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{Intentionally Focused} ~ Can’t we just all meet for coffee or something?


{The GMG Contributor Team: Angela, Whitney, Jen, and Courtney!}

Oh my goodness you guys… can you feel the excitement building?!  We are just two short days from starting our Winter Session, {Intentionally Focused}, and I’m seriously on the edge of my seat.  We’ve had an OVERWHELMING response from you all: OVER 13,000 of you are joining us as we dig into God’s Word together for the next eight weeks in an effort to pursue more of Him in 2014.  Aaahhhh… can you see me jumping up and down (this is where my tween boys say, “Uh, Mom? Seriously?!” Haha.)?!  ONLY GOD can bring together this many women from all different kinds of demographics, backgrounds, and countries across the globe, and unite us as one community with the goal of being intentionally focused on Him. 

Oh friends, it’s a privilege to share this space with you.

I don’t know where you’re at right now.  Maybe you’ve been following God for a long time, and pursuing Him has become a routine part of your life.  Or maybe you’ve just met Him recently, and you’re still trying to figure this whole thing out (it’s ok to have lots of questions… just stay, would you?).   Older or younger?  Embracing the journey God has you on, or really, really struggling right now?  I just don’t know.  But I DO know that God sees us individually, and He meets us where we are.

You showed up, and now we’re asking God to do the work.

We’re soooo glad you’re here.  We want you to know that.  What I really wish is that I could show up at your front door, give you a big hug, look you in the eyes and tell you these words in person so you could hear my voice and really know that it’s from my heart:

You are loved. 

You are prayed for.

You are welcome here.


Since one-sided conversations are soooo boring (heh) and it’s a little impossible for all ~13,000 of us to meet for coffee, what about this…

Would you do something for us?  We just love “meeting” you and getting to know you… a priority for us since we feel like we’re one big family here.  In the comment section below, would you chat with us, telling us where you’re from and what goals you have for this study?  We want to spend the next couple of days “meeting” you personally, and praying for you by name.  Really.  Do it, please? :)

To be fair, want to know my personal goal for this session?  I want these eight core areas of my life to line up with scripture so clearly that it makes the world wonder.  I mean really wonder, so much so that those who haven’t yet met Jesus can’t help but ask what’s different about me. And I pray that God will open doors so that I can give my answer for the hope that is in me.  Oh, if I can just turn off the noise around me, and intentionally focus in… I can almost hear it now:

His name is Jesus.”

Ok, now it’s your turn…

P.S.  Can’t wait!

At His feet,

**Remember, enrollment for this study is now CLOSED.  What this means: we are no longer offering the enrollment form or placing women into groups.  What this doesn’t mean: that you still can’t join us! Just make sure you subscribe to the blog, and you’ll still be able to receive all of our free materials and you can study right along with us!  Questions?  Make sure to ask in the comment section below!

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  1. Michelle Rudhall says:

    HI! My name is Michelle and I live in Cumbria, England.

    My goal is to really connect with God like never before and to never let Him go. Thank you for all that you do. I am buzzing with anticipation to see what God will do in all of our lives!

    • Hi Michelle! My husband and I spent many months during our college years living in England, serving in a small church in Formby! Praying for you to connect with God in refreshing, new ways during this study. So glad you’re here!!! Love, Whitney :)

    • Tammy Pierce says:

      I am so excited to participate for the first time!!! I have joined an email group for ladies who husbands are “on their way to be believers”!!!! They just don’t know it yet!!! I am believing for great things during this time of “intentional focus”. My goals are to develop new friendships with women from many different areas, to grow in my walk with the Lord, to be used by His Spirit in my group, in my home and in my church.
      Oh…and I am from Middletown, PA.

      • Wonderful to have you with us Tammy!!!

      • Jennifer varrato says:

        Tammy, I love the idea that my husband is on his way to knowing Jesus but does not know it yet. I have been praying for him for years. thank you so much for posting that thought! It is a blessing to me.

        • ERIN FEINSTEIN says:

          As a women whose prayers for her husband to find Christ have been answered, I want to encourage both of you to keep praying! God can get through to them in ways we could never imagine.

        • Sheila Coito says:

          Jennifer V. – ME TOO!!! :) My husband is on the way too! It’s exciting, isn’t it? :) I’m glad that we can all be here!

      • Tammy! I love your comment about your husband. I too find myself in that group o praying for my husband who has lost his way. I ha to get over the feeling if needing to fix it and help him find his way. I found that I just make him upset if I being it up. So I’m leaving it in God’s hands now. So excited about the bible study!

        • It’s great to know I am not the only one praying fervently for my husbands salvation. He is from Mexico and, of course, was raised Catholic. His mother forced him to go to church (like a good mother would) when he was younger and now, instead of learning about God, he views church as a sort of punishment :( I don’t go to church very often. Groups like this and Team 365 are basically my church, but I wish I could Angel(my husband) to go. He says he knows God but he doesn’t understand the concept of faith or that he can be SURE he can go to Heaven. I pray every morning and every night that God will put His hand on Angel and convict him in a way that will let him know, without a doubt, that it is God trying to bring him into His flock! Good luck with your husbands and I will add ya’ll to my prayer list.

          • Janet Tinajero says:

            Beth, my husband was also raised Catholic in Mexico until he was 13 and they moved to the states. Although he was raised Catholic, they didn’t actually attend church regularly. He has had experiences with God and thought he was saved until he learned what all of that meant. My youth pastor was counseling us after we married, and asked us both to explain how/why we knew we had eternal life – and my husband couldn’t. He didn’t know with surety, but he wanted that for himself. My youth minister walked him through the tract called, “Do you know for certain that you have eternal life” that is put out by the North American Mission board. My husband knew in that moment that he couldn’t live a life separated from God any longer. He still has that tract, I am holding it in my hand now…it is well worn. My husband read and reread that little book, still trembling over the grace God has given him. He is growing stronger in his walk with Christ and studies HIS word more than anyone I know. I am blessed beyond measure to witness God’s amazing ability to transform someone. I will pray that God uses this study and our combined prayers to bring all of your husbands to that same salvation transformation.

          • Hi I am Tommi from Southern Illinois. My husband is also on his way. This is my first online study and my first study with GMG!! I found you through Women Living Well where I just recently discovered. My goal is to spend more time with the Lord and in the Word. So excited to be here!!!

      • Juanita belcher says:

        I wanted to stay connected to friends who don’t live close by..in fact some of them are hundreds of miles away. I thought this would be a great opportunity to stay focused on God’s word together an stay closer in contact with each other. Our group is small but we are all friends in Christ and love to study God’s word. This is my first time with Good Morning Girls. I am excited!

      • kimberly Wu says:

        Hi. I live in northern Virginia and am participating in the Intentionally Focused study. This is the first Good Morning Girls study in which I have participated. I was reading through the “meet for coffee” comments and I came across Tammy Pierce’s comment about joining an email group for wives whose husbands are “on their way to being believers”. I am also married to someone who does not believe in Christ as his personal Savior and would love to connect with others going through similar circumstances. Would it be possible for you to pass on my email address to her, along with this comment so that I could connect with her and hopefully join her email group? Thank you.

  2. I’m from Yakima, WA. In the middle of this study, my husband, myself and our four kids will be moving down to the drug/gang district of the inner city here to be closer to our ministry, which was something that God began impressing on our hearts during the Anything study and is now bringing to fruition during this present one. There are a lot of fears, there will be a lot of adjustment, but I know that as we follow Him and do what He asks, He is *here* asking me to keep my focus on Him and not on the what-ifs. I’m already so thankful for this study. :)

    • Hi Kimberly! I grew up in Olympia and have been to Yakima several times. My parents now live in Oregon. What a blessed ministry – we are praying for you: for wisdom and safety and an abundant harvest!

      • Beth Johnston says:

        Rosilind and Kimberley,
        I am in Shelton, Washington, just 20 miles from Olympia and a few hours from Yakima. I am praying for your family and thanking God for your courage, Kimberley.

    • Hi Kimberly!!! Wow, that is just amazing! Praying for wisdom and encouragement for you and your family, as you all begin this new season of life. ~ Marlene {Leadership Encourager}

    • Ohhh how cool, Kimberly!:) Thank you for following God’s leading! Praying for you!:)

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I was born in Yakima and grew up in Sunnyside. I have been to that area many times. Although I now live in Snohomish; I still have a heart for the Yakima Valley and the people who deal with drugs and the gang violence. I will be praying for you and your family as you make this move, for protection and favor with those you will be ministering to.

    • Kimberly,
      That’s wonderful that you and your family have the courage to go to the places where life is not as easy and kind as many other neighborhoods. I, too, serve in a mission area where poverty and crime have really beaten young women down. I am always amazed at how responsive people who have no hope are to the hope found in Christ. It seems that those of us who live comfortably forget that it really is God who sustains our everything! God bless you and your family in your ministry.

  3. Rach Griffin says:

    I’m Rachel from Adelaide, Australia. This is my first time doing GMG, mainly as a fill-in while Bible Study Fellowship is on break for us here, but to get me purposefully spending my time in the Bible rather than ‘chasing the wind’ in my evenings.

    • Rachel, we are so glad you are here. There are a couple of girls in my group from Australia, too. I

    • Rachel, so happy you are here! Love seeing women from all over the world joining in on GMG studies! :o) ~ Marlene {Leadership Encourager}

    • Hi Rachel, I’m in Townsville Australia and just love this SOAP method of study. I used to live in Adelaide and did 6 years of BSF – what an amazing grounding in the Word, only sorry BSF is not in Townsville. Hope you get a lot out of this study too. Are you in an Australian GMG discussion group? Anna

  4. Hi there everyone My name is Nicola and I am from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. I have never done an online study before but I am really looking forward to it! I am really good at starting things and then life gets in the way! So praying that I will remember that spending time with God and in His word are much more important than keeping up to date with the ironing or my accounts! I am married with a 15 month old boy and I run a wee knitwear boutique. Looking forward to being challenged through this bible study and getting closer to God x

    • Mandy newton says:

      Hi Nicola! I, too, am really good at starting things and then letting life get I the way! I am praying with you that we remember that spending time with God is more important that all that other stuff. :-)

    • Hi Nicola! I’ve heard Scotland is beautiful! Welcome to GMG!!! Praying for you, as I too have struggled with life getting in the way of things I start. Praying you find encouragement through this study, and grow in your walk with the Lord! :o) ~ Marlene {Leadership Encourager}

      • Marlene, is there a rule about swapping personal email addresses or getting each others Facebook account info and friending each other? If not, maybe we could do those things and then, every morning, we could email or post a reminder for each other and encourage each other to take part that day, even if only for a few minutes.

    • This is a little off topic, Nicola, but I spent two weeks in Scotland last April and loved it. Skye was definitely my favorite part of the trip and I can’t wait to make it back someday. (My mom is a Wallace.) :)

  5. Hi! My name is Novella I am from Philadelphia PA. My goals for this session with GMG is to grow in all the eight target areas, coming out looking more like Christ.
    I look forward to digging in ☺️Intentionally focused & abundantly blessed by this ministry
    Praying for you all

  6. Mandy newton says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Mandy from Anderson, SC, but I currently live in Hobart, Tasmania. This is my first GMG bible study. My goal is to prioritize reading/studying the Bible and spending time with God first thing in the morning each day.

  7. Jana Baker says:

    Since I know “the teacher learns more than the student,” I’m praying that by leading a group (1st time), my own journey will be enhanced by my need to dig deeper, pray harder, encourage stronger & love unconditionally! Sometimes I am closer to God when I am focused on others.

    • Jana, I am a teacher (and a GMG leader), and I agree with your theory 100%. You get a double blessing when you lead. Praying for you and your group this morning. Hugs

    • Jana, that is so true! Since becoming a GMG leader, I have learned SO much. The task comes with an amazing accountability!

  8. Hi my name is Nicole and I’m from Monroe, Mi. This is my third study with you and it has helped to change my life! I’ve grown closer to God because it forces me to take time to sit and study Gods word and pray. I am so grateful to all of you women that have taken the time to be such a powerful ministry to us. Words just can’t thank you enough.
    For this study I hope I can learn to do exactly what Whitney said…be so different and so much more Christ-like that people ask, what is different about her and I can bring them closer to God too. I also pray that God will help in this coming season to continue to move forward from past hurts from others and sins of my own and fully realize Gods powerful grace.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Nicole! I’m in Michigan also, in Plymouth. I have the notes for many of these studies, and have actually been doing them since Colossians. Need a new group for this one as the members of the group since Colossians have chosen not to do this one. If you’re looking for an accountability partner, or are in an email group that would be open to having another member, I’d love to study with someone local.

      • Hi Nancy! I’m from Michigan also, a little town called Quincy. We are 1 hour south of Lansing. This is my first study with GMG. I hope to gain much insite in the words of our Lord. Not real sure how it will work but I’m excieted to say the least. I have down loaded the schedule so I’m ready to get started.

  9. Anita Hall says:

    Hi, My name is Anita Hall. I live in London Ohio and this will be my 11th study with you gals. I love to read and study the bible and I have grown so much during the course of these studies. What I hope to gain from this one is to like the name speaks~ be more intentionally focused on leading my life in (ALL areas) more like Jesus. To be intentional with my thoughts. I am just as excited to be participating in this one as I was the first one :) Thank you ladies for all you do for the Kingdom!

    • Hello Anita,
      Nice to meet you – waving from Indiana! Wow 11th.. GREAT!!! Thank you for sticking with us!!

    • Jennifer Barker says:

      Hi Anita! I live in Columbus Ohio, we’re practically neighbors! My name is Jennifer and this is my first GMG study and I’m very excited! My goal is to stay in the Word everyday even when life gets busy! He needs to be my first priority, everyday!

      • Carla Neal says:

        Hey ladies!! My name is Carla and I’m from southern ohio!! I always think its so neat to meet someone else from our little state (well compared to the rest of the world its pretty tiny) . Hope the weather isnt to bad where ya’ll are at. Its barely snowing here. :-)

      • Hi Anita, Jennifer, Carla and everyone else. I live in Grove City, Ohio. This is my first Bible study with GMG and I am excited and nervous. I am currently in the book club Women Living Well and finding great joy in it. I signed up to do this study on my own so I am nervous I can keep myself on track. Everything is downloaded and ready to go! :)

    • Anita, 11 studies, wow! That’s wonderful! Thanks for being so faithful.

  10. stephanie says:

    Good Morning, I’m Stephanie! I’m from Arkansas :-)
    My goal this study is simply what it says… to be intentional. My time with God has been a little too sparse over the last few months and I’m ready to get back in to his word and really focus on what’s important.. HIM!
    I’ve been through every GMG study so far and as always I’m very excited for this one… They have truly changed the way I communicate and learn with God…thank you ladies for your hard work on each of these studies!

    • Hi, Stephanie from Arkansas! I’m Toni from Florida! :) So happy to have you studying with us this session! Praying for the Lord to bless you abundantly with the knowledge of Him!! {Leadership Encourager}

    • Stephanie, I too was very excited when I found out what our study topic was. GMG has been such a blessing. Excited you’re joining us! :o)

  11. Susie Johnson says:

    Hi, my name is Susie Johnson. I live in Tucson Arizona!!! I prayed in this new year to have more focus on the Lord, and when I received your email I was pretty excited to see that is was called INTENTIONALLY FOCUSED!!!! I simply can’t wait to dig in!!!! Thank you all for everything you do for the kingdom!!!!!

  12. Crystal Broyer Smith says:

    Hi ladies! I am Crystal and I live in Kentucky. This is my first GMG group study. I was so blessed by your Advent study that I can hardly wait for Monday. I live in a rural area so I am very thankful for the opportunity to dive into His Word with others. Thanks for all you do to make this possible!

  13. I’m Alice in NC. I am excited to begin this first study with GMG. My life has changed from being a stay at home, homeschooling mom to a wife/mom working outside the home. In God’s providence my 8 & 10 year old are now in public school. With all the changes, it’s been harder to be Intentionally Focused each day, though God has kept me near Him. I desire to grow in my love and knowledge of the Most High and to be more like Christ every day for His glory and the good of others. Looking so forward to meeting other ladies, especially that are in a similar situation.

    • Hi, Alice, I am excited too! At the end of last year, I felt the Lord telling me that I needed to be more intentional and focused; then I saw the subject for this study and KNEW He was speaking to me! I believe He has been ministering this desire to His people, which means He is going to do something wonderful through it! :)

  14. Jean medina says:

    Hi y’all my name is Jean and I live in Savannah, Ga. This is my third study with y’all! I can’t wait to dig into the word with you! I have a 14 year old son and my husband is a police officer. I work part time as a church secretary. I can not wait to get started. I am praying God will do a mighty work through his unfailing word in us as we study together.

    • Amen, Jean! My husband and I absolutely love Savannah, and hope to get there again soon! May the Lord bless your study of His word!

    • OH I love Savannah! When hubby and I were dating, Savannah was the half way point for us. We often met for the day there! I live in Columbia, SC- so almost neighbors!!! I am joining you in prayer that God does a mighty work in ALL of our lives this session- I can already feel Him moving! Love that you are joining us again! :) ~Mandy

  15. Patti Garrett says:

    HI! My name is Patti. This is my third bible study. I am using this study to sit a my Saviors feet to learn, listen and hopefully do the exciting things that He will share with me. THANK YOU for being His instrument and blessing me with Good Morning Girls.

    • Patti,
      Thank you for joining us again! I love that ‘learn, listen and do exciting things’!!!

    • Patti,
      I love that image of sitting at Jesus’s feet, like Mary in the Bible. I hope this study can help all of us to keep that sweet time with our Savior important in every day!. Missy

  16. My name is Veronique and I’m in South Africa :) I want to do this study to get back to the basics and revisit my foundations in my relationship with God. Looking forward to it!

    • Beautiful Veronique!!! So glad you meet you!!

    • Hi! I am Risper from South Africa and looking forward to the study! I just started a ministry for young people and intentionally focused is what I want to be! I am waiting on God and looking forward to the study!

  17. I’m Danielle. My husband and I live in Kenya with our four kids (7.5, 5.5, 3.5, and 16 months) working with a missions organization here. I spend most of days home schooling and caring for my little ones. My goals for this studying are to having consistent time in the Word and encouraging Biblical community. I want to grow in my walk so I might lead my children better.

    • Thank you sweet daughter for inviting me to this study; I look forward not only to being in God’s Word and growing in Him; but also sharing this study with you whom I love so dearly!

    • Hi Danielle! How wonderful that you’re doing this study together with your Mom! My husband is currently in Kenya on a missions trip – he’s fallen in love with the people and the country.

    • Hi Danielle! Happy you are joining us from all the way over in Kenya! I love how technology is brining women together from all over the world!

  18. I’m Diana from the Richmond, VA area. A friend who had done a couple of GMG studies before shared this study on Facebook. I checked it out and asked my friend if she was joining a group – she said she normally doesn’t, but if I did do the study, to let her know and we can encourage each other. As I thought and prayed about it, I felt that this was something I need to do this, so now not only am I doing my first GMG study, but I’m jumping in with both feet as a leader for a small group of ladies from my church and extended church family. My goal for the study is to see how God will move in my life through this study.

    • Hello Diana,
      I use to live just outside of Richmond, VA in Chesterfield. Nice to meet you! Great to have you on board as a leaders as well!!!

  19. Hi! My name is Angie and I’m from VA. This is my first online bible study and my goal is to quiet the craziness around me and focus on my relationship with God. I’m looking forward to it!

    • Angie, I love how you worded that — “quiet the craziness.” I might have to steal your goal. So glad you are here!

  20. Nekeisha, Nikki here from Trinidad. I did not enroll but will be following along. I’ve been doing this for a while, really liked the last two studies and am looking forward to this one.

    • Hi Nikki

      It’s nice to see a fellow countryman here. I’ve been doing GMG studies for about 3years and you’re the first one I’ve come across. Hope to see more of you. I’m in the GMG International group…lovely bunch of ladies from all over the world.

  21. Hi! My name is Dianaliz. I’m from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. It is going to be my first online study. My goal is to improve my spiritual life and be more near Him, because He made great miracles on me and I’m so thankful for all His blessings.

  22. My name is Amanda, and I am from Newfoundland, Canada (the most easterly point in North America!). I really just want God to be more real to me in my day to day life, and I want to overcome doubt and anxiety just by knowing him more! I am praying that I will get to know him more deeply and more personally! Thank you for this wonderful resource :)

    • Amanda – thank you for sharing this. My “one word” for 2014 is REAL – I want God to be more real in my day to day life – I want to be “real” in all areas of my life – not just living this Christian life in a superficial way. Blessings!

      • Hi Denise and Amanda,
        My word for 2014 is “FEARLESS”. So excited to see what God does for each of you during this study!
        ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  23. One of my favorite words is “theocentric” which means God centered. My goal is to be theocentric through this study and to wake up at 5 am each weekday to spend some precious time with the Lord. I’m in Leesburg, VA

    • Hi Kathy. My name is Jenny C. and I’m in Leesburg, VA also. God bless you as you seek to be centered on Him – my heart’s desire as well.

  24. Hi I’m Deãnne from Salisbury, Adelaide, South Australia. God has given me the word “focus” for this year. He did this before I found out what the next study here was so I was very excited when my focus word appeared as part of the study title! Meant to be here. Yep God puts us where he wants us. I am bursting with excitement & anticipation of what God will do through this study in my life!

    • Deanne,
      Love reading you are from South Australia. Were you able to make it into our Australian Facebook group? So glad you are joining us and full of excitement!

