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When love shows up…


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Love showed up at my house today.

Mornings with four kids seem to be hectic, no matter how well I plan.  Sleepy bodies wander down the stairs, minds still groggy and sometimes grumpy. Every one of them wants all of me, and it often seems that there’s not enough of me to go around.  One needs help cutting their breakfast food while another is yelling for assistance in the potty.  Another craves deep conversation at the most chaotic of times, and that fourth one?  Is he content off to the side, or is he feeling forgotten in the chaos of it all?

What momma in her right mind schedules a dentist appointment at 8:00am anyway? Please tie my shoe.  I can’t find my toothbrush!  Can I read you my poem now?  Mom, she’s looking at meeeeeee………

How am I already this weary before the day even begins?

I took a moment to catch my breath, and found myself staring at the overnight arrival of our first real ice/snow mix of the season out my front window.  We were cutting it close as it was, but how would we ever arrive on time now?

And then love showed up.

My eye caught a glimpse of a small path, cleared by my husband just for me earlier in the morning before he took off for his long work day.  It would have been easy for him to go about his day, ignoring my side of the driveway altogether.  With his four-wheel drive, he wouldn’t have had to get the shovel out at all.

But when Jesus reigns in your heart, His love overtakes personal comfort.

No huge fanfare, done quietly and humbly, out of complete sacrifice and love.  And after my attitude the night before?  Wow. Completely undeserved.  No wonder the tears came so quickly.

One small act of kindness, that spoke volumes of God’s love into my life.  A picture of Jesus to me.

I’ve witnessed love show up in my life over and over in small, unexpected blessings like this. Refreshing raindrops on dry land. God’s help and encouragement to me through my husband, my family, or a friend.

A timely note of appreciation.

A hug, smile or an unexpected visit.

An offer to watch my kids during a busy season.

A meal to welcome home a newborn.

A encouraging phone call on a down day.

Other times I’ve seen love show up in huge, overwhelming waves of grace.  God’s great grace through His people, in desperate times, just when I needed to see God most.

In provisions shared with my single mom in times of need.

In uplifting hospital visits while we faced the unknown with a child.

In our home, surrounded with friends on their knees, covering our family in prayer.

In a line that stretched hours long outside funeral home doors, filled with precious ones bringing words of comfort and hope.


Big and small, all significant to the Kingdom.  Because where Jesus reigns, love shows up.


Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.  Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. ~ 1 John 4:7-8


In just two short weeks Christmas will be here, and in the busyness of the season, I don’t want to look back and find that I forgot to love like Jesus.  Jesus reign in my heart, so that above all else this season Your love consumes me, spills over, and points others to You.

Because people see more of You, when love shows up.

At His Feet,

Let’s Talk: Share a time in your life when you have known the love of God more clearly because of the practical love shown by another.

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  1. Share a time in your life when you have known the love of God more clearly because of the practical love shown by another.

    I have many people in my life who has shown me the kind of love I know comes solely from God. My junior year of college I decided to take a birth control pill and became depressed as a result. I didn’t know at the time the pill was messing with my hormones, causing my emotions to spiral downward quickly. My boyfriend at the time (who is my fiancé now), would lovingly take care of me through all of the horrible things I would say and as he watched me just lay in bed not wanting to do anything. I told him at one point to end our relationship because I felt guilty of how I was making him feel. I was selfish, negative, and not thinking about God as top priority. After a while, I stopped taking the pill, went to a counselor at school, and slowly and surely got better. My boyfriend sat with my through this ENTIRE time. He would speak kind words into my ear and pray that I would feel better. About a year and a half later, I was better. The love that he showed for me was completely given to Him by God. I know that God provided Him the patience and love needed to be with me during that time. His love shown for me was the biggest example of God’s love for me. The love that doesn’t see the bad, but wants to bring the good out. And most importantly, the love that never gives up.

  2. I’ve gone through a really tough time over the past 2 weeks. And just when I was feeling forgotten, a gift came in the mail from a dear friend. Exactly what I needed to remind me that I wasn’t forgotten. And then another friend sent me some chocolates because she said that I’m always there when she needs it. And she wanted to make me smile. Then this morning I checked my mail. The annual Christmas letter that I look forward to all year was waiting to be read. I was reminded that God does love me. He cares for my hurts, the big ones, the small ones, and the ones that I fear have been forgotten by everyone but me. Throughout this entire rough patch, love has shown up, often in unexpected ways. God is so good. I hope I can show His love to others as it has been shown to me this season.

