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GMG in {Croatian} ~ Serving God, no matter the cost (PLUS an important *UPDATE* on our Children’s Resources!)…


Today’s guest post comes from Rosilind, who serves on the GMG Leadership Team and heads up Good Morning Girls in Croatia.  Are you weary in ministry today, friend?  Then read on, and be encouraged by how God can use our small acts of obedience – and then multiply our offerings - to further His Kingdom right where we live.


If there is anything I know for certain it is that God alone will receive the credit for what has happened with Good Morning Girls in Croatia – called Dobro Jutro Djevojke. It certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

I was ready to take a break for the summer.

I was tired and weary.  My family had been through a season of illness and injury that had left me exhausted; and I knew that our summer would be filled to the brim with home renovations and ministry. So, I had decided to take a break.

One session wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?  Then we could regroup in the fall – rested and refreshed.

Yet, there remained this uneasy feeling inside.  And as I prayed about what to do, I felt that the Lord was speaking to me, “Press in!”  And in my mind’s eye I saw my little brother running one of his 10Ks and making his “monster face” as he pressed through the wall of pain and exhaustion his body felt.

There are times when we need to seek times of refreshment, and then there are times when we press on despite the pain and weariness, because beyond that wall is a second wind -  a supernatural strength – that will carry us on to greater things than we could imagine.

So, I created a Facebook ad for our study and had one person respond.  This, in addition to the 2-3 ladies in my small group who had signed up for the study.  I was hopeful. We didn’t often get new women, so one was already a major improvement!  Our new member suggested that I post the ad in a group for Croatian Christian women.

The result of that left me dumbfounded as day after day I had 20-30 requests to join our study.

By the first day of the study, my small group of 15 Croatian women had exploded to five groups of 150 Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian women!!

God is up to something in this part of the world.  I can feel it!

These women are hungry for God.  They eagerly joined in the daily discussions, did their SOAPs, and shared how the book of James literally changed their lives. The slow, in-depth format of the study opened their eyes to truths in God’s Word they had never seen before.  And I am happy to announce that many of the women who were with us for the James study are back for the Loving Like Jesus study.


I have 3 fabulous leaders who are working alongside of me and an awesome team of translators who have not only translated the manual, but are translating the children’s manual and will be translating the blog posts for the Good Morning Girls Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia blog page.

Never despise the day of small beginnings. Never despise a month or even a year of small beginnings.  You never know how God will use the gift you hold in your hand.

Are you willing to be used by Him?  No matter the cost?  No matter how obscure you may be?  No matter where He takes you or how He chooses to use you?

He took me – a simple girl with small dreams and miniature ambitions – across the ocean to a war-torn land to help a small local church.  I never dreamed that He would use me to help touch the lives of these precious women, so hungry and ready for anything and everything He has for them.

“Here’s my gift.  It’s in my hand. It’s small.  I don’t even think it’s worth very much.  But You can have it, Jesus.  It’s all I have.  But it’s Yours now.  Use it for Your glory.”

In His Service,


GMG Leadership Team/GMG in Croatia

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dobro-Jutro-Djevojke/144038172424401?ref=hl

Blog page: http://dobrojutrodjevojke.blogspot.com/



 **Important {Children’s Resources} UPDATE… please read!!**

An important revision has been made to a portion of our {Children’s Resources} for our Loving Like Jesus study.

Please be aware that the content in Weeks 1 and 2 in the Children’s Study Guide: Loving Like Jesus for Kids has been changed in order to accurately correspond with the Loving Like Jesus Reading Plan. If you are a GMG blog subscriber, you will now find the *UPDATED* link to the Children’s Study Guide at the bottom of your GMG emails.

If you have already saved or printed the Children’s Study Guide prior to the afternoon of 8/29, you will need to update your materials.  Please note that it is only necessary to re-print the pages that correspond with Weeks 1 and 2.  The intro section, as well as the materials for Weeks 3-8 in the Study Guide have not changed.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanking God for your presence with us this study!  We’re so excited that you AND your children will be joining us!

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  1. Diana Bennett says:

    Thank you. I love the post about, “here’s my gift? can I share it? it spoke to my heart as I often wonder if what I give it do is enough. God bless you and the work you are doing.

  2. I signed up to be a leader in the Fall study but I can’t get into the Leaders Only section. I didn’t lead a group this summer and I thought I remembered the password but it doesn’t work. Please advise.

  3. This blog is definetely an important topic. It is important to dicern the times for refreshment and the times to press in. It is so important for those in ministry to have others who pray for them, support them and lift them up.


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