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Enrollment starts….NOW!

Enrollment starts now- Womens Online Bible Studies- Good Morning Girls

Are you excited to start our new study, Intentionally Focused? I am! I hope this post will help answer some questions you may have regarding enrollment and joining a group.


We ask all our members and leaders to …
Enroll in the study (taking attendance)
• Subscribe to the Good Morning Girls Blog (if you are a current subscriber and receiving emails, you are all set)

How to enroll in our current study, ‘Intentionally Focused’
The enrollment form for our current study will be available from January 6th to 17th. To enroll, hover your mouse over the tab ‘Enroll’ on the menu bar above, then click ‘Enroll Here’. You will arrive at a page and toward the bottom of the page is a button – {click here to enroll}. The Enrollment Form will be available ‘only’ during our enrollment period. If you are participating in a past study, no enrollment is required.

Explanation about Enrollment
The enrollment form is our way of taking attendance for this session; it’s like signing up for Bible study at your church. We do not send out confirmation emails but upon completion of the enrollment form you will receive a ‘Thank you’ confirmation page or pop-up depending on your browser. Please note that responses are not always recorded if you fill out the form via your phone – this is out of our control!

How to join a group
Our available groups will be listed on our blog only during the enrollment period. If you do not have a group to join, but still wish to join a private group, hover your mouse over the tab ‘Groups’ on the menu bar above, then click ‘Join a Group’. You will arrive at a page with more information about how we list our groups. To join an existing group, select the type of group you want to join: Facebook, Email, International or other groups. We will add available groups throughout our enrollment period, so keep checking back.

Private Facebook Groups – We have arranged groups using Time Zones – ‘Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific’. NOTE: if you live in Eastern Time Zone but wish to join a group in Mountain Time Zone – feel free – you are not limited to your own time zone. Once you select Facebook groups, scroll through the list of leaders and choose a group. Then click on the group link provided and request to join their group! If the link is broken the group is full and the leader has disabled access. We remove the links as fast as possible, so please be patient and continue to look through the list to find another group to join.

Our Email groups and International groups are across all time zones mainly because they have a slightly different format.

If a group is leading a past study, it will be noted. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find the “perfect” group, but you’ll be surprised at how God places you in the group that fits your needs!

Subscribing to the Blog (Free materials)
If you are not already subscribed, this only needs to be done once.

1. Subscribe at goodmorninggirls.org. Enter your email address (it will be in caps, email addresses are not case sensitive).

2. You will receive a popup message from Feedburner that states, “your email address will receive a verification message once you submit this form.” You will be asked to ‘enter the text’ listed – to prevent spam.

3. Confirmation Email – check your email inbox, spam folder or promotions tab (Gmail) for a verification message from “FeedBurner Email Subscriptions.” Click the link contained in that message to activate your subscription.

4. Once confirmed, you will begin to receive emails from GMG. The free study guide and other materials are available by clicking the links at the very bottom of the emails.

Please Note: The emails from GMG are sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, or with each new post. So if you activate your subscription on a Monday, you will likely begin to receive emails on Wednesday.

Join us on Facebook, Pinterest or on Twitter & Instagram using the #IntentionallyFocused hashtag.

If you have any questions about enrollment or joining a group, please email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com
Live life worthy of God’s Glory,





Director of GMG Enrollment

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  1. Hi, I signed up – SO excited, I couldn’t wait! I also wanted to lead a group but when I went to the leadership page to sign up to be a leader it took me back to the same form and I’m afraid I already filled it out but haven’t set up my group yet so I didn’t put that in. Can you help me to sign up as a leader?

  2. Megan addison says:

    Thank you ladies so much for doing this and allowing others to join! My group is so looking forward to this study because our ministry this month (and women’s conference at the church on the 18th) is all about Focusing on God in 2014! I can’t wait to dive into His word!

  3. I have enrolled, and I have been subscribed to the blog for a least a year now. The link at the bottom of the email from GMG for the study materials is still for the Advent study. How do I get the current materials?

    • Lyli dunbar says:

      Jeni, the new materials should be available next week. If you are subscribed to the blog, they will be embedded at the bottom of your e-mail. (LE)

    • Hi Jeni!!
      The new materials will come out with the next blog post. Sorry about the delay on them!! :) Thanks for studying with us this time around, so thankful you’re here!! :)
      ~Blessings, Krystal {GMG Leadership Team}

  4. Tiffany blackwell says:

    Will the verses be available on You Version Bible app? What plan can I find it under?

  5. Good morning!

    My questions may have been answered earlier …I looked and did not find the information and am running short of time so I thought I would ask. What time commitment is required to participate in the study? For those who have not done a study with you before,what is the format? I want to tell my friends about it but feel I need more information so I am able to answer any questions. Thank you so much.

    • Amanda S. says:

      Hi, Kathleen. Someone else may give you a more official answer, but here’s my experience. The time commitment can vary–there are five lessons, one each for M-F. They can be a quick 10 minutes or stretch to 30 minutes-1 hour, depending on the time you have and the verses of that day. The guide provides verses (usually a short passage) to read and uses the SOAP method to go deeper with a few of those verses. On MWF, there are blog posts that are fairly quick reads, and on Mondays, there is usually a video that is under 10 minutes to watch. Finally, there is usually a reflective day that I like to split between Saturday and Sunday to look over the previous week’s material. Like many studies, you can give as much time as you have and would like to to this study.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hi there! Amanda gave you a great response- about 30 minutes a day is what it takes. Your ineraction with the Word of God, and your group, will really determine that. I would suggest looking through the following links:


      We use the SOAP method- if you are unsure of what that means check out this link- http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/2012/09/how-to-soap-your-quiet-time/

      I hope this helps!

      Mandy, GMG Leadership Team

  6. The link at the bottom of my email is for the Advent Study. How do I get the material for the Intentionally Focused study?

    • Lyli dunbar says:

      The materials for the new study will be ready at some point next week. They will appear as an embedded PDF in your e-mail if you are subscribed to your blog. (LE)

  7. Stacy wood says:

    Won’t let me sign up says I need to
    enter martial status, leader, children, study status


  8. Jana Baker says:

    Week 5 Focused question 1: 1) When we think of “superheroes” from our childhood – even they have a sidekick! Do you seek to walk your path alone, or do you search out others to walk alongside of you, as we see in this verse, to give us strength and accountability?…can you tell me to which “in this verse” it refers? The memory verse perhaps? It just wasn’t clear to me.

  9. Jana Baker says:

    Same question for week 8 Focused Question 1: Often we like to separate our physical health from our spiritual health. This verse (WHICH VERSE?) clearly states that we are to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness and of the flesh AND spirit. And something is wrong with the end of that sentence after filthiness….

  10. Katherine says:

    Hello ladies!!

    I am new to GMG and I am also a new leader. I got some friends together and we are all looking forward to the study!! I have enrolled our group and they should be enrolling for the study soon! Thank you for all you are doing!!

  11. patty wells says:

    I can not download the study can you please help

  12. I just printed the study guide and there seems to be a malfunction on each of the headings at the top of the following pages: 9,15,16,22,23,29,30,36,37,43,44,50,51,57,58.
    Did anyone else run into this same problem?

  13. My brother recommended I would possibly like this website.
    He used to be totally right. This publish actually made my day.

    You can not imagine simply how a lot time I had
    spent for this information! Thanks!


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