  25. My name is Ellen and I’m Dutch. My goal for this session is to fall in love with God and my husband all over again. I also want to hear God’s voice better, so that I can live according to His will and not my own.

  26. Hi, my name is Rita, I live in Allegan, Michigan. I happen to be a stay at home mom to three children (ages 7, 3 & 17months.)
    This will be my third study with you. I am excited because it is one of my goals to be more focused this year. I think the best place to really start that is to make the effort to focus on God. Thank you for your ministry. Words cannot express how you all have touched my life so far.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Rita, it’s nice to see another Michigander here. I’m in Plymouth. I’ve done quite a few of these studies now, and am probably looking forward to this one more than any in the past. Coupled with the Made to Crave study, I am praying for clarity and focus in many areas, but most of all for overall intentionality (is that a word?) in my faith-walk.

  27. Hi! My name is Rachelle Marquez, and I’m from Rogers, AR. My goal for this study is to continue to draw closer to God, to fulfill His purposes for my life, to encourage and uplift other women along their journey as we are all transformed by God’s Holy Word. I love all of the resources that you have provided, especially those in various languages! Many of the women in my group, including myself, are bilingual Spanish speakers. It’s exciting to be a part of going and making disciples through all the world! Thank you and God richly bless you all!

    • Nice to meet you Rachelle, I love all the different languages too! I have a few ladies in my group that download the English version and the Spanish version of our study .. trying to better their Spanish language.

  28. Hi! My name is Rachelle Marquez, and I’m from Rogers, AR. My goal for this study is to continue to draw closer to God, to fulfill His purposes for my life, to encourage and uplift other women along their journey as we are all transformed by God’s Holy Word. I love all of the resources that you have provided, especially those in various languages! Many of the women in my group, including myself, are bilingual Spanish speakers. It’s exciting to be a part of going and making disciples through all the world! Thank you and God richly bless you all!

  29. Hi! My name is Sashya and I am from Iowa. I am a homeschooling mom of 3: a 15 yr old daughter, 2 yr old and 3 mo old sons. I keep pretty busy right now with little ones, so I am excited to have a bible study I can participate in on my smart phone. Thank you for the forum! My goal is to stay connected with the Word and to grow in my relationships with the other fine women in my email group.

    • Hi, Sashya! Wow, you do have a busy life with the little ones plus homeschooling! God bless you! Isn’t modern technology wonderful?? Praise God that we can use it for His glory! Be blessed!

  30. Hi my name is Lori and I live in East Bangor,PA. My goals for this study are to grow closer to the Lord and become more like Him.

  31. Hi! This study is right on time for me~as my Vision Board for 2014 has this exact goal on it. I want to have a laser focus on what I want for my life. I want to surrender to God’s will for my life instead of what *I* want and so I need to be able to quiet the noise around me (mom of 3 small kids, 1 dog, husband, home business, homeschool etc) to hear from the Lord. I have been a Christian my whole life. However.

    I know the Bible————-I now want to intimately know the Author!!!!!

    • Oooh Vision Board!!! LOVE those! I participate in silence and solitude, spending that quiet time with God. It has helped me a great deal with following His lead. I pray you find your quiet time in a busy home.

  32. Kim Bryant says:

    Hi, I’m Kim from Virginia! I am so excited about this 8 week bible study, honestly this is the first bible study I have participated in for 3 years. My goal is to work on my relationship with God while improving other areas in my life as a wife and mother. I hope everyone participating receives many blessings!

  33. Rosie Banks says:

    hi!.im rosie and live in england. just starting out on my walk with god and so happy I found you ladies. gods timing is perfection.

    • Hi Rosie!!

    • vanessa Thompson says:

      Rosie Banks, I am so glad you are beginning your walk with the Lord with Good Morning Girls. While a believer since 1991, it took me many years to find the type of growth and dedication I am finding in these Bible Studies and with this “body” of believers, even if they are online. Prayers and blessings for you!

  34. Hi! I’m from Cleveland but live in Columbus OH with my husband and 18 month old son. I started with you before he was born and it was a blessing! My goal is to improve these areas of my life and keep up my devotion time with baby #2 due near the end of the study. Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi, Elaine! Congrats on baby #2 coming soon! I love that we can do this study any time of the day or night with no judgment! God bless you and your family!

    • Hi Elaine,
      Such dedication! Great to have you with us.

      Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  35. I’m Susan, this is my first GMG study. I am from Stawell, Australia. A town of approx 6,500 people. My goals for this study are to DAILY meditate on God’s word so that it changes me and to start implementing a bible study with my children , not just bedtime prayers.
    the day I downloaded your prayer journal, my t-shirt matched the front page of it. I joked with my husband that it was where God wanted me to be because we matched.

  36. MaryAlyce says:

    My name is MaryAlyce. I’m a newlywed from the DC area. I’m trying to be more intentional and consistent with my Bible study time, and I’m excited to see what I can learn from this study.

  37. Hey there,
    I’m Julie from Orlando, FL. We have four little ones. I loved what you said in the email, “You showed up, and now we’re asking God to do the work.” This really spoke to me and this is my desire for this study. Focus intentionally, but trust Him to work. Not me striving for the outcome.
    Thank you for the wonderful studies. Just finishing up Anything and it has been amazing!

    • Hi, Julie! I am in Central FL too, in Auburndale (between Winter Haven and Lakeland…most have never heard of it!). :) I love how you said “trusting Him to work. Not me striving for the outcome.” That is a good thing to keep in mind. We can’t force things to happen our way! Anything was an amazing study for sure! Glad you are here!

    • Hi Julie,
      Wonderful goal! Great to have you here.

      Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  38. Good Morning! My name is Laura and I am from the beautiful mountains of Virginia. This is my second GMG study and I’m so excited to start digging into God’s word on Monday in a more intentional way than just reading a devotional each day. My goal for 2014 is to spend more time with God than with social media. I made the first move earlier in the week…deleting the Facebook app from my phone…and I’m ready to fill my life with more meaningful things. Granted, Facebook & other social media outlets can be an AWESOME way to connect (love looking at pictures!), but it is a BIG time waster no matter how awesome it may be! Praying for all the ladies involved in this study and the GMG contributors! Thank you for setting this up for all of us!

    • Laura,
      Glad you are back and the mountains of Virginia are beautiful. I use to live just outside of Richmond! I love the way you are thinking, I removed all social media from my phone a few months ago and it has made a HUGE difference in my life. Praying for you as we move through this study!

    • Love the big (intentional) step you took in removing FB from your phone! You are inspiring me!

    • Hi, Laura! I grew up outside of Roanoke and now live in Lynchburg after living in Kansas for two years. As much as I missed family, I missed these beautiful mountains, too!

  39. Hi! My name is Jennifer a Detroit Michigan native. (Aka southeast michigan) My sister has been doing your online studies and hearing her say ‘I did my lesson for the day’ & seeing her increase her faith inspired me to join her!

    • nancys1128 says:

      Jennifer, I too am a Detroit (aka southeast mi) native. I am now calling Plymouth home. Love that your sister was your inspiration.

  40. Amy Jo miller says:

    Hello! My name is Amy Jo and I live in San Antonio,TX. I have done several GMG studies on my own and am looking forward to really being involved with this one. I am really trying to figure some big things out in my life and know the true way is to focus on our God so I can hear his directions. I also want my daughter to see the changes in me and want to become a follower also.

    • Way to go, Amy Jo! Focusing on God and being intentional about it is truly the way to hear from Him, and it will be a great witness to your daughter! I pray for the Lord to give you the strength to work through any distractions that come your way, and continue to focus on Him!

    • Hi Amy Jo,
      What wonderful goals! I’m excited to see what God will do for you through this study!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  41. My name is Ruby, and I’m from the mountains of NC. Having just left my long, stressful career to start a business working from home, my routines have all been turned upside down. I spend the majority of my time online, so I’m hoping this Bible study will help me re-focus on the most important One in my life, by reminding me to begin every day with Him. This is my first study with GMG and I’m so excited to be a participant and not a leader. I’ve lead our women’s ministry at our church for the past 12 years.

    • Hi, Ruby! I lived in Hendersonville, NC for a year and a half, and my stepdaughter still does. I recently left a long, stressful career myself. (RN) I know you will love the study! This is my 5th one with GMG and the 4th one I will be leading. I am one of the women’s ministry leaders in our church (I am also the pastor’s wife), only 2 years into leading that ministry…maybe you can give me some tips? :)

  42. I’m Susan. I am from Stawell, Australia.
    My goals for this study are:
    1. To meditate on God’s word DAILY so that it changes me
    2. To implement the same study with my children, not just to say prayers at night.
    The day I downloaded your prayer journal, the t-shirt I was wearing was the exact same colour and pattern as the front cover. I joked with my husband that this is where God wants me to be because we match. But seriously this is where he wants me to be.

    • Amen, Susan! Lol about the colors! God has a plan for you and I believe He will use this study in a mighty way in your life and the lives of your children. Glad to have you here from “the land down under.” :)

  43. Becki woodsmall says:

    Hey, gals! My name is Becki Woodsmall form the snowy area of Bedford, Indiana! The word God gave me for this year is “focus” and when I saw the name of our study I knew it is going to be a fantastic one for me! I am very “seasoned” in the Lord since I have been a Jesus follower for over 50 years. He definitely is sweeter as the days go by!
    I look forward to gathering around God’s big table with you!

  44. Becki woodsmall says:

    Hey, gals! My name is Becki Woodsmall fromthe snowy area of Bedford, Indiana! The word God gave me for this year is “focus” and when I saw the name of our study I knew it is going to be a fantastic one for me! I am very “seasoned” in the Lord since I have been a Jesus follower for over 50 years. He definitely is sweeter as the days go by!
    I look forward to gathering around God’s big table with you!

    • Hi Becki! I am from the snowy area of Traverse City, MI! I, too, am a “seasoned” follower of Christ – but still have so much to learn. I just wrote down this AM all of the things God has taught me already this year. Thanking Him for GMG and the resources they provide! Blessings to you!

      • nancys1128 says:

        Denise, I’m in the currently snowy area of Plymouth, MI. We get decent snow amounts here, but nothing like what you get up in TC. And with the craziness of this winter’s weather, who knows what is still in store for either of us. Fortunately, we do know what’s in store through this study – a deeper relationship with our Lord and a more focused walking out of our daily lives.

  45. I’m Jodie and I live in Adelaide, Australia.
    I can’t say I have any goals for this study, but it definitely matches my theme for this year: to be intentional.
    My goal/resolution for this year was to live intentionally and be wise – wise with my time, wise with my money, and wise with my resources.
    But I like the idea of wanting the seven areas of your life line up with God’s word so much people can’t help but see him when they look at you.
    My blog is: http://www.hokypokey.blogspot.com

    • Another lovely lady from Australia! Nice to meet you!

    • Mandy newton says:

      Glad to see you survived the scorching heat in Adelaide! I’m originally from the US but I use to live in the Barossa. My family and I moved to Hobart a couple of years ago (my husband is in the wine industry). I have to say, I don’t miss the extreme heat of South Australia at all! Sooo much cooler in Tassie!

  46. Timpy Ellis says:

    Good Morning,
    My name is Timpy Ellis and I am from North Carolina. My family had a very stressful year in 2013. I miscarried our fifth child ( my third miscarriage since 2010) and our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. There were so many things to deal with that I feel like I just didn’t have the time to really focus on the Lord. I did continue my daily Bible reading and prayer, but I always felt rushed or distracted my all the “other things” going on in life. This year I want to be able to really sit down and take the time to read/study my Bible and to spend time in prayer.

    • Hi Timpy,
      I’m so sorry for all the challenges you have been faced with. But I know the Lord is our comforter and the restorer of our lives. It is worth it to spend time with Him, take everything He has to give – the abundance of it all – and pour that all out into your family’s lives. Then, He will, in His mercy, fill you back up again with Words of hope and peace that you can once again spill out into the lives of your loved ones. I’m praying for you and your family right now. So glad that you are with us!
      ~Terria (LE)

    • Hi, Timpy, so sorry to hear of the stressful year you had last year, but PTL that you continued with prayer and Bible reading anyway. I know He will bless you for wanting to learn how to be focused on Him! So happy you’re here!

  47. TerEsa bunch says:

    Hello ladies! My name is Teresa and I live in Tennessee. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and we have three children that I homeschool. I’ve done several of the GMG studies and this is my first study as a group leader. I am so excited for Monday and for this study! My goal is to become more focused and to remain focused on God, my marriage, and our family.

    • Teresa, so excited for you as you step up to lead a group. Praying for your group this morning. I am so excited about this study! :)

  48. Hi ladies, my name is Lily. I currently live in Miami, FL USA . My desire is that through this study, He will increase, and I will decrease. That He will grow infinitely more valuable than anyone or anything in this world. That as I spend time focusing on Him and beholding His glory, it will bring transformation to all these areas of my heart and in my life that we will be looking at together. Thank you, ladies, for all your hard work and your prayers as you’ve sought the Lord for direction. I can’t wait to start :)

    • Hello, my friend! I am so excited that we are going to be taking this journey together with our SOAP Girls group. May He renew our minds and transform our lives.

  49. Ciao! My name is Rebecca and I live in Ancona, Italy where my husband and I are missionaries. I am excited to start this study because I am in need of some serious FOCUS! Life with a 6 month old leaves me without a lot of focus most days! I desire to start my day focused on God and His Word so that I am more prone to the Spirit’s work and guidance in my heart and life as a wife, a mother, and a missionary. I want to store God’s Word in my heart, meditating on it night and day.

    • Rebecca, so excited that you are here! What a blessing to know that you are on the mission field and can connect with your sister through online Bible study. This is what I love about Good Morning Girls. :)

    • Mmm delicious Italy! Ciao! I well remember the funk of having an infant (mine is 15 months, so barely not infant!), so I hope this study can provide some clarity and peace!

  50. Hello! My goal is to finish this study. I don’t know if you’ve read One Word, but my word for 2014 is commit. I have a hard time with follow through, and I was very excited when I saw the name of this study, it jumped out at me. Commitment and focus go hand in hand, and you have to move with intent if you want to see something to the end. I feel like I have been drifting along in my relation ship with God, but I know that focusing on His word will bring me closer to Him.

    • Love your “one word,” Jodie. I have a two-word theme for the year. I want to “hold fast” to His Word. I’ve adopted a theme verse: “Let your heart hold fast my words; keep my commandments and live” (Proverbs 4:4, NASB).

  51. Hi, I am Deanna from Indiana. 2014 is a new beginning for me and I am trying to organize and structure some goals for myself and my life. In praying and seeking, God lead me to “Intentionally Focused”. Perfect!! I have never done a GMG Study before and I am really excited to begin.

  52. Hi, my name is Gia, I am from Tennessee. I am a mom who is working full time and going to grad school, I say that because all of these things have drawn me away from God. I really want to use this study to make God my main focus not what I give the time I have leftover to.

    • Gia, you sound very, very busy! I know that God is going to bless your decision to honor Him during this season of your life. :)

  53. My name is Tina. I am from Kansas. I have decided that this year is a year for change. A year to get my priorities straight, aligned with whatever God’s will is for me and to really trust Gid

    My goal for this Bible is to be consistent in meeting daily with God so that I am able to rely on his strength each day. I am good at starting things but not so good at finishing things do relying on Him is the only way for lasting change in my life. I am excited to find out what the Bible says concerning the topics in our study!

  54. Katie Fielding says:

    Hey there! I’m Katie from Lexington, KY. This will be the third GMG study I have participated in. I’m going to have my second child in two months, and then I will be a stay at home mom! I have been working on the same goal in each bible study….to become more intentional and habitual with my bible study. I love the idea of getting up early in the morning and spending time with the Lord in a quiet house, but there are many days “life” gets in the way. I also want to make God a priority in my life/home/family relationship, which is one area my husband and I pray about together. I pray for each of the GMG gals and I thank God for leading me on a path to find them. I look forward to becoming intentionally focused with you all!

    • Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your second child, Katie! Great to have you studying with us and working toward accomplishing your goals!

  55. Hello, I’m Christy & I live in Southern Idaho. This will be my 2nd full study. I’m praying I will be able to use this study to become more focused & reliant on God. I am a person who likes to do it all myself & it has been a great struggle this last year with a lot of health issues popping up in my family. I pray that I’m able to stay the course & keep up with the study so that I can focus on eternal things more & not the temporary problems I face.

  56. Hi there ladies! I am from Orlando, FL and this is my first online study as well. I have two kids (7&10), been married 13 years and teach
    High school. Lots of prayers please!!

  57. Hi, my name is Jenny. I am from Akron, OH. I am looking forward to having a consistent study and to share with women from around the world. How Awesome! My prayer is that I would grow in wisdom and maturity during this study. My desire is that God would use me in every facet of my life…. Mother of 4, Pastor’s Wife and Christian School Educator. I love the thought of having a study that I can do when I am available. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this amazing way! Blessings!

  58. Mary beth kennedy says:

    Hi, Ladies. My name is Mary Beth and I am from Bedford, VA. I am so ready to just feel God’s presence. I am desperately hungry for him and I don’t want to miss anymore time with him. Seems so funny to say because I was saved about 25 years ago! I took for granted when I was in places that were “thriving” for Jesus and now I have sort of found myself in a desert. I want to drink from HIM and pour out all I receive for others.

    • Vanessa Thompson says:

      Hi Mary Beth, I spend lots of time at a farm on Stewartsville Rd. (Moneta-esque). A dear friend lives there. Welcome to a study group that will help you come out of the desert!

  59. Lisa Wine says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I’m from Indiana. My goal is to get more focused and organized with my quiet time with the Lord. I’m really looking forward to this study.

  60. Kim Noegel says:

    Hi! My name is Kim and I live in Macon, Georgia. My goal for this study is to get out of the drivers seat and let God be in control. I want God to be at the center of all I am and all I do and am looking forward to being Intentionally Focused!

  61. Kory Graham says:

    Good morning! My name is Kory and I live in a tiny, little town in SE Minnesota. My One Word for 2014 is Intentional so I was so excited when I saw what the new study was going to be! I have done quite a few of the GMG studies and have loved them all. My goal for this study is to continue my ever growing relationship with God, digging deep and discovering just how and where He wants me to be the most intentional in my life. I am also looking forward to really trying to have some great, in depth discussions with other women during this study. I will be a part of a FB group and I know the leader of my group is very committed and excited about the study. I have struggled finding women close by and in person to do these studies with, so I am thankful to have the opportunity to connect online with women who can help me with all the many questions I have as I dig deep in God’s Word. Make it a blessed day!

    • Korie, that’s awesome that your word for the year is “intentional”! I love it :)

    • I’m from MN as well, although north of the TC hardly counts as nearby :( however, in april for the inRL ‘conference’ several awesome ladies meet up somewhere around Edina. I’m an introvert hardcore, but meeting ladies in real life is worth the trek for me!

  62. Jennifer S says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I live in Rockford, IL. I am the mother of 4 littles, ages 5 and under, and am homeschooling my 2 oldest. I am so excited for this study as God has been showing me recently just how much I can accomplish when I’m intentional with my time. Can’t wait to align my life with scripture more and more!

  63. My name is Karla and I live in Nashville, TN. My husband is a cop and I am a homeschooling mom. My goal is to just dig deeper into the word because I have slacked off and am hoping this will be a great kick start to my year.

  64. Good Morning. My name is Pam and I live in Colorado Springs Colorado. I have been thoroughly enjoying the GMG studies. My goal for this study is to continue to discover His plan for me as dig into and reflect on His Word. Focus can be elusive and it is something I pray I find.

  65. My name is Niki and I am from Millfield, OH. I have been married to my husband for almost 18 years and we have ten children. My goals for this study are to refocus myself on Him, and to help my children do the same. My prayer is that we can be used by God in our community to lead others to Him.

  66. Good Morning Girls! My name is Ina and I live in Ypsilanti, MI. I found about about GMG throught the Bible app. I thoroughly enjoyed the Advent focus as it helped me to focus on Jesus, the reason for the Christmas season. So as the new year began, I wanted to begin with a new devotional (as I do each year) and “Intentionally Focused” really captured my attention! I always desire to dive into God’s Word wholeheartedly, but distractions seem to interrupt more often than not. I’m either tired from my hectic work schedule, or my 3 year old daughter needs my undivided attention. So I end up rushing through my time with God & I really, really want to get back to the times when I could just sit and commune with God. I believe “Intentionally Focused” will be just the tool to help me get there.

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Ina! I’m right next door to you, in Plymouth. Welcome to the awesome world of GMG studies. I’ve been where you are with the work, children, time and tiredness. And in all honesty, I still am. If I may, I have two suggestions for you. They made all the difference for me in successfully staying with my studying. First, purpose to do your study time at the same time every day. For me, I get up an hour earlier. The house is quiet, and there will be no distractions. Second, get into a group. The accountability was what really kept me on track. Like I said these are just suggestions, that in my own experience proved very profitable.

      • Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for the warm welcome & great suggestions. Consistency is key, so I need to figure out what time each day I will set aside. My Mom who is now now deceased used to get up early while the house was quiet as well and I recently thought about that! Your comment is just confirmation that I need to do the same.

  67. Crystal McCormick says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Crystal and I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. This is my first time doing a bible study with GMG and doing one online. I’m looking forward to making God the focus in these 8 areas of my life and I’m hoping that it’ll make me more effective in my walk with Jesus. My goal is to be a blessing to the people I come into contact with, to be the light on the hill.

