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{Intentionally Focused} Preparation Checklist… let’s get ready!

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Aaaaaah… Good Morning Girls!

We are just one weekend away from the start of our Good Morning Girls Winter Session, {Intentionally Focused} Online Bible Study with GMG, and we want to help you to begin well!  Here are just a few quick things you can do before Monday to get prepared for this exciting next session:

1.  Many of you have already done this (ok, so nearly 11,000 of you have done this… woohoo!!!), but if you haven’t yet, make sure to ENROLL in the study!  This helps us to know who is studying with us as we prepare to serve you well!  It takes just a few seconds… you can head on over and enroll here. **Enrollment closes TODAY… don’t wait!

2.  If you haven’t done so, now is a great time to print off the {FREE} materials provided to you for this study!  When you subscribe to our blog (oh yes, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription!), you will receive an email in your inbox each time a new post is submitted here on the blog.  Scroll down to the very bottom of those emails, and you will find the links to the {Intentionally Focused} Study Guide and Reading Plan.  The Study Guide – in journal format – is a wonderful, interactive way to record what God is teaching you throughout the study.  Not subscribed yet?  No problem!  You can do that here.

3. COMING SOON!  We have some fabulous Children’s Resources to accompany this session!!  Oh, we couldn’t be more thrilled about what the Children’s Resources Team has put together with your children in mind (and did you know that we’ve already been praying for your kids as we prepare?!  Yes, ma’am!!)?!  We’re still working hard to complete some final touches, so hang tight, and look for the links to these amazing resources to become available for download in the next couple of days!  Oh, we promise it will be worth the wait!! :)

4.  Still looking to join a Good Morning Girls group this session?  It’s not too late! Martha heads up our Enrollment Team, and would be THRILLED to connect you with a group that best fits you! Simply email Martha at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com  with your request to join a group (please specify if you are interested in an email or facebook group).

5. It’s also not too late to consider inviting a friend to join us this session!  Maybe, just maybe, God has already laid someone on your heart, and you’ve been meaning to share this study info with them.  Don’t wait another day (you’ll never know their answer unless you ask, right?!)!  This info section of the blog summarizes what Good Morning Girls is all about, plus find out what to expect in our upcoming study here… then share away!  It’s never too late to get into God’s Word!

6.  Finally, and most importantly, will you join us in PRAYER?  We’re humbly asking God to protect, bless, strengthen and empower us as we seek to walk more intentionally with Him in the core areas of our lives throughout this study and beyond.  We are asking for God to prepare and soften hearts to receive truth from His Word, so all who participate might walk away from this study changed to be more like Him. That’s powerful stuff, ya’ll.

Oh friend, we cherish our time spent together with you in God’s Word!  Thank YOU for being a special blessing to the Good Morning Girls community!  Our {Intentionally Focused} Online Bible Study with GMG begins MONDAY, JANUARY 20!  Get excited!!!

At His feet,

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  1. How does one forgive themselves?

    • Brenda,
      God is the only One who can forgive sin and and blot out transgressions. (Isaiah 43:25) When we confess our sin, turn away from them (repent), and put our trust and faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, God is faithful to wipe out our sins and forget them. Have you given your life to the Lord? If you have not, then do not delay. Now is the time to turn your life over to Jesus. Only God has the power to forgive sin. If you are a believer, then you simply need to meditate on God’s assurance and promises in His Word until they are implanted in your heart. You have been forgiven – all of your sins: past, present, and future. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. Your sins and iniquities, God remembers no more. On the day that you received salvation, you also received the gift of the Holy Spirit, God within you, who is there to teach, guide, and uplift you. All God sees when He looks at you is the righteousness of His Son, Jesus. Remember that Jesus right now is sitting at the right hand of God praying for you, interceding just for you. When you stumble and fall, cry out to the Lord, ask Him how you can prevent it from happening again, begin following Him again, and move forward knowing that God isn’t angry at you. He loves you with an everlasting love. You were bought for an overwhelming price, the precious blood of His Son. So, walk in those promises. Rest in those promises. Live the life that God intended without guilt, or condemnation, or discouragement. ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

      • I really did enjoyed reading your post and all what you are saying I am a believer with all of your word me myself is trying me best to get closer to God and his words thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. I tried and tried to submit my form and it kept returning an error that i wasn’t completing the whole form (marital status, children’s age group). I never could get it to work:(

    I am with the Facebook group Redeemed.

  3. I thought you were doing a bible study on David…the book from Beth Moore?

  4. Can you check to see if my registration worked? I did not get an email.

  5. Erin Keller says:

    I am subscribed to this, yet never received the printable study guide. Is it possible to have it emailed to me? THANK YOU so much!

  6. Holly phillips says:

    Like Erin, I subscribed but have not received any emails yet with the study guide or the weekly Bible verses. Could you please check to make sure I’m on your email list. I was so looking forward to this study as I’m a stay at home mom with 4 sons under the age of 5. It is difficult for me to get out with all of them. Please let me know what I did wrong. Thank you.

  7. Theresa rubadue says:

    I’m in the same boat as Holly and Erin. I signed up but never got the links to download the study. I also posted a bit ago about this, but I can’t find the post! Is it possible to email the study to me? And let me know what I need to do to fix my enrollment. Thank you!

  8. I’m in the same boat as Holly, Erin, and Theresa. I enrolled but never got any links to download the study. Can someone help me? Thank you!

  9. I signed up for the intentionally focused study during the enrollment period and recived a confirmation email that I had to verify my subscription by clicking a link, which I did. However, I’m still not receiving any emails from Good Morning Girls. I started the study anyhow and have been SOAP’ing’ the daily verses, but would really like to acces the printable files. I’m not sure what I did wrong when I originally signed up….can you help please?

    • Ahhh! Never mind! I read someone else’s reply and realized I didn’t check all my folders in my gmail account! They were hidden in my promotional folder!! Yay! Sorry, I should have checked there first! Off to print now! :)

  10. I was just browsing through the Women’s Prayer Journal, and on pg. 9 you listed a free printable resource from The MOB Society: http://themobsociety.com/free-monthly-prayercalendar/
    When I click on the link it says Not Found, try searching. Nothing comes up that way either. Could you please verify the link & let me know?
    Thank you. :)

  11. Patti Pelzel says:

    I am so confused on what is going on. I joined a team for Proverbs 31 that began monday 20th, but I don’t know where to find it–I am lost. I don’t know if we r on a live chat with my group or if I am just supposed to read online. Please help me connect so I will not get behind. Thanks

  12. Just subscribed to your website! Is it too late to get the study guide? I really need this!

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