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Making your walk with God a priority…

GMG Online StudiesOne week from today, we officially begin our Fall Online Bible Study: Loving Like Jesus! While there are some of you who have this Bible study routine thing down, we’ve also heard from SO many of you who are less than confident about how this whole commitment-to-reading-your-Bible every day is going to go down.

We hear you.

You want to make Bible reading a priority in your life. You really do.

But then life happens.

There are overflowing schedules and sleepless nights and distractions and deadlines and children underfoot, and we get it.  The heart is willing, but the daily tangible stuff seems to take over before we even know what hits us.

I know this cycle all too well.  I’ve lived it along with you at different times in my life - that vicious cycle of busyness that crowds out my time with Jesus, that results in guilt, and then leads to defeat. 

Oh friend, if this is where you’re at right now, don’t give up!  Satan wants nothing more than for you to feel defeated, resulting in you staying out of God’s Word.  But we know that just as our bodies need a steady diet of food, our souls need regular replenishing and reminding of the truths in scripture.

If you’re needing a fresh start in regards to consistent Bible reading, consider these practical tips as you prepare to begin this next session with us:

1. Make a choice…
Let’s face it, when I look over how I spend my days, I give most priority to 1. necessities and obligations that have direct consequences if I don’t get them done, and 2. those things that are close to my heart that I really want to spend time doing.  Just like we make a choice to commit to other things in our day, consistent Bible reading is never going to happen unless we make a choice to schedule it into our lives.

**Ideas: Literally schedule Bible reading into your daily planner, calendar on your phone, etc., just like you do other daily commitments. Regularly evaluate your schedule to see if something needs cut out in order to fit in a daily quiet time. Make choices the night before that will set you up for success the next day.

2. Create an Action Plan…
I’ve found that if I’m not intentional about how I’m going to do my Bible reading every day, I’m easily overwhelmed and distracted, and then I just end up giving up on it all together.  Instead…

**Ideas: Decide on a specific location for your Bible reading, and then stick to that same spot every day.  Keep your Bible and study materials accessible, and have a plan for what you’ll be reading.  Make goals that are attainable for you individually, and enlist accountability where needed. 

3. Apply God’s Word to daily living…
Reading God’s Word is meant to be more than just something we do to get it checked off our list.  It is meant to penetrate our lives so that change takes place, where we start to look a little more like Jesus, and less and less like us: in the big life-altering decisions, all the way down to the daily mundane.  When we really meditate on God’s words and get to know Him more through scripture, His truth begins to move from our heads into our hearts, connecting us to the Source of true life and peace, and changing us from the inside, out!

**Ideas: Memorize verses that will encourage you in situations where you might struggle. Pray scripture back to God.  Go to the Bible for wisdom when counseling a friend, or when disciplining your children.   

 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” ~ Psalm 119:105


Let’s Talk: What practical tips do you have for incorporating daily Bible reading into your life? 

At His feet,

**Exciting news: we are making our FINAL TOUCHES on additional resources that we’ll be offering this session.  Look for Children’s Resources materials and multiple language translations, coming out THIS WEEK!!


New to Good Morning Girls and need more inspiration, encouragement, and equipping in your Bible reading, but not sure where to start?  Then look no further! Join us for our next Fall Online Bible Study, Loving Like Jesus, beginning one week from today!!  Find more info here.

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  1. Thank you, Whitney!
    I realized a while back that I am extremely faithful to have breakfast every morning, even if it is just a bowl of cereal! As time went on, it became coffee that is part of my morning no matter what. :)
    I decided that I must combine the two…. time with the Lord and a quiet breakfast/coffee time before the children are up. I keep my Bible & study materials right next to my spot in the dining room and that habit has changed my walk with the Lord dramatically!

  2. I am at the other end of the spectrum. My children are grown up, and I now have much time on my hands. When I had a busy family life, I snatched the time that I could in bible reading, praise songs, church services and reading bible stories and the Bible to my children. God supplied His wisdom and instruction. Now He has me in a season where I can be still and know He is God. I have been immersing myself in the Word. For those who have busy family lives, know that God is faithful and gives you what you need for each season. Someday, perhaps, He will also give you a season of being still. Wherever you are, be content where He has you and soak up what He gives from His generous, powerful, loving Hand!

  3. I know, for me, to have an action plan is great! I try to make sure all my tools, my Bible, a journal or notebook, pens, paper, a current book study that I’m doing are all in the same place or in the case of this summer, in the same bag. I like the FB online accountability groups (well, it is a study group, but I use it to stay accountable and for the fellowship )…But most of all, I give myself grace. You know, that grace that you give to everyone else, but not to yourself kinda grace. If I don’t really “do” my plan…it’s really ok…because bottom line is that God wants to be number one in my life and by getting into His word and praying this allows me to spend focused time with Him. Then I can walk in the Spirit all day as I think through what I’ve read all day….so if it is the plan, great, but if it is a small nugget of truth from God’s word…then great too! I’ve found that sometimes I can only really chew a little bit of God’s word for the day anyway….it’s so rich and I want to be able to live it out in my day to day real relationships. just some random Monday thoughts.

  4. Laura Murphy says:

    Every time we read God’s word it washes you. When it washes you, you shine brighter and brighter. We can’t do life all on our own but with God’s help with the word we can do it. This is what a pastor spoke about in a message I heard recently. I am like a lot of people out there not taking time to read it. Also sometimes I don’t know what to be reading. I guess I just pick it up and just start reading it. Maybe a good start, starts here on September 2.

  5. Good morning and thank you for the reminder!
    Right now I am in transition and need to organize my life completely new.
    I used to get up earlier and have my quiet time but now my husband switched schools, so he and my oldest one have to get up earlier to drive to school, which means I would have to get up crazy early but with two kids under 3 there is no way right now. Then I started blogging and going to lead a GMG group in the fall, both is very exciting but new and it needs to fit in the schedule too. Did I mention that I would like to start running yet? Yeah no time for that right now (only time for that right now in Oklahoma would be in the morning as well) but I keep praying and tweaking the schedule of my days so I can maximize my time and hopefully get everything I would like to do done! Honestly, I do not know how you all at GMG get all this workload done! Thank you so so much for it! Praying for you all.

  6. Whitney, thank you so much! I just joined GMG and am looking foward to the new bible study. It is so funny, because the very first bible study that I joined was
    “Walking By Faith” By Jennifer Rothschild. And the key verse was “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” ~ Psalm 119:105. Nice how the Lord helps you to come around “full circle”.

  7. hello I am French and I am registered with the Facebook group: love like Jesus! thank you to you

  8. I’m starting with new routines as school begins again. I’m having to tweak my wake up times and may need to shift my study to be later in the morning AFTER my kids are gone and my 4 year old settled on something as (so far) I can’t get up early enough to complete it. I am giving myself permission to move my time around without feeling defeated and giving up on reading for the day. Then I’m insisting I not feel guilty that it’s 10am and I’m still sitting on the couch, just finishing Bible and prayer time and (quickly) checking in with my GMG group. THe housework can wait, I have chosen the better portion!

  9. When I get side tracked from God’s work, I will take the book of James and read 1 chapter a day. It has 5 chapters and can be completed in a week. This will help me to get back on track with daily reading of God’s precious word. This is a small portion so I can complete it an then move on to larger portions.

  10. Thanks for this Whitney! I needed this reminder. I used to be so diligent in my times with the Lord, and now I allow busyness to crowd Him out of my day. I am looking forward to the next study with the Aussie GMG!

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