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Week 7 – Your Ministries


Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.  Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.
1 Peter 4:8-10

Welcome to week 7 of our Intentionally Focused study. This week we are looking at our ministries. We are all  called to minister to others both inside and outside of our home.

Here are the things we all have in common. We are all called to:

- Love others
- Show hospitality
- Use the gifts God has given us

But the way in which we practically live out these commands is going to look different in each of our lives. That is ok.  We should not compare ourselves to others because we each are in different seasons of life. The important thing to remember is that while our homes is our first place of service we are also called to serve people outside of our family.

There are so many different ways in which we can love others. We can make meals for other or have people over. We can watch peoples children so they can go out on a date or to simple have an afternoon alone. We can send some flowers or plan a fun game night with friends. We can visit people who are in the hospital, help someone with they yard work or give someone a little gift for no reason at all. The possibilities are endless. I love this quote from Matthew Henry, “it doesn’t matter if your gifts are ordinary or extraordinary use them to do good to others.” We do not have to wait until we discover some super talent. We need to use the gift God has given us now for the blessing and good of those around us.

I hope you enjoy this week’s video. It’s a little different :)



{Week 6} Reading Plan



{Week 7} Memory Verse



{Week 7} Challenge

This week let’s pray that God would lay on our hearts some people whom we can minister to. Then think of some practical ways that we can bless them.  This will take many of us out of our comfort zone and that is good. We grow when we are stretched.

Looking to Jesus,

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  1. Mairi Macleod says:

    Brilliant video, he’s great! Hope you went on to enjoy your date night! Xx

  2. Hicunni says:

    Great video! That is awesome that you guys work together…blessings to you all!

  3. LOVED this, Jen (and Joe!!!)!!!

    Peace out.. :)


  4. ha! thank you both! : )

  5. Loved it! What a blessing, beautiful couple…

  6. It’s really a blessing to hear a man voice is insight about ‘what women should be doing for God’ wonderful.

    The family that pray and work together for God, stays together.

    Peace to you all.

  7. Love this video! It was truly a blessing and helped answer some lingering questions I had for myself this morning, as well as plants seeds for ways I can serve those in need who are already in my life. :)

    Peace out, Jen and Joe! ;)

  8. Lisa V. says:

    That made my morning! Awesome! Love to see the support of Jen’s husband for her and their ministry. The message was so encouraging. Our family too by nature is introverted. I have had on my mind for quite some time to invite others into our home for dinner but never quite get around to it. Maybe this week will finally push me. With our own two young boys I still am willing to watch other kids, I think I just need to open my eyes and look around and offer it to a mom if the opportunity presents. I’m excited for the opportunities God will show me this week.

    • Praying for you Lisa!!! We have introverts in our home, I know it can be a struggle to get more interactive with others, simply because it can really feel overwhelming. Just pace yourself, and leave it in His hands.
      ~ Blessings, Marlene {Leadership Encourager} :o)

    • We are very introverted here as well. We moved to a new state 500 miles away. I have found ways to minister to people back home, but now I need to be intentional to seek how to do that here, and in ‘real’ life with new people. Blessings to you!

  9. That was a great video! Thank you for sharing your husband with us. He did a great job :)

  10. Awesome video and blog post.

  11. Rachel Mitchell says:

    Wonderful teaching!

  12. Linda Munoz says:

    Great perspective, so our husbands really do listen, lol
    Nice change up in video

  13. I loved the video and the insight Jen’s husband provided into her heart for God.

  14. Bethany says:

    Timely video. Thank you for such a great perspective. Now HOW do we find that balance? I am a Children’s Ministry Director and my husband is an Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor. I just cannot seem to find a balance as our ministries grow and take more and more time. It is heavy on my heart that my family comes last so often, but there is so much to do and so few to do it.

    • That is my prayer as well this week, and my focus. It is so hard to find the proper balance and I can’t imagine in your shoes as well. I plan to read the chapter on balance in Women Living Well. There is also a video to go with it on Courtney’s YouTube channel. You can access it at womenlivingwell.tv
      I plan to try to find time to watch it again this week-I watched when it was live and love these webcasts!

      • Bethany says:

        Thank you…I will definitely take time for that this week!

        • Hi Bethany:
          Do have a question for you and hope is not inappropriate, but I would like to see if you could suggest me what I could use with my children’s at home on how to teach them about God, I read them the children’s bible but I have try others at local library but they don’t seem to understand and I have been looking for churches or other places to go but is not been possible so I’m seen my self to teach them at home. what other thinks I could do to help them learn more of it?

          Thank for the help.

          • Bethany says:

            Hi! I’m happy to share my resources with you. What ages are your children? Reading from the Bible is wonderful…keep that up! Even if they do not fully understand it is getting into their hearts! I would also suggest a family devotional book. There are several fun ones that we have used as a family that have helped lead our children (ages 10 and 9) into their own daily devotional time. Listening to Christian music is also a great resource and help. Our kids listen to Christian CD’s every night during bed time. It has truly helped with my son’s depression and anxiety. It has really helped with their attitudes as well. Christian music is so uplifting and filling your heart with it will uplift you as well. Put some on while you do chores together…sing to it in the car! We also have Bible verses typed up and placed around the house. We make a game out of memorizing them together (usually trying to set them to music). I pick strategic verses that address behaviors that I see and want to change in them. That way instead of telling them to stop because “I said so” we can bring up the scripture together and look at what they need to change. I would be happy to talk with you through Facebook or e-mail to give you a list of some of the devotionals and things we use as a family. Or talk to you further about any of this. grace2-8@hotmail.com ; Bethany Collins Hardy (Lafayette, IN) on Facebook

