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{Week 4} What “Moment” Are You Living For?

“I want to make a difference and I want to follow the calling that God has planted deep in my heart. I want to give my life away, to serve The Lord with each breath, each second. …”- Jennie Allen
As I’m typing this blog post I’m on an airplane flying back home to Dallas, TX after spending 4 amazing days in Colorado with my dear friend and mentor, Sally Clarkson. Like Katie Davis and Jennie Allen, Sally is a woman who lives a life completely sold out for Jesus. She is a woman who prayed a prayer of “Anything” years ago as she surrendered her dreams and plans to God and traveled to communist countries willing to give her life to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.
Sally is a world changer.
Sally will also tell you she is very ordinary…but serves an extraordinary God.
sally and me Broadmoor
As I sat in Sally’s home these last 4 days, with a small group of friends, she shared what it looks like to live a life surrendered and purposeful for Jesus. Though she’s no longer a missionary in communist closed countries, Sally is now pouring her life into helping the next generation of Christian women through her books. blogs and leadership training.
If you ask Sally, she will tell you God does His best work through ordinary women who are willing to pray “Anything” prayers of surrender and live lives focused on the unseen rather than the seen.
We are here but for a moment…
These past 4 days Sally graciously poured her spiritual knowledge and wisdom into me as she taught. She challenged me to live a life of purpose and intentionality as she served me, as well as my friends, with love, wisdom and super yummy food.
photo(5) copy 3
I’m learning, as I watched Sally these past few days, those who want to live a life bigger than themselves have to be willing to die to their lives here. They have to surrender their dreams, their goals and live lives with open hands willing to accept what God places in them. Those of us who want to touch the future with our lives, have to live our lives purposeful in the present. We have to be women who walk by faith, not by sight.
We see this same concept in Jennie Allen’s life and Katie Davis’s life. God does amazing things in women’s lives who are willing to surrender their control and embrace the plans God has for them.
Though our “Anythings” will all be different and the lives we live will all look different, one aspect will be the same……
“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”- Matthew 6:10
Instead of living our lives in the “now”, we need to live our lives for the moment when we will see Jesus face to face.
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”- Jim Elliot

Let’s Talk:
What “moment” are you living for right now in your life?

What do you think is holding you back from praying a prayer of “Anything”?

Do you have a mentor in your life? If so, what’s one piece of wisdom she has shared with you? I LOVE learning from each other!

Love God Greatly!





Please note: Since I have been gone the last few days, I’m still in the process of editing my video interview (my computer says it still has 2 more hours to render) with Jennie Allen and will have it ready for you on Wednesday! Thanks so much for your patience!


Week 4 Challenge:

What is something God is asking you to surrender so you can live the life He is calling you to? Surrendering will look different for each of us. For some, it might mean truly forgiving the person who hurt you years before. For others it might mean stepping out in faith in an area of your life. Still others it might mean making some financial or relationship changes. What “Anything” is God asking you to surrender to Him?

This week, take a picture of your “Anything” and share it on our Facebook page and Jennie Allen’s special “WhatIsYourAnything.com” page, or on Instagram with the hastags #GoodMorningGirls and #Anything! We’d LOVE to see what you are surrendering as you pray your “Anything” prayers!

Week 4 Memory Verse:

Week 4 Memory verse Matt 18 3 4











Week 4 Reading Plan

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  1. Oh Angela…what a wonderful experience that must have been! I love Sally Clarkson’s humility and transparency…she has so much wisdom to impart and yet, she’s just an ordinary mom like anyone else. She is definitely a mentor! Mentors don’t always have to be older than one though, I have found mentors in yourself and the rest of the GMG team. Courtney, though a good deal younger than I am, became my first mentor as I started finding a niche here in the online community. I have learned so much from you all in the past three years. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    • Ohhh Lisa Maria! We just LOVE YOU! That’s what’s so neat about our online community, we all learn from each other! :) So GOOD to hear from you sweet friend!!!

  2. This is such an amazing encouragement Angela! I am at the point where I want to surrender everything to God, and only live out His will for my life. I am learning to hear His voice more clearly, and praying that He would empty me of myself so He can fill me up with His Presence. Your time with Sally sounds lovely! I don’t have a mentor right now, but I am praying that the Lord would bring one into my life.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging worda today Angela!

    • Ohhh you are more than welcome, Sarah! Sally truly is such a treasure and I’m praying over you tonight that God will place someone in your life to be a “Sally” to you! :) Thanks so much for YOUR encouragement today! ;)

  3. Your time with Sally sounds wonderful! I’ve a number of women whom I considered mentors over the years, two of the most important are my mother and her mother, both still living, and both still mentoring even when they don’t know it!

    “Anything” – 1st I am starting at the beginning of this study today and what I am about say comes from a place of not knowing what has been talked about for the last four weeks. What has held me back from praying “Anything” is the possibility of something happening to my husband or children. On the other hand, I praying “Thy will be done, Father, and I WILL have faith…[then very quietly] but can you prove me without taking my husband or children, please?” Then I go back to surrendering, and end up in tears, only to know I will be doing the same thing later in day. You see, for a couple of weeks, nearly every devotional I’ve read, every lesson I’ve heard on Bott radio, every message I run across on TV centers on what it is like to suffer through great tragedy and come ahead because you have God on your side. “Ahead” doesn’t always look like the world thinks it will, but you know what I mean.