  68. Hello Ladies, I’m 46 a mom to 6 children 2,3,5,7,9,11 I am homeschooling as well. I am so passionate about God and what he has done for me. The concept of going through life not studying about God is unheard of. I enjoy the format of this group and am looking forward to focusing my time…what time!….. on the Lord. May the Lord bless you ladies as you lead this study, may he Bless your families. Thank you for putting your time and efforts into this study for us. In Christ, Melissa

  69. I’m from Troy, MO in my sixties, empty nester, have 5 (almost 6) grandchildren; semi-retired; my husband and I recently returned from living in Switzerland for fourteen months. My daughter, Danielle from Kenya invited me to this study and I’m excited to be a part of it. I’m wanting to pursue God and His Word, growing in Him and doing in my life what he’s wanting me to do.

    • Welcome to GMG, Dee! I read your daughter’s post, and I think it’s wonderful that the two of you are able to connect and study together even when living on different continents!

  70. Pam hollemon says:

    I am Pam from North Carolina. I’m wanting a closer relationship and I like the sound of being intentionally focused. Realizing that it won’t just happen that I have to intentionally seek Him. I am really looking forward to this study and what fresh, new insights it will bring.

  71. nancys1128 says:

    I’m Nancy, and I’m in Plymouth, MI. I’m a wife, mom, and grandma (Mimi). I’ve been receiving the notes for studies since I don’t know when, and actually got into a group and started doing the studies with Colossians. I’m doing this study at the same time as a study of Made to Crave. I’m hoping the two will complement each other and my faith will become more evident to those around me, enabling me to more actively live the role God has for me in fulfilling His Great Commission.

  72. Hallo ladies, I am Aritha and I am Dutch. I am enjoying this bible study, five days a week because gives me stability in daily life. Often I’ve experienced God’s voice and presence. when I was studying His Word. This is the third time I do this study as a leader of a group. Luckily I get help from Eve. We are leading a group of 56 ladies on Facebook together. It is beautiful and fascinating! We are so happy with the translated study material! I wish you all God’s blessings and many good talks in the groups. Groeten/greetings!

    • Hello! So glad to meet some Christian friends from so far away! I’m glad God orchestrated all of this so you could have translated materials!

  73. catherine says:

    Hello my name is catherine and I live in selma, texas. I am a single mom with 2 boys and working 2 jobs. I’m pretty much tired all the time but I don’t want to be hindered from my walk with Jesus. I want to hear His voice clearly, be obedient to His word, make a difference for His kingdom and be a vessel for His will. So grateful for this great godly group of girl and these bible studies. God bless and hugs to all of you.

    • Catherine, I’m so glad that GMG is formatted in a way that will fit your busy life! Pursuing God and walking with Him is so important! May you find blessings in this study.

  74. Hello! I’m from a little town, Wales, MI. We have a great group of 10 gals who love the Lord, added two more for this study, so excited! We are so blessed and thankful to have this study (a big thank-you!) and it is amazing to read these posts from all over the world! My goal is to be more focused and diligent with my study time so I can (like Tina mentioned above) finish well. As well, another goal for my devotion and prayer time to be quiet and not rushed so I may hear what God has to show me and be less “me” centered :p Looking forward to starting up this week!

    • nancys1128 says:

      Hi Renee! Just have to ask where Wales is. I’m familiar with a lot of Michigan city names through my job, and that’s one I can’t place on my mental state map. I love small towns, though, and with a name like Wales, I bet it’s a beautiful one.

  75. Jen hartmann says:

    Hi I’m Jen Hartmann and I live Beaumont Tx. I started the new year with God placing in my heart a stronger desire to get closer to him. I’ve been working through some pretty heavy past hurts. I started reading Courtney Joseph’s book the beginning of January and her encouragement helped me to start a quiet time routine and I haven’t felt as strong as a desire I feel right now to be Intentionally Focused. I am so excited to see what the spirit is going to do in me through this study.

    The goals I wrote were:
    1. To draw closer to God and prioritize time each day to study his word. To desire to want to feel God’s presence not only during quiet time but throughout my day, I have 4 kids, 8,5,4 and 1 :)

    2. By my gain in knowledge of scripture through SOAPing I also want to be more accountable in believing my knowedge and that my thoughts, words and actions are Christlike.

    3. To allow this time Of studying God’s word penetrate my heart and restore me from my sins of holding on to past hurts. To allow the spirit to transcend my mind into no longer feeling unwanted, rejected and unloved.

    Thank you ladies for your time and devotion to this ministry and I pray daily for you all as well ❤️

    • I just love that book too! So much great stuff and I am only half way through! I will pray for you throughout this study as we begin 2014 intentionally focused!!

  76. Kandi Ostertag says:

    Hi! My name is Kandi. My family and I are from Missouri but live in Mexico as Missionaries. Our lives get so busy with work, I want to stay focused on Christ in everything I do. Thanks for this study! I’m looking forward to it!

  77. Greetings from south-central Kansas! I’m Bronda, and this is my third study with GMG. One of my goals this time around is to really work on the SOAP method and focus on what God is saying to me through the passages we’re studying. I long to really hear from Him as I work through some challenges in my life.

    • I’m glad you’re joining us again, Bronda! The SOAP method is a wonderful way to delve into the Scripture, isn’t it!

  78. velia basson says:

    Hi, my name is Velia. I am from George, South Africa. I lead a group Good morning girls worldwide. My goal is to spend more time in His word and to really get focused on His word. This is an awesome group and thank you for all your hard work for bringing His word to us.

  79. I am so so so excited to get intentionally focused! I am a 1st grade teacher in Pittsburgh, PA and this is my 3rd GMG study! This could not have come at a more better time than the new year! I can’t wait to dig my heels in!
    I desire to make my relationship with God stronger and just like the name of this study be intentionally focused instead of going through the motions. You girls have no idea what a blessing GMG girls is! THANK YOU!

  80. Hello Girls…My name is Raylene, I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I’m excited to do this study…. it meets me where I’m at … to begin again and intentionally focus on God’s word and to press in and pray… I’ve been so distracted instead of just sitting quiet and being with the Lord and allowing Him to show me what to do. This is my first study with you… and I look forward to growing deeper and sharing the journey with the GMG <3

    • You are going to love it! GMG studies are the best way to start your day! I will pray for you that you benefit from every day over the next 8 weeks!

  81. Mary Perry says:

    My name is Mary Perry from Oskaloosa, IA. My goal is to continue to grow as a wife and woman of God. This is my first study through this group and looking to see what God has in store for me to learn.

  82. Hi, my name is Anna. :) I’m from New England, USA. (Currently in RI, but my husband and I just bought our first home in MA and will be moving in a few weeks)!

    My goal for this study is to just dive deeper into my relationship with Christ. To put Him first, to know Him more, to listen to His voice, to rest in His presence… I want to hear from God.

    I’m currently doing the 21 day Daniel Fast (on day 4), am starting a fitness challenge on the 20th, and this study on the 20th – so there are a lot of neat things happening and I really want to transform my life and mind to be surrounded and immersed in the Truth of the Word.

  83. HI!!!!!!!!! YES, let’s have coffee together lol!!!!! :D
    I’m Karly from Kingwood, Texas USA. This is my first GMG study and it’s just the right time! I stay home with my 4 girls, ages 4, 3, 1, and 4 weeks. We just moved from Huntsville, Texas 2 weeks ago and my goal through this study needs to be keeping myself from becoming hindered by unnecessary distractions. I know they’ll come up, but I don’t need or want to let them rob me of the joy of spending sweet time with my first Love ♥ This is a busy season of life. I need to make sure my priorities stay in order! Looking forward… :o)

    • Hi Karly! Isn’t it wonderful that we can have “coffee” together without leaving our children! Praying that you’ll find the focus you need and grow deeper in your relationship with God.

  84. I’m from Troy, MO; in my sixties, semi-retired; have 5 (almost 6) beautiful grandchildren; and my husband and I recently returned from living in Switzerland for fourteen months. I was invited to this study by my daughter and I look forward to not only being in God’s Word daily but also pursuing Him more deeply and growing in Him spiritually!

    • Hello Dee,
      Wow, returned from living in Switzerland. That’s awesome! So glad you are here with us. I see to dig in deep and grow in Him spiritually as well!

  85. Hi all and a warm “Gruess Gott” to all of you from Germany! It’s my third year studying with the Good Morning Girls and it’s just so wonderful to see the GMG congregation grow in Europe and expecially here in Germany. Hearing of more women to study every session, more groups to form and more translations in more languages to be provided… My personal goal for the next eight weeks is to really live out what we are studying.

  86. Hey, my name is Sherrie from Raleigh, NC. This is my first Bible study with GMG but certainly not my first Bible study. I am married with 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren (and another one on the way). I work a full time job and my 96 year old Mother lives with us. I have had trouble lately staying focused and spending quality time with my Heavenly Father, I want to change that this year. I am also trying my best to finish writing a book that The Lord laid on my heart to write and it is so out of my comfort level. Thanks for bringing us all together and I will share a cup of coffee anytime with ya all. Praying for your team as well :)

  87. Hello everyone…I’m Lisa from Trinidad in the Caribbean. I’ve been doing studies with GMG for about 3 years. Last year was an off kilter year for me and my goal with this study is to become grounded again, to revamp my spirituality and develop an awesome relationship with God. If any of you are doing Courtney’ s Women Living Well book study you would have heard her talk about wanting to walk closely with God so passionately…that’s what I want! Life has just been busy busy busy. Loved Courtney’ s quote about Satan making us busy if he can’t make US bad….so guilty and sadly temptation quickly follows when we aren’t walking so closely with Him. So I plan on intentionally focusing on making God my priority.

  88. My name is Jeanette and I live in Loudonville, Ohio.

    My goal is mainly to be held accountable for getting into the Word daily and journaling using the SOAP method. I am excited to share what I’m learning and hear how God is speaking to other women through the same Scriptures!

    • Hello Jeanette!

      I’m excited you are here with us sharing! I’m so looking forward to opening my Bible Sunday night as I read Monday’s verses and SOAP them.

  89. Daniela "dee" says:

    Good Morning girls! I’m “Dee” from Oklahoma City. Married 41 yrs, fabulous daughter, son, and daughter in law. 4 terrific grandsons ages 11 to 1yr. Work outside the home. This is 3rd or 4th online bible study. Have a hard time attending bible study at local church, so online really works well for me. Love YouVersion bible studies, so thankful GMG is using YouVersion. Goal: MORE of JESUS, less of me. Thanks for offering this Focused study and providing study materials, what a blessing.

    • Hello Dee from Oklahoma City!!!
      I LOVE online Bible study because it’s hard for me to get into a local group. So glad to hear you love the YouVersion offering as well. YES! More of Jesus, less of me! ♥

  90. Terri streightiff says:

    Hi I’m Terri from Manalapan NJ. My goal is to work less and spend more time serving God as intended. I am so excited to take this journey with you all.

  91. Dionne Palomino says:

    Good morning girls! Teehee. So cool!
    my name is Dionne. I’m in AZ. I’m happily married (approaching our 20th anniversary in June). We have 2 amazing daughters.
    I am looking forward to this study but at the same time, I’m scared I won’t follow through and finish. I’m counting on all of my new friends here to hold me accountable. I have been over – consumed by my job for the past 6 years and since God recently gave me clarity on that, I’m leaving that company at the end if this month. I feel God knew what was coming and provided this study & this group of gals just at the right time! I’m looking forward to connecting here and learning with all of you. I’ve always felt that God wants me in Ministry but have not Intentionally Focused enough on this desire in me to realize where His Calling would lead me. I feel exciting times coming! :-) Thank you for having me here.

    • Hello Dionne!
      I love when God speaks to us (such clarity indeed)! I’m so glad you are joining us and using this study — you’re right God does prepare us and you are in my prayers for your future in ministry. Exciting times for sure! My husband followed God’s list and left his job last year. God has blessed us greatly for trusting in him and following his will.

  92. Good Morning, my name is Stacey, I am from a small community called Macedonia. We are about 40 miles from Charleston, SC. I am so excited about this bible study. I really enjoyed the advent study but this will be my first official bible study. I am from a non-denominational church, St. Stephen Evangelical, and a member of our praise and worship team. I am looking for closeness with God out of this study. I get so busy so much of the time that I veer away from what is important. Other times that I have tried to study the bible on my own I get overwhelmed. I know that this will give me an opportunity each morning to have some one on one time with my Savior.

    • Nice to meet you Stacey and so glad you are joining us for Bible study. I’m a strong believer in finding that balance in the busyness of our days too!

  93. Hi ladies…I’m Sara from Pittsburgh, PA. I think I’m excited to hopefully find thr peace that only God has to offer…in a hectic, crazy, often un-focused life I feel that’s what I need.

  94. Shirley Martin says:

    Dear Whitney
    My name is Shirley Martin. I live in Byram, Mississippi. I am a 60 year old Ph.D. retired educator and am up early this morning meditating on all of the GMG information, and getting ready to attend my first meeting to begin practice for my FIRST 26.2 mile marathon in October 2014. I am so excited to become a part of GMG. I need this group so badly. For many years now, it has been a deep hunger and desire to learn how to pray better. When I first read your ACTS prayer guide I instantly rejuvenated. I knew I was on my way to becoming closer to God through prayer and study. I’m so thankful that God laid this effort on your heart because for so many to respond with a desire to grow closer to God, it had to be HIM. This is above “earthly” humans. In addition to learning how to pray better, I am just excited about committing to a set time in the early mornings, spending more time in God’s word, speaking to God and most important listening to allow God to speak to me. Again, thank you so much and I am looking forward to Monday.

    • Hello Shirley,
      So glad you are here with us! Praying for you and all the ladies joining GMG — seeking a closer relationship with God and accountability to spending quality time with him. Blessings.

  95. Hi, I’m Michele and I’m from sunny southern California! I’m a single mom rasing two little boys on my own. I’m really excited about doing this Bible study and growing in my walk to God. I know God has good things in store for my life and I’m looking forward to seeing what they are!

  96. This is so exciting! I’m sorry this will be brief ,but we are getting ready to go out for breakfast. I am looking forward to more spiritual growth and really want others to see Christ in me. I also led my first ladies sunday school class!! I only did one , just covering for our pastors wife, but because of these studies I do with you I felt God leading me to just say “yes”. This is my 3rd study with you and am so glad to be here!

  97. Elizabeth konz says:

    Hi my name is Elizabeth and I’m from Tampa FL. My goal is to learn how to balance time with God with my 5 month old an just starting work again. Pray I am truly focused on Gods word and his will for my life!

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      God is so amazing, lean on him for guidance and he will help you find that balance. Praying for his will in your life. Blessings!

  98. jennifer riddle says:

    Hello! I’m Jennifer from Cincinnati, OH. I’m looking forward to whatever God has in store for me. I’m really just hoping to have more intimacy with Him. Life and my schedule seems to have taken priority and I really miss being in the word. Praying I can stick with this and ignore all the distractions thrown at me.

    • Hello Jennifer in Ohio! *waving* from Indiana! Nice to meet you and you are in my prayers to find balance with the busyness of life and seeking quiet time with God.

  99. Hi, My name is Rebecca. I am from New York. This is my first time doing an on-line Bible study. My goal is to complete each and everyday of the study. I really struggle with my relationship with God. More than anything I want to know that He loves me. Everybody has so many opinions about God and what he is like. It’s overwhelming at times. I just want to know deep in my soul that God loves me.

    • Hello Rebecca,
      God loves you – I know it in my heart! He love us all so very much! He wants us to love him and accept Jesus – He gives us the free will do so. I love our goal, ‘complete each day of the study’! It can be done!

  100. Sarah Dellavecchio says:

    Hello! My name is Sarah and I am from Chesapeake, VA. I have really been struggling with feeling close to God. I am married and have two young kids. I want to raise a family close to God. I pray that this study will help me focus on him more and get back the relationship I once had.

    • Alicia Sutton says:

      Hi Sarah I pray that this study will provide you with the connection and hope you’re looking for!

      • Sarah, I am from Chesapeake VA as well! :) I’m starting a Facebook page just for this study with some of my friends who are going through the study as well. Let me know if you would like to be added to it. It’s for accountability and encouragement. I’m a mom to two little boys, and I teach preschool as well. :)

  101. Stephanie anderson says:

    Hello! My name is Stephanie and I’m from New Richmond Wisconsin! My goals are to grow in my faith and become closer to God. Very excited and blessed to be able to have found and be apart of this group!

  102. Britannia says:

    Hi my name is Britannia, I am a wife and full time working mom of five four girls and one boy ages 3 to 14. My away from home job is teaching four year olds at the Christian school in my home town where all but two of my children also attend (one is to old the other is to young). My hope for this study is to become more consistent in my time spent in the word, and to be better able to meditate on the scripture I am studying at any particular time.

    • Hiya Britannia,
      Happy you are here with us, and I love what you are hoping for this study! Consistent in time management and mediation on scripture.

  103. stephanie whitaker says:

    Hello ladies! My name is Stephanie Whitaker I live in Frisco Texas. Would love to grow deeper in my walk with The Lord through this study. My husband and I are in the process of launching a very large marriage ministry at our church so really need prayers around this. Our prayer and hope is that it will serve as a place of hope and safety for those who are hurting and more importantly a place where each person finds Jesus and a deeper relationship with Him. :)

    • Stephanie! Hello from Indiana, praying for you and your marriage ministry!

    • Hello Stephanie! I just noticed your comment and that you live in Frisco. My husband and I live technically in Dallas but sort of in between Plano & Addison so we aren’t too far from you. I would love to chat with you a little bit and hear about this marriage ministry you are launching at your church. I’d love for you to email me (abigaildhawley@gmail.com) if you have some time. Thanks!!

  104. Ginger Smith says:

    Good Morning Girls!! My name is Ginger, living in Arizona, USA, originally from Illinois, USA. I am part of the GMG-Worldwide Facebook group lead by Velia Basson . Married to my sweetie 44+ years, mom to 2 adult children, grandma to 3 beautiful grandkids (w/ another coming this summer!) I have known Jesus for over 50 years and it is so exciting to see so many who desire to learn more about our God and how to walk “Intentionally Focused” on our relationship with Him. I am looking forward to a great time studying together. Blessings to everyone this morning!!

  105. Hi, I’m Karen from WV. I am also doing the Unveiled Wife 30 day program. This is my first time doing any thing like this. I hope to learn more about many things.
    I have come to realize that I need to focus on myself so that God can work on the issues in my marriage. Reading that is sounds strange but ,that is what it comes down to, is whats on my mind right now.

    • Alicia Sutton says:

      Hi Karen, I will keep your marriage in my prayers. I hope that doors will open for you through these studies! All things are possible with Him!

    • Vanessa Thompson says:

      Karen, I live in Beckley, WV. I do so hope you, like myself, are not effected by the water issue. Prayers for you!

      • Hi ladies, I live in Lewisburg, WV….so far, I have only seen the two of you from WV. I am glad to see you here. I am so excited to do this study!!!!!

  106. Hi, My name is Kathy Jo and I’m from Grapevine, Texas. My goal for this study is to help me bring a peaceful balance back into my life by focusing on Christ and learning to walk with a greater trust in Him and less striving from myself. Thank you for all the hard work you all put in to coordinate this online Bible Study. I appreciate it.

    • jULIE Musser says:

      Hi Kathy Jo,
      Just perusing all the comments. Didn’t think anyone local was on here till I came across you from Grapevine. My mom lives in Grapevine, and I live in Colleyville. I’m doing another bible study as well, so I hope I can keep the focus with both of them and God in the center of it all!

  107. Alicia Sutton says:

    Hi my name is Alicia and I am a young mom of 18 month old twin girls. My husband and I met and dated in high school and have been married for almost 4 years. I live in Pennsylvania and work two jobs and my husband works a full time swing. My goal for this is to actually be intentional and self-disciplined to do it every day. I mean if I can check my facebook then I have time to check the Bible. I know of some changes in my life that need to be made and I just don’t have the ambition to do it lately. So I am hoping that God will give me a good whack upside the head and get me going lol. This is also my first time joining one of the groups too!

    • Happy you are with us Alicia! Intentional and self-disciplined every day! GREAT point, if you have time to check facebook you can check your Bible! ♥ love that!

  108. Hello from snowy Minnesota! This is my third GMG study. I am very excited for this to start as each of the others I have done have helped me understand God’s word on a level I have never done before! I am hoping that this will be a wonderful fertilizer to grow more in Him.

  109. My name is Lindsey and I live in Denver, CO. This is my second GMG study and I’m so excited to start! My word for 2014 is Embrace and I want to embrace all that God has for me while silencing the fear. My goal for this study is not only to have intentional study time in God’s word but also that it will cement scripture in my head and heart to use to combat my fears and anxiety.

    • Hello Lindsey! Great to having you back with us and I love your word for 2014 – Embrace! Rest in him your fears and anxiety. I use to suffer with panic attacks (understand anxiety).

  110. Good Morning Girls! My name is Rosemary and I’m a proud Nana living in Alabama. My word for this new year is DWELL, so I’m hoping to dig into this study with that in mind… How to really dwell in God and let Him dwell in me. I’m so looking forward to it! ❤️ Hugs and thanks to all for the hard work that has gone into making this a reality for so many sisters in Christ!

