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Peace in the World

Imagine being in a field, hanging out with some friends and out of nowhere an angel appears and begins to talk to you about the coming savior. If that weren’t crazy enough the angel is then joined by an army of angels that begin to sing a song of praise to God.

“Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

When I think of an army I think of war and yet the message of these heavenly beings is that of peace. A baby has been born who will bring peace. A prince has come into the world whose very name is Peace (Is. 9:6)

What is ironic is that this Christ child’s birth would bring about anything but peace in his own life. Herod would massacre possibly hundreds of children in an attempt to kill him. Mary and Joseph would have to flee in the middle of the night into a foreign country. As an adult Christ’s years of ministry so up-heaved the religious community that it would end in his arrest, torture, and execution. After his resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven his followers would be persecuted and killed for his name’s sake.  And yet all of these things worked together for a peace that is far greater than any earthly peace we long for.

The peace Christ was born to secure for us is peace between God and humanity. Christ saves us from the punishment of our sin and reconciles us to our Maker. Christ saves us from the power of sin in our lives and gives us safety from their enslaving power. He offers us peace in the midst of dark days and difficult circumstances assuring us of God’s good plan for us. The salvation of Jesus will, in the end, save us from the presence of sin and establish a kingdom and a new earth where Peace will sit on the throne having conquered and removed all evil and darkness.

But how do we live in the meantime? How do we live in a world where people are self centered, where marriages are falling apart left and right. How do we live when people take the lives of others without thought and where the name of our King is used as a curse instead of a blessing?

The answer is found in peace itself. We are not only the recipients of peace, but we are called to live lives of peace. We are told to let peace rules our lives (Col. 3:15) and the only way we can do that is to walk closely to its source. To get to know him as much as possible by reading, studying and meditating on the very words this Prince of Peace has given us. Only then will peace truly characterize us.

“Peace should be a hallmark of the godly person, first because it is a Godlike trait: God is called the God of peace several times in the New Testament. He took the initiative to establish peace with rebellious men, and He is the author of both personal peace as well as peace among men. Peace should be part of our character also because God has promised us His peace, because He has commanded us to let peace rule in our lives and relationships, and because peace is a fruit of the Spirit and therefore an evidence of His working in our lives.” Jerry Bridges

So as you get ready to celebrate Christmas remember that this Christ whom we celebrate is our peace and therefore our safety. He is our safety from the curse, power and cruelty of sin.

Looking to Jesus,




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  1. Great four weeks to have spent in Christ’s word! Thank you is not enough. Christ has definitely worked on my heart and in my life throughout this study. Merry Christmas to all GoodMorningGirls! I pray that each of you will have Christ’s hope, love, joy and peace today, tomorrow and every day after.

  2. Thank you! And I will say: ‘Dank je’ ( thank you in Dutch) to all woman of GMG for the advent Study. It was a blessing for me.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks you all so much for this study.
    It really helped me focusing on Christ.
    Tomorrow it’s there .. Christmas.
    Looking forward to celebrate that our Saviour came!

  4. Denise ross says:

    Thank you so much for doing this advent study. I’ve learnt so much and read books of the bible that I haven’t read for a long time. I’ve had so much more peace and joy taking the time to spend in Gods word more than what I previously had each day. I love the connection across the lands that your site brings, I live in Australia, and sistering each other in our Christian faith journey. Love you ladies so much and so thankful for you all and this online ministry. I wish everyone of you and my fellow readers a very thankful blessed and joyful Christmas season

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