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{Week 8} Anything ~ Jesus, you are worth more…

I’ll never forget the day that my four year old son drug a clock across our brand new kitchen table, etching zig-zagged grooves deep into the finish.  I felt silly for crying hot tears that day, but we had saved long and hard for that beautiful thing, investing in something we knew we wanted to last, always taking great care to preserve it’s integrity.

I closed myself up in the bathroom, knowing I would need a few moments alone to collect myself.  When I opened the door, I didn’t want to regret what I was about to say.  After taking a deep breath and asking Jesus for the just right words, it wasn’t long before I reunited with my boy, scooped him up, and whispered into his ear,

“Chase, do you know that your momma loves you more than I love that table?”

“Yes, momma.  I love you more than I love that table too.”

We hugged until we both stopped crying, and I thanked God that day for helping me remember that things aren’t more important than people.

That same boy wrote in his Bible study journal last week, and God used him again to remind me of how easily I can get my priorities out of whack when I choose the things of this world over a love relationship with Jesus…


Nothing is worth more than Jesus… ~ Chase, age 7

{If you aren’t able to see this video, you can view it here.}

Praying anything is not saying mere words or reckless sacrifice; praying anything begins with love – actually loving a person. “If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing” (1 Cor. 13:3). ~ Anything, pg. 185


At His feet,

{Week 8} Challenge:  Ask God to prepare your heart so that in obedience, you might pray, “Jesus, you are worth more than _________,” and fill in the blank with whatever needs surrendering in your own heart and life this week.”

{Week 8} Reading Plan:


{Week 8} Memory Verse:


Let’s talk: What has God used (a circumstance, person?) in your life to help you to remember that the things of this world are temporary?  We’d love to hear from you in the comment section today!

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  1. Whitney, what a beautiful story about your son and his journal! This video really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Alicia Lenoir says:


    Thank you for your encouraging words today. I am reminded of the beginning of last year when God used a miscarriage in my life to bring me back around to him. It taught me that life does not last for ever, it was hard to start the year losing a child, one that was a thought and then was gone. Life can be very brief and we don’t know our last day, so being reminded of where my identity is in Christ and that he is all I need is very real and personal to me. It has help me to learn that perspective is everything. Thank you so much for Good Morning Girls, it has helped me to be more constant in God’s word and helped me to learn to rely on it. Thanks so much for doing Jennie Allen’s book anything, I have needed it. Helping me with perspective of why I am here on earth and what our purpose is as Christians. Thanks once again.

  3. Hi! Just trying to find information as to what the next GMG study will be and when it will begin–thanks for all y’all do!

    • Hi Jennifer!! We’ll be taking the month of August off, then will be going back to our Bible studies – finishing up the book of Luke starting in September!! More info to come in the next week! :)

      Thanks for joining us!!

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