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{Why Easter Matters} New Study Starting March 30th!

Easter Download Images HereCan we be completely honest with you?  We’re asking God for big things as we excitedly anticipate our next study, {Why Easter Matters}.  As we think about the life-changing events in the Bible surrounding God’s miraculous plan to rescue us, our hearts are pressed that we cannot keep these truths to ourselves.  So we’re asking you to pray.

For this particular study, we’re praying for God to open doors like never before. As we’ve spent time in His Word in preparation – and in prayer for all of YOU – we have become sensitive to the fact that God may be calling some of us to get out of our comfort zones this time around.  Because we want to be obedient when God stirs our hearts, we’re simply throwing this out there, trusting God to do the rest…

For our Easter session, many of you will be led to continue studying like you always have: on your own or in local or online GMG groups. What a beautiful thing it is that you continue to grow with us study after study! But for others who might feel a nudge to change things up a bit, we’re envisioning possible group or outreach opportunities right where you live.

Think small groups meeting weekly in homes, churches, workplaces or coffee shops (you get the idea… any available gathering place will do!), meeting with those who are solid or who may be searching.

Women, teens, couples… we don’t know the people God has placed in your path. But we do know this: we don’t want to hold God back.  In fact, we want to get out of the way all together, keeping our hearts open for Him to move. 

Why does Easter matter?  Oh, friend, the answer – found in God’s Word – changes lives.  It has nothing to do with egg hunts or chocolate bunnies or baskets filled with trinkets, and the implications are so much farther reaching than a pastel colored Sunday in springtime.

Four weeks in God’s Word could introduce someone in your life to an eternal investment.  Will you pray, and then follow God’s lead this session? 

Our love for you, and for God’s Word, runs deep…

 Share this image and invite your friends to join us for our next upcoming study!

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At His feet,


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  1. Jaime McLeod says:

    How do you suggest we lead this study in our home? Should we meet everyday or once a week? I’d love to start including my teenage daughter’s friends in these studies, I’m just not sure how. Thanks for doing all these studies, I love them! God bless all you ladies!

    • Hey there Jaime!!! Oh, I LOVE that you have a heart for your daughter’s friends… this is exactly what we envisioned for this study!!! :) I have a pre-teen myself, and think that daily would be intimidating and too much for their busy schedules. One idea is to connect online daily through facebook, instagram, twitter, texting (wherever you find teenage girls the most! :)) to share your thoughts on the daily verses, and then meet once/week in your home to have more intimate discussions about what you studied that week. Oh, I am SO excited to hear how this goes… praying that God opens doors and leads you every step of the way!!!

      Much love,

  2. I can’t wait to start this study! I have never really thought much about the real true meaning of Easter! I can’t wait! I don’t see a place to sign up yet, so is that coming later? Or am I missing it? Thank you so much for all that you do! I am truly blessed to have found you ladies!

    • No sign ups this time around, Heather… just make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss any of our posts! :) So very glad that you’re joining us!!!

  3. I would like to invite 2 non believers and 1 new believer to do this study with me. Would this be a good study to ask them to join or should I wait for the next one?

    • Oh my goodness, this is the PERFECT study to invite them, Anna!!! It’s a shorter study (just four weeks, so not an overwhelming amount of time or a long term commitment), and is packed full of the example of Jesus’ life and the truth of the gospel. Praying for you as you consider reaching out to these precious friends!!


  4. I would love to do this study with a group. This will bey first study. How do I sign up and find a group?

    • Hi Christy!
      There are no formal sign-ups this session, but if you would like to join a group, you can private message Martha on the Good Morning Girls facebook page, and she’ll be happy to get you connected to a group that best fits your needs. Also, make sure you’re subscribed to the GMG blog so you don’t miss a thing! I am so very excited that you’ll be studying with us!!!

  5. This will undoubtedly be an excellent study, and I will pass this info on to several friends.

    His resurrection and His blood washed us clean. Amen.

    God bless~

    • Amen, Camille! Thanks for spreading the word, and for sharing your excitement with us! We are trusting God for great things!!! SO glad you’re here!!


      • tamara willams says:

        I wanna sign up how do I

        • Welcome Tamara!
          We won’t have official sign-ups this time around… just make sure you’re subscribed to the GMG blog! You’re welcome to invite friends to study along with you, or you can privately message Martha on the GMG facebook page and request to be placed in a group. SO glad you’re here!! :)

  6. I would love to lead a group. Anything special I need to do?

  7. So excited about this next study. I have been in a group that meets weekly (have been since the Advent Study). Each week we get together to discuss. It is so wonderful to get together with friends and study God’s Word together.