  111. My hubby and I are in transition as we move from a beautiful mountain area to the big city in Southern California. It’s not an easy one to make so I’m very grateful for this online study while we look for a new church and study group. My goal for this study is that it will help me stay focused on God and all He is doing during this hectic time in my life. I did your Advent study as well and loved it. Thank you for this wonderful ministry!!

    • Doris,
      Glad you are here with us. Prayers for a smooth move and that you find a new church. We are blessed with so many women joining us through these studies!!

  112. TaMara Hamilton says:

    I am so bummed I missed out in the enrollment. But, thankful that I am able to download all of the material still. Will I be able to see the videos as well or just hv the materials? My name is TaMara I am from Georgia and have 4 kids ages 9 (almost 10), 12,13,14. So my world is very crazy, however in order for me to hear from God and be able to see the call he has on my life and not miss the opportunities, I have to be intentional about it! So I am looking forward to being intentional in all areas, my family, my work, my friends, my health, my home, others and most importantly my God.

    • Tamara! Glad you are here and glad to hear you got your materials! I’m looking forward to see where God is calling me next. Blessings!

    • Hi, Tamara,
      Yes, you will be able to see the videos and participate in the study by commenting here on the blog and on our Facebook page. You could also see if a personal friend would want to do the study — anyone who subscribes to the blog will get the materials and be able to jump in on their own or with a group of personal friends. :)

  113. Hello GMG girls!

    My name is Adriana and I am from Jacksonville, FL. I am 26 years old, recently graduated from my master’s, getting married in a couple of months, and preparing to live in my first home away from my family.
    My goals for this study are to grow in a deeper relationship with God as I take these transitional steps in my life. I have been raised Catholic all of my life, but I had just been going through the motions of what I was taught. About 6 months ago, I decided to explore God further after I felt that as I got older I was retaining less and less control of things in my life. I realized that God truly is in control! This is the first full study I am participating in and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for not only myself, but all of us.
    I want to strive to be the type of follower of God where people can sense the aura of Him around me. I want to give my life to Him because he has already written it for me. Trusting and loving Him (more than how much I already do) is what I pray this study will do.

    • Adriana, I am a Florida girl as well. How exciting that you are going to be digging into this great study as you get ready to get married! Blessings to you and your man. :)

    • Hello Adriana,
      Congratulations on your graduation and upcoming marriage. ♥ So glad you are here with us. Beautiful post – thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  114. Elizabeth says:

    Good morning, my name is Elizabeth. I currently live on the North Shore(Massachusetts). I love the idea of connecting with other sisters in Christ, though this is entirely new to me; it is my first online bible study…ever. I am so excited to begin this intentional 8-wk journey with you. I am longing to better know He who loves you and I, and share His love with others. Thank you for this invitation to join, learn and grow with each other. God bless you and your loved ones.

  115. Christene Catlin says:

    Hi my name is Christene Catlin and I have been a leader of small private group for about 5 sessions and a follower of GMG for 2 years. I have currently opened my group to accept online seekers of a home. I am nervous about having a successful group since it seems I might have many new Christ following moms.

    My private group has been a substance of strength and support. I am a stay at home mom of 4 years and now homeschooling mom. I lead morning a tradition morning service at my church in song and was diagnosed last fall with breast cancer. I have been in the middle of a valley where God is carrying but the light is at the end of the tunnel. I have 5 more treatment in my 16 weeks of treatment that run over the coarse of 20wks. God has truly shined in my life and I am ready to shine light in the others life. My group held strong during a time I was unable to lead and now has the strongest foundation centered in the Word I could possible want.

    • Christene, ♥ You have been such a great inspiration — leading your group and leading on God for all your strength during your surgery and treatment. You my friend are AWESOME and I’m glad you know you through GMG!

  116. Hi I’m from Clackamas Oregon. I’m a wife and Mother of grown children and a Grandma. I work full time and love to sew and quilt. God has been part of my life all my life, but I seriously started following Him about 10 years ago. I am a wonderful planner and starter, but in the last few years I haven’t been diligent about finishing things. Some things I do and some things I don’t. This year I want that to change, I want to finish all things I start. I want to do this study – and finish it :) so I can be better about finishing things in all areas of my life.

  117. Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am doing this bible study to help me focus on the word daily. I am a wife mother of 7 children. I have been a christian for 15 years. I am so excited to be doing this! I really LOVE the added part for children. I have been searching for years for things to do with my children, and you guys have provided the BEST one! Thanks for following what God showed you what to do. :) praying for a joyous study for all of us ladies.

  118. Hello! My name is Zina and I live in Bozeman, Montana. This is my first Bible Study besides the Advent study in December. My goal is to connect with God and to get to know Him better. I also want to develop new friendships and to grow in my walk with the Lord. Thank you and may God continue to bless GMG!

  119. Hi Ladies!! My name is Amber my family and I recently moved to Discovery Bay California from Idaho. We could sure us some prayers as we search for a new church family. I am also so excited to go deeper with Jesus and to be even more amazed by him daily. As our family gets intentionally focused and settled into such a new adventure. Thanks ladies….blessings to all as we come to the table of our Lord.

  120. Hello, I am Janet from Grand Junction, CO. I am so excited that I found GMG and about this study! This is my first GMG study, and I am leading a group. One of my goals is to slow down and truly listen to God, to hear what He wants me to hear and follow His lead. I am so thankful that He has gathered together a few friends, and many new friends to share in this study.

  121. Hi I’m Becky from Indianapolis the snowy capital city of Indiana. After 20 years in the insurance industry, I am a stay at home Mom to my daughter who is a senior in highschool. My career ended in February of 2013 and I have had some major life “stuff” happen over the past year. I’m a seasoned Christian trying to put structure in my days and figure out my identity at 44 years old. :)

    • Hello Becky,
      Indianapolis here as well. Nice to meet you! My husband’s career ended in 2013, major changes for our family as well. Blessings to you!

    • Hi Becky. I used to live in the small town of Lapel (my husband and I were married in a little country church between there and Indy 20 yrs ago). I, too, just recently ended a long career in the medical field and am struggling to bring structure to my days. I’m trying to launch an online business and it’s so hard to find that balance. Our son is a senior in college, and the fact I will soon truly have an empty nest is sinking in and causing sadness.

  122. Tricia Page says:

    Hi! I am Tricia, I live in Murrieta, California. I am sooooo looking forward to this study to turn my focus back on God. I’ve walked with the Lord for 29 years but recently have really struggled with my focus being only on Him because of problems at home. It’s so easy to direct all my energy and attention to what’s going on rather than on my Creator who promises to see me through all things. This study is a gift from God!!!!!

    • Tricia, I hear you. It’s been a crazy season at our house as well, and I am thankful that this study is going to help me to put my focus in the right place as we start 2014.

  123. Good Morning!!
    My name is Kiley and I live just outside of Columbus, Ohio! I have a goal of learning a new way to study the Bible and Gods Word!! This is my first in depth Bible Study and I am also looking forward to being held accountable in the email group I and apart of…I need that sometimes!!!

    • Kiley, I love the SOAP format that we use for Bible study here at Good Morning Girls — it seems so simple, but I learn so much. Glad you are joining us for this study!

  124. Bonnie Deroski says:

    Hi. I’m Bonnie from Tinton Falls, NJ. I am a director of children’s ministry and met a fellow CM lady online on FB. She offered this study and it’s perfect for me! I am so excited to be doing my first virtual bible study. This is the first I’ve heard of GMG and what a blessing. I am looking forward to learning more about God and myself thru this study. Blessings to all the other ladies.

    • Bonnie, we are glad that you found us. I hope this study will encourage you as you continue to serve Him faithfully in Children’s Ministry. Thanks for serving!

  125. Hi! My name is Kim and I am from Pembroke, Georgia. I am so looking forward to this study. I have let myself slip away from spending time daily in God’s word and really need to get myself back into it. I know He has a purpose for me in this season of my life and I need to be able to hear and see where He is leading me. Thank you for offering this study. May God continue to bless you.

    • Kim, I love studying the Bible in this format. It has really helped me to stay in the Word. I hope this will be a great experience for you as well.

  126. Lou ann ratliff says:

    Good morning girls! I am probably the oldest girl here at 56. Mother of 2 daughters stepmom to 5 daughters and nana to 11. Married 8 1/2 years. Have had a few attacks from Satan over the last couple of years and planning to use thus study to stay intentionally focused on God. His power will keep me equipped for all future attacks and this study will help me in all the areas of my life. May He be glorified in us all.

    • Hello Lou Ann! I’m just a tad bit older than you. I must say I was happy to see someone closer to my age. I’ve just been glancing thru some of the comments and I noticed a 60yr old too. So happy to be studying God’s Word with all these young ladies and a few of us oldies scattered around. It’s going to be awesome.

  127. onyi akogu says:

    Hi, am Onyi , Originally from Nigeria but i live in New Brunswick Canada. I am a mother of 3. This is my first time joining GMG and am loving it!!!!! I am in a FB group and also email group. I hope to get closer to God and have a lasting relationship with him.

  128. Hello all,
    My name is Yessica. I live in Chicago. After doing the Thanksgivig study and the Advent study, I’m excited to join you all in this one. I too would love to have peace, faith, an attitude that makes people draw to me so they can in turn draw to our Heavenly Father. I’m excited for what’s to come!

  129. Hi my name is Julie. I’m from the Chicagoland area. This is my first GMG study. I was invited by a friend to join and am excited. My hope is to intentional find time for God, not just when I need something. My other hopes are to become a leader in all the social area of my life but most specifically in home. Even my 11 year old is wanting to read along with me. :)

  130. My name is Vanessa and I live in Beckley, WV, USA
    I have spent 51 years, 23 of those as a “believer,” focused on my wants, my needs, my desires. The goal for this study is to focus more on Him, to make each area of my life and each part of me, centered on Christ Jesus.

  131. Hi, I am from Elizabethtown, PA and I’ve been studying with GMG since last September. These studies have really helped me grow spiritually and grow closer to the Lord. He has revealed to me things I need to work on as a person, such as patience. My goal for this study is to dig in deeper and grow even closer to Him. I want my joy for Him to overflow from me and be so abundant and recognizable, that it pours onto others. Thank you GMG for these wonderful studies! They have absolutely helped me in my walk with Jesus.

    • Jenna, what a beautiful goal! May His love overflow in and through us! :)

    • Hello Jenna,
      So very glad to hear that you’ve been with GMG since last year! With each study I grow deeper in my relationship with God. I love them! Thank you for being here and taking this journey with all of us!

  132. Hi! I’m from eastern Colorado and originally from western Kansas. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for 11 years. Our sweet daughter, Kylee, is 7 and our silly boy, Jayce, is 4. I also currently work outside the home as a financial controller in the agriculture industry. After discovering a love for running almost two years ago, I’ve struggled with having a consistent time in God’s word. I’m hoping to get that balance back through this study. In case that’s not all enough I began blogging about my journey about a year ago at http://sharethejourneyhebrews1212.blogspot.com.

  133. Teresa Graham says:

    Hello. My name is Teresa and I am from Dublin GA. This is my first GMC study. My one word for this year is Jubilee! ( I turn 50 this year) My desire is a greater renewing of God’s love and will in my life. That I may reach out and be a witness to others.

  134. Jill Knight says:

    My name is Jill and I am so excited about this study. I have done GMG studies in the past but not since last spring. I can’t wait to draw closer to God and become more intentionally focused but I feel that Satan is attacking me and not wanting me to do this. We are a pretty healthy family and rarely sick but since signing up to do this study someone in my household has been sick and now it is more than one of us. It has not been serious illnesses just strep and stomach viruses but as a busy homeschooling mom this has disrupted our lives greatly. Pray for health and God’s protection as I strive to make my life more focused on Him.

  135. Hi
    I am Estelle and I am from Luxembourg originally.
    I hope to become more intentional about my life and the way I apply my faith as I do not want to waste the short lives we have. thank you.

  136. Hi! My name is Christa, and I live in the U.P. of Michigan wayyyyyyy north in the peninsula that sticks up into Lake Superior. :-) I have been doing GMG studies forever, I can’t even remember how long! Probably since your first one! ;-) I am SO excited to get started and dig into God’s word…especially love the title “Intentionally Focused”. I need to be more intentionally focuses – now more than ever! My family as a unit is listening for God to tell us what He wants us to do next, and it’s so exciting to sit back and see what will take place. :-) Can’t wait for Monday!!!

    • Christa, so glad you are back for another study! May God give you clear direction as you lean into Him and dig into His Word for this study. :)

  137. Hi Ladies!!! My name is Shannon and this is my first study with GMG. I’m very excited about it. I’m from Illinois in USA and I’ve joined a Facebook group, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! I hope to connect with God on a much deeper level. Thank you for all you are doing to enhance this journey for all of us!!

  138. I’ve been a Christian for 41 years, but am just coming out (or hope I’m coming out) of a dark, desert time in my life. I desperately need focus in all areas of my life to be healthy in every realm. My family recently left the church we’ve attended and been very involved in for the past 9 years. I need community while we search for a new church home. I live in northern VA.

  139. Hello and Good Morning, my name is Dawn and I am from Oregon. This is my first online Bible Study. I am looking to grow more comfortable in my walk with God.

  140. Hi everyone,
    My name is Sharon and I am from sunny southern California!!! I have four kids, seven and under! I am doing this study because I feel like God is on the edge of revealing something big He wants me to do with my life. I feel like he is prompting me to seek Him out more intensely to reveal whatever it is. He has been putting resources in front of me lately to help me seek Him and I feel like this study is one of them. I am so excited to jump in!!! Praying for all of you!

  141. Hi. I am Jenny and I recently moved from Alaska to Botswana. Thank you for doing these studies. I have really needed the encouragement. The last year and a half have really been a roller coaster for us. My goal for this study is to continue to grow in my walk with God and be intentional about ministering to the people He brings me into contact with- no matter what.

    • Hi Jenny. I have really close friends in Lobatse. I pray you will bear much fruit as you minister to the people of Botswana! God bless, April

  142. Miranda Sims says:

    I’m Miranda, from Marianna, FL. My goal for this Bible Study is to have a closer intimate relationship with GOD. To gain/attain a deep love and desire to study HIS Word. And to apply everything GOD opens up to me to my daily life, so I can be better equipped to hear, see the things of GOD and can be an effective witness for HIS Glory. So I can be a light & example to those around me and they will want for themselves what GOD has given me.

  143. I’m Jessica I live outside of a small town in Nebraska. I was blessed enough to stumble upon GMG and love the encouragement and the SOAP method. This My 1st study I have done with the group. I joined because I am looking for fellowship and most importly to become closer to God and study his world.

  144. Hi! My name is Sylvia and am from Orwell, Oh, a small town on the outskirts of the 5th largest Amish settlement in Middlefield Oh. I lead a Women’s Bible Study group of mostly ex-Amish women who have left the Amish community behind & are now all living life for Christ. We are all married Mom’s with children ranging from babies to teenagers, some stay home & some working, some homeschooling (I am one of them) & most of us serving in church ministries. Our group meets weekly and this is our 1st GMG study. We are excited to begin this study and are praying that God will work in mighty ways to strengthen our walk with Him in all areas of our life!! God bless all the women of GMG who have made this study what it is…to Him be the glory! Thank you for ALL that you do :)

  145. My name is Jen and I am a single mother of 4 children. GMG has been such a blessing to me. My goal this study is to do just what it says… Focus. I have been struggling with losing my focus on the Lord and I need to pull the reigns in and slow down and concentrate on my Savior.

    • Jen, So happy you are here with us for this study! I know the Lord will honor your endeavor to focus on Him–to slow down and be in His presence. Blessings to you!

  146. Good Morning Sweet Friends!! I am so excited be here! My name is Becky and this is my first study with GMG! I live in Brentwood, TN. I’m jumping up and down also, Whitney, at the amazing number of women around the world that are about to connect together! (That doesn’t include women that haven’t sign up but will go to the website every morning!!:)
    I am a mother of 2 amazing boys ages 9 and 7. I have been divorced for almost 3 years and those 3 years have brought me closer to The King than I could have ever imagined! So Thankful for this time that God allowed in my life even though it’s been the hardest thing in my life to ever go through. Anyways.. my goal is to just S.l.o.w D.o.w.n. and be more intentional about my time. we are on the run constantly to sports, friends, school etc. I am so excited to also do the Prayer Journal with my boys!! Thank you for offering that amazing resource for our children. I was cringing yesterday when Whitney made that face of seeing the kids come down the steps too early in the morning, when we aren’t ready for them yet :) I was a Guilty Momma over here!
    Can’t wait for monday morning with you great ladies and my bible and coffee in hand!
    I’m HIS Daughter,

  147. Hi I am Brenda and I live in a small rural town in Missouri, Mountain Grove and teach in an even smaller town Willow Springs.
    I started with GMG with the Anything study and loved it. I am a Christian, a child of God, and I thank you for all that
    you do. These studies are my lifeline.
    The devil is working so hard in my life and my goals are exactly like yours.
    Of course, you said it much better! :) I want people to see the change, to wonder what, why, and how.
    I want God to move in my life and open doors giving me the courage and strength to go through them.
    I want God to speak through me, for when I speak I just get myself in trouble and hurt people.

    • Hi, Brenda! I started with GMG in the Anything study too! It was fantastic! I have been here ever since, and plan to stay! I have learned that we need to be intentional; to know our goals and where we want to go and then take steps to get there. You took the first step by setting your goals, now here you are in the study! God is moving in you! I am excited for and with you!

  148. Hi all!! I’m from Columbus, Oh. This is my first study, I am hoping this study will help me get into reading my Bible consistently. I’m really bad about starting things and not following through so hoping that being a leader will help keep me motivated and accountable.

    • Hi, Brittany, so great that you jumped in to not only be in a study but to lead it! Thank you, and happy that you are with us! {Leadership Encourager}

  149. Good Morning! My name is Beth and I am from Baltimore, MD. I am a Stay at Home Mom and I just feel like I need some focus. I think that might be my “One Word”! I am really looking forward to spending regular time in God’s word and really focusing on His Peace for me. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I just know that when I take my eyes off of myself and my circumstances and focus them more on God and His truth, I am more stable. I am excited to begin this Study!

  150. Christina says:

    Hi my name is Christina and I’m from Eastland, Texas. 2011 I went from being a healthy, hard working, busy single mom to paralyzed from neck down and on a ventilator all from a rare auto-immune disease. It was 3 days into the battle of trying to fight death and in-between being in a coma that I looked at my earthly father and wanted him to pray and ask to Lord in my life. Since then, and 2014 being 3 years in recovery, with the Lords help I am talking, breathing, being a mom again, and walking with some limitation and the best part I’m not done with recovery, everyday something more is strengthen physically. If it hadn’t been for God being in my life I would’ve gave up the battle, and depression would’ve destroyed me. I’ve been following GMG since Thanksgiving and knowing I’m involved in a group with a lot of woman that encourages and worship the same God helps me to stay focus on God as well as teaches me understand his word. I’m the type person that needs a buddy to complete any task and GMG is my my buddy in helping me stay focus with God.. Thank you ladies.

  151. Hi! My name is Danielle. I’m from Baton Rouge, LA.
    I found your group on Facebook a few days ago and encouraged my sister and friends to join. I need the additional accountability. It’s so awesome to see that we will be studying with ~13,000 women!!!!
    My goal for this session is to improve my relationship with God so I can truly be a blessing in my home and my community.
    I’m really excited to become more focused and rooted in the Word!
    P.S. I’m a full time student, wife, and mother of a six week old. My son was born on Thanksgiving which happened to be my husband’s birthday last year. He was 8 weeks early and perfectly healthy. We have so many reasons to be thankful!!!! Please keep us in your prayers as we are new to parenthood.

    • Congratulations to you and your husband on becoming new parents, Danielle! Babies don’t come with instruction books, but the Lord will lead and guide. Teach him the word and speak it to him even now. God will work in his spirit. :) So happy you are here studying with us, and learning how to be intentional and focused! {Leadership Encourager}

  152. Good Morning. My name is Wanda. I am recently retired and recently moved to Apple Valley, CA. I knew when I saw your invitation to the Bible Study that you were an answer to my prayer. With all that my husband and I are going through right now, focusing on God is hard to maintain when the daily problems seem to take every ounce of energy. When I do stop, relax and rely on God, all is easier. Hopefully, your classes will help to keep my priorities straight. I am excited to be able to participate in this. And thank you for offering this course.

  153. Hi! My name is Danielle. I’m from Baton Rouge, LA.
    I found your group on Facebook a few days ago and encouraged my sister and friends to join. I need the additional accountability. It’s so awesome to see that we will be studying with ~13,000 women!!!!
    My goal for this session is to improve my relationship with God so I can truly be a blessing in my home and my community.
    I’m really excited to become more focused and rooted in the Word!

  154. Catherine says:

    I live in McCalla, AL. I am a working mother with two young boys. Life often feels too stressful these days. My goal this year, and with this study (my first with GMG) is to find rest in His word. In other words, when I feel overwhelmed, be in His word enough to have scripture come to my mind to give me rest and draw me closer to Him, and ultimately be more like Christ.

  155. Hollie Lott says:

    Good Morning! I am Hollie from Slapout, Alabama (yes I said Slapout :-) I have been a stay at home mom of 4 kids (21,18,14,11) for 20 years until about 6 months ago. I now work part time as my children are getting older, and the first one of my children to actually go away for college left this year! We have been going through so much transition! With that being said, I have been in a rut. I have been feeling like I have just been going through the motions as far as my relationship with Christ; as well as life in general. I am so looking forward to this study! God’s timing is amazing!

