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My prayer for you…


I’m excited for us to begin this journey together. Our summer session starts on Monday and I’ve been anxiously waiting to get this summer session going. I’m excited for you, for me and for all our girlfriends (and a few husbands too….mine included) to read the book Anything this summer. I’ve already been hearing from some of you who just couldn’t wait to get started…I LOVE your excitement and I love what you’re already sharing…how God is moving in your heart.

I told you yesterday I’ve been praying for you…and I have. But today I wanted to share with you how I’ve been praying and invite you to share your prayers with our community as well.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank you. Thank you for these beautiful women who love you and who want to know you better. Thank you for bringing ALL of us together. This movement of women desiring to dig into your Word and pray a courageous prayer is no accident. Thank you for how you have already begun to work in our hearts preparing us for this study. Please help us to see you through these words that we will be reading and through the verses we will be digging into. Help us to be more like you. Help us to love like you love. Help us to be your hands and feet to a world who is searching…a world that is hurting. Help us to love you more than anything else this world has to offer. Change us, Lord…change me. Help us to live lives that are surrendered and courageous for you. Help us to each pray a prayer of Anything…and mean it. You changed the world before with only 12 men…use us to change it again.

YOUR kingdom come…YOUR will be done….on earth as it is in heaven.”

How are you praying over our summer session? Please share your prayers in our comment section today! I’d LOVE to hear them and THANK YOU for praying! I treasure your prayers for our community!


Love God Greatly!






**For more info on our upcoming Online Summer Study , click here.

**Still need to enroll for the GMG Summer Bible/Book Study?  You can find all of the direct links here.

***Looking for the complete checklist? Click here.

For those still looking to join a Good Morning Girls group this session:  Martha heads up our Enrollment Team, and would be THRILLED to connect you with a group that best fits you! Simply email Martha at martha.gmgenrollment@ymail.com  with your request to join a group (please specify if you are interested in an email or facebook group).

Looking so forward to starting with you on Monday!!

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  1. Yes, I am looking forward to participating. I have my Anything book, my Bible, my journal and study notes ready.

    Lord, I thank you that I can participate through an online study like this. Although I cannot be in a physical group since I’m working, I can be a part of this group through my computer. I love that I can have my cup of coffee and study your Word in my own home. I look forward to growing in my love for you. I pray for all of the women (and men) who will be participating. May we all be changed by your Word and live out our faith to draw others to You. Amen

    • Amen! Thank you so much, Debbie! I’m so glad you can join us from the comfort of your home too! :)

  2. Praying for our group of 9 ladies! So excited to see how God uses this book and study to draw us closer to HIM!

    • Thank you sweet friend! Praying for your group of 9 friends today, Jill! THANK YOU for all your help this session! YOU are such a blessing to us! :)

  3. Amen and amen!
    I am so excited about this study. :)

  4. Heavenly Father, Padre Celestial… I come to You before this beautiful summer study begins and lay all my preconceived thoughts and teachings at Your feet, so that I may receive from You ALL and ANYTHING directly from You and Your Word! Thank You for this online study to draw closer to others, no matter where we are and reach out to others, no matter where they are! Thank You for such a beautiful leadership and team of GMG, the author of this book, Jennie Allen and You as the Author and Finisher of our faith.

    Do a new thing in each of us! Move in us, from our children to the fathers to our entire families, as we spend more time with You throughout this summer study and time together. Make every moment count for eternity. If our households are divided or have not yet submitted to You, we choose salvation and a message of Life in Jesus Christ that Your Word proclaims that “we and our households may be saved”. We give them to You for Your work in them and in us.

    Show me and help me lay down ANYTHING that may be keeping me from receiving from You and giving to others! Teach me through this how to pray and live ANYTHING that You ask of me as I seek more of You in me! We are Yours. Lead us in Your way.

    I pray this challenging prayer of “anything” as I hand our families to You and ask for You to reveal Yourself Mightily and powerfully by the fruit of this study, unlock our souls and pour out Your abundant grace that I may be changed and all You will for our families will be done in Jesus’ name and by the power of Your transforming work in us by Your Spirit …

    • Ohhhh Peggy! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and heartfelt prayer! I’m going to share this on our main FB page for others to read! Thank you for taking the time today to pray this prayer and type it out for us to read. :)

    • Yolanda says:

      united in spirit with you in this powerful prayer! God bless you..

    • Amen!!!
      Thank you Peggy for sharing!

  5. So excited to begin my first study with Good Morning Girls and to have six lovely ladies join along physically as well. We are all mostly in Mooresville NC, if there is anyone else that would like to meet with us, please feel free to email me lisa@whollyfitness.net and we will be glad to have you join us.
    My prayer, “Father God, use me as your vessel to help share your word and be the light that you have called us to be. I am so grateful for your Love for all of us, there is no one Like You! We are blessed to have a group of ladies that so selflessly serve to help spread your word across the nations. Lord bless them abundantly for their obedience to you and let us learn from their example as well as from this study. May we grow just a little closer to you each day, dear Lord. Help us to say Yes, to Anything and mean it! In Jesus Name! Amen! and Amen!

  6. Cheryl Campbell says:

    Father, I am in awe of You! Thank You for Your mercies that are new every morning. Thank You for Your faithfulness! In the midst of fears pressing in, feelings overwhelming, thoughts trying to stray out of control, You are proving Yourself to be my peace! Thank You for Jesus, my Redeemer and for Your Spirit, my Guide and Comforter. I desperately need You. Thank You for Your provision of Your Body, this great company of (GMG)women, surrounding me and providing guidance, prayer and encouragement. I praise You in Jesus’ holy and powerful Name! Amen
    Thanks to you, ladies, too!

  7. I am praying for all of us committing to the study, that we may find time for God’s word each day. And that we allow Him to work in us, and our lives so that we may live out His plans and do His work.

    (Also, is it ok if i include parts of our devotional on my blog, each wednesday? I would of course give the appropriate citation and credit to sources, like your website and the Anything book. I would mainly focus on the scripture we are studying, and what i am taking from it. You can email me if you need to. Thanks!)

  8. amandakelly0804 says:

    Oh Lord, I come to you praising you for who you are. Lord, I pray for the wonderful ladies you have given us here at GMG. Lord, I pray that you would just give us a passion that is from Heaven above. Lord, let us desire to grow closer to you. We love you Abba… in Jesus name… Amen!

  9. Georgeine Maxin says:

    I signed up to do the study by myself because I do not want to hold anyone else back. You see, tomorrow I start radiation and chemo treatments for small cell lung cancer. I would ask everyone that is doing the study to please keep me in their thoughts and prayers. If anyone wants to contact me privately, my email is angelcat3349@yahoo.com Thank you in advance for the thoughts and prayers.

    • Yolanda says:

      praying for you Georgeine!

    • Marianne says:

      I will be praying for you, Georgeine. I just joined today. I’m currently working on healing a skin graft after major surgery so I can begin radiation treatments for a sarcoma in my lower right leg. I have a lung scan this Thursday to make sure it hasn’t gone there, and catch it early if it does. Jesus is our great physician. Trusting Him to heal us both, and use us to spread His light to those around us still in darkness,

    • Praying for you Georgeine! With His Stripes You are Healed!

  10. Yolanda says:

    I am so excited with this study! is my first online bible study and I pray it will be one that the Lord will instill in me a desire to live the holy life He expects from me to life as I put my heart, soul and life in His hands. That His will be dine in my life! God bless you all…

  11. Yolanda says:

    I meant to say His will be done :) in my life!

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