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And Our Winter Bible Study Will Be…

Good Morning Girls- Intentionally Focused Online Bible Study

I’m so excited to announce our upcoming winter study……Intentionally FOCUSED!

I absolutely LOVE new starts, new beginnings so that’s probably why I love the month of January so much! Not because it’s cold but because it’s that special time of year when we make new goals, dream new dreams and make our New Year resolutions! Ohhh yes, I know that making New Year resolutions can be a love-hate relationship for many of us! We love the new start to the year and look forward to what we plan on accomplishing. We start out with high hopes only to get discouraged a few weeks or months into the year when the new year doesn’t seem any different than the year before. But this year lets start it out a little differently. Let’s focus our lives on God this 2014. Let’s take the different areas of our lives and live this year as passionately, as intentionally as if it’s our last. (not to be morbid…..but to be purposeful…..to be focused)

How about you, friend? Do you want to start this year out focusing your life on what really matters? Me too! During our 8 week winter Bible study we will be focusing on:

  • Our spiritual lives
  • Our minds
  • Our marriages
  • Our friendships
  • Our children
  • Our ministries
  • Our health

So what do you think….are you in? I’d so love for you to join us this winter as we focus on God and His Word in these core areas of our lives! I know it’s going to be life changing!

For those of you wondering, we will have enrollment this session which means if you’d like to join a group we will have groups forming starting January 6th and ending January 17th!!! Stay tuned for more details!

Let’s Talk: What are some of your New Year resolutions? Which week of our upcoming study are you most looking forward to and why?

Want to start your own personal group? GREAT! Share this image with your friends and invite them to join you this winter!

Good Morning Girls- Intentionally Focused Bible Study


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls

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  1. Great!!!!!!! I feel blessed that i may be a part of it in the Netherlands.

    • Jane Yasenchak says:

      I’m in the Netherlands too! I was just reading the post and thinking how wonderful this is since I’m working and can’t attend my usual morning Bible study group at the chapel!

      • That’s one of the many great things about our studies, Jane! It’s completely flexible!:) So glad you both will be joining us!:)

  2. Very excited, definitely need a fresh start for 2014! Will I be able to join a group based in Europe? I’m in the UK and my last group didn’t work out particularly well as most of the ladies were in the US so time differences made it hard to really connect.

    • Nat, we will list our available groups when enrollment starts -as far as English speaking groups in Europe – it depends on who steps up to lead a group from that area. I understand about the time differences. I’m based in the US but have ladies from France, Ireland, UK, Thailand in my group as well as ladies from US – so I am aware of the time differences. I pray that we have a group or two for you to choose from. Blessings, Martha

    • Hey Nat! I’m in the same boat…over here in the UK! A European group might be an option.

      • Mary Ann bell says:

        I was trying to sign up for the study, but the forms aren’t available to do so. I am in the Republic of Georgia.

      • Nat & Jamie, I’m from the U.K too. I actually found GMG earlier on in 2013, but I thought the groups would be mainly women from the U.S, and so I never joined a group because I thought I would be the only U.K person and wasn’t sure of the time differences! Ironically, I emigrated over to the U.S in Sept. 2013 to get married( my husband is a US citizen), and took a leap of faith and reached out to join a study. I wish I had known there were other GMG from the U.K at the time! The girls here have been incredibly warm and welcoming. I’m so looking forward to this study :).

        • Emmy, if you prefer a facebook based in the UK, let me know. I just found a Facebook leader that lives in the UK and she has room in her group. Please email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com and let me know you are looking for a UK group and I can get you in her group.

      • Jamie,
        I just found a Facebook leader that lives in the UK and she has room in her group. Please email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com and let me know you are looking for a UK group and I can get you in her group.

