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Week 8- Your Health & Next Session Announcement!

Good Morning Girls- Women's Online Bible Study #Intentionally Focused

Welcome to week 8 in our Intentionally Focused study! I’m so glad you’re joining us for our final week in this amazing study! It’s been such a joy to dig into God’s Word with you these past eight weeks! This week we are intentionally focusing on our health and I can’t wait to get started with you!

When it comes to being intentionally focused on our health, there are three things we need to keep in mind.

1. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) The same God who created the heavens and the earth, the majestic mountains and delicate flowers,  also uniquely created you. Remember that truth this week as you get ready in the mornings…you have been designed by the Master Artist.

2. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor.6:19) Knowing this truth should change how we treat our bodies. Our bodies are not our own and because Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins by laying down His life.  We need to honor God with how we take care of the bodies He has given to us and be good stewards of them so that we can serve others well inside and outside of our homes.

3. Your best body is yet to come! (Phil. 3:21) Because we live in a broken world, we must remember that we are not home yet. When sickness touches our lives, we have a choice whether or not we will allow God to be glorified through our illness. We are reminded in Philippians 3:21 that Jesus is coming back and when He does, He will transform our lowly bodies to one like His. Now that’s something to look forward to!

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Week 8 Memory Verse
Good Morning Girls- Women's Online Bible Study #Intentionally Focused Week 1 Memory verse

Week 8 Reading Plan
Good Morning Girls- Women's Online Bible Study #Intentionally Focused

Week 8 Challenge

This week focus on making one healthy habit in both how you eat and exercise! Some examples might include drinking more water, begin walking or running to incorporate some exercise into your day…even skipping the elevator and taking the stairs helps to add in a little exercise throughout the day. Pray and ask God to help you make a healthy habit in each of these areas this week and invite a friend in your life to help hold you accountable.

 Announcing our NEW Easter study! Stay tuned for more details NEXT Monday!

Easter blog graphic

Would you consider inviting some friends and joining us for this next study…..because Easter really does matter!


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls

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  1. For me it’s easy to choose healthy food. Food God created for us and praise Him because He cares so much about us. But i struggle with excercise.. i do feel selfish when i’m spending time just for my body.. while i do love getting stronger.. it’s just hard to balance and bring God glory in this area..

    • Kelly brown says:

      It’s just the opposite for me healthy food choices are hard I am addicted to sugar and working on breaking that addiction but I am a very emotional eater one thing that I do that might help you with your exercise time is when I am walking I spend that time in prayer just me and God and I pray for others around me if I am at the gym so I look forward especially to my walks because I know I get to spend time w God too

      • I have found that to be the case with me as well, Kelly. I like having some type of “goal” or race to be working towards when I exercise. The journey to the race day is what strengthens me not only physically but also spiritually too. I like having that special time to pray as I run as well as listen to podcasts and audible books….all which help build me up spiritually. :)

      • Kelly, i feel with you cause iv lived in a circel with emotional eating as well. It al chainged when i got serious with God about it. He brought me in this great freedom in this area. I really recommend the book ‘reshaping it all’ by Candace Cameron. Where she goes deeper about this.

        Your comments are so helpfull! I’m making a plan to start running again. It really motivates how you are using that for special time with God. Thanks so much

  2. Excellent post. I have two cousins right now who are battling breast cancer. I have a cousin who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she is only 29. I have another cousin who is in her mid-thirties and the cancer spread throughout her body. It is hard seeing this. Breast Cancer is scary. Please pray for my two cousins.

    Good job with the post Angela. Thanks.

  3. I love that we’re a temple for the Holy Spirit! God has put so much trust in us to to be a vessel of the Spirit. I think there is something to be said, though, about the the mental aspect of treating our body like a temple. I struggle a lot with disapproving thoughts when I look in the mirror. “Why didn’t God make me this way or that way”. But in no way is that honoring to God’s temple! The same goes for when I feel really awesome about the way I look that day, I find myself almost worshiping the temple and not the God who made it. So not only can we show our love of the Holy Spirt by physically taking care of ourselves, but also by allowing ourselves to see his temples just the way God intended them to be.

    • Beautiful comment, Amy! Thank you so much for sharing your insight with us today! It all comes back to us just viewing ourselves the way God does….not thinking to highly or lowly…..but being thankful for being “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the Master Artist. :)

  4. Hello. This is just the inspiration that I need this morning. Thank you so much for reminding me that I need to take care of the body that God has given me.
    God is so good. Blessings to you all. :-)

  5. I am looking forward to this week. I have been struggling with several autoimmune diseases for a few years. I am on disability because of them. I don’t ask why me, but why not me. I can turn this negative into something positive with God. I am still breathing and while I am breathing I can honor and give God the glory. He doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle because we have Him to lean on. I love God through the battle and thank Him for my life! Now I am so excited and looking forward to the Easter study! Yay!

    • Ohhh I just love your insight and view on life, Brenda! You are such an inspiration! I love what you said about “Why not me….” I wish I had that view more in my own life. I think just realizing that in everything that comes into our life, we have the choice to either use it to glorify God or not.

      So glad to hear you’ll be joining us for the Easter study!:) Yay!!:)

  6. Angela, I loved your perspective on this topic, and I was especially touched by your words to those who are struggling with their health right now. Praying for all of those sisters and for your family today. Thanks for encouraging us to bring Him glory in whatever season God has us in.

  7. I am glad to find this because i have always little bit health problem.and i like your way to how you describe well this topic with your own words i feel good to here and try to get my free time now read about Easter study.thank you so much Best greetings from Italy.

  8. I fell a little behind in this study and only just watched this video. You see, my 18 month old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We took her to the hospital a couple of Sundays ago, because she had become so lethargic, along with other symptoms that had us suspicious. Even with our suspicions, the shock of her diagnosis only 15 minutes after we walked in the door of the ER hit me like a ton of bricks. We spent 4 days in the hospital, regulating her blood sugar and getting a crash course in diabetes education. Even though we’ve been home 10 days now, I still feel like I’m in shock; like I’m stuck in a dream. I have wavered between my aching heart for her and the difficulties she may face in the future, self-pity for the tremendous lifestyle change our whole family has to go through, and knowing that I need to be strong for her. This video was very encouraging to me. I have had many try to encourage me with the idea that she won’t know anything else; being so young she will not remember life without pokes and shots, blood sugar meters and insulin. But I find this thought so very sad. A life of counting carbs is not what I had planned for her, but then again it’s not my plan for her life that matters. This video encouraged me that she/we can use this for God’s glory. I have seen God carry us through this. He was ahead of us every step of the way. Right from the very beginning when He put the thought in my head that “this just might be……well, at least we better get it checked out”. Thank you for encouraging me to see how God might be planning to use this in her/our life. Not to say I’m completely done with the self-pity thing – but this is certainly a start.


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