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Used to build God’s story… {PLUS Interview #2 Video with Jennie Allen and GMG Contributors!}


So it’s Tuesday night, and my situation’s not much different from a couple of days ago.  I’m still restless for God to move more and more in my life, and my clothes dryer is still on the fritz (tune into my real life in the pic above, where my porch has become a revolving clothesline!!).  Good times.

No, really.

Here’s what’s crazy.  It’s taken God reminding me a few times, but all these years later, my stubborn heart is finally waking up to this:

When you walk with God and ask Him to use you, you start getting excited about little hiccups in everyday life.   

Interruptions become opportunities.

Failed plans become open doors.

And Laundromats become mission fields.

So in an effort to be radical where God has me, I’m trying to change my mindset. Instead of praying that my dryer part arrives in record time, I’m praying that during all of my quality time spent in the Laundromat this week, that God will place someone in my path that needs to hear about Jesus.  Sound a little out there?  Maybe.  But you and I both know that God does stuff like that.  Since Jesus was born in a stable, I’d say the Laundromat circuit is a definite possibility.  Heh.

“Moses and Jonah and Esther all wished their callings away.  But in their obedience, God was changing the world and building his stories.” ~ Anything, pg. 112

I want God to use me to build His stories.  Don’t you?

On a day that would change his life forever, my husband made a phone call to a pastor that had taken interest in Tyler and his three college roommates.  Those four boys had been living in the world in every sense, and only rarely would show up in the very back pew – mostly during exam weeks - when they thought they might need a little divine intervention to boost their grades.  But this pastor wouldn’t give up on what God could do.

Desperate and full of fear on a drive back to campus one night, Tyler remembered that pastor.  Through a series of difficult events, God had been stirring Tyler’s heart toward the things of Him, and that day the promptings were louder than ever.  Tyler needed to get right with God, and it couldn’t wait.  Longing for some guidance, he prayed that the pastor would pick up the phone.

Could he meet that night?  The pastor apologized for already having a commitment, but promised to touch base with Tyler the next day.  They hung up.  Tyler was distraught, and more than a little disappointed.

But just moments later, the phone rang.

The pastor had sensed the urgency in Tyler’s voice, and called back to say that he had canceled his plans, and they could meet right away after all.  And my husband fully surrendered his life to Jesus that night.

Embracing interruptions in order to be used to build God’s story. 

I still can’t get over it, and could tell you story after story of the dominoes that have fallen as a result of one man choosing to be available when God opened an unlikely door.

Who knows if God will have someone waiting tomorrow morning at the Laundromat.  But I want to be available just in case.

Whenever, wherever God chooses to move.  Even in the most unlikely places.

“Because heaven is coming… and soon none of us will care about any other glory but his anyway.” ~ Anything, pg. 113

At His feet,

BONUS Video #2: Interview with Jennie Allen and the GMG Contributors…

Question 2: How do you live a daily surrendered life?

{If you can’t see this video, you can view it here.}


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  1. hahah Whitney — funny on the photo! I have to clothes drying racks in my kitchen — yes you heard me, drying clothes as I type! lol

  2. That’s a fantastic attitude!! Love it! God bless!

    • Trust me, Karen, the good attitude comes and goes. :) Just this afternoon I found out that the company fixing my dryer made a mistake and ordered the wrong part, so we’re back to square one. Jesus must really think I need an extended lesson in this (or maybe just more time at the Laundromat!)! Counting it all joy! ;)

  3. Wonderful! I love the practical examples of serving the Lord and saying “yes” to the life He has given us. Thanks for the fun & fabulous video.

  4. Congratulations Linda! And Whitney, wow. This is RIGHT WHERE God has been bringing me with my anything prayers– to a life with a broken oven AND broken microwave, but a world where all of these little opportunities to improvise and serve are little things that can make heavenly impact on those around me. This post so encouraged me!

