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Reflections from Luke {Living, Leading and Loving Like Jesus}…


“God interrupt whatever we are doing so that we can join You in what You’re doing.” ~ Francis Chan

I sat across the table from my sixty-something year-old neighbor this morning, pumpkin spice latte in hand.  We had talked about meeting for coffee for ages, wanting to catch up, since for some reason – even though we share a back yard - we can hardly catch each other coming and going.

She travels by air across the nation regularly for her job, rubbing shoulders with influential people in the science world.  I travel by minivan across town multiple times a week, taxi-ing children to and from activities, rubbing shoulders with other mom friends just like me.

Two different generations.  Two different stages of life. Two passionate Jesus lovers.

We talked about the falling leaves in our yards, our families, and how drastically technology has changed life today.  And how, even with the best of intentions, great neighbors can go weeks without really connecting.

And because the Gospel drives us and unites us, we landed here:

What if our fast-paced, technology-ridden, independent-living society is hindering the spread of the Gospel more than ever before?

We could point our fingers at other people all day long, but the truth is, on most days, I can’t even make it fifty feet across the property line onto my sweet neighbor’s front step, and into her life.  And we really, really like each other.  Let alone make time for someone whose needs – spiritual and otherwise - go far beyond easy fixes like some down time and a latte.  A better question?

What if the life I  lead is hindering the Gospel?

You know, the comfortable life that encourages me to associate with people who really look and act just like me.  The very full, blessed life that, on most days, keeps me too busy and too distracted to see beyond my to-do list.

But as much as I fight the pull of this world, Luke tells me of a different Gospel-centered way of living.

I’ve been challenged to live like Jesus.  Laying down my life, loosing my comfort and pride, for the sole purpose of the Gospel.

I’ve been challenged to lead like Jesus.  Fixing my eyes on the eternal, remaining faithful even in the midst of temptation and rejection.

I’ve been challenged to love like Jesus.   Unconditionally, sacrificially, loving even my enemies by His power because He first loved me.

God forbid that as Christ-followers, we make a name for ourselves for loving our agendas, our possessions, our political parties or our reputations far more than we love people.

What if we stretched ourselves in and beyond the comfort of our homes, our cubicles and our carpool lines and reached out and loved radically for the sake of the Gospel?  Oh, how we could impact the world if we intentionally spent our days living, leading and loving like Jesus!

Then he said to them all:

‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves

and take up their cross daily and follow me.  

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it,

but whoever loses their life for me will save it.’”

~ Luke 9:23-24

At His feet,

LET’S TALK: How has our time in Luke challenged you to live, lead and love like Jesus where God has placed you? 

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  1. Hi. I’m learning that we all have an area of influence even if we think we are”just a mom driving back and forth to the carpool line” I love connecting with people in real time over real coffee. We all need to touch and hug and connect deeper. It is so true…technology is great, but it can’t replace one on one sharing between friends.

    • Yes, Jen! God can use us to love those right where we are, in every day responsibilities, to impact the Kingdom! And what sweet opportunities to minister to our children and speak Jesus, right there in the carpool line. :)

    • Thank you Jen for the reminder. I will have to use your quote “God forbid that as Christ-followers, we make a name for ourselves for loving our agendas, our possessions, our political parties or our reputations far more than we love people” Very convicting.

      • CORRECTION Thank you WHITNEY for that and will have to use your quote, “God forbid that as Christ-followers, we make a name for ourselves for loving our agendas, our possessions, our political parties or our reputations far more than we love people”

  2. live like Jesus, lead like Jesus, love like Jesus……..
    Thank you, Whitney, for so eloquently speaking God’s truths this morning and for causing me to stop and ponder if I am hindering the Gospel or living the Gospel!

  3. I loved this. I am trying so hard to follow Jesus. Not just in word but in action. Trying to Live out the life of Jesus. With all the social media I would love to think that Jesus can go viral, but I think quite the opposite it has hindered people from actually talking face to face with someone. Thanks for the reminder to look at people everyday.

  4. The study we did in Luke taught me how to dig deeper into Gods word and to really understand that it was all written for our learning, and to make it more personal.

  5. I am so thankful that I participated in the last 8 weeks of looking at the end of the life of Jesus. This was by far my favorite GMG study. My call as a believer is to love like Jesus, and He loved me sacrificially, unconditionally, and unreservedly. I am more in awe of my Savior than I was 8 weeks ago. Thank you, Angela, Whitney, Jen, and Courtney for leading us. What a blessing to dig into the Word with my sisters! :)

  6. Beautiful Whitney — made me cry! I am very thankful I participated in the entire Luke studies… truly has changed my life! I’ve stopped ‘wondering’ if the person on the street corner ‘really needs’ the money or if he is ‘scamming’ me. Now I just give if I have it and pray for him- either way it’s my actions that I’m accountable for and he is accountable for his before our Father. We no longer have yard sale – we make an effort to call around see who can use our ‘stuff’, donating more. I personally make sure I spend more time with God — so I can do my best to serve others. I have a long way to go in serving but I’m heading it the right direction. ♥

  7. This study has really made me realize that no matter how busy I am, I can find the time to run to Jesus. That I can make room in my day. The outcome of having time with Him each day has opened up that pathway to talk to my neighbors more, spend time in fellowship with like minded Christians. It has blessed me in ways I don’t even know yet. When I am stressed, overstretched, hurting, my mind now wonders to what would Jesus want of me right now? Not how am I going to get through this. I am leaning on him and working hard to live, love, lead like Him. I have a long way to go, but the first few steps are taken. Thank you Whitney for your heart for the Lord, you are planting seeds.

  8. I thank God I participated in the last study of luke( loving like Jesus). That was my first and it really changed a lot in my life, my altitude towards others, towards prayer and I now wake up every morning to have a quiet time with my maker. Thank you girls for this wonderful opportunity to be a member of #GMG#.

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