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A Woman’s True Beauty


Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Honor her for all that her hands have done,
and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
Provbers 31: 30-31

I don’t think I have ever met a woman woman who doesn’t like pretty things. We may have different tastes, but we all like clothing, make-up, hair, jewelry and decorative choices based on what we find beautiful.

Do you know where this comes from? God is the ultimate decorator and designer of beauty. Just look around at all the color found in nature, the variety of fruits and the odd and fascinating animals found on our planet.  He loves things that are pretty, interesting and creative. Because we have been created in his image we have inherited those same traits only ours are finite and marred by sin.

This is why we love beauty and want to bring it into our home. It is why we want to look nice and experiment with styles and color. But there are also a couple of things we need to be careful of.

1. Outward Vs. Inward Beauty

It is important that we do not spend more time worrying and fussing over the way we look than over our character and our growth in godliness. The real place for beauty and decoration is our soul. Those are the jewels that are most valuable because they are useful in this life and will last through all eternity. Age can’t marr them, death can’t take them from us.

Character qualities like, kindness, gentleness, patience, generosity, hospitality, and wisdom which comes through the knowledge of God’s word, will have an impact not only on our children and our friends, but also on our husbands. It is in our character that our true beauty is seen. It is a picture of our soul.  A man whose  wife who pursues these things is truly a man who is blessed.

“A beautiful character, will transfigure the countenance. You look into it, and you read refinement, purity, delicacy, peace, love.”
J.R.  Miller

If you are married then work at being a godly wife to your husband so that you can be a blessing and a picture of Jesus to him. If you are single then work at being this kind of woman for the glory of God. You never know, there may be a marriage in your future and your godliness will be a sure blessing for that man.

2. Judgementalism

Oh how easy it is for us to form judgemental thoughts about the appearance of someone else. To talk about the way a friend chooses to decorate her kitchen or the places she chooses to shop for clothes.

I would prefer my daughters have wild colored hair and unique clothing styles but be on fire for God than to have daughters who fit the cultural norm of fashion and have a cold heart towards God. We have much more serious issues we should be spending our time on, like the sin in our own lives.

Fashion styles and “in” colors change from season to season but holiness has been considered beautiful since the beginning of time. Looking like Jesus should be our main goal and our first concern.

We need to take care that we don’t waste the precious time God has given to us by thinking and talking about other peoples lives instead of praying for them and working on our own deficiencies and sins.

It is a woman who fears the Lord instead of man, whose mirror is the word of God and not the world, who is to be praised, who is worth far more than rubies. Her children and those around her will call her blessed and praised her even when she is no longer around.

Dont be afraid to let your style come out in the way you decorate your home, style your hair or in the clothes you chose to wear. This creativity comes from our God, but let’s make sure we spend even more time cultivating a character that makes us beautiful no matter what life throws at us. We must strive for a beautiful soul that will bless those who come in contact with us.

Looking to Jesus,





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  1. Hi Jen

    I think you are so right, we have fallen away from what God say is beautiful to what the world tells us it beauty. We need to get back to God’s beauty and His idea plan for our lives.

    As you so rightfully pointed out, out beauty will go but what’s on the inside will last forever. Kindness, love, compassion for other and loving God is the only beauty that will last.

    Peace to you.

  2. Yes, Jen beauty is but a passing thing. But what we do for God and for others will never past away.

    The worlds beauty is a beauty that cause us to only think of self, but God’s beauty causes us to look out for others and see the real beauty in them.

    Peace to you.

  3. Thanks for this, Jen!

    As I was reading the passage today, I was convicted about a focus I have developed on building a wardrobe plan. I have some specific goals in mind, and having a better, more mature wardrobe is necessary. Though there is nothing wrong with this, the verses and even this blog post have reminded me that I can’t put too much focus on that, and I was convicted to develop a “character plan” to be my true focus. I guess that’s what it’s study is about, right?

    Tank you all for GMG, as it allows the Word of God to work in us all!

    • Hello Amanda,
      Thank you for sharing.. I love your idea of a ‘Character Plan’ over a ‘Wardrobe Plan’! I love it when we feel convicted – God is always speaking to us.
      Blessings, Martha
      {Leadership Encourager}

  4. Xochilt Rivera says:

    This blessed me so much! Being a make up artist and learning what matters the most is inner beauty.