    • Oh Jennifer,
      I LOVE hearing about groups who are able to meet locally… what an encouragement to be able to study the Bible AND do life together!! Blessings to you and your group. We’re honored that you’re joining us again!!
      Much love,

  8. I would love to lead a group for this study. What do I need to do?

  9. Will there be children’s materials included in this study, as has been in some past ones?

    • Hi Amber!
      We won’t be offering the Children’s Resources Study Guide this time, but the Prayer Journals will still be available for download, and we’ll also be pinning some fun Easter activities for kids on our GMG Pinterest page!

  10. I shared this on my fb page and am praying many will join in. Thank you for another study I can’t wait to dive into!

    • Oh Tami,
      Thank you SO much for sharing on your facebook page!! Just prayed for you right now… that God will send just who HE wants to study with you! So thrilled that you are returning for another study!!

  11. Jennifer says:

    How do we go about joining/finding an online group?

  12. Stacey dupree says:

    This blog post is a confirmation to nudges I have had from the Holy Spirit. I am so excited! I have been led to open a bible study group of women for Sunday Mornings to be held at my church before services. Please pray with me that God will make this a success and that I will be a vessel for him for others to hear his word and become closer with him.

    • So awesome, Stacey!!! Oh, I will pray… that God will meet with you, guide you and lead you to just the right women. Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit’s lead, and for so generously serving these women in this way. So excited to see what God will do!!!
      Much love,

  13. Just completed the Intentionally Focused study and hope to join in on this one as well. I posted about it on my little blog in hopes of learning if the four or five readers, but I hope to hear of them doing it as well. *smile* Thanks for this opportunity to actually read and meditate on scripture knowing others are doing it as well. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • What a blessing that you shared on your blog… thank you THANK you!!! Prayed just now that God might stir just one more heart to join us. ;) He is able!!!

  14. Laurie C. says:

    How do I sign up for this Easter study??
    I am so excited to prepare for Easter!

    • Hi Laurie!
      Since the Easter study is a short, four week session, there is no formal enrollment. Simply subscribe to the GMG blog so you don’t miss a thing! :) Thrilled to have you!!

  15. When will the study materials be available for “Why Easter Matters”?

    • Hi Lisa! If you are subscribed to the GMG blog, you will find the {Why Easter Matters} study material links in your inbox TODAY (just make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of the text to find them)!! :)

  16. I am wondering if this study will also be available in Spanish. I’m pretty sure the last one was but I’m not sure about this one.
    …So Excited to begin!! THX!!

  17. I hope to carry on this study with my small group at home and also invite a friend (s) to do the study online. I am so excited about what we are yet learn and am pretty sure it is going to be so edifying and a blessing to many.

    • Oh Sylvia, thanks for your sweet encouragement, and for being willing to host a small group in your home!! Love hearing about local connections… such a powerful way to speak life into other women! <3

  18. Janie wimberly says:

    Where are the materials for the Easter study? I cannot find thme.

    • Hi Janie! If you are subscribed to the GMG blog, the material links will be at the very bottom of each email you receive from GMG, starting TODAY! :) SO excited to have you!

  19. Shannon Gipson says:

    I am so excited to be doing this next study! My first study was Intentionally Focused and it was just what I needed! SO, I did the enrollment to be a new leader, last week. I have a small group of women through Facebook who want to do it too!! Will I be getting any further instruction for leading this group?

    • Yes Shannon, someone from the leadership team should be contacting you soon to get you all the leader info you need! If you don’t hear from anyone by the end of the week, you can private message Martha on our main fb page and she can help direct you. Thank you SO much for leading this session! :)

  20. Patricia says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I am so excited to have joined this group. I am having some difficulty in finding how to print the material for the Easter Matters study. I have read in one of the comments to go to the GMG blog but I am not sure where that is. I need assistance. Blessings.

  21. Hi! I signed up and haven’t received any emails yet for the study today.

  22. How do i get signed up? I have looked all over.
    Thank you,

  23. Stefany Johnston says:

    I signed up and haven’t received my email. I signed up late but I would still love to join and catch up:) Thanks!


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