  156. Teisea Kostner says:

    My name is Teisea and I’m from Boone, IA. I’m leading my first group ever, stepping way outside my comfort zone, but I believe God has called us to encourage one another. The women I am in group with are apart of our homeschooling group, so I know them. I hope to see others people view on God’s Word and how He is impacting them through His Word. I found GMG from another blog I was reading. Thank you for this opportunity.

  157. Good Morning from sunny California. I’m feeling real guilty about that as I slip on my flip flops. ;-) (We may have great weather right now, but trust me there are tons of challenges living here.)

    I’m wife to Superman, Mama to a daughter (10), son (5), & homeschool & bible study teacher. I’ve been digging & being challenged by HIS WORD with GGM for a while & have just started my daughter with them. I’m anxious to see the children’s resources for this one.

    My goal this session is to dig in & set my heart on making sure there is no area in my life that is sectioned off from the LORD. My pursuit is to truly be all for HIM not just words I say but in my heart & actions.

    Thanking HIM for you.

  158. Jaime McLeod says:

    Hi! My name is Jaime McLeod and I am from Saskatoon, SK which is in Canada. I love doing these bible studies and am so grateful for all you ladies who put it together. I take the time to write out these studies and I also write them out for my three kids to do. I have been married to my wonderful husband and best friend for 14 years and we have three awesome kids starting with Brittany (14), Chelsea (12) and Tyson (10). My New Years resolution is to be more involved in our church and community this year and I am hoping to get some answers for that through this study. Thanks again for all you do and God bless you all! Know that you are also prayed for!

  159. Hello! I am Chris & live it Salt Lake City, Utah. I am so excited to start this study on Monday! The last few years have been a long journey for my family with A lot of time spent away from The Lord, dwelling on our own self-pity. I am excited for a new year and my rededication to The Lord. I know that my life can be full when I lean and trust on the Him and now it’s time to start living that again. Thank you for putting this study together, thank you for brining all of us together to know Him and ourselves better.

  160. NIcole Minnich says:

    Hi my name is Nicole Minnich I’m from Fresno California.
    My goal with this study is not only to gain a deeper relationship with my God but to have the ability and confidence in showing people that he is their God to and that he loves them so deeply.

  161. hello everyone! I am so excited to be here and to meet all you wonderful women of God. I am called Sylvia Subo. I live in Uganda and single but believing God for an amazing husband at his appointed time. May be this year! :). I am a singer in my church. I love worshiping so much. Well, this is my second time to enroll in this study. I feel so blessed sharing the word of God together with you and I am so hopeful that thru this study, God is going to amazing work thru us all. Thanks so much. love you. I hope one you all come to Uganda. :)

  162. leah hattix says:

    Hi Im Leah, Im from San Jose Ca. I am looking forward to really being focused on the Lord in this study. Life changes are happening in my life right now. And Im not a huge fan of change. Im really looking forward to hearing what the Lord has instore for me. Whether my plan is inline with his and if its not that he reveal his plan for me. Cant wait for this study to start!

    • I’m from Santa Cruz! We moved to Kentucky four years ago and I miss California dreadfully. An In n Out burger right now would be great!

  163. Hi. My name is Nancy and I live in Colorado Springs. My computer crashed last Monday so I’m having to use my Kindle for the time being. It’s a different experience! I can’t believe that there are sisters from all over God’s green earth participating in this study!!! Like many of you, I feel the need to become more intentional. What a great name!!! I’ve been holding onto a lot of bitterness lately that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I also want to get to know God better because I’ll be spending eternity with Him!!!

  164. Pamela Behiel says:

    Hi! My name is Pam and I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada. I’ve followed your studies for the last year but have never been part of a group. Just getting used to taking “God and me” time out of my busy days and I’m being rewarded greatly. Love your emails, they keep me moving forward when I let life distract me. Your ministry is amazing and it’s so encouraging to see how many people are involved! My goal for this study is to grow more in wisdom of how to intentionally do life and make life choices with God in the forefront. So excited to see what God has in store for me! Thanks for your time, your work, and for sharing your journey. Praying Romans 15:13 for all involved.

  165. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I live in Hauser,ID. In the past 2 years I have renewed my relationship with Jesus. I am so excited to be a part of this Bible study. I even invited a few friends to join with me! My goal with this study is to strengthen my passion for Jesus and learn more about his plan for my life. Thank you so much.

  166. LAUREN SABA says:

    Hi, I’m Lauren and I live in Dallas, Texas. My goal with this study is to get in the habit of consistently spending one-on one time with God. I pray that I will DESIRE to do this, that I will look forward to it, and will not want to go a day without it. I am lukewarm right now- but want my potential in Christ to be revealed. I’m excited to start this study and really appreciate you all that put it together!!

  167. This is my first GMG bible study. I work outside the home and was looking for a weekly bible study that I could participate in. Usually the bible studies are during the day while I am at work. I was so excited when I ran across GMG bible study. I am starting a new season in my life this year. Our youngest child will be going away to college and our oldest will be getting married at the end of the year. I am looking to grow my relationship with the Lord and to have some clear directions on this next phase in my life.

  168. I’m Tanya and I’m a group leader in Northern Ireland. We love the studies and I am SO excited about this one. I really feel as if it’s been written just for me and what God is telling me right now – so thank you from the bottom of my heart! And yes I’d love to meet up with you all for a coffee so if you are EVER in Ireland at all let me know!!!! :)

  169. Greetings! I’m Lacey from Stevensville, MT. My goals for this study are to become more consistent in reading the word and praying. I seem to get caught up in the stresses of my everyday life and am I often lost in the whirlwind of thoughts that go through my head. I was excited to hear about this study; it seems like just what I need. Thank you so much for your ministry! God speed!

  170. Michelle collins says:

    Hi all! My name is Michelle and I’m from North Carolina. I am really looking forward to this study. I want to really grow closer to God and make Him my priority and focus. I can’t wait to get started :)

  171. susan birckett says:

    Hi, my name is susan. I have a wonderful husband of two years and he told me that God has spoken to him and has called him to be a pastor. I am very excited and a. bit nervous because to have a role as a pastors wife, it feels like all eyes are watching to see when you stunble and fall. I want to grom closer to God, be the witness he would have me to be. I look forward to this next eight weeks of bible study with my new expanded family

  172. Maly camarillo says:

    Good Morning Girls!!
    You guys have been such a blessing to my life and God has done such wonderful things in these study times that I couldn’t keep this to myself and had to share it with the women in my church! :) I just started to lead a group for the women in our church and they are all sooo excited to start living in focus! I am from cd Juarez, Mexico border with El Paso, Tx. and yes sooooo grateful you guys have your materials translated to spanish!!! :D your spanish team is such a blessing!! May God bless you all and continue working for his kingdom!! Hugs!

    • It’s so wonderful to see your excitement, Maly! Thanks for sharing! And I’ll pass on your message to our Spanish translator team.

  173. Amy macks says:

    I’m Amy and I live around Greenville, South Carolina. My children study at Clemson and we have 5 goats, 2 dogs, and a cat. My goal is to sit still and listen to Him in his word. To often I get so busy with all to do around here, the day is done and I haven’t just sat still at His feet

  174. Hello Sisters in The Lord! I am Carol from Chandler Arizona. This is my first GMG Bible Study. Looking forward to this journey with you precious ladies! I am praying to be more intentionally focused on leading my life in all areas to be more like JESUS! To be intentional with my thoughts!
    Thank you Ladies for all that you do in furthering the Kingdom Of God❤️

  175. Hi
    Jennifer from Arlington, VA. I’m hoping to get a deeper meaning to the scriptures. No matter how many times you read a verse HE reveals something new. Also, hoping to become more disciplined in my Bible Study time.

  176. Michelle C says:

    Hi ladies, I’m Michelle & I’m from England-I’ve not tried a Bible study before but I’m looking forward to it and hoping to draw a little closer to our Father with you all and learning more about His word.

  177. Rae Lynn phillips says:

    I am Rae Lynn from Syracuse, KS. I loved the Thanksgiving and Advent studies and am looking forward to this one as well. My goal is to spend more time studying, learning and listening to God’s words for me and to deepen my relationship with him. I am in a group with some friends, some I know and others I’ve just met through the group and I am very excited to share this experience with them.

  178. Elizabeth says:

    Morning Sisters!
    My name is Elizabeth and I live in a little town name Edgewood in the gorgeous state of Washington! I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 5.5 years and we have two beautiful little girls. Violet is 3 and Scarlet is 1, I am blessed to be a stay-at-home-mommy to them.
    My goal and prayer for this study is to learn to grow closer and closer to God! I was saved at the age of 5, but have never worked on getting closer to him. As a kid I just figured being saved was enough, but as an adult I realize it is so much more than that! He truly has been working in my life and I am so excited to see what else he has in store. :)
    I enjoy seeing where everyone is from, so cool!!

  179. Magda koskey says:

    Hi my name is Magda,

    I Live at Fort Knox KY, I am a ARMY wife :)
    It is my first time here and I am so excited to keep followin Love with God’s word. I want Him to be my First priority on everything that He is blessing me with.
    Thank you all of you for you Obidience to Him and are making this Bible Study possible.

  180. Hi! I live in Riga, Latvia. My intentions for this study is to stay focused not only during my quite time but through the whole day, and hear more of Him and less of me.

  181. Shantelle Herrington says:

    Hi! I currently live in Pennsylvania “Amish Country” where my husband pastors a very small (about 12 faithful members) church. We are from southeast Louisiana, so this has been a huge transition for us! We do love it here, but being a stay at home mom (of a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl) and part of such a small church, it gets very lonely for me (my husband works a job outside of the church as well). I am taking advantage of this loneliness and learning to spend more time with the Lord and fellowship with Him. I am very excited about beginning this new Bible Study. This will be my first time to study with you guys and I am looking forward to digging deeper into His Word and also connecting with other women seeking a deeper relationship with our Lord! Thank you for providing this study and encouragement!!

    • Hi, Shantelle. I probably live sort of close to you in Maryland. I’m in the northeastern part, and I can very easily drive up to Lancaster and “see the sights” especially the quilt shops. Glad you are here.

  182. Hello, ladies! My name is Tammy Mollohan and I am from Beckley, WV. I have completed several of the GMG’s studies and look forward to the “Intentionally Focused” study. This study could not have come at a better time in my life. I am blessed to lead a group of ladies, who hold each other accountable to studying the word of God each day! Thank you to the entire team at Good Morning Girls! I am so thankful that God has brought each of you into my life. You are changing lives through carrying out the calling that God has given you to do! May He bless each one of you as you continue His work!

    My goals for this session include:
    1. Intentionally focus on Him every day! This begins with rising first thing in the morning and meeting Him in His Word and spending time alone with Him.
    2. Allow the Word of God to transform my thinking and my actions each day.
    3. Intentionally focus on those who God places in my life.

  183. Hi ladies!! I am Claudia Rojas from Houston Texas! I am a newlywed as of October ❤️ This is my first GMG Bible Study as I just recently discovered this blog and I am so very excited!! I would like to strengthen my relationship with Him and to grow spiritually not only for myself, but for my marriage and family. I feel if I strengthen myself properly early on, I am armed in a better way to handle life as it comes.

    • Hi Claudia,
      So excited to see what God is going to do for you and through you during this session!

      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  184. Stephanie says:

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I live in NC. I am very excited! My intentions are to grow closer to God and apply His Word to every part of my life. I want others to see Jesus in me.

  185. Tami Throener says:

    I’m Tami I live in Fairbury, Nebraska. My goal is to stay connected, and focused! Life gets in the way, and procrastination leads to missing days with God. I’m missing the best God has for me because of my inconsistent study and time with him. I’m praying that being intentionally focused will bring me closer to the Lord, to live out His will in my life, and to know Him deeper!
    I’m excited to be a part of this study!

    • Hi Tami,
      I love how you are positioning yourself and preparing yourself to put God first. Great to have you with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  186. GinaMamaCake says:

    Hiya girls! Thanks for the coffee date this morning :) I am Gina from western Kansas. I found you some time ago but just hopped onto a study at the end of Luke. Then I became a leader and have been doing my best to lead since. My hope for this study and this year is to make my daily time with the Lord a normal, routine part of my day, a habit, so that it comes easily. I enjoy ya’ll so much! I can start reading the emails and know which one of you wrote it by your ‘voice’ before I even get to the signature. Thank you for your ministry!!

  187. Hi My name is Miyoung. My husband Chris and I have 2 boys and recently had our final baby girl! =) We live in Alaska and my husband is getting ready to deploy soon (prayers please). I am a full time mom and also a full time student. I am actually atmy last semester and getting ready to graduate in May. (woot woot) This is my second study with GMG and really have enjoyed SOAP method. I am looking forward to another great study with you all and can’t wait to see what God has prepared for us all.

    • Hi Miyoung,
      My goodness, you are so busy. So awesome to see you making the Lord a priority in your hectic life. Great to have you here!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  188. I am new to Good Morning Girls so, this is my first study. I am very excited about God leading to this path. I plan on doing this study with my daughter as well as my 10yr old young man. I can’t wait to begin and thank you. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

    • Hi Katrina,
      Love that you are studying God’s Word with your babies! Great to have you with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  189. Hi Everyone! I’m a transplanted southern girl (Knoxville, TN) living in the country near Kansas City, MO. This is my first official GMG study (I did the Advent study). I LOVE the SOAP method of getting in the word! My husband, Shane and I will celebrate 20 years this summer. We are blessed with 4 wonderful children that have “Awesome God” adoption stories. We are long time home educators (hubby was 1st gen).

    I NEED to get intentional and organized in my life. I have struggled with illness (hormone, thyroid and adrenal fatigue) for several years and have floundered as we’ve adjusted to “normal” again.

    Can’t wait to start this study!

    • Hi Christine,
      Excited for you as you establish your “new normal”. So great to have you with us.
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  190. connie copenhaver says:

    A bit about who I am…
    Teacher of 70 or more gifted and talented students.
    Wife of just over 35 years of marriage.
    Mom to two adult sons and their wives; my daughter-in-loves.
    Grammy to one 19 month old & 18 month old boys with our sweet girl to arrive in spring.
    Sister, okay the oldest, of four girls.
    Native Coloradoan…adopted Okie!
    Best if all “Jesus girl!”

  191. Jennifer Chatman says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer! I live in NE TN. I decided to do this Bible study because I want to go deeper in my walk with God. Also I am coming up on my four year Aniversary at the end of this month on the 30th and I’m not only wanting to learn how to draw closer to God myself, but I am wanting to see my husband have more of a desire for the things of God. I want to learn how to help him to learn how to draw closer to God as well without feeling pushy. I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this Bible study. May God continue to bless each of you as you continue to encourage all of us.

    In Christ,
    Jennifer Chatman

    • Hi! Jennifer, what part of east TN? Our family is in the process of moving to the Morristown area. I signed up for this Bible study to help me stay consistent during this time of transition. Looking forward to this study and I will pray for you as you seek to be a godly wife to your husband and that he will be greatly encouraged by your example. Blessings!

    • Hi! This is my first study with Good Morning Girls. Our family is in the process of moving to a new state for the sixth time. As we enter this time of transition, I have found myself resisting and not wanting to be the new girl again after finally feeling settled and established in an area. That said, I really want to follow God and don’t want to miss what He has for our family in this new chapter. My goal for this study is to really hear from the Lord, to have my mind renewed through His Word, and then to live out His will.

  192. Emily Dixon says:

    Guten Tag! I am an Air Force Veteran and Spouse. I am originally from Lexington, KY, but we are currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. I am also a stay-at-home mom for my darling 2.5 year old boy. This is my first GMG study. Though I’ve done a few studies before, this for me, will be my first real study. My goal is to complete the study, as travels, tiny tot activities, and a dad away at school compete for my time and focus. My prayer for this journey is that the ears of my heart will be open so I can fully absorb His word. It is also my intent to lead a small group of spouses in my area through the following Spring session. I’ll likely be a “Good Evening Girl”, as that tends to be the free time in my day!

  193. Donna vaughn says:

    Good morning girls!
    A group of friends from Paris, Tn want to do the Intentionally Focused Bible study…but we missed the enrollment date…You said we could still follow the study…what do we need to do? Thanks and can’t wait!

    • Hi Donna,
      Yes, enrollment is closed, but you can always share your thoughts and reflections each day on the Good Morning Girls facebook page under the daily verses as well as sign up for emailed blog posts here, so you don’t miss anything!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

      • Donna vaughn says:

        But how do we access the materials and online study?

        • On this blog site at the bottom of your screen, you should see “Subscribe to get your free bible study materials”. Enter your email address and once you receive your emails (every Mon, Wed, Fri), the files are located at the bottom of each for download. If you go to the GMG facebook page, each verse is posted daily, so you can post your SOAP along with other women.

    • Donna, you can also still register as a leader if you do it soon – and then you’ll be able to access the Leader’s Guide and other materials. And be in a group for leaders where Terria is available to help! Go to ‘Groups’ on the menu bar, and then ‘Be a Leader.’ Find and fill out the form to register/enroll as a leader. That form will be open for a few more days. Welcome to GMG!

      • Donna vaughn says:

        I tried to register as a leader for our group…but I did not see the password for the leader’s group on the FB page…should I have? Or will it be emailed to me?
        I would like to be able to print the materials before Monday and to be able to answer questions from our members.
        Thank you for your help!

        • The password is listed ABOVE the yellow banner “Leaders Only Password” on the Intentionally Focused-Leaders facebook page. Sorry for the miscommunication earlier, Donna. I didn’t know you were leading the group. So excited for you!
          ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  194. Hi there! I am a stay home, homeschooling mom of 5. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This will be my first study with GMG and I am so excited! God has really been working on me the past few years, well, actually my whole life, but lately, it feels like never before. I am praying that God will open my eyes where He really wants me to be and focus on. I have felt quite scattered the last few years. Honestly, I love being home with all our kids and homeschooling, but I find it hard. I am believing for great things throughout this time! I am so excited! I am also starting a cleanse/detox for health reasons so am believing this will be a powerful time for God and I! Thank you so much for doing this!

    • Hi Rachelle,
      So nice to meet you. Praying you will experience God’s overflowing presence in your life during this session. Glad you are with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  195. My hope is to get closer to the Lord through this study.

    • Hi Debbie,
      You can’t help but get closer to the Lord when you open your heart to Him. He says when you draw near to me, I draw near to you. So excited for you.
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  196. amy mCcavour says:

    Good morning! My name is Amy and I call Gresham, Oregon home. This is my first experience with GMG and I am really looking forward to meeting with you all each day! My goal in this study is to deepen my relationship with God and learn more about Him. I want to have a special time each day that I focus completely on Him.


  198. Hello hello all. My name is Nikki. I’m from a small rural town in Central PArk on the Susquehanna River. I’ve been here since the Anything study. I love how it keeps me in the Word. I enjoy the studies a lot. My Bible study time has been lacking lately. I end up getting exhausted by the time I put the kiddos to bed and don’t ever seem to have the energy to get into it. My goal is to come out of this study different. I want people to look at me and see Christ. I want to draw so close to Him that being tired or anything else won’t keep me away. I want to learn how to rest with Him.

  199. I’m Diane from Mobile, AL. I’m 28 and I’ve been married to my best friend for over 9 years. I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four precious children ages 7, 6, 3, and 21 months (first 3 are boys and the baby is a girl). My husband and I have recently made some huge leaps of faith and it has been rewarding but also overwhelming and I have found myself trying to run from God here lately as I am just overwhelmed at times! I really want to get back to being focused on Him and living inside His will so I am really looking forward to this study. It’s my first one with GMG!


  201. Hi! I’m Shawn and I’m from Colville, WA. I’m excited to be doing another study with you all- this is my 3rd! I’m a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3. My goal is to draw closer to the Lord and learn from Him. To see what He wants me to be focused on. I am excited to see so many young mothers commenting on here- you’ll love it!

  202. So excited to start this study on Monday with all of you. I’ve been enjoying yournstudies for almost two yrs now. My family and I live in Kenya and work with an unreached people group here that have been displaced from their home country. I invited my close friend from TX to join me so we are both looking forward to learning how to be more intentional.

    • How wonderful, Brandi! I see from reading the comments there is another woman living in Kenya also doing this study. And my husband is there on a mission trip right now, so your post jumped right out at me. Welcome to GMG!

  203. Hello I’m Crystal, I live in Yantis a little town in East Texas. I’m married and have two young boys 1 &2 year old. I’m new on my walk with Christ. I really want to learn more ways to show my children the right ways to follow Christ but 1st I need to find out how to stay on that path myself. I found information on GMG on Facebook. I have trouble with staying on track with things once I start so I hope I follow through with this to the end. I’m so thankful to the people who take the time to make all this possible.

  204. I am Dawn, and this is my first GMG bible study. My best friend who lives in another state is doing the study with me. I’m looking forward to living more intentionally in the coming weeks!

