently subscribed to goodmorninggirls last week and I haven’t gotten an email yet. I have downloaded the study guide and reading plan, but only printed week 1. Now I can’t go back to print week 2, and I can’t find where I can open the link again to print week 2. Can someone help me?


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