  5. Sandy Black says:

    After reading the scripture passage and allowing it to sink in, doing my SOAP, God showed me areas in my life that need to be changed. This study of intentionally focusing on Him has been an effective tool He is using to bring about that change. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and all of the applications from this passage. I pray that I will spend more time looking into the mirror of God’s word than looking in my bathroom mirror, allowing Him to point out those areas of my inward beauty that need to be changed so that I will become more and more like Him.

    • Sandy,
      So glad that the study has been an effective tool for you. I really love to read the scripture and let it sink in for a couple days sometimes. Praying for you as you seek to grow and become more like Him.
      Blessings, Martha
      {Leadership Encourager}

  6. Hallelujah! This is so true. Our inward beauty comes out in our outward beauty. I am truly enjoying this study. You are so right, “We must strive for a beautiful soul that will bless those who come in contact with us.”
    Happy Valentine’s Day! :-)

  7. WHY such a focus on beauty?? In looking at the Scripture, there is very little of it focused on pretty things. Making sound decisions, working for those in your home, caring for others, caring for the needy, bringing good…those are the things mentioned more than just “pretty things”. If we just focus on the pretty, we miss out on a lot.

    • Hi Kelly,
      You are right, the Bible talks about caring for others, having wisdom and loving those around us. Those things are very important. Having a godly character should be our focus. But it also talks about beauty. Song of Solomon is all about the love and beauty two lovers see in each other, much of it being physical beauty. We don’t have to look far to see beauty in nature and we each have individual tastes in styles that we find beautiful. This comes from God. He is a God of beauty. He created color. Its OK to want to take care of ourselves and look nice or to enjoy art or DIY projects. But we should not let this become our main focus. We should never take a good thing and make it the ultimate thing in our lives. God should be our ultimate beauty.

  8. Wendy Boyko says:

    This passage is such a great reminder to keep our eyes and hearts focused on Jesus, and all that He desires up to be. Thank you once again, for your encouraging words and reminders of what is important.

  9. Lindsey hoover says:

    Who is the artist of the painting in today’s post? I’d love to have a copy in my home to remind me that even on weary days time in God’s word is possible, and essential!

    • Amanda Evers says:

      Lindsey, the painting is Mary Cassatt’s ‘Mrs Duffee seated on a striped sofa, reading’.
      Thanks for the post Jen. While I enjoy beauty and know God created with beauty and attention to detail, I was reminded to make sure the inside of my cup is clean too.

  10. Sharon Lewis says:

    I especially love today’s post. Your perspective is right on. You always bless my socks off!

  11. Tara Parker says:

    Does anyone know who this artist is??? I absolutely love this painting!!!

    • Tara Parker says:

      Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading
      Mary Cassatt

      That’s the name of the portrait in today’s blog…sorry I know..off topic!!!

  12. I am so glad to have found Good Morning Girls. I love this study. I have become more focused on putting God first in my life and knowing I have my bible study, getting up in the morning has been easier to do. I prayed that God would help me with that. Before I found GMG, I was struggling with an addiction, not to medications or alcohol but to spending money. It had consumed my life and I have put myself in financial strain. I have prayed to the Father for help with this. As his word says, he will never leave me or forsake me and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am believing and trusting in him that my finances have been restored and I will live a life of abundant wealth and prosperity so that I may bless others as he has blessed me! In Jesus name, I claim it! :)
    Thanks for all you do to make this site what it is. Women helping Women come closer to God!

    • Thank you so much for sharing. What an encouragement to hear your testimony. I will be praying that God continues to work in your life.

  13. Jen!!!

    What a perfectly timed posting!! Yes, I obsess over my appearance daily. And then I obsess over God’s Word and His love for me. That’s when I begin to become frustrated. If God accepts my body exactly how it is, then why should I care what it looks like? Why do I struggle with the reflection in the mirror and windows???

    It’s so much easier to go about my day and not focus on my cellulite thighs and what is no longer a muffin top, but the entire muffin!! But then I have to get dressed and interact with the world. Hello…clothes are too little and i can’t go shopping because it causes the mind/body bashing cycle to repeat itself.

    I have the daily discipline to study the Bible and soak up His love, but how do I discipline myself to workout and feed His temple, aka my body, with healthy food???

    Furthermore, how do I love myself enough to see myself through God’s eyes?

    This is a deep, deep, ache in my heart. I know I’m not alone in this either and I want freedom from it.

  14. Jen, I liked “The real place for beauty and decoration is our soul. Those are the jewels that are most valuable.” How beautifully written. Thank you for what you do. Praying that God will continue to show glimmers of his glory through you.

  15. This was a wonderful post; I have shared with girl friends!

    Wing His Words,

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