  205. I am leading a group here in Gijón, Spain. Not too many physical attendies but I send out phone messages and have a Spanish Fb group. Praying to get together every two weeks with some of the Ladies in our church. Thank you for starting Good Morning Girls! I have been studying with you all for a few years now. Very excited about this study especially because, I personally need it! A personal goal for me would be to see the more fruit of the Spirit in all these areas that we are studying. To be able to apply them daily in my life, so that those we are ministering to don´t see me but that they see Jesus. Thank you for GMG! – Dani

  206. Robin Smith says:

    Hey to everyone! My name is Robin(aka Redneck Mama) lol– I am a stay-at-home Mother/Wife. I have two most precious teenagers who I home school. They both are saved by the Grace; baptized in the ocean; and we sing a lot in church. We all play piano. We sing the old timey shape note songs (do re mi). We live a simple life in the mountains of NC right next to the TN state line. I am so excited to start the study! I’ve never done anything like this online. I am also doing the GMG prayer journal Monday with my kids as well to keep us all focused! I have been married for 16 years-been with him 25…and I am only 41! I hope to strengthen our marriage and family. The Lord truly blesses me each day when I am not even looking!
    Just a sinner saved by GRACE, Robin

    • Robin Smith says:

      PS….Our piano teacher of several years is Janet Hayes of The Hayes Family. Does anyone know her? The Hoppers? (Kim Greene)-She’s our cousin. We come from a long line a talent. I could go on. (not that we are talented) LOL—We just witness and worship thru our music and hope someone is Blessed!

  207. Karen Edsall says:

    My name is Karen and I am from Virginia Beach, VA.

    My goal from this study is to become more understanding of what God is calling me to do.

  208. sandy stiffarm says:

    I am from Washington state and have been recently widowed. I am looking for God’s direction in the plan he has for my changing life. I am also excited to begin this study that was recommended by a friend from Montana, who gave it rave reviews. I work and haven’t had the opportunity to be in a bible study for many years, so this sounds fantastic. Sandy

  209. Hi I am Susan and I live in Bandon-by-the-Sea on the southern Oregon coast. I am doing the study alone, and I am looking for our Father to heal my heart to gain an intimacy with Him that I can’t express fully in words, which is ironic as I am a writer/blogger. I am a widow of two years which affords me a great deal of focused 1:1 time with Jesus.
    This is my first study with GMG, and I’m looking forward to it!

  210. My name is Jolene. I am in a season of major transition, healing, confidence building and more. We recently wrapped up another busy season of our lives as we moved our family to live on a ranch and take in foster children. Including three of ours, we cared for 8-12 children at any given time. Now we have moved back, have 2 in the home that I am homeschooling and I am taking time to rest and heal through numerous areas of grief, loss and challenges.

    God is bringing back to writing. As I enter this new season, I fully believe that the next 20 years are going to be drastically different than the last 20 and I am excited for them. First, there is a heavy work of purging, in my heart and soul and physically from clutter that entraps me from living my purposes to their fullest potential.

    Excited for all that God has in store!

  211. Hi! I’m Robyn. My family and I live in Zambia as Baptist missionaries. I homeschool my three children and share Christ with national children. I have started this year out with great expectations and a burden to love and serve others. I hope that I can become MORE like Christ this year….

    • PS-Many days, my internet will not allow me to watch You Tube. I”m hoping that I will still be able to get the full benefit of the Bible Study w/o the videos…?

      • Hi Robyn – yes, you’ll still get LOTS out of the study, even if you aren’t able to watch the videos! The blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are great. Along with your own personal study, you’ll find it should work well for you. Welcome to GMG!

  212. Hello! I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The name of the study attracted me initially. Our oldest daughter (adopted and with fetal alcohol effects) moved home with her two boys almost two years ago. The boys are 4 and almost two. I have almost 24-7 care of them. This full-time commitment is compounded by the lingering effects of a motor vehicle accident many years ago which left me with serious spine and spinal cord damage. My daughter also has many demanding traits. I found in the last few months of 2013 that I was losing focus…I was not spending as much time in the Word nor praying as I had nor as I needed. My desire is to be intentionally focused and to be a shining light to my immediate and extended family as well as all whose paths cross mine. I want them to see Jesus instead of me.

    • Kathleen – I love this, “I want them to see Jesus instead of me.” I know how very hard that is to live out when you’re trying to show that love to someone with FAS consistently. Praying that God gives you strength and courage!

  213. Hi all. My name is Priya. I am from India and am settled in the middle east, Qatar. I love ur website. My goal from this study is to understand the best way to block out all the noise of the busy world and focus on Christ. Your organised way of teaching is very attractive. God bless you all and your ministry.

    • Welcome, Priya! Are you a member of our International GMG group, led by Sunu?

      • Hi Amanda,

        Not i am not in any group. How do i enroll to that group? Also I am unable to download the study guide. Says its damaged. Can you please send it to me seperately?


  214. Greetings from Kansas. I live on an organic farm about 30 miles SW of KC. My husband of 23 years and I have a nearly 15 year old son. God has great things in store for him and I want to make sure I support Him in raising him. I work two part time jobs: driving public school bus and teaching first grade at a private Christian school. They are both demanding in totally different ways. My husband has a rare degenerative genetic disorder and needs increased care. My job description over the last couple of years has changed significantly. I never would have imagined doing machinery sales and farm management after growing up in the city!

    My schedule is extremely hectic and I need the accountability (I’m part of a FB group) of this study , my third with GMG, to keep me intentional and focused in all of my ways. Besides leaning on God for the strength to persevere through this valley, I need to be reminded to “be still and know that He is God” and that there is less of me and more of Him shining through. The quiet times in the morning and prayers of precious friends are the only things that sustain me through each day. Thank you for igniting the fire of my first love again through this opportunity!

  215. I’m from Phenix City, AL. I do the GMG studies online, in an FB group of women who are mostly military wives. I may be the only one who isn’t, however I have met most of them in real life at some point since I’m right next to Ft. Benning. I don’t have specific goals, my prayer very recently has been “take me deeper”. I am not new to Christianity, or to Scripture, but there have been “light bulb moments” in the past couple of years that something I thought I understood just fine, was explained to me in such a way that a light went off in my head and I “got” it. I want to meet with God more than once a day, which generally is at night when I’m tired and beaten up by life. [Your studies are GREAT for morning motivation, and I feel positively different when I spend time alone with the Lord in the morning AND at night.] Ultimately I want to be a good wife, mom, step-mom, daughter, sister, friend, Samaritan, servant. Thanks for prayers. I appreciate all of you ladies.

  216. Hi! My name is Sarah. I live in Milwaukee, WI. This is my first gmg study, and I found out about it reading Women Living Well. I’m looking forward to find a way to study the Bible and to help actually apply it to my life, and understand, REALLY understand what it says! Just finding ways to apply what the Bible says to my everyday life so I can be living the life God created for me to live.

  217. Hi! I’m Shirley and I live in Ridgefield, WA. My husband and I moved here recently from Central California. I miss my Wednesday morning Bible study group. I am so looking forward to this study and drawing closer to God.

  218. Hi! I’m from Knox, IN. My mom (in Michigan) and I are going to try to do this study together online. I’m looking forward to starting the year off on the right foot!

  219. Hi! I’m from Knox, IN. My mom (in Michigan) and I are going to try to do this study together online. I’m looking forward to starting the year off on the right foot! Can’t wait!

  220. Sandy Weber says:

    My name is Sandy. I live in Braselton, GA. I am doing this study to get closer to God. Through your ministry I am learning to dig deeper. I am thrilled to start this even though I am single and not a mom. The principles you teach can be applied to many different areas of life. God bless!

  221. Hi,
    My name is Cheri I live in Wisconsin. I am doing this study to continue growing in the Lord. I love all you do to help us learn and grow in the Lord so I thank the Lord for all of you. And I am very excited to get started.

  222. Hi! This is my first study with GMG. Our family is in the process of relocating to a new state for the sixth time, and I confess that I have not been excited to be the new girl after finally feeling settled and established in an area. That said, I do not want to miss what God has for our family in this chapter. My goal for this study is to spend time not just reading the Word but interacting with it in such a way that my mind is renewed, my thoughts are grounded in the truth, and then I live that truth out. During this season of transition where I say good-bye to friends and haven’t yet made new ones, I am thankful for the fellowship of an online community to encourage and hold me accountable.

  223. I’m from Abilene, Texas, but I currently live in Naples, Italy. I am a stay-at-home mom of a 12 month-old. I worked for the church in Florence, Italy for 8 years before marrying an Italian and moving to Naples. Unfortunately, in my ministry I allowed myself to get worn down spiritually and events in the last few years have contributed to the steady deterioration of my spiritual health. For many reasons, my husband and I believe that to recover we need to be in a more nurturing environment and so we are in the process of requesting immigration papers for my husband, and we hope to move to my hometown before summer. The waiting is hard and is a difficult test of an already tried faith.

    My goals in this, my first study with GMG, are centered around reordering my priorities and time, and – since I am doing this study with my mother (in Texas) and my sister-in-law (in Tanzania) – forming a loving circle of spiritual maturity and insight in which to heal, grow and hopefully eventually contribute.

    I have no illusions about my ability to focus in this period of my life, but I recognize the need and therefore I am committed to being faithful to my Lord, to my group and to my study.

    Thank you GMG group for your hard work…who knows, maybe someday I can volunteer to translate your material into Italian.


    • Sarah, sometimes it’s so important and necessary to take step back and heal. Ministry is wonderful – and draining! I once reached a point in my own life where I realized I was spending so much time doing things “for” God that I was neglecting my relationship with Him. That was a turning point for me – I removed myself from as many ministries as I could, in order to just spend time connecting with God again.

      I pray this study and the group with your Mom and sister-in-law is just what you need right now! And if you’re ever ready to translate and still willing, just let us know!

  224. Sarah Jo Schmitt says:

    Hi Ladies! My name is Sarah Jo, and this is my first Bible Study ever. I have been married for almost 7 months, and it was my husband that led me to the Lord. We live in a small town just south of Buffalo, New York, where it seems to do nothing but snow most of the year. My goals for this study are to learn more about His Word, and the bible in general. I also am very anxious to find ways to heal myself through His word, as my husband and I are TTC. May God bless each of you and your families. You will all be in my prayers these next eight weeks.

    • Happy you are here with us Sarah Jo!
      I think you will really enjoy this study, each time I participate – I grow deeper and deeper in my faith. Prayers for you and your husband!

  225. I am Toni who has recently moved back to N. California after living 10 years in beautiful Australia. I am joining because I love and appreciate Christian fellowship.

  226. My name is Sharisa born Oklahoman, but on the move throughout the US. I’m here to use the tools to do just what it says…focus intentionally every day on my PapaGod. Not just when times are hard, but when they are sweetly fantastic as well. I’ve not been in a traditional church setting consistently for over 3 years, and that’s been tough for me being a worship leader for almost 8 years. It’s where God had me, and to most that sounds ludicrous but it’s really true. He has taught me He loves me because of me, not because of what I ‘do for Him’. I’m stoked about this study! Thank you ladies for all the time and energy you have invested for us all.

    • That’s a hard lesson, Sharisa, and one that I have learned myself – God loves us because he made us, not because of what we do for Him! Sometimes we get so caught up in doing things “for” God that we don’t spend enough time just being “with” Him. Praying this study is what you need!

  227. Hello, I’m Carolyn. I discovered GMG in the past year. I’ve been studying the Bible for quite a while, but I like the interaction with the other women in the group. Also, taking the step of writing down my thoughts makes me process in a different way than if I am just reading and then going on with life! I appreciate what that is doing for me in terms of recording what the Holy Spirit is saying. I’m involved in some in person groups as well, but this one keeps calling me back.

    • Hello Carolyn! I loving taking the time to write down my thoughts, keeps me focused and helps me to dig a bit deeper, take my time. Glad you are here with us!

  228. Myra mccormick says:

    I’m Myra, I live in Clayton, NC. I work 2 jobs and seems there is never a Bible study I can get to in person. This is going to be perfect for me. What I really want is to be closer to The Lord. I want to know and understand Him and his word better!! This is my first online study like this, so any hints to help will be appreciated. Excited about getting started!!!

    • Welcome to GMG, Myra! That’s one of the reasons I love GMG – being able to participate in a study and a group, even when we can’t get to a study in person.

  229. ERIN FEINSTEIN says:

    Hello ladies. My name is Erin and I’m from the St. Louis, MO area. My goal for this study is to bust through that age old excuse of how I don’t have time to study God’s Word. I want to create a habit in which my day won’t feel complete until I meet with Him. I’m looking forward to testing out the SOAP method for bible study. I used to employ it in my career as a speech-language pathologist (a much more science based field than bible study) and am having a hard time thinking about how to use it to enhance my faith. It’s good to step out of one’s box and try new things though.

    • Nice to meet you Erin! I love how you are going to create a new ‘habit’ – finding time to study God’s Word! It IS good to step out of one’s box an try new things. :)

  230. Hello!
    My name is Susie, I live in Wellington tx. I’ve never done an online bible study before, but I was really drawn to this one. Looking forward to getting started:) My goal for this study is to get closer to God.

  231. Hi, my name is Brandi and I’m from Colorado Springs, CO. I’m so excited to do this study and am hoping to grow an even stronger relationship with God, and also to learn to start giving things over to Him instead of trying to force things to go my way. (Which never works out btw..lol) God has a plan, even during our toughest life speed bumps, it’s all in His timing….I need to learn to be grateful and patient in every situation, good or bad.

  232. Hi! My name is LaTara and I am in Mountain Home, Idaho (near Boise, Idaho). I’m hoping this study helps me become more intentional about reading my Bible and having a closer relationship with God. I sometimes struggle in these area when my husband and 3 younger children steal my attention. I am hoping this study gives me a good step in the right direction for this year. I have done many Bible studies over the years and really enjoy the fellowship and accountability they offer.

  233. My name is Rachel and I live in CO. I need to be more intentional and focused on the things that matter to me and to God. I will be doing this study and the Made to Crave study that starts on Sunday (with Proverbs 31). I am a homeschooling mom of 5. I blog at Rooms of Knowledge, I want to be more intentional about that too.

  234. Hi, I am Jennifer and I live in North-East Alabama. My goal is simple… I want to draw as close as I can to God and become focused on His will for every part of my life. Thanks for the study and I am looking forward to it.

  235. Hi! I’ve been a part of the GMG studies on and off the last few years. I appreciate the love that you have for the Word and the women, and LOVE seeing how this has spread internationally in just a short amount of time! I am originally from SE Michigan, but have lived the last eight years in Vienna, Austria. In the past, I’ve also lead groups in German with local Austrians.

  236. My name is Angela and I am from Fayetteville, NC. I have participated in numerous studies so I’m not a newbie here. My goal for this study is to build “intentional” Christ centered relationships through the glue of his word.

  237. Tina Lutkus says:

    Hi, I have never done this before. I am actually still trying to figure things out. I just know that I have been looking for a womens bible study for some time now. I am just plain excited about the whole thing. I am looking forward to this so very much. Thank you!

    • Tina, welcome to GMG. If you subscribe to the blog — you will receive the emails when the blog is posted and the free study guide is included in the emails.

  238. I am a minister’s wife currently living in Arkansas. In the midst of everyday living, it is easy for our my daily disciplines to become secondary on my list of priorities. This is most evident in my prayer life. I “popcorn pray” all day, and I welcome that, for the Lord told us to pray without ceasing. However, He speaks most often when we are still and quiet before Him, and that is the area that I lack in most often.

  239. LAni Sarmiento says:

    Aloha… I’m so excited to be in this study with all of my sisters in Christ. I’m from Hawaii excited to see HIS intentional focus for my life looking through HIS lenses and be used in a might way to women around my church/community.


  241. Hello All, My name is Joanne from Florida. This is my first online study and I
    am looking forward to a more consistent approach to my prayer time and
    bible study. My goal is do like many of you, cultivate a deeper intentional
    relationship with God, I believe this will help me to be more focused in other
    areas of my life.

  242. Hello to everyone. I’m very excited to be included in this wonderful group of ladies. My name is Mary and I live in Texas. I have been a wife for 51 years ~ I’m a mother to 4, grandmother to 9 and great grandmother to 6 and a child of the King since I was 15 years old. WoW! I don’t like to say my hair is gray, I prefer to say I have wisdom hi-lites. lol I’m here because I love the Lord and I love studying His word. When I retired I found I had so much time and I chose to fill it with Bible Study. I am so thankful to the leaders of GMG for giving us their time and an opportunity to fellowship together in God’s presence.

  243. Hello, I live in Virginia. I enjoy Bible Study and this will be my first with GMG. I am always looking for ways to study the Bible and apply God’s teachings to my life. Looking forward to this study and being with this group. :-)

  244. I LOVE COFFEE! Not really, lol, I love coffee after I dump a lot of flavored creamer and sugar in it to cover up the taste :) But I definitely need it! My name is April and I live near New Orleans. I have three children ages 9 (going on 20), 6 (but looks like a 10 year old) and 5 months (it is WAY different being a mommy at 40 vs 30!). I homeschool and am a minister’s wife. My goal this year, and through this Bible study, is “no excuses!” I live a busy life and often use that as an excuse to not spend time in the Word and in prayer. No longer! I am looking forward to re-creating the habit of having daily quiet times (instead of just grabbing it when I can!) Thanks!

    • My oldest is 18 and my youngest is six months. You are right, it’s way different with this one than with the older ones! For me, it’s better, easier, more fun and relaxed, but I sure feel my age more having a baby at 42 than I did having one at 24!

  245. Hello, my name is Gabriela and my goal is to put Christ first in my day like I used to do in the morning. To really sit down and listen to Him and not rush through it.
    Thank you.

  246. Hi! I’m Elizabeth and live close to Olathe, KS. I have done a few studies with GMG, but this is my first to do with a group. We have moved a few times, so the format works great for me, and I love the contributors. I love the children’s resources so my kids can study along too! I am looking forward to knowing Him more intimately and living His will for my life. Thank you!

  247. Hi, I’m Mary Rose, living in a small town in south-central Montana. My first study was on gratitude in November. The lessons I learned helped me through a very difficult December. I am looking forward to this study to see what God has in store. I expect 2014 to be a wonderful year, especially if I live intentionally for God!

    • Hi Mary Rose! I’m thankful that through the gratitude you found encouragement in the Word to get through that difficult time. Happy you’re joining us again!

  248. Hello, I am from Moses Lake, WA. I am married and have two young boys at home (3 1/2 and 1 1/2). This is my first GMG study. I am really looking forward to it and getting focused in the Word and in prayer first thing in the morning. I run two businesses out of my home spa spend a lot of time at the computer. Since I am already here, I want to make sure my time is truly Focused on Who and what is should be.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Welcome to GMG. Great to have you with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

    • Hi Rebecca, Your entry gave me pause as I have family from Moses Lake and my sister in law is also a Rebecca, from Pelican Point! This is my first time with this group as well. Nice to “meet” you!

  249. I’m vissualy impaired. Your bible studies work very well for me because it’s online and can be spoken to me via the iPad. Also transportation is not needed for me to go to a group. I can study with the youversion app. And your study in iBook. I live in New Jersey in a suburb called Oak Ridge. I love The Lord and want to live like Jesus. I have a passion to dig deeper into God’s word. And love to soap my verses.

    • Hi Susanne,
      It’s amazing how nothing – no limitations, no obstacles, nothing can keep us from the love of God! Great to have you with us.
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  250. Gretta Blanchard says:

    I would like to join your new bible study and grow in God’s plan for me in 2014

  251. My goal for this season if just to ask God to meet me everytime i step out and focus on Him. I want my faith to grow, my witness to grow, and my love for Him to grow. I’ve been a Christ-Folower for about 10 years and I’m looking forward to the journey that God is going to have for me just ahead with this study!

  252. Hey! I’m Grcelyn Miller from sunny San Diego :) I’m so excited to join all of you on this journey to grow in Him <3 My goal for this study is to allow my heart to get saturated in His presence and be led in the direction to where He is calling me. I have so much to give and desire to know our Father so intimately. He has given me so much and I just want to be used and walk freely and daily in the hope which He has provided. I am so encouraged when I am surrounded by such amazing women who love God and share the same purpose as me. It tickles me pink :) LOVELIFE <3 GEM

  253. Hi! I’ve been a Good Morning Girl since the Colossians study and absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see what God has for this study. :)

    • Hi Bailey,
      You are a veteran with GMG! Your dedication and persevere in these studies is awesome! Great to have you back!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  254. Mairi Macleod says:

    Hi I’m Mairi and I seriously can’t wait to start this study! I’ve done a few of your studies online with the fabulous Martha, and now a group of local ladies from two of the local churches are joining me for this one eek! I’m hoping to become more intentional on focusing on my walk with a God in all areas of my life, not compartmentalising things, but focusing on making Him King of everything! Thanks, I really appreciate all your hard work in preparation for this, you’re such an encouragement to us in our walk with The Lord xxx

    • Hi Mairi,
      Martha is just awesome, isn’t she?!? So glad you are returning for another special study with GMG. So excited to see how the Lord transforms you ladies!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

    • Mairi,
      You have been a beautifully wonderful addition to our group! Very blessed!!!

  255. Mairi Macleod says:

    And I forgot to say I’m from Lochcarron in the Scottish Highlands xx

  256. Cheryl Phillips says:

    look forward to the rich blessings of bible study with ya’ll.

  257. I am a mother of 5 boys and 1 girl and the grandmother of 7 granddaughters. I minister through mentoring, speaking and teaching while serving as a guest relations director for a Christian camp & retreat center. I earnestly desire to continue to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ while broadening my relationships with people who might not have my same perspective but are in love with the Lord. I started a 5th Monday friends night with this purpose but eventually it still was the same people whom I serve and worship with throughout the week. Not a thing wrong with this but I love the adventure of meeting new people. This is my first time with an online study and I am totally excited to connect with people all over the country and in the meantime continue to develop my relationship with the Lord. It appears to me to be a win/win situation. Thank you for this opportunity.

