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A Special Message From Jennie Allen


Hello favorite awesome tribe!

What a few months! I have loved hearing many of your stories and have fallen madly in love with this beautiful spot on the internet. You are a mighty force. And God is moving here. To imagine all of your stories of surrender being played out in of your homes and in all of your cities is too much to take in. God is stirring.

It feels a kin to revival. I know we all are aching for just that. And nothing moves God more than surrendered lives who want him more than everything small here.

I pray for you and I will keep praying. Thank you for allowing me in your space. I will miss you but I will keep checking in. Come say hi now and again here:


I just found myself rereading this entry that I wrote just after the book released. It was actually so good to remember how difficult this prayer has been at times because today I stand looking at an entire life I would be missing if I hadn’t prayed anything….

and I love my hard messy life. I have more God, more purpose, more joy, more peace even with the difficult.

Isn’t it true? The very most fulfilling parts of life are rarely the easiest.

So I don’t know if you stand looking at a cliff, fearing the worst or if you are giddy full of more God but I promise- this surrender- this deep over-the-top trust in such a good God is worth it.

Jesus does promise a backwards way of finding life:

“whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” Matthew 10:39

I am cheering you as you each find your places in God’s story! And I pray our paths cross this side of heaven.

Bless you-





Stay tuned for more info concerning our upcoming Bible study in the coming weeks! Our next official online Bible study will begin September 2nd! Thanks for joining us and enjoy these next few weeks off. See you again in the fall!

Love Like Jesus


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  1. Thanks Jennie for pointing us to that blogpost. Your words jumped out at me about how you felt, “tired and empty.” I don’t know why I thought praying and obeying “anything” would leave me “energized and full.”
    I have been praying anything for several months now. I’m away from home caring for my granddaughter whom I adore, traveling constantly ( which I hate) and truthfully tired and empty. But I know this is God. It’s my “now” place until He changes it. I wonder some days how I will put one foot in front of another, then I read a word like this one and I know. Thanks Jennie.
    I realize this life of obedience calls for losing my life for His sake, His purpose, His calling. It’s just not easy.

  2. Jennie, thank you for sharing your life and your story with us. You have challenged us to examine what true surrender means. I am praying that I will be brave enough to go “all in.”

  3. Thank you for your ministry to us! It has been a blessed summer of growth!!

  4. It was a wonderful Bible study and I’ve already recommended “Anything” to a few girlfriends of mine. I prayed at the beginning that the Lord would use this Bible study in my life and He has!! Oh boy has He – He used you Jennie and all the ladies here on GMG. Praises to Him – and thank you for all of your hard work!

    Blessings, Nicole

  5. Jennie, what an honor and privilege it has been these past 8 weeks to read Anything along with you. Thank you for the time you have taken to participate in our videos, write blog posts and just stop in and say “Hello” as we’ve been reading your book this summer. I can honestly say, you will be missed around here. LOVE!

  6. We sttumbled over here from a different page and thought
    I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.

    Look forward to looking into your web page again.

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