    • And YOU encouraged me, Rachel! Love how little inconveniences like this make us realize just how blessed we really are. Thanks for commenting today! ~ Whitney

  5. Allisen Roberts says:

    Just today, after praying the “Anything prayer,” to Jesus before heading off to Walmart, something strange happened. I was trying on some much needed jeans, and some were even on sale for $15.00. Cheap! I thought to myself. I tried on several different brands and colors and chose five pairs. They fit and they were flattering. I was hitting the jackpot! But then God… smiling I rounded the shoe aisle with my buggy loaded with groceries and jeans. God spoke,” You need to put back some of those pants and buy Shoes for Orphaned Souls, like you promised.” Gulp! So I did. The heaviness of indulging myself lifted like a balloon. I’m free to do the right thing when God speaks to my heart.

    • Oh Allisen, so exciting to see God moving in your life in such practical ways!! “The heaviness of indulging myself lifted like a balloon.” – I totally get that!! So thankful for the peace that Jesus gives when we follow Him with our whole hearts. Much love, Whitney

  6. patti grady says:

    Thank you so much for this Bible study with Jennies book “Anything”!!! Its been such a blessing to me and I love the videos and emails too! So nice to know I’m not alone here! God has been changing my heart like this for a year now and its so awesome that we are all going thru this together! Each new day is His! All you girls are just so great and easy to relate to…and fun!!!! God bless you all!

  7. Yolanda says:

    love the video! is so uplifting to see you girls interacting even on video I can feel the love for God to each others. The topic of surrendering to God on our daily basis is an amazing thing! how can we can see Him working through us as we yield our heart and lives to Him! Whitney, it is good to see you rejoicing yourself in the Lord even without your dryer!!! God blees you all for allowing God to work in your lives to be an instrument to draw others into a closer relationship with Him through the testimonies of your lives! Keep the good work and faith…

  8. I think sometimes it’s even “too big” to look at daily surrender. Sometimes, I have to break it down into smaller parts of my day, individual choices I have to make that I know will honor God. One of the things God has been speaking to me most about is surrendering my entitlement, so it’s daily saying, “No, I don’t have to have that, do this, get that,” and questioning whether things I want and do honor God. Moments of surrender are moments of trusting in God, and the moments lead to a day, which leads to a life of surrender (not that anyone can be perfect in that!).

    Thanks for the video and the challenges given in this study!

  9. I love that God is using you in a laundromat Whitney! God works in the most humble ways – He wants to reach everyone everywhere! I just know He will bring people ino your lif that will be affected by you, and you may not even realise it. I pray He is using me for His purposes too.
    Bless xxx

  10. Loved both of your posts and this video! My favorite quote from the book this week was “We are watching so many people around us go from consumers to full-on missionaries without changing professions or addresses. For some their callings were to change those things. But for others it was to notice the need right in front of them.”

    I’ve been on a couple of mission trips and it seems so much easier to share the gospel and Christ when that’s the reason you are there. You don’t necessarily have those everyday distractions and I’ve come back and thought “I wished I could just live everyday like that!” Sure other counties need missionaries but as I look around at America we do too-perhaps now more than ever! Christ needs Americans that are completely sold out to Him-missionaries in their own backyard and that’s what He’s shown me this week. It’s not necessarily “stuff” that I even need to give up (at least not throw) but it’s my time. I sat down and made a list of ways to serve him right now, right here. Which kind of brings me back to this week’s challenge too! I need to slow down and notice the needs around me and then act on them! Take time everyday to share Christ!

  11. Tyler’s story reminds me of Edith Schaeffer’s story of the original L’Abri and how they literally were “saved” in the eleventh hour by a God who chose unlikely government officials and unexpected donations to secure their place among the broken, there. Oh, how God moves mightily! And Oh, how I long to be used as He does!

  12. I am so very grateful for this study,for the videos, the blog,etc. .. all you ladies are investing in daily. As a mother to adult children (and not even 40 yet!), I find myself trying to figure out who I am anymore. Realizing that my anything,has been everything, has been huge and so freeing. Letting go of my expectations of my children, my husband,my self,my life and where I would be now.. I’ve come to realize those weren’t exactly God’s expectations, but more society. So. ..I tackle each task, one at a time, giving Him me in each thing, and this video was spot on. Some callings are bigger than others.. but a calling is a calling like a gift is a gift. Seeking Him in the day to day as well as the big things today!

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