  258. Hi, I am Renee from Ohio. I stumbled upon your page via pinterest during your Thanksgiving study and wasn’t sure I would like it because it seemed to simple. I was used to really digging and searching but to my surprise I enjoyed it and learned many applicable things because of the SOAP method. My goals for this study are to become consistent in my time in the Word and with the Lord and to open my heart to what He would have for me.

    • Renee, hurrah for Pinterest leading you here to study God’s Word! I agree with you that the SOAP method is easy peasy, but I have learned SO MUCH through this method of Bible study, too.

  259. Hello from Northeast Mississippi! My goal this year is to be more focused on God’s Word. I am so glad to be joining GMG as I believe it will be a big step in my journey towards this goal. Thank you for all you do and for all of the amazing resources!

  260. Hi! I am Tunisia Love from Byron, GA and I am very excited about this Bible study because I want to become more disciplined in the things of God and I have a difficult time sticking to a self-imposed schedule. I am looking forward to the accountability and fellowship with like-minded ladies who are seeking to know more of and grow in God. I just realized that although I enrolled, I did not join a group nor choose a format, online or email. I had invited several other ladies and I was waiting to hear from those who expressed interest. Can you advise on what to do or is it too late to join a group? Thanks and God bless for this vision and all that you do to advance His Kingdom.

    • Hi, Tunsia! If you have personal friends who decide to do the study with you, have them subscribe to the Good Morning Girls blog, and they will receive the e-mail posts that have the study materials embedded in them as a PDF file.

  261. My name is Karla and I’m from Aberdeen, Washington. I am mom to three beautiful boys ages 6 to 22 months that we adopted from the Foster Care System. Our oldest has been diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional defiant disorder. My husband is experiencing health problems, and I work a full time job as a chemical dependency nurse. Despite our many blessings, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from God. Through this study, my goal is to reestablish my relationship with Him and find some strength, hope and peace. I am so excited to get started.

  262. I’m Aimee, and this is my 1st GMG study. I’ve joined a homeschoolers facebook group, and am really looking forward to it! My husband is in the Air Force, and we are currently stationed in frigid ND!! I’m hoping that this study will help me be more intentional 1st of all with my study of the Bible, and then overflow into other areas of life.

    • Aimee, thank you to you and your husband for the sacrifices you are making for the rest of us to walk in freedom. Hope you and your group grow close and learn much as you dig into the Word together!

  263. Jennifer G says:

    I am Jennifer from Bandera Texas. I am a SAHM of 2 amazing little boys. I have struggled with my mornings since we had our 2nd little one and my older boy started school. My main goal with this session is to get back in the “habit” of putting my time with God first.

    • Jennifer, praying for you to be able to carve out regular “mommy and Jesus time” in 2014. So glad you are joining us for this study! :)

  264. Hi, I am Mari and I’m from Franklin Indiana. I’m a mom of two , step-mom of two, wife and a dental hygienist in our small town. I did the Thanksgiving study and loved it! My personal goal is to get to know my Savior on a more personal level. I grew up as a church kid and have known Christ my whole life but I stopped my learning and relationship on the Sunday School level and didn’t grow a personal relationship as an adult. My husband sent me to The Great Banquet which is a weekend retreat to begin a closer relationship with God. I’ve learned to nail everything to the Cross and not pick it back up and learned what Grace really is. I’ve been filled once again by The Holy Spirit and can’t wait to begin my walk as the person I am now. Thank you for doing this, he’s been calling on me to get up and have “coffee with Him”

    • Mari, wasn’t the Thanksgiving study amazing? I think that’s been my favorite Good Morning Girls study so far. We are so glad that you are here, and pray that this study will help you to continue growing in your pursuit of Him. :)

  265. I am leading a Christian weight group, volunteering at a pregnancy center, teaching/assisting in SS, as well as, being the caregiver for my darling husband. I need this study to help me to stay focused on our Lord…to seek Him first in all things. I am looking forward to going deeper with my Lord and the other ladies in this group.

    • Hi Linda,
      Wow you are so busy! It is awesome that you are taking the time to place God before all of these worthwhile causes to be feed, nurtured, and comforted so that you are able to comfort others. Great to have you!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  266. I am from west TX, this is my second GMG bike study. I need more community in my life and more of God’s word always. I have been diagnosed with anxiety that I have never had before so I am journeying down a path that is unfamiliar for me. God is faithful and I am searching for His promises and hope daily.

  267. Hi! I live in Darlington, Maryland. I lead several Bible studies for my church and one in my neighborhood. I learn so much from participating in these online studies. I hope to get out of this study an intentional way to apply the truths of the Bible to my life.

  268. Ann marie says:

    Hi! My name is Ann Marie from Northwest Indiana in the United States. I am beyond excited to start this study. Technically this is my second study but I was not focused with the first one and didn’t complete fully. I am looking forward to Learning more about God and Growing in my relationship with Him. I want to know His word and live His will for my life. Have I mentioned how excited I am for this study to start?!? :-) God bless xoxo

  269. Daphne Massaro says:

    Hello! I’m from Seville, Ohio. I am married to loving, patient husband of 18 years. We have two teenage boys. My One Little Word for 2014 is Contentment and I stumbled upon this online Bible study & I am hoping this will refresh, recharge and learn to be intentionally focused on God, my husband and my children & family!

  270. My name is Amanda, and I am from Michigan. What grabbed me about Good Morning Girls was the word accountability. I am a self proclaimed flake and have trouble following through with things. My goal is to complete this study and get a fire for the Lord and his word.

  271. Damona Albert says:

    Hi, my name is Damona. I am a 32 year old stay-at-home mom from Philadelphia, PA! I participated in the Advent study and am really looking forward to the Intentionally Focused study starting on Monday! What a great opportunity to grow closer to God and meet many other women from around the world!

  272. Hi there! I have followed along on your advent study, but this is the first time for me to enroll and do one of your studies fully. I am actually doing it with a couple ladies locally and am very excited about it. I am an American with roots in Dallas, TX and South West Washington State who is currently living in Dakar, SENEGAL, West Africa. I am here with my husband and two little boys ages 3 and 4. We teach at the International School. Thanks for all your hard work on making this community work. This is really exciting stuff!

  273. Hello everyone, my name is Inka. I live in Germany and first found out about GMG a few weeks ago. This was truly a God sent, because I have this longing and vision in my heart to see women connect spiritually all over Germany and Europe. Now I am so excited to start my first online bible study, to draw closer to Jesus and to get to know other women who have the same passion. Blessings to all of you! xxx

    • Inka…
      Great to meet you! I love that you found GMG. I love Germany, had the pleasure of visiting there years ago in 1979 — beautiful! Thank you for joining us!! Blessings!

  274. Hi my name is Miranda, I am from Bellflower, CA. Currently living in McKinney, TX. I have done 3 studies with you guys. :) The first one, I did sign up in a group but the rest I didn’t . I wasn’t keeping up with them and fell behind but I did finish them. :) my goal would be to keep up with the study and wake up early enough before work to do the study . I work nights, and I find my self on the days I work that’s when I fall behind. :/ my goal is to also have a closer relationship with God, and hear what He really has to say to me, and what He would like for me to do to serve Him.

    Thank you so much. ;)

  275. Angela Zapien says:

    Hi! I’m from San Jose, CA – My first GMG bible study. I enjoy my time with God in the morning and looking forward to growing as a woman of faith!

  276. Michelle G. says:

    Hello, I’m in Illinois.
    The main reason I’m doing the study is for motivation to read the Bible. I don’t have any goals or expectations, but I’m curious to see what God will do. He’s always up to something, isn’t He?
    Mainly I’m just trying to make it through winter, and biding time until my second daughter is born (due April 19th).
    Excited to study with you all.

  277. Hi, I’m Crissy in Longview, Washington. I’ve been pressing into The Lord daily for a couple of months and recently looked up into the beautiful, blue sky and said “Lord, I need a woman, a woman who loves you, desires you and needs you, so that we can study and share in your Word together, please Jesus, send me a woman” And look! He didn’t give me one single woman, He gave me 13,000 women! LOL He is amazing! My goal here is to grow in His love in such a tremendous way that my family, two boys and my husband, co-workers and all who know me say, ” yep, she’s really receiving God’s love, and I want some of that! God surely will bless all 13, 000 of us and those women who are following along as well

    • Hi Crissy! I am over seas, however, my parents live in Castle Rock just down the road from you and we spend our summers there and enjoy love the parks in Longview! Blessings on you as you begin this study dear one!

    • Hello Crissy, my name is Beth and I was doing exactly the same thing…wondering where I could find a woman to be my mentor or my example of a Godly woman. I am a homemaker so I devote all my time to God, my husband and my home. My problem is that I don’t know any older women that do the same thing. Most of the people I know aren’t Christians, which is so sad. The Bible says in Titus 2:3-5 that the younger women should be taught how to be godly women and good wives and mother by the older women, so I knew I need a role model and when I saw the post about this study, I knew this was God’s way of fulfilling my need. God will bless us with this study and, maybe, we can develop friendships outside these studies and be life long friends who lift each other up! I am so excited about this study and the people I will meet and the lessons I will learn! Bless you!

      • Glad you are with us Beth!
        I’ve met some amazing women through these studies and have become good friends with them. I am old enough to be their mother and I learn from my young faithful sisters as well. Blessings.

        • Hey, Martha!! Glad to meet you. I really hope to come out on the other side of this study much closer to God and with lots of new friends to add to my email and FB. I want to surround myself with Christian women :)

    • He is pretty AMAZING indeed Chrissy!!!

  278. I guess my main reason for doing this study is to reignite my faith walk with God. I have been a Christian for 35 years (wow) but find myself at this point just living the “Christian lifestyle” and not really feeling engaged with God. Drifting along in mediocrity is not what I ever thought my Christian walk would become nor where I want it to stay. Here’s to a little more spirtitual exercise.

  279. Hi my name is Kandii. I live in Colorado Springs with my hubby and one year old.
    My goal for this study is to deepen my relationship with The Lord which would strengthen our foundation as a family.
    I have had the pleasure of staying home for the first year of my sons life, but now I’m back to work. And things are not good at all. Things on the job are wearing me and I’m need His strength even more. Praying this works.
    Thank you for all you guys do with online bible studies. :-)

    • Hey Kandii. I have always wanted to live in Colorado! That is one gorgeous state. You are so right when you say having a deeper relationship with the Lord will strengthen your foundation as a family. I understand that things at your job can just wear you completely out and cause you so much stress that you just want to pull your hair out. Maybe you feel that way partly because you want to be at home with your son instead of spending the largest portion of your day without him.
      I would suggest that you and your husband sit down one evening when your baby has gone to bed and look at your bills and at how much money you have coming in. See if there is a way to cut your expenses so that he can take care of the bills and you can stay home with your son. The first bill I would look at is the satellite/cable and/or the internet. Is there way to reduce that bill every month? Maybe by getting a smaller and less expensive package? Do you have car insurance? Shop around and see if you can get a better rate with another company for the same coverage, if not, make sure you are getting every possible discount you can. If it is important to you to be with your son, you are going to be unhappy at work. If it is important to your husband that you be with his son, then between the both of you, surely you can find a way to decrease your bills and make being a stay-at-home mom a reality.
      Every time you feel worn out, just say a prayer no matter where you are. Pray silently to yourself that God will soothe you and give you His strength to finish the day. Remember that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness :) If you would like to chat with me outside of this study, my email addy is beth_almeida1980@hotmail.com. I will be praying for you!

  280. SHANNON Smith says:

    I am from the East Tennessee area. My goal is to intentionally complete this bible study and let that intentional focus carry over into daily quiet time and bible study for the rest of the year.

  281. Hi, I am in England!!
    I feel so connected right now, and I really want to keep that up!! So, my goal is to dig even deeper, and strengthen that connection even more, and be even closer to Jesus than ever before!!!

  282. Hey all.! It’s great to be here and I am so excited for this study to start. I have been so far from God for the last few years and am ready to do something about it. I had lost the hope walking with Jesus gives us and that’s when I turned back to my Bible, as thirsty as a woman who had crossed the desert with no water! I have been soaking up His Word for a couple of months now and never get tired of it. With this study, I hope to accomplish a few things. First and foremost, I want to come closer to God. I want Him to be my FRIEND and I want to KNOW and feel in my heart that he is right beside me all day, whether I am washing dishes or folding laundry or praying. I also hope to learn how to ‘hear’ His voice, to spend time in my prayers just listening to what He says to me. I want to be so close to Him that people want to know what makes me so happy that I glow. I want to be a witness that leads people to Jesus every time the chance arrives. I want to learn to recognize these opportunities and to not let them slip by me. Again, I am so happy to be here with other women who love the Lord as much as I do.

    • Beth,
      Glad you are here with us and nice to meet you. I tend to speak to God a lot when I’m doing dishes. I participate in silence and solitude and love to hear God speak to me during those times.

  283. I’m Megan and I’m from Alabama. I’m getting married at the end of the summer, yipee! I’m praying that this study will help me stay grounded during this time and also provide me with a way to stay Focused daily since things are about to get crazy. I also hope to be able to apply some of this study into our lives as a couple and use this first one as a foundation for my future role as a wife!

    • Hello Megan,
      Yipee! and Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Love how you are hoping to use this first one as a foundation for your role as a wife. ♥

  284. Hello! I’m writing from Thailand. I moved here six months ago with my family to serve Jesus by spreading His Gospel among the unreached here. It has been a very difficult, lonely road thus far, and a sweet, faithful prayer warrior friend of mine sent me this link and told me she had started studying with you all (we used to study and pray together). I am so grateful to have this online community, and know in time God will bear fruit here to make a community of Bible reading and believing women who pray and serve together for His glory! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  285. Hello! I am a military spouse stationed in Hawaii right now and I am so excited to start this study. I have done two others but this is my first time leading a group. I felt like God was leading me start a group and I honestly anticipated maybe just a couple other wives maybe but it has just been overwhelming the response and we now have 20 amazing women in our group. I am looking forward to developing a more intimate relationship with my Father. I also appreciate the fact that I will have such awesome women to help me be more accountable for my time. I tend to let the craziness of life overwhelm me and I definitely need to focus. Plus being to fellowship with strong women of faith I know will help me learn and grow. I’m grateful to have found this study and have this opportunity.

    • Kristin,
      So glad you jumped in to lead — I pray that you made it into the leaders group and all goes smoothly. Thank your husband for his service and you for holding down the fort at home!

  286. Hello! This is my first bible study of any kind. I am from Ocala, Florida. I am one super sweet 8 month old and a loving Husband. I can’t wait to get started :-)

  287. Hi there! I’m Rachel from LA(: I’ve seen these studies around the blog world and pinterest for a few months now and always wanted to do one, but never seemed to get around to it. This past year and half has been a crazy transition time in my life (graduating from high school and trying to navigate college & this whole becoming an adult thing, among other things) and I’ve felt like every month or two a curve ball was thrown my way that completely changed the direction I thought I was headed in, and I’ve been in this lukewarm state of indifference, in regard to my faith, that haven’t been able to shake myself out of it, no matter how hard I would try to try. God has been so faithful to answer my prayers to remain by my side and hold my hand through this desert, and I think seeing my pastors wife link this study on Facebook was another answer to prayers to reignite my desire to passionately seek Him. I’m so looking forward to regularly spending an intimate time with my Father again, and hoping that I will get back on the path to having an *intentional* pursuit of Him be the foundation for all I do. This post brought me to tears in anticipation of what He has in store for these next 8 weeks!

    • Hi Rachel,
      Looks like the Lord has ordered your steps once again and brought you face to face with Him. I’m so excited about the endless possibilities that God will provide. Great to have you with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  288. Hi, I’m Cathy, and live in southwestern Oklahoma. Our household and life have been in a state of transition this past year as my husband got out of the Army after 16 years. It’s been difficult at times, financially and emotionally. I’m a planner by nature and am just feeling overwhelmed and worn out in that area right now. We have five children, three to thirteen, and the older four are homeschooled currently…the little guy will be when he’s a little older. I have so many goals and ideals and feel like I’m accomplishing few to none of those right now. With that in mind, before ever hearing about this upcoming study, I had picked “focus” as my word of the year. As in putting my full attention on each area in turn and trying to do less multi-tasking overall. As in remembering and working toward the important rather than just scrambling to do the urgent. Then when I heard the title of this study, I knew I needed to do it, even though it (honestly) feels at times like “one more thing to do”. I need this both as a person and as a Christian, and believe it will be immensely helpful to hear what the Lord has to say on this subject, along with His willing teachers. Thanks for organizing and doing all the work behind this!

  289. ESTHER Tshimanga says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Esther and I live in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. I am a student in high school, and this is my first time being a part of a GMG study group. Being much younger than the majority of women on this site, I definitely look forward to learning from their walks with God and gaining knowledge from their counsel to help me be everything God wants me to be. Right now, I am in the season of knowing the real depth of Christianity and my calling as His servant, but not quite sure of how to get there. I really think that through this study and the amazing women that I am grouping with that God will reveal and do powerful things in and through me, my group, and all of the thousands of women that are joining with GMG in this Intentionally Focused bible study!

    Blessings to you All!

    • Welcome Esther! Happy you’re here! I pray that you are encouraged by the older women in this study, and that you grow closer to the Lord during this study too! :o) ~ Marlene (Leadership Encourager)

  290. Greetings! My name is Diana. I live in North Gower, Ontario, CANADA. It’s a little town outside Ottawa – not many of us Canadians in the group.

    I’m 44, been married for 14 years this coming August. No children, we didn’t have a desire, but I have nieces and nephews and we spoil them! I have a small catering business, delivering home-cooked meals to seniors and I also work for a business that assists seniors to stay in their own home. Life is never boring or never trying to find something to do.

    This is my first GMG – I’m a little nervous and excited about it.

    For the past 10 years, I have been involved in a Ladies Bible Study (we are called the “Yada Sisters” and for the past 8, I have been hosting it at my home. I love the studies and they have become my sisters! (3 of us have been together since the start of the group)

    I have often thought of doing a study outside of my Yada group, but never really knew what to do. This came across my path and I thought, it’s now or never. The challenge will be to try to fit it in to my schedule of my daily routine along with my other study. (Reading and studying isn’t my strong point, but I’m going to try my best.)

    I would greatly appreciate the prayers to be able to get a routine and schedule going to fit everything into my day.

    Blessings to all you ladies!

    • Greetings, Diana!

      Welcome to GMG – glad you are here with us. Praying for you to be able to find the right balance to fit this into your day. Blessings!

    • Welcome Diana! Praying you find the time to fit this in, as you’re seeking to do. Excited you’re joining us! :o) ~ Marlene (Leadership Encourager)

  291. My name is Lori. I am a pastor’s wife and am about to have a new baby this Thursday. I thought doing this online study would be perfect since I will be at home recovering from a c-section and will be indoors a lot with the new one in the cold months. I want to stay focused on the Lord and also be intentional about spending time with Him daily during this time of change. I have invited ladies from our church to join me and am excited that they have chosen to take part as well.

    • Lori!
      A great way to spend time recovering a c-section! Prayers for comfort and healing. I’m excited that the ladies are joining you to take part as well.

    • Hi Lori!!! yayyyy on the new baby!!! Praying everything goes well with the c-section. Happy you’re joining us! :o) ~ Marlene (Leadership Encourager)

  292. Hello there from Lewisburg, WV. I have been looking forward to this study after finding GMG in the middle of the Loving like Jesus study. I completed the Advent study, and I am so excited to start this one. I have been teaching high school mathematics for 18 years now….(14 in VA and 4 in WV) I have been married for 16 years, and we have a 7 year old daughter. We are involved in AWANA at our church….it is such a blessing to hear your child “hiding God’s Word in her heart.” I am interested in being a leader sometime…..I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old….so I have been following Him for 25 years…..like Whitney, I want to be so focused on Christ that when others see how I react or behave that there is no doubt that I am a child of the King! Thank you all at GMG for the hard work that you have done to help all of us draw closer to our Father in heaven.

  293. Amanda Flores says:

    Hi all. I currently live in Lawton, Ok. My goal is to renew MY relationship with our savior. I feel like I’m so busy ministering to friends, family and fhildren that I fail to ensure I’m ministered to. I wait until ,” I’m not busy” to study. As most can vouch that turns into hardly ever. I am treating this study like a job. I have to do it before moving on to anything else for the day. I owe it to Him and myself.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Sounds like you’ve learned a very important principle….that there is NOTHING more important than your relationship with the Lord. Excited to see how He shows up in your life!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  294. Hi Everybody! My name is Chanetta and I am so excited to join you all on a closer walk with God thru studying His word. Although I am not married or have children, I look forward to studying and meditating on these areas allowing God to speak to me. God bless you all and I look forward to journeying with you for the next 8 weeks.

    • Hi Chanetta,
      It is going to be a wonderful journey. So glad to have you with us!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  295. Hi, my name is Tristine and I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m really hoping to be intentional and focused, not just during my time with God, but in all that I say and do in my everyday life. I want a clear head when I study God’s Word and also when I speak/share it. I crave to know Jesus on a deeper level…more than I have in the past 17 years. I just want to walk with Him all day, everyday, and be led by His Spirit.

  296. Hi to GMG, all the wonderful women who make GMG possible. You all work so hard and I am so grateful. This is my 1st study with you. I am excited to get started on Monday. I am asking God for His wisdom and guidance for my life right now. Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” Sitting at His feet, just listening. Not “doing” but, “being” quiet before Him. LORD God, change me.