    • Nat,
      I just found a Facebook leader that lives in the UK and she has room in her group. Please email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com and let me know you are looking for a UK group and I can get you in her group. ~Martha

  3. BethAnn Hinton says:

    I am looking forward to the first week, our spiritual lives. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of life, this area is often sent to the back of the line behind the other areas. I want to remember, Even in the thick of it, that I need to lean in to Him first and always ESPECIALLY in the hustle and bustle.

  4. Definitely looking forward to the week on spiritual lives. So easy to get in our day to day routine and not put God into that routine.

  5. Ashlie Paulin says:

    Will you be opening up the link for new leaders for this study?? I am so excited this is my fourth study with you all and I am really wanting to lead a group. :)

  6. About 4 moths ago I started following you ladies! Thank you so much for being such a great blessing. Your time, effort, and devotion are much appreciated. I can’t wait to start this study!!!

  7. Kory Graham says:

    I am so excited for this! Instead of a New Year’s Resolution I choose One Word (there is a book and FB page all about this) to focus on for the whole year in all areas of your life. The word I chose for this year is INTENTIONAL! I think God is telling me loud and clear that I chose the right word for me and that I really need to dig deep into this study! I will be looking forward to all the weeks, but the ministries week is one I am really looking forward to! Can’t wait!

    • Ohhh Kory!!! I LOVE it when God confirms something to us like that! :)

    • My word this year is also, Intentional. :)

    • I heard about “one word” this last week and was given FOCUS. So glad I “found” GMG recently. I do believe God had all this planned for me! Exciting to see Him work!!!

    • This is my first time doing One Little Word. My word is “cultivate.” I am wanting to cultivate good things in my life this year in different areas of my life. I think this study will be very insightful!

    • This is *my* word for this year too! That made me very interested in this study, though I’d like to know more about how it really works for me so that I CAN be intentional(!) with my time….

  8. Good Morning Girls. I am so excited for a new start. I am focused on getting closer to God in 2014 I feel like I want all I can get and more! Health is a big for me as well! Oh just fell in like a child on Christmas morning! So much excitement I might bust!

  9. Looking forward to starting the New Year off w/another great GMG Study! Thank you. I’m particularly looking forward to the weeks focusing on “Our Mind” and “Our Friendships”. I’m still working on a resolution because my mind is full of them! God Bless :)

  10. Janice Stephens says:

    Just like God! My One Word this year is INTENTIONAL! Can’t wait!

  11. Rosie Banks says:

    How do I take part? I have no group as in UK and quite an isolated christian woman.

    • Hello Rosie,
      We will list our available groups when enrollment starts -as far as English speaking groups in Europe – it depends on who steps up to lead a group from that area. I pray that we have a group or two for you to choose from so that you won’t feel so isolated. Blessings, Martha

  12. I have a group that is following your studies. I share your weekly postings. I post my thoughts, and the girls weigh in as they feel led. I hope that is okay. Many of the girls have subscribed to your site so they have their own study guides. I loveeeee the study guides. It makes me S.O.A.P the scriptures which has been so amazing!! Thanks ladies!

    • Laura,
      If you are leading for GMG, please fill out the leaders sign up/group registration form – when it becomes available during enrollment. This way we have a current list of leaders who are presenting GMG and you will have access to the leaders materials. Blessings, Martha

  13. My husband and I are moving to the Democratic Republic of Congo following the Lord’s calling with Tear Fund. I will be joining in this study from there and expecting great things

    • Ohhh Sabine!!! Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling on your life! Praying for you, friend! Please keep us updated! I would LOVE to hear how God is moving in your life in the Congo! You are such an inspiration!

      “Dear Lord,

      Thank you so much for my sweet friend, Sabine! Thank you for her obedience to you, for her love for You and for her desire to share your love with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Please strengthen her, comfort her for the road ahead and help her to feel your everyday presence in her life. Please Lord go before her and prepare a friend for her who will love her and encourage her on the days she needs a loving word. Thank you in advance for the mighty work you are going to do through Sabine for Your Kingdom!!! We LOVE you, Jesus! Amen.”

