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A Christmas Story from the ER

A Christmas Story from the ER- Good Morning Girls

I want to live like Jesus calls me to live. I want to live bravely, whole heartily and completely focused on Christ. Completely. Almost to the point I want to cry…

I don’t want to be “normal” anymore, or average or even “good”…I want to be completely sold out for Christ and to LOVE others the way He calls us to.

I heard a story recently of a little girl who was taken to the ER because as she was playing outside with her sister, she stepped on an old rusty nail and the nail went straight through her boot and basically nailed the boot to her foot. She and her older sister had been playing earlier that afternoon in their “playground” which ended up being an actual dump where they would go to explore, find hidden treasure and occasionally a toy.

The sweet sisters had already experienced so much heartache in their young lives and just recently found themselves in the care of a relative.

As the doctor examined the little girl’s foot, he told her that he would have to cut off the boot in order to help remove the nail from her foot. To his surprise tears swelled in her eyes when she learned that her precious boot would be cut off. “Please no, sir. They are my sister’s only pair of shoes…and she LOVES these boots. Please, please, PLEASE don’t cut off this boot!”

The doctor was taken back by this child’s request and his heart went out to her as she thought only of her sister and how devastated her sister would be without these boots. But he knew that there was no way the boot could be salvaged…it had to come off. His heart broke for this sweet child as he told her the news and he witnessed the heartbreak that took place within her. So he did something he had never done in all the years he had practiced medicine…he pulled his nurse aside and gave her his credit card and told her to go to the nearby Target and buy this little girl and her sister new boots and dolls for Christmas.

It was the least he could do.

Trying his best to do right by the people God places in his path, to extend love and compassion to those individuals who are weary, broken and needing to experience the kindness of a stranger.

Good Morning Girls- Christmas ER Story

“Merry Christmas” he said as he gave each girl her presents…”God loves you!”

This week during our Advent study we are focusing on love and how we are called to love one another because God is love.

Love, compassion, kindness…lets give those precious gifts this year, and ALL year for that matter, this Christmas. Let’s pray radical, bold prayers begging God to use us right where we are, to be His hands and feet to this hurting world. Let’s pray for obedience and hearts that break for what breaks His. Let’s join together as a community of Christian women and encourage each other to put the love God has given to us into action in our lives. And then lets move beyond the talking and praying and start the doing…intentionally sewing seeds of love in our communities.

But we can not love…truly love the way He calls us to without being connected to Him. Reading through the verses we’ve been meditating on and SOAPing this week, I see that we can’t love the way He calls us to if we are not connected to the source of love…God. Yesterday in our reading plan we were reminded that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light for our path. (Psalm 119:105) God is the way. He is the source of love that our world so desperately needs.

So sweet friends, let us love God with all areas of our lives and as we do this let’s love others as ourselves.  He is the sources of all love and we need to make sure we are connected to His lifeline.

This Advent let’s…

  • stay in His Word
  • pray for ways to express God’s love to those around us
  • put our love into action
  • be Jesus’ hands and feet to those who are hurting this Christmas…and everyday of the year for that matter!

A Christmas Story Prayer


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls




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  1. I’ve been feeling very disillusioned lately and that story really touched me. We do need to be radical followers of Christ and move away from just TALKING about it! What I would find so, so helpful is personal examples of how women have reached out to others, loved the unlovable, done something outside their comfort zone. These all sound like wonderful ideas but how they get put into action would be truly inspiring!!!!

    • Honestly I think the key is just praying for opportunities to be Jesus’ hands and feet and then acting upon those opportunities when God provides them. I think we need to be aware of the needs of those around us and if we can, try to help those individuals God has placed in our lives. Sometimes we may just need to sit and listen to a friend who is going through a really hard time. Other times we may need to lend a helping hand by babysitting for a single parent. Helping others doesn’t always have to deal with money. Words of encouragement, a hug just when you need it, a listening ear, a hand written note……those gifts are priceless. :)

  2. What a beautiful prayer you said at the end Angela. To love is hard sometimes. But once we figure out that God is love and we decide to follow God fully, love flows through us so easily.

    The key for me is learning how to remind myself of God constantly. It is a struggle I deal with as life gets busier and outside forces distract me. But it is so important to stay in God’s word and being connected to Him in order to love the truthful way.

    • That’s the truth that I’ve found, Adriana! When I’m in God’s Word, it affects all areas of my life. My mind is focused on God and life stresses don’t affect me the same as when I’m not in His Word. When I’m regularly reading the Bible and praying, my whole life is more focused on the things that truly matter. When I think about Christ and the sacrifice He paid for my sins, it helps me be more grace filled and loving to those in my life.

  3. Love the prayer at the end! I wrote it in my journal, personalizing it to fit me! Thanks for sharing the ER story. Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful post and prayer Ang. And a fun surprise on a Thursday ;)
    Love you,

  5. I was also moved by this story. Seems that doctors have a bad rap of being money hungry and if the patient seems poor, they don’t want to treat them as well because they don’t think that they have any insurance.

    Great knowing that God used this doctors hands to do his work.

    • Ohhh I think that is the key to making a difference in our world….we all have opportunities to help others no matter what our profession. We need ALL Christians to actively serve and love those God has placed in our lives, whether it’s a doctor’s office, business, school, or our home……our lives are filled with people who need to know they are loved by God and experience His love through us.

  6. Wow! What an amazing story. I teach in a low income school and I have done many things like that for my students. I’ve bought coats, boots, books, food, etc. I never thought of that as being the hands and feet of Jesus, but you are right. That is where he has placed me to do His work. Thanks for the beautiful prayer, as well. Merry Christmas!

    • Ohhh that’s it, Jewels!!! Just doing your part right where He has placed you!!! Thank you so very much for loving those sweet kiddos and yes, being Jesus’ hands and feet in your school!!! You are making such a difference in their lives!

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