  3. This summer we had a couple of weeks of pure chaos. I was pregnant with my twins, my grandfather had just passed away and my sister was getting married I. 2 weeks. Not to mention we were closing on a house the day before her wedding. I went to a high risk ultra sound (which have been clear and routine to this point so I went alone) and was hospitalized. I had no idea what was going on, my baby girl was at home with my mom and my husband was working. As I was getting to the labor and delvery unit a nurse was passing by and stopped to comfort me. Regardless of everything else she had going on, she stayed with me until my husband arrived and then cared for me until her shift ended. Through the 10 days I was in the hospital, the week following my delivery and the boys stay at the nicu I have never met a better staffed hospital. The nurses ensured my husband always had something to eat or a place to sleep. They were more than kind to our visitors and often kept me company if no one else was there. The kindness they showed proved all of the prayers from our surrounding family, friends and congregation worked. (For those of you wondering, I missed my grandfather’s services. I was out of the hospital for my sister’s wedding and my water broke at the reception, and we closed on our house a week late).

  4. Diana Bennett says:

    love showed up when I didn’t want it to. three years ago, I suffered from a nervous break down and I tried my hardest to make people hate me because hate was all I felt. no one went away. everyday there were phone calls, food on my porch, yard mowed, snow removed. the more I wanted people to leave me alone, they kept comin, loving me in all my ugliness. the one I hurt the most, my husband of 25 years, lived me through it all. today, we are once again one, Christ is the center of our lives. when love wants in, nothing you do will make it leave. love will always win. thou may not see it today but that seed is planted and before you know it, God is there.

  5. What a powerful reminder to show love to others; the love that comes from God. Without conditions attached to it. I needed the reminder today.

  6. This has been a crazy year so I have tons of examples! But, I’m most proud and excited by the love shown to my family by our pastor, Sunday school teacher, and youth pastor. My husband has battled alcoholism over the years and we were all on the losing end of his battle this summer. Things got really ugly and his problem could not be hidden any longer. I was planning to divorce him and we seperated but I went to my pastor and talked with him and his wife. They prayed for our family and then our pastor reached out to my husband. Then our Sunday school teacher did the same, and pointed him in the direction of professional help. Our youth pastor cut my grass while my husband and I were seperated. My husband followed the advice of our Sunday schoold teacher and he ended up in Celebrate Recovery at another local church. It’s an amazing ministry and I’m happy to say that our family has been restored!!! The people in our church have shown great love to my husband and welcomed him back. So many times, even in the church, people are judged and have a hard time rebounding from mistakes. I am so thankful that wasn’t the case here and thankful for a loving church family and CR family.

  7. When our lease was up and we were changing apartments, my husband was in the hospital for first round of cancer treatments. We lived 3 1/2 hrs from my hubby’s family and 11 hrs from mine. Two sweet lady friends came and helped me move our boxes and things, so all we had to pay the movers was to move the heavy furniture. We were going thru a tough time financially, so it meant alot. I have so many examples, but God has shown up for me so faithfully thru the love of others so often, I know I’m a truly blessed woman. My husband has been cancer free 2-1/2 years and the prayers and support of friends have been amazing.

  8. Love showed up for me and my family in a big way and many small ways this year. We moved to Moore, Oklahoma only a few years ago from Idaho. The F-5 tornado that tore through Moore on May 20th of this year came right through the neighborhood we lived in. I had all five of my children, my youngest just one year old, in the closet of our master bedroom and I prayed like I have never prayed before. We heard the windows all shatter and heard things hitting the house and felt it shake, we heard things flying around inside the house, yet the closet and bathroom next to us were untouched. I have never been so scared in my life, I thought I was going to lose my children, but God, as I prayed for Him to just hold us in His hands, He did. I have never felt the presence of God, and His peace and protection so real as I did that day. I know there were others who likely were praying and being prayed for who did not survive that day, and I may not understand why we were saved and not them until I reach heaven. I know God loves them just as much and it was not anything I did or said, but I know God protected us. As I stepped out into the chaos, and witnessed the many homes so near us that were completely wrecked, the reality of just how close we had come to death set in. God graciously saved me and all of my precious children. As the next few weeks unfolded, I was amazed by the love showing up from the community, our church family and our friends. People offered all kinds of help, from housing to help packing and cleaning up. We were renting, but we were able to get our stuff packed up thanks to close to 30 people showing up to help. I could list all the other things done for us, but I would fill pages! While I never want to go through something like that again, I will always treasure the love shown directly from God, and from God, through other people.

  9. A couple of years back our family was financially struggling and preparing to declare bankruptcy. A church family gifted us with christmas gifts for my two sons as well as my husband and I. It was an extravagant gift and blessing. It was a bit difficult to come to terms of acceptance of this gift but I settled in my heart that this gift was just like God’s gift to me, extravagant and something I was unable to pay back.

  10. Thanks for this reminder that love shows itself in so many ways. Sometimes we just need to have our eyes open so that we don’t miss it.

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