      Love you and praying for you, Sabine!

  14. I’m looking forward to this study. I want to work on becoming healthy again physically. 2013 was a tough year health-wise.

  15. Looking forward to this and really need it at this time and season in my life!

  16. Can I just get the e-mails to be a part of the study or do I have to sign up under a group?

    • Sara,
      You don’t have to join a group – we do have email groups if you wish though.
      You will be able download the reading plan and study guide when they become available. The blog will post 3 days a week and the study is for 5 days a week. Martha

  17. Marianne H says:

    “On a scale of 1 to 10 how focused are you? My answer: Banana” Can’t tell you how excited I am for the topic of this new study. I’m really looking forward to it. Especially “our minds”. I miss mine and would like to get back in touch with it. =0) Thanks!

  18. This is exactly what I need to start the wonderful New Year off. Looking forward to growing spiritually and enhancing my mind and well being.

  19. Sandra in Phoenix says:

    I am really looking forward to this study but I am bummed I have to wait until the 20th to start it! LOL Guess I will look into another quick study to tuck in between!!

    • Just start praying! Start seeking God for the areas of your life that you know you might need to focus and be intentional. I would encourage reading in Proverbs- there are a lot of things that I need to be more intentional about there!

      Praying for you as we begin this Journey


  20. I’m looking forward to this new format for study. What a great way to start 2014! So many areas of my life need to be intentionally focused. Praying for all of you!

  21. I want to start today! I would say a focus I want to have in the new year is to joyfully be a better manager of my home & homeschooling. I’m having a hard time balancing all the week’s focuses that were listed. I want to give GOD glory in all of them.

  22. Karen Anderson says:

    This sounds great! I had already decided that “intentional” was going to be my one word for 2014. Further confirmation. Can’t wait to get started.

  23. Lou ann ratliff says:

    So excited! I’m starting the Daniel Plan and this study will just draw my closer to my Father. All of the aspects of these weeks look great. Hoping there will be some focus during the week on children on relationships with our adult children…. But just excited for new studies and new beginnings. God is good all the time. Oh almost forgot thanks for such a wonderful Advent study!

    • Lou Ann- just asked a dear friend of mine….she’s more like my second mom, to write a blog post just for you!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make sure and have a day during that week for moms of grown children!:) Love the suggestion!:)

    • I would also love to see a group of women with prodigal adult children- it is a lonely path. Sounds like a great study and I’m looking forward to it!

  24. Thank you GMG
    I have been so blessed by your Bible Studies.
    The You Version was awesome. I could take time anywhere.
    Looking forward to a great 2014.
    My motto or word is “joie de vivre” (Joy of Living ), because of Jesus I can have this everyday in 2014.

  25. Very excited! I am focusing on my health this year in 2014! So I am looking forward to the last week on “health” most! Will there be any childrens materials available with this study too? I loved the ADVENT CHILDREN’s Materials. Thank you hardworking Jesus loving ladies for those and all our studies!

    • Yes, we are currently working on the children’s resources. :) Make sure and check out my friend Clare’s site http://peak313.com/ I think you’ll like her balanced, spiritual approach to being healthier in 2014. :) Much love, Katie!:)

  26. This sounds great! Will it be the usual GMG format with scripture during the week? No book right? Just trying to prepare the girls. Thanks!

    • The same as always, Jill!:) All Bible reading. No book. We only have book studies during the summer to change it up a little. :) Soooo glad you are joining us and leading again!!:)

  27. Yayyyy! Woot! :o)

  28. I just moved to Alberta from the US and will be joining for the first time. Is there a fee for any of this? A book to buy…anything?!?! How do I find a list of people also in Canada, or do you assign me once sign ups happen on the 6th?