  15. That was fantastic! I’ll bet your church is a really fun place to be.
    Peace out!

  16. Danielle says:

    Love the video thanks for the surprize switch up :-)

  17. Really enjoyable video!!!
    Thank you Thorn Family!

  18. Latosha says:

    I enjoyed today’s vlog. Blessings to you and to your family!:)

  19. Jenifer says:

    Thank you Jen and Joe! I took two specific pieces from your message that speak volumes in my life. 1) I work outside the home and struggle to find the balance. Although I have to do a “good job”, and want to do a good job, in my outside-of-the-home-job, it is not my primary focus. So what I need to do is to leave work at work and really be intentional when I am home with my family. I tend to dilute home with work, and I need to find a way to let that go. 2) We are not so much introverts, as opposed to … lazy? It’s just so much easier to “hunker down” and stay home or stay in our immediate circle instead of branching out, reaching out, and having people in our home. Thank you for your words and encouragement. You’ve given me some great things to pray over.

  20. I loved the video!! I was surprised to hear from her husband, but that was awesome.

  21. Really enjoyed the video! I like ‘outside the box’ things!
    Also, it helps to see our fearless leaders are real people, too <3
    Have a very blessed day!

  22. I just LOVED this video. I like the fact that it wasn’t “typical.” Well done, and thank you to Jen and her husband. :)

  23. Cristina says:

    Loved the video! Thank you for the suggestions. I, too, am introverted person and sometimes, i feel self-conscious about opening my home to others. But this video really spoke to me! I loved the suggestions of inviting a family or watching a family’s children so they can have date night. Jen and the bearded man ( haha) have really encouraged me today. Thank you! God bless you, Thorn family!

  24. My focus this week is to not only seek ways to be hospitable in person, but to find balance in home/work/ministry. I kinda work from home and homeschool 4 children. For me, there is no ‘leaving the office.’ Work, mostly ministry, is always around. I plan to read the chapter in WLW and watch the webcast to help me find balance. Thank you so much for doing these!

  25. Love the message and the message bearer did a great job! I got lots out of this and am reviewing in my mind how I am using my gifts. I am an introvert who also loves being with and helping others…but at times I end up overwhelmed and I shut down when I’ve had enough. Then it can be hard to emerge again, but my husband (who is an extrovert) helps me with that. Thanks for all the insight and knowledge, Jen and Joe! :)

  26. Debra Newsom says:

    What a special video! I really enjoyed that! Thank you so much!

  27. That was such a sweet surprise! I really feel like I was more intently listening to the message, with the switch-up. So wonderful to see a man supporting his wife’s ministry and caring about those being ministered to! My heart was touched, thanks for sharing! <3

  28. Tiffany Blackwell says:

    Awesome! :) Love hearing the reminder to be out in the world. I get so focused on my ministry to my family it is easy to forget there are others hurting and in need of gifts God has blessed me with to share.

  29. Michelle says:

    Awesome video! So encouraging to hear how you have influenced your husbands faith journey! Tell your husband thank you for sharing his heart with GMG.

  30. Dena Johns says:

    I liked the different take. :-) And, then end made me laugh out loud! “I don’t know how to sign off….what is it? Walk with the King?, no I think that’s Courtney’s. Um oh well, Peace Out!” I really like the challenge this week, too. I struggle with serving my family only, because I homeschool, and am a mom of 4 kids ranging in ages from 9 months to 16 years. My husband is a youth pastor and owns his own computer business. We are very busy. But, it is true I need to be more hospitable.

  31. christy says:

    Its absolutly wonderfull how he supports you. Its a great exaple how you, as a couple, doing this ‘ growing in God ‘ together. ♥ ♥ Loved to watch it!

  32. LOVE the video and loved hearing from him :) I’d love to hear from. More of the husbands :) especially on the marriage verses we studied a few weeks ago and the parenting verses.

  33. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    Thanks Joe! Was that ‘crash’ at the beginning intentional so Joe could take over? lol! LOVED IT especially at the end when he signed off. Too cute!! I agree with Rachel S. would LOVE to hear more from him. I know this is a “Girls” thing but it’s also nice to have a male perspective every once in a while too. Wouldn’t mind hearing from Courtney’s husband too…if they’re ok speaking in front of the camera :)

    I agree..hard for me as a mom who also works outside of the home 40 hours a week, to have time to show hospitality towards another family, especially given the fact that we are also caring for my 90 year old mother in law who suffers with Alzheimers Dementia. We cannot be gone for great lengths of time and don’t feel comfortable having other people in the house at this time as it would confuse her. So maybe, in a few years..we’ll be able to be hospitable.

  34. I loved this video, it was so refreshing I really need to work at this… Thanks for this so needed message and It was super funny at the end…” Walk with the king” hahaha, seems like he watches women living well videos.

  35. Y’all are too much fun! Great message! And you guys are so right—it’s such a challenging balance to find! And when you do find it, to not grumble. :) Blessings!

  36. Julie W says:

    My daughter loved the “Good Morning Daddy” video! :-)

  37. Kelly K,

    Your practicing hospitality daily to your Mom. Just love her well,during this season to prepare you for the next season


  38. Well done, Joe! Peace out! :)

  39. LOL!! Great video! What a great little change up! LOVED the ending, “uuuh…I don’t know how to sign off with these things….walk with the king?? Wait, maybe that’s Courtney? Peace out!” LOL!

    Em from Jersey

  40. JESSICA says:

    Wonderful video!! Thank you for the great perspective and the good laugh at the end with the ‘peace out’ – LOL! Great ideas for how to be of service to others. Thank you!!!

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