    • Hi Leslie,
      What a beautiful desire! This bible study is just the beginning. Excited to see what God does in you and through you!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  297. My name is Hillary from a small farm in Ohio. I am excited to join this. I want to grow closer to God and to encourage my husband and children to do the same. I also crave a connection with other godly women.

  298. Hello ladies my name is Amanda, I am originally from Marietta, Ohio, however I live in Beckley, WV. My goal for this study is to become closer to The Lord in all areas he opens up to me. I desire to be more like him. I pray that through this study my hurt opens and I become more like Jesus. We get so caught up in the everyday of life that we don’t realize what were are lacking and forget to be more like Jesus and then those around us who are lost don’t find The Lord. My pray and desire is to be a better influence to those around me that are unsaved so they desire to be more like me. Thank you to all the wonderful women at GMG for working so hard on putting these studies together you ladies rock…

    • Hi Amanda,
      You are absolutely right. We are to reflect Christ in our words, deeds, attitudes, and behaviors. So great that you have a heart for the lost. Praying that this bible study stirs up even more passion to share Christ with all you meet!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  299. Hi Ladies, my name is Ann and I am from Florida. My focus is to find my way back to our Lord after being lost for a very long time. I know he has led me here for a reason and I am excited for the intentional journey ahead and to stop the endless wandering.

    • Hi Ann,
      Yes, the Lord has ordered your steps. It is not a coincidence that you are here with us. So great to have you!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  300. Kim Weese says:

    My name is Kim Weese and I live in Paso Robles, CA. I am a mother to seven, three grown, four at home. I am homeschooling my young ones and very busy at home. It is very difficult for me to get away from the house for Bible studies due to my husbands work schedule so I am so excited to participate in this Bible study. I am anxious to dig into the Word with you all and grow in grace and peace with my Lord.

  301. Good Afternoon, Good Morning Girls :-)
    I’m in Montrose, CO and this is the first online study I’ve done. My biggest goal is to complete it! I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions all day long, the concept of focusing seems laughable at times. However *Intentionally* focusing is speaking to me pretty clearly. Just as when I have to get myself up to walk at 6:30 in the morning because that’s the only “me” time, I’m looking forward to getting up earlier to spend some “He” time. I’ve got 2 daughters, a 4 and a 2 year old, and my wonderful hubby works from home, so my day is full. I always feel better after I spend some good quality time with Him, so I’m hoping that this study will help me build this into my day for life!

    • Hi Malinda,
      Welcome to GMG. Praying that this is a transforming experience for you!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  302. Hi! Im Rhoda from Hampshire, England. I’m married with two beautiful little girls aged 3 and 6 months. Since having my first daughter was born I have to sadly admit my bible study has been sporadic. However recently I have reallay felt the need to spend more time studying my bible but didn’t really know where to start or what to do. Then yesterday I ‘stumbled’ across Good Morning Girls for the first time. So this is my first study with you all and Im so excited! Im praying that God would draw me closer to him and that I would love his word more. x

    • Hi Rhoda,
      Welcome to GMG. I’m excited for you and excited to see how the Lord transforms your life!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  303. Hi! My name is Heidi and I live in Brainerd, Minnesota. This is the first bible study that I have done with Good Morning Girls. My goal is to 1) actually finish the study, 2) gain a closer walk with our Lord. I have just made the decision to do the study with my son who is 10. God give me strength for my boy is a stubborn one. Please pray for him as he thinks that he is pagan like his father.

    • Hi Heidi,
      Welcome to GMG! I’m eagerly awaiting what the Lord will do as you commit your time and energy to serving Him! Great to have you!
      ~Terria (Leadership Encourager)

  304. Hey there, I’m Michelle. From Texas originally, but currently reside in Memphis, TN. My goal is to grow closer to The Lord and be an example to those around me of a Christ centered woman.

    • What a beautiful goal Michelle! I am praying for that as well- along with redeeming the time in all 8 areas that we will be studying. I really feel like my new year is starting…. NOW! :)

  305. Suzi Wikner says:

    Hi Gals, I’m Suzi Wikner from Cedar Falls, Iowa where it is cold and snowy. I am excited for the study to begin on Monday. I have 3 friends who are signed up to do the study with me. Through the Advent study, GMG helped me to get my focus on God at the beginning of my day. It makes all the difference in the world for my attitude at home and work. My hope is continue that renewed habit and that God will speak to me about where He wants me to grow in the eight areas we will be focusing on, especially my marriage. Go God!

    • I agree! Go GOD! :) I love seeing girlfriends get together around what matters- the WORD OF GOD! What a difference it does make in our friendships, our homes, and our LIVES! Thank you so much for joining us!

    • I agree! Go GOD! :) I love seeing girlfriends get together around what matters- the WORD OF GOD! What a difference it does make in our friendships, our homes, and our LIVES! Thank you so much for joining us! ~ Mandy

  306. Darlene Frybarger says:

    Hi, everyone. I’m Darlene. I live in Combes, Texas (the bottom-most part near South Padre Island). I’m 65 years old. My husband is currently working in Dallas on a large construction project. I love studying the Word. I belong to a Bible Study at my Church, but saw this and became really interested in the format and the “family” atmosphere I have found here. Can’t wait to get started!
    Thank you for all you do!

  307. Hi. My name is Joanne and I live in MN. My goal is to intentionally seek to know Jesus, my creator, better. I signed up for this study because of the word “intentionally”. I choose to cultivate change in seeking to know Jesus better. I believe a by product will be some of the “life” I haven’t ‘felt’ for some time will be felt once again. My relationship with Jesus, my creator, does not depend on feelings…..but I miss feeling the life I felt a number of years ago.
    Thank you for your work in this study and it is “SO TOTALLY AWESOME that 13,000 women are coming together. Now, that is encouraging!!!” :-)
    Thank you for your prayers.
    Godspeed, big time!

    • Oh..Joanne, that is what God is speaking to me also…to intentionally seek Him always. I loved the way to put this..’My relationship with Jesus, my creator, does not depend on feelings’ …beautiful!
      We are SO glad to have you here…:)

    • Oh Sweet sister! SO glad you are joining us on this INTENTIONAL journey closer to the Creator! We are so glad you are here!!! :) Praying for you right now! ~Mandy

  308. I am Tava Boyd. I live in Johnston City, IL. It is Southern Illinois, a beautiful place to live. This is my first online Bible study and I am excited to take part in it. My husband of 44 yrs today retired Jan. 1st. I am starting a new chapter in our lives and know God will do some great things. I would like this study to keep my focus on God and to grow more in Him every day. Thank you!

    • Tava..thank you for joining us! God has a way of leading us to the right thing at the right time. I pray that God will use this season to grow you and equip you for His great purpose!

  309. Jenn Caccavaro says:

    Hi! This will be my 4th GMG study. I am leading a FB group & am super excited! All of you at GMG have been such a blessing in my life. Thank you for all you do. My goals for this study are 1) to continue to grow closer to God, 2) start a prayer journal & 3) as we intentionally focus on each area in our lives I will be choosing a goal (and recording it in my prayer journal) for each of these areas to continue to work on through the rest of the year. May God bless each of you & your families as we begin this 8 week journey together!

  310. Hi Everyone,
    I’m Jennifer. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is my first GMG study. I have been looking for a Bible study group that would meet at a convenient time for me for several years…and I just found GMG. The topic was straight from God as well, given that He has laid on my heart that I need to find better balance and focus in my life between work, family, and ministries. I’m leading a FB group of family and friends and I am very excited! Thank you so much for what you do!

  311. Alison jackson says:

    Hello Everyone! I am from Bennington, Ks. I am a mother of two boys, and work part time as a hair stylist. I am excited to learn about God’s word and dig into the scriptures. The bible is kind of new to me, and truthfully a little overwhelming. I want to live with intention and serve the Lord!!! Feeling blessed and grateful to be a part of this!

  312. Hi everyone! I’m Krystal – I live in St. Peters, MO (right outside of St. Louis). I became a Christian when I was 12, but some things happened in my life that took me away from my faith. I’ve recently started going to church again (I’m almost 30!) thanks to the fact that my daughters’ private preschool requires you have a home church! (Talk about working in mysterious ways!)

    This is my first GMG study – and I’m SUPER excited!! I am in a Facebook group for women with young children and babies. I’ve already been interacting with the group and I have a feeling we are going to become good friends!

    I have been married 5 years. My husband and I have two 3 1/2 year old twin girls (the loves of my life!!) I work from home (which was another blessing).

    I just want to get closer to God this study. I have been so far away for so long and I can tell He is what is missing in my life.

    Also, can you please pray that my husband will open his heart up to God (he is really skeptical) and that he will lead our house spiritually?


  313. Hey friends! I’m Katie from Chattanooga, Tennesee and this is my first gmg bible study. I heard about you all through a neighbor friend who is doing this study as well! My “one word” for the year to focus on was intentional so when I saw this study, I was estatic! How awesome is God. I also write a blog here called Hot Tea and the Empty Seat where I encourage, equip, & empower girls all over the world, like you all, to live a life where experiencing Jesus is real! I’m excited to live intentionally this year and be intentional in my relationship with our Great God!

  314. Hi ladies my name is Sandy Jones from Gloucester Massachusetts. The first online bible study I did was with my sister in law who I would never in a million years think would send me a request to do an online bible study with her. We have never connected with anything in our lives. Who know that God would use Himself to give us something to have in common with. I love this about Him and am so looking forward to loving Him deeper; so deep that I fully become the image He wants me to be. Through this bible study I have faith that I will find a deeper love for Him. Thank you Jesus.

  315. Hey friends!! My name is Angel. I’m 28 and I’m from Pearl, Mississippi. I am married to my beloved and we have two awesome kids! (8 and 6) This is my third study from GMG and I’m so excited! The last two studies were a blessing!

    My goal for the study is to teach my children how important it is to be intentional with our time with the Lord. I’ll be doing the study by myself while they are at school but in the evening during our devotions I’ll be leading them (and my husband) in the study. I’ve already printed the prayer journals for girls and boys and I’m looking forward to printing the children’s resources. I know God has amazing things planned and I can’t wait to strengthen our foundation with Him.

  316. Hi! My name is Janice. I live in Fort Myers, Florida. This will be my first GMG Bible study.

  317. I am Sonya From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am excited to re ignite my passion for God and do His will in every area of my life! :)

  318. Donna vaughn says:

    If I entered my email address to receive the emails for Intentionally Focused and also registered today as a leader….will I not receive an email before Monday? Can I access the materials online?

  319. I am Jennifer from Lexington, SC. I’ve been married for over 17 years and have 2 amazing kids, aged 10 and 3. This will be my 5th GMG study, 4th leading. My goal this session is to continue building on my personal relationship with God and allowing Him to take control of ALL areas of my life. Thank you so much GMG for all you do! I love these studies and can’t wait to start Intentionally Focused :)

  320. I’m from a small town near Kalamazoo, Michigan where we are having a blinger of a winter! My goal for the study is to have a closer walk with the Lord and to radiate the love of Jesus to others in a natural and compassionate way.

  321. Hello to all! I am new to Good Morning Girls and online Bible studies. I decided to participate though when I saw the title. I do My One Word every year and this year my word is “Sanctuary.” I am the sanctuary of God. His presence dwells in me and I want to intentionally focus on bringing God’s presence with me into every situation in every place I go. I am excited to see how God will use this study to help me be more aware of His constant presence in me.

  322. Hi! I am from Cathey’s Valley, California. It is a tiny 300 person town up by Yosemite National Park (the cows literally outnumber the humans by about 5:1)!

    Through this study, I am hoping to learn how to slow down, and truly LISTEN for God’s voice and calling. To know His will for me. To be intentionally focused on my walk with Christ, and to be expectantly waiting for Him to work in my life! I want to grow ever closer to Him, and be a light that He can use for His purposes!

  323. Tiarre Lovett says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I am Tiarre Lovett from Rock Hill, SC. I am a wife and a working mother of two small children (4 and 2). I am excited to study the Word of God with ladies from all over the world who come from different backgrounds and experiences. First, my prayer is that ALL of us are blessed beyond measure as a result of this online bible study. My personal goals for this study are 1.) Be more disciplined and focused on studying the word, 2.) Be slower to speak and quick to listen in order to really hear God and 3.) Be a better Christian, wife, mother, sister, friend etc. in order to continue being a blessing to others.

  324. Hello my beautiful Sisters in Christ! Am still feelin like an emotionally hung over Martha from 2013 and my goal is to be an Intentionally Focused Mary for the next 8 weeks.

    • Cindy cox says:

      That is so good Jeanie, as I to am always a Martha I have slowly been working on my transformation to be more like Mary. I do believe having a little of Martha is good and healthy and that is a way that we should balance both. I am praying for both of us in this area.
      God’s Blessing for you and your family

  325. Stephanie says:

    Hi there! I’m Stephanie and I’m from Chandler, Az. I am doing the GMG study with my beautiful friend Amie whom I have the pleasure of also working with. We did not know that we had each independently signed up for the study but one day during prayer she mentioned that she was doing the study. God is so good! He cares that we are not alone even in things that we think we would be okay doing by ourselves. I am so grateful for such a loving God. My goal for this study is to finish it. I start so many things and just don’t finish it. So as simple as it seems, it is a huge step for me and a major hope. How can I be effective for His Kingdom if I just leave things scattered in my life semi-done? Thank you for heeding His call on your lives and allowing all these beautiful women of God to join you on this journey, His journey :) God’s blessings!!

  326. Stephanie K says:

    Hi! I’m Stephanie from Nashville, TN! I’m a wife and mama, homeschooling my three little daughters (ages 7.5, 5, 18 months). My goal for this study and 2014 is that this would be the year that I grow to long to be in God’s word, reading, worshipping Him more than anything else. That I would run to my Bible or prayer every free second I get.

  327. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Hello, my name is Jess Anne and I’m from East Tennessee. I’m not sure I’m a GMG…..I’m the gradmother of 6! Whatever our age, we need to make it a priority to continually grow in Christ. My goal is to focus on this relationship. I love the GMA energy! Thanks for this opportunity. I’m praying every person participating will be blessed by this work.

  328. Cindy cox says:

    My name is Cynthia Ann Cox ( I go by Cindy) I am married to a wonderful husband for 7 years now, we 2 children together 4 of my grandchildren that we have adopted and my daughter and his son.
    We live in a small town in the hill country we have 3 lots where we live which for me it is a blessing because it feels like I am out on ranch, we live at a dead end street.
    I lived in Dallas, Texas for 15 years worked in Mortgage industry for that many years. I am now a stay at home mom and do volunteer work wherever I am able to help. I volunteer for the Headstart my son attends and I am the youth Leader and Sunday school teacher for our church. I love to read and study God’s word, I have taken up yoga. I love the outdoors. I love to help and well honestly I just love I give the unconditional love that The Lord give me I give to others. My husband (Dan) is so compatable with me as he is the same he is a helper and likes to give.
    I am super excited to get started with our new study and I love the fellowship that we get from each others post and comments.
    I pray for us all as we take on this journey may the Holy Spirit reveal to us what he would like for us to get out of this.

  329. I am in Lewis Center, Ohio. My goal is to really hear God through this study. He has been saying a lot to me lately and I think this study really falls right into what he’s been talking to me about. Actually, my biggest goal is to actually DO what I hear God telling me to do!

    • That is an awesome and worthy goal Diana. I was praying for you now…and I got this feel inside me…. “God has such a mighty plan for you…Listen and obey!”

  330. Cindy cox says:

    My goal for this study, I have been a follower of Jesus for a very long time now, well really since I was about 13 I have always had a really great relationship with Him. Did I stay focused no! I have let myself wander and come back. I have been back for about 2 years now. I lost my dad a year ago and then my sister (a 26 year old) to cancer.
    My goal is to know him intimately and stay focused on Him always not only in church not only because I am doing a Bible study but always. When we are focused on Him we can have a clear mind and get great answers to our life situations. Lord I pray we stay intentionally focused not only during our study but always that those who do not know you will want what we have and ask how we got there.

  331. Hi ladies! I am Natalia, I am from Russia. I have been a member of a GMG group since last September. I am married for almost 11 years. We have two wonderful girls of 10 and 5.
    I wasn’t raised in a Godly home and my husband isn’t a true believer and no one of my friends and relatives are. I used to feel lonely in my faith, but God gave me this opportunity to know people who love Him deeply. Although they are overseas and I am not an English native speaker, it feels like we talk one language.
    Last fall changed me a lot and I’d like it to be continued.
    My goal is to continue growing in faith, bring all the people I love to the Lord and have Christ centered relationship with the world.
    Thank you!

    • Mary Ann Peterson says:

      Natalia, we are all sisters in Christ. We are so glad you are with us, and following the Lord. Be blessed!

  332. My name is Lorrie and I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is my first study with GMG. I’m excited to really start focusing on my faith and my relationship with God. I’m a new mom and my goal for this study is to deepen my faith and make studying about God a priority. I want my baby to grow up seeing me studying the Bible.

  333. jENnifer G. says:

    Hi! I’m Jennifer….leading a group on fb for the fourth season in a row. We’ve recently relocated from a big city to our hometown in Texas, and we are slowly settling in to our “new” lives. I’m looking forward to doing just what the study title says…being INTENTIONAL. My day is filled up with lots of “good” things, but if I’m not careful, I will miss the mark. I just read a quote from one of my new favorite books, Love Does. It says, “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” Looking forward to an awesome 8 weeks ahead!

  334. My name is Emily, and I live in Reading, Pennsylvania. I have two and a half jobs, and I really let “life” get in the way of my time with God. I’m very excited about having a group and an accountability partner to help keep me on track, and my goal is to grow closer to Jesus than I have ever been! God bless, ladies!

  335. Hi. What a great group of women! :) I’m Beth from Kentucky. I’ve excited about so much, and focus in general is a challenge for this mother/wife/teacher/friend/etc! I’m praying for God’s guidance and power in my life. I love the prayer journal, and see that I’ve been neglecting areas of my life…time to get focused! :)

  336. Hi everyone! I’m Torrie, and I’m from Alberta, Canada and this is my first GMG study! I’m part of a Facebook group study and I’m really excited to connect with other women. My goals for the study are to focus more of my attention/efforts on God throughout the day, and to have this change be reflected in how I serve my husband and daughter! :)

  337. Hello, my name is Karen, I live in the United States and I have, for reasons of health, not been able to get out to church or Bible study for many years and I really miss both. My husband also needs to get back to the Lord, so with all of that going on I feel quite isolated. I am standing on the Word of God for my complete healing and the manifestation of it, also for my husband’s and son’s return to the Lord. I’m with Father God all day long and into the night, but I find I need a set-aside, focused time of study and prayer, so I am looking forward to this study. I am glad to meet you all and will pray for you and your families and your needs.

  338. Askia jackson says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Askia Jackson and I am from Savannah, Ga. I am excited to fully devote myself to this study. I have never done an online bible study so this is going to be a new adventure for me. My goal is to spend more time developing my relationship with God. I know that with any relationship, you grow closer by spending time together. I want to build that relationship with my Heavenly Father so I am dedicated to being Intentionally Focused!!

  339. Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m from Tomahawk KY. My goal is to get closer to God and become more focused on Him and more sensitive to His will. I have trouble focusing when I pray. I mean, I’ll start out good, then my brain goes to daydream land. The more I try to focus, the harder it gets. I’m assuming this is normal. I’m hoping this session will help me focus better (with God’s help of course) and hear God’s voice better.

    • I’m living in Louisa KY, but I am from Tomahawk KY.

      • Sigh, I wish there was an edit thing for posts on here lol, Somehow where I’m at (Lowmansville) is considered in Louisa because it’s close to it, I guess…. It confuses me lol

  340. Hi, My name is LaToya. I am so excited to be apart of the Winter Session Intentionally Focused! My hearts desire is to draw closer to GOD. Praying that the excitement and love for His WORD and times of PRAY would be rekindle like never before. I want the More of HIM!

  341. Niki Hall says:

    I want to get closer to God. I have been a Christian since I was a kid, but I never have had a good study habit. This is the year. thank you..

  342. Ashley Smith says:

    My name is Ashley Smith. I live in Dallas, OR. I actually just found out about GMG from a friend’s post on FB. I did a little research and felt that this study is just what I need right now. I am looking forward to becoming more intentional in all areas of my life.

  343. Hello! I am Alicia and I live in Temperance, MI. I am married and have 2 children, a 6-year-old and an almost 2-year-old. This is my first GMG study and I am looking forward to discovering what this group and study have to offer. I grew up in the Lutheran faith, for the most part, having been baptized and confirmed in a Lutheran church and attending 6 years in a Lutheran school in Bay City, MI. Although I have always been a believer and have “studied” the Bible, I’ve taken interest in attending a Bible study for the past few years. I came across a FB group from a local church, not my home church, that is part of the GMG study and thought it would be great to join it just to “get my foot in the door” on a Bible study and/or prayer group; I had no idea it was part of such a large group who makes studying scripture very welcoming! I want to not only become more familiar with the Word, but I want to begin to recognize the relevance between the Bible and the life I am leading. I want to feel the confidence that I am leading a holy life, setting a faithful example for my children, and dig deep to find ways I can be better. Lastly, I want to truly see and value the blessings I have been given, because knowing the Lord will always take care of me is easily taken for granted.

  344. hi, i’m leah! i’m completely new to this blog & study, but i’