    • It’s all free, Tara!:) No fee, no book…..all you need is your Bible!:) Stay tuned next week when enrollment begins and you’ll be able to see the groups that we have available. I know we have lots of groups in Canada!:)

  29. It’s funny that this is the next study,one of my goals this year was to be intentional (more than I am) with my husband,boys,and just life. Just like God isn’t it? I am looking forward to the mind and health week. It is my 4th time to lead a FB group and it’s been amazing! It pushes me to do extra studying and preparation. I’m so blessed to have found this community and so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to lead. Thanks again to all you that sacrifice to bless others!!!!!!

    • Ohhhh I love seeing the confirmation through all the comments today that doing this study was the right choice. :) Thanks for all your help and support, too! It’s a team around here and we couldn’t do it without your help as well!:) Thanks for joining us again and for leading……we so appreciate it!:)

  30. this sounds great. can’t wait. Since I found your site last year, I have been so blest.

  31. Raising extremely athletic & active teenage daughters in Southern California in addition to working part-time outside of home creates a very busy life. Past few years I’ve become an introvert which is so not my personality, but it allowed me enjoy my here & now for the time being. I love my life, my loved ones all around me & 2013 was the year of health for me, I accomplished 74% of my New Year’s Resolution. 2014 I am devoting to mind and so very excited that I started seeing GMG posts on FB randomly a few weeks back. I can not wait to join a group on the 6th & get started on the 20th. God Bless :)

  32. This sounds so timely. I was in a discipleship group last year and that study is all over so I was wanting to get connected into another small group this year and a good friend just shared that her blog word for 2014 is “Focus” so I’m thinking that we’re going to connect and do a Facebook private group for this study!

  33. Jen Heemskerk says:

    Greetings from Canada,

    I have felt the Lord pressing on my heart to lead a young woman’s bible study for a while now, but didn’t feel confident in a topic. I’m looking forward to going through this bible study! Where do I sign up? ;-)

  34. Much love from New Zealand;
    I am loving being part of the wider GMG family and study. I first joined last year and have completed 3 studies and I have loved it sooo much! I have met and made new sisters in my life and our leader is awesome. My life has not been the same, he is truly creating a new me! Thank you so much and I pray God’s blessing upon each and everyone of you for 2014.
    INTENTIONAL is the focus for me on all subjects that we are going to cover. Praise God!

    • Hello Ropeta!
      Thank you for joining us from New Zealand! So glad you have found a home here with GMG. Oh I love how he is creating a new you! I’m not the same as I was either, ever growing in Him! Blessings, Martha

  35. I am so excited to see this! The Lord has placed the word intentional on my heart since the 2nd week of December when my husband and I took a day trip into the mountains to just talk and dream and pray about the future. My husband nonchalantly said something about living intentionally and it just stuck – I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had the best week after as I lived intentionally as I cleaned up the house and just served my family with intention. It was beautiful and I know the Lord is speaking to me more and more clearly about this especially at church yesterday and then seeing this in my inbox this morning. I have to be honest, I love your studies but have never completed one even though the blessing would be so full as I was going through it – somehow the enemy would speak his lies and my attention would be turned away. I would love to know more about being a leader! I have a few other friends who have mentioned that living intentionally this year in different areas is on their hearts as well. Thank you – I see God putting that on a lot of our hearts and I am excited to see the glory that is all His come out of all of us following His call. :D

    • I love when God confirms His plan like that- and how He continues to confirm that we (GMG) are on the right track in placing the right studies before all you beautiful ladies! There will be more information coming for those of you who want to be a new leader- and we have an awesome Leadership team (trying not to be bias!) who would love to help encourage you to facilitate and mentor the ladies God has strategically placed in your life!


