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Loving Like Jesus for kids

I don’t know if there ever was a time when the concept of love was so misunderstood; when hearts could be so cold; when young people felt so abandoned and forgotten, or when children felt more confused and rejected. My heart breaks as I read the horrifying statistics of teen suicide, promiscuity, addiction, bullying and the overall hopelessness that drives them to lead such risky lives.

All for the lack of the one thing they do not even realize they are missing… Jesus’ love.

And as I turn around and see my sweet 3 ½ and almost 2 year old boys, I cry out in desperation for the wisdom to know how to raise them in a world that seems to be exploding and imploding at the same time. I need wisdom to know how to teach my children to extend the pure and everlasting love of Jesus to a generation lost and hurting, without getting caught up in entrapments that hold their peers captive.

Loving like Jesus.

I was both thrilled and intimidated when I read the title for our Fall Session here at GMG. Thrilled because if there is anything I want to do as a mom, it is love my family like Jesus and teach my children to love others like Jesus also. Intimidated because it is such a tall order, and I know I’ll never hit the mark. And then I was something else – challenged.

Challenged because I know that God has grace enough to fill in the spots where I fail; and because I know that this is the best weapon my children have to protect themselves from the dangers and pitfalls they are sure to face in their generation. Jesus’ love is enough to grant them the security they need as they swim upstream in a world that is sinking low. It is enough to protect them from the certain persecution they will face in a culture that is rapidly growing more anti-Christ by the day. And it is exactly what they need to extend to their peers who are left to cope with the confusion, rejection and abandonment they are likely to face in their adolescence.

Once again, I was privileged to partner with the best team of women in the world to offer you the finest materials you will ever have to correlate with your own personal SOAP studies. First of all, we have put together a Loving Like Jesus For Kids manual that gives you practical tips on how to have a Bible time with your children. We have divided this up into Bible time and activities for small children and Bible time for pre-teens and teenagers.

Loving Like Jesus Inside Page

For smaller children we offer short lessons, activities, crafts, games and a short prayer at the end of each day to help you lay a foundation in your child’s heart of what it means to love like Jesus. All of these activities are geared to reinforce the daily Bible passages. Moms with toddlers are able to do them as well. For the more difficult activities we have provided an alternate activity for toddlers.

We have also paired up with the author of The Dig and this study will use the remainder of The Dig Volume 2. There is a separate manual that shows you how to use The Dig and provides reading charts for your children.

Additionally, we have provided colorful memory verse cards for each week. They are sized for you to attach them to index cards. To help with memorization, we have provided a number of tips and activities that aid in memorizing the weekly verses.

These manuals are packed full of helpful advice, fun projects, and colorful graphics. But best of all, they are FREE! I can guarantee that you will find them useful, not only for this study; you will certainly refer back to them over and over again.

We pray that these materials will be a blessing to you as you seek to lay a strong and durable foundation in the lives of your children that will help them to learn what it means to love like Jesus in a world where the concept of love has grown distorted and dim. That the simplicity of the message of Jesus’ love and sacrifice will burrow deep in their hearts, sprout and bear abundant fruit of that will bless all those they touch!

With a heart for YOUR children and MINE to learn to love like Jesus,


GMG Children’s Resources Team

**HOW TO ACCESS OUR STUDY MATERIALS: Our Loving Like Jesus {Children’s Resources} are absolutely FREE with your blog subscription to Good Morning Girls!  Not subscribed yet?  No problem!  You can subscribe here.  **Important: please don’t forget to confirm your subscription!  Already a subscriber?  The {Children’s Resources} material links (along with all of the other study materials we’re offering this session!) will be at the bottom of each GMG email you receive every time a blog post is published. 

**A very special thanks to the entire GMG Children’s Resources Team for so generously volunteering their time and many talents to help complete the Children’s Resources materials for this session:

Bethany Grove

Nikki Hinkle

Rosilind Jukic

Edurne Mencia

Catina Pendleton

Linda Wells-Harr

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  1. Great job on the children’s resources, team!
    Rosilind, your words today echo my heart. Thank you for being faithful to share!

  2. Looking forward to starting the new bible study! I was able to download the resources for kids and the reading plan, but I’m having trouble with the study guide and was wondering if someone could help me. Thanks!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      We have updated the study guide, so you should be able to download the new, working version now (you can find the new link at the bottom of your GMG emails)! Thanks so much for your patience!
      ~ Whitney :)

  3. The resources look great! However, I am wondering if the study should be coming from the book of JOHN instead of LUKE. The scriptures do not seem to match up with the verses in Luke.


    • Hi Heather!

      Yes, you are absolutely correct! We have since updated our Loving Like Jesus Children’s Study Guide (I’m attaching more info from today’s blog post here):

      An important revision has been made to a portion of our {Children’s Resources} for our Loving Like Jesus study.

      Please be aware that the content in Weeks 1 and 2 in the Children’s Study Guide: Loving Like Jesus for Kids has been changed in order to accurately correspond with the Loving Like Jesus Reading Plan. If you are a GMG blog subscriber, you will now find the *UPDATED* link to the Children’s Study Guide at the bottom of your GMG emails.

      If you have already saved or printed the Children’s Study Guide prior to the afternoon of 8/29, you will need to update your materials. Please note that it is only necessary to re-print the pages that correspond with Weeks 1 and 2. The intro section, as well as the materials for Weeks 3-8 in the Study Guide have not changed.

      Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Thanks SO much for your patience and understanding, Heather!
      ~ Whitney :)

  4. The study for children is amazing. I have been looking for an all incompasing bible curriculum that includes scripture memorization, reading the Bible and fun activities to use as homeschool curriculum. I am participating in this study and thought it might be fun to include the kids. I never dreamed the study for kids would be this detailed. I am so excited for my kids to use this. Thank you so much to the team who works to put this together. You have made this homeschool mom’s day.

  5. I visited multiple blogs except the audio feature for audio songs current at this web site is really fabulous.


  1. […] 3. In the same email mentioned in #2, we have some fabulous Children’s Resources this session!!  Oh, we couldn’t be more thrilled about what the Children’s Resources Team has put together with your children in mind!  If you are a GMG subscriber, these resources are listed at the bottom of your email as well.  We suggest that you go ahead and print and share a preview of the study with your children, letting them know what exciting stuff will be waiting for them on Monday!  Look for:  Children’s Study Guide: Loving Like Jesus for Kids and How to use The Dig for Kids with your GMG Study Guide. You can read more about our Children’s Resources here. […]

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