  36. Yay, can’t wait to start this bible study. It’s a great way to celebrate my birthday too (1/20)!

  37. I’m so excited about all of it. I don’t have kids, but I always apply it to the kids that are in my life (nephews, and niece and others). The first 3 weeks sound like the most interesting to me. I love that we’re doing this as my church is going to be participating in a Daniel fast for 3 weeks so we can refocus our lives on Jesus, and I get to keep on going w/ this study. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to lead a group again

    • Rachel- YES! Apply it that way! We touch the lives of so many children- and the lives of so many ladies touching children! I love your outlook! I was single and childless until just a few years ago (almost 30 for me!) and yet each thing God taught me, I used with other children, to encourage moms, OR tucked away when God would bless me with the three blessings he did on the day I got married (my hubby was a widow)….. motherhood came quick for me, so I was glad I had tucked those things away! Praying for you as we begin! I love your focus!

  38. Wow!!! An internationally focused bible study when I’m planning to move overseas??

  39. Crystal M. says:

    I have a few New Year’s resolutions. Along with a teen girl I mentor I will be reading the bible in a year, focusing on one spiritual word and journaling as I learn about it, have a focus verse to sink into, and be more intentional in my bible studies. I still haven’t chosen my focus word or verse but I’m sure the two will be connected.
    For the Intentionally Focused study I honestly willbe looking forward to all of the weeks. They remind me of the Women Living Well conference I attended this summer courtesy of Karen Ehman. I have been wanting to dig into the conference topics ever since and this study is doing exactly that.

  40. I am very excited for this bible study too! I did the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones (which were my first ever bible studies) and am excited to join a group this time.
    Are the groups all location based? Just wondering because I am in the middle of a divorce (which I don’t want – and I’m still loving my husband thru God). Just wondering if there may be a group for divorced Christian moms.

    • Hello Katie,
      We will list our groups by time zone but you are not limited to your time zone. We will have the available groups listed here on the blog under ‘groups’ during our enrollment period only. You will be able to scroll through the list. As for one for divorce moms, we’ve had a few of those groups in the past. I don’t know if any are open yet this time but I pray you can find a group close to fit your needs.

  41. I was so excited too see the topic of your next study! My one word for 2014 I’d focus, and this is another confirmation!
    I’d love to get a few friends together to work through the study. This will need my new focus as I prepare.
    Thank you!

    • Karen,
      I’m so excited too! Sounds great, it’s always nice to have friends to do the study with and help keep each other accountable. If you form a group, be sure to fill out our leaders sign up/group registration form. You will gain access to our leaders group.

  42. I’m super excited this is my first one

  43. Looking forward to this study! I’m always convicted of letting time and mommy duties get in the way of my one on one time with God. Here is to a new year with a new resource to help me. God bless!

  44. Amber Hill says:

    I am new and really want to join. I want to make this year a awesome” I did it ” year as well as getting more spiritual with God, my child and church.

  45. Greetings from TN. I have never attended a bible study and have never really known how to study my bible. My husband and I are trying to be better examples for our children. I just found your site recently. I think God led me there. I hope to join a group, but if none fit my schedule I am happy to read that I can still get the materials. Please make sure you tell us how to sign up for just the materials. This is all new to me and I am a bit nervous to begin.

    • Kim, glad you have you join. I’m sure you will find a group that works for you. If you subscribe to the blog (receiving emails) the materials will be at the bottom of the emails for you to download (when we make them available).
      January 6th -17th we will open our enrollment form on our GMG blog – be sure to enroll in the study. Then if you wish to join a group you will be able to browse through our groups (during enrollment) here on the blog under ‘groups’. We will have more information this week about enrolling, finding a group and subscribing to our blog.

  46. I have been following on your teachings and it has blessed me so much .I just thank God for this upcoming teachings God will continually enrich you.Thank you

  47. Paula Wheaton says:

    Please include me in the study so looking forward to it truly enjoyed the Advent one

    • Paula,
      January 6th -17th we will open our enrollment form on our GMG blog – be sure to enroll in the study. Then if you wish to join a group you will be able to browse through our groups (during enrollment) here on the blog under ‘groups’. We will have more information this week about enrolling, finding a group and subscribing to our blog.

  48. This sounds great! I work 6a-630p and its hard for me to get to bible study with my church. This will give me a great way to study! I asked God to help me dig in more and spend more time in the word, this will be a great help. Looking forward to good things in 2014!

  49. I’m in, looking forward to it

  50. I’m so excited about enrolling for this study! My cousin sent me your link because she knew that my word for 2014 was “Focus.” I linked to your website on my blog today!

  51. Cersha Snell says:

    Greetings friends from GA. I’m so looking forward to this study! I know I will hear God through all of them but definitely looking forward to week one! I’ve been doing some reflecting this morning on the past year and something I know God is really showing me is to be INTENTIONAL in everything and to everyone. Thank you ladies for being a “WILLING VESSEL” for God. That is my first goal for 2014.

  52. Looking so excited to go through this with my group.

    • Fantastic Dianna,
      Are you leading a group? If so, be sure to fill out the leaders sign up/group registration form. Glad you are here with us.

  53. Hi. New here and definitely interested in joining a group. Not sure how thanks. Happy New Year!

    • Laura,
      January 6th -17th we will open our enrollment form here on the blog – you can enroll in the study, then if you wish to join a group you will be able to browse through our groups (during enrollment) on our site under ‘groups’. We will have more information this week about enrolling, finding a group and subscribing to our blog.

      • Hi, GMGs!

        I am deaf, living in UK and slightly new to this Bible study, although I enjoyed reading the Advent booklet! I am interested to enroll from 6th January onwards, but may I ask you about joining the group – will it be through emails or forum on the website? I am really curious if there is any another deaf people joining here before, and I also wonder whether I could able to access the clips with captions if you are using it for this study.

        However, I am really looking forward to focus on friendships this year, even though I still like to focus all of them too!

        God bless you.

        • Hello Esther,
          We have email groups but we do have private facebook group based in the UK — if you wish to join it. The videos are posted that we use, I don’t think we have caption on the videos — I know YouTube does not caption all the words correctly. I do know we have a few ladies that are deaf that do follow along with the postings. You are welcome to email me at enrollmentgmg@gmail.com if you wish to join a group.

  54. I’m very excited to participate for the first time! Am I understanding correctly that all the materials area online or will there be a specific book we’re told to order once we enroll? Thanks!

    • Hello Alicia,
      All the materials are free, the only book you need is your Bible. Once you subscribe to the blog, you will receive your free materials via email when we publish our blog post (the materials will not be available until after enrollment starts) but please subscribe now so you will have them. You are welcome to join a group too, we will list available groups when enrollment starts.

  55. Looking forward to this new study! Thoroughly enjoyed your Living like Jesus study and to being focused on God in this new year with other Godly women! Thank you!

  56. I am really excited about this study. I definitly could use a fresh start; which is the best thing about New Years. I didn’t make my resolutions yet, but plan on doing within the next hour. A couple goals I want to work on is getting down to a healthy weight and be alot more active. Another is to be joyful, and to be closer to God and trust Him fully instead of doubting so much. I am really looking forward to the sections on our mind and health.

    • Samantha,
      I am with you on getting down to a healthy weight and being more active. Thank you for joining us and prayers for success in 2014 to a healthier and more active you.

  57. Teresa Hatfield says:

    I have had significant changes in my life the past two months. I really needed something positive to focus on and I found this! Thank you! I am a rural public librarian and try to show God’s love to all our patrons. Thank you for giving me another tool to use.

  58. This is absolutely awesome!! I can’t wait to begin! It’s right in time. Praise God!!

  59. I am looking forward to this study, and will try to follow it better than the Advent study. I can say though I am still working through the Advent study and now I know I have several weeks to complete it before this one begins. It has given me hope to try again.

  60. I’m very excited to begin the new winter study an especially the week focusing on our spiritual walk. I feel like this is one area I always fall short.

  61. I am definitely looking forward to this study. If there is one thing I need in my life right now, it is definitely focus. I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 3 years and it seems that since I don’t have the structure that an outside the home job comes with, I haven’t had as much focus as I used to. April 2013 we moved from WA to WI (where I’m from) to be closer to my family. In November 2013 my dad went to be with the Lord. The little focus I did have seemed to fly out the window after that. I am looking forward to this new year and new bible study. I can’t say there is only one of the weeks I am looking forward to the most. I am looking forward to the study as a whole.

    • Michele,
      I’m sorry about your dad. The weeks can get away from us, I’m guilty of letting time get away from me as well. Let keep our focus and see what 2014 brings! Blessings!

  62. I am really looking forward to this study! Thank you all so much for keeping us in God’s Word daily! It is such an important part of my personal journey as I’m certain it is for so many others. :)

  63. Can’t wait!!!

  64. I’m looking forward to the week on friendship. Since moving to a new area I have not established very many friendships and this is an area I feel I need to work on.

  65. SHELIA rICE eNGEMANN says:

    So excited to get started! :)

  66. Denise ross says:

    Very excited to to do this study, did your last advent one and loved it
    Thanks for all you do

  67. I would love to be a part of this!

    • Mandi,
      Our enrollment form will be available January 6th – 17th so you can sign up. If you wish to join a group – we will have groups listed on the blog under ‘groups’ during enrollment. We add groups as they become available so keep checking back.

  68. Alli Nelson says:

    This is exactly what I need right now! I lost track of myself and need to get back in line spiritually.. Can’t wait to sign up!

  69. I was wondering if this study would be applicable for a 15-16 year old?? I have a neighbor that I am ministering too and would love for her to join me in this??

    Thank you!

    • Denae,
      It all depends the teenager. We’ve had ladies share these studies with their teens many times. When enrollment starts, you will be able to download the materials (if you are subscribed to the blog) – take a good look at the study and see it you think it would work for her.

  70. I’m in TX, can I get the emails about the study guide so I can follow this bew bible study? thanks.

    • Danielle,
      Yes, all you need to do is subscribe to the blog. Once you subscribe, check your email inbox, spam folder or promotions tab (gmail) for the activation email. Then activate your subscription, you will start receiving emails from GMG (when we publish a blog post). Links to the free materials will be at the bottom of each email, for you to download (when we make them available).

  71. A friend sent me this invitation. Can I in a group with her? She is Juanita Belcher.

  72. Where and how do I sign up for the Bible study? Thanks.

  73. Hi. SO EXCITED TO DO THIS STUDY. I have followed GMG for a while but haven’t been able to do an online study yet. How do I join a group?

  74. I don’t want to sound stupid, this is my first online study with you, is there a time? Am I totally in the dark on how this works?

  75. How do you enroll? I’ve never done this.

  76. Is the reading plan for intentionally focused going to be on the YouVersion Bible app? Can’t find it on there yet.

  77. Can’t remember if I am enrolled, don’t see were to enroll… although I tried to subscribe again (won’t subscribe me 2X)… so does that mean I am enrolled? I did the advent on You Version, will that be available again?

  78. Cherie Corey says:

    I just found this and hope I ve done all I needed to do. I am so torn and stressed that I know God sent me here for a reason. I am now 50 years old. When the last of our litter left in july we thought the next fifty is going to be ours,especially since I have MS. Well God said nope, and we now have custody of our 3year old grandson .it is a great task that is hard to take on especially permanent basis.

  79. Theresa rubadue says:

    I signed up yesterday and since the study started today, thought I would get the first email. I’m not sure I signed up right- has the first study been sent out yet?
    I’m excited to get started!
    Thank you!

  80. Courtney wiley says:

    I’m very excited about this study plan!! I would like to also completed the daily prayer journal along with my study guide, but I’am unsure of where to find “bookmark” in order to find the scripture of the day. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

  81. I like the valuable info you supply on your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again here regularly.
    I’m rather certain I’ll learn many new stuff proper right here!
    Best of luck for the next!


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