    I’m going to go dive headfirst into this study, ladies. Thank you for being God’s blessing directly to me at what I feel is getting ready to be a turning point in my life.

    • Sorry! Are there links to the other website posts on weeks one through three?

      • Ohhh I completely understand your fear, Kelly! Please know you are not alone in that area. I think we those thoughts have filled all of our minds! When I start having those types of fears and thinking those types of thoughts, I try to focus on what the Bible says about fear and about God. I focus on truth knowing that God will NEVER leave me and I focus on His character….that He is GOOD. Thinking about God’s character and promises help me personally defeat the fear that can attack me when I try to step out in faith and live more boldly for my Lord. Thank you so much for your honesty! :) Welcome to GMG! :)

  4. What a challenging post Angela. This study is making me question some things – along with some topics at church: what is the point of being married, having children, etc. All of it will go away! I love my family and do not want to lose them. But what happens when we do finally meet Jesus face to face? I no longer am my husband’s wife, am I still momma to my child or does that go away too? So what’s the point? I know we are here to glorify God – maybe it’s just my worldly side, but it’s a hard pill to swallow thinking when I get to heaven, all of the time I invested in my family is gone. I’m no longer wife to Robert or mom to my son.

    On a different, less questioning, note – I do feel convicted about my choice of working outside of the home. I’m starting to question whether I am still working because I’m trying to be responsible (I work PT to help out) or if I’m still working because I don’t trust God to provide each month. Hmm.

    • Ohhh sweet Nicole! Living our lives well here prepares us for heaven. The “here” and the “now” are sooooo important. :) Yes, we have the privilege and responsibility to glorify God with our lives…..pointing our children to Him each and everyday. :) This….this life….the choices we make every day matter! Don’t let anyone tell you that what you do here won’t matter once you get to heaven!

      Please know I am praying for you as you wrestle these questions in your life. :) Nothing is wrong with asking Him questions. :) Dig into His Word, pray and ask God to help you. :) I know He will! :)

  5. I am always challenged by Sally! I read Katie’s book and now reading Jennie’s book I’m feeling very overwhelmed about what my “anything” is. I have so many things on my heart that I want to control, but I know God is slowing releasing my hold on those things so I can truly surrender all that I hold dear.

    • Ohh Shonda! I think surrendering can at times be a day by day choice, sometimes even minute by minute! ;) Something I’ve seen in my own life is that God is gracious and loving…He seems to slowly reveal the areas of my life which I need to surrender to Him. Focus on one area at a time and pray yourself through it. Remember every step of the way that God loves you and is always by your side. ;)

  6. I LOVE this! And I loved sharing the last four days with you. Our time together at Sally’s is such a wonderful memory and I am so thankful we could share it together and go forth in anything God calls us to. Love you sweet friend! And miss you already…

    • Loved spending the last 4 days with you too, Kristen! It’s such an honor to work with you! Thanks for all the laughs! I LOVE hearing about your adventures in New York City!!!

  7. Deb Weakly says:

    This is so beautiful Angela! It was a delight to be with you this weekend!
    xxoo Deb

  8. Emily M says:

    Just wanted to stop in & say hello. I read your blogs via my email. I am participating in the summer study (solo). I just finished reading Ch 10 and I’m dying to read more! I am really loving this study. Wow. Amazing. Powerful. Inspiring. It is challenging me and my surrender… Faith and trust to step out & take risks. I attend a smaller church plant. We are growing rapidly, close to 300-500 total attending two services. I started a women’s small group with a friend. We have 15, 11 have attended, but there are 6 who make up the backbone. I have been feeling a tug for women’s ministry for several months. Our church lacks any type of womens ministry. I kept praying and reading and questioning. This book, along with the verse from Isa 6:8 spoke right to me. I took a step of faith, contacted my preacher, & he was on board. :-O. Scary but I know it will be great. I’m not ready to move to Africa, or visit Africa for that matter, but this is a huge step & very risky for me. I feel kinda of like I am about to bungee jump! With no rope! Lol. God will be there to catch me, direct me, and show me the way. Maybe Africa in the future, but there are a lot of women & children right here in our city- some in scary locations- that need Jesus too. I can start here as a missionary. Then maybe branch off to a Dream Center in AL or West VA poverty stricken mtns. So here I am (Isa 6:8). My new life verse! Any tips to get this women’s ministry going I would appreciate. I’m going to start with a survey of the women in our church, and I’m planning a Kick Off – speaker type deal, I’d like to get more small groups for women going- live ones or online studies, prayer circle, book club, missions, volunteering, retreats, and mentoring. Eventually a website/ blog, cooking club?…the whole works! :-)

    • Ohhh Emily!!! That is WONDERFUL! I am soooo proud of you! Yes, serve where God calls you. We aren’t all called to Africa and I’m so glad we have women here in our country who are see themselves as “missionaries” in their own towns and neighborhoods!!! Women everywhere need to hear about Jesus, in Africa and in our neighborhoods! I’m so excited for you and your new adventure! My biggest advice, pray for God to bring the women and then once He starts, just love on them!!!! All your ideas sound wonderful! :)

  9. Cortnie says:

    This has been such an encouragement to me!! Thank u so much for sharing all your special moments with us!!
    God Bless

  10. Surrender is so deeply difficult, for me. I am listening hard, now that I’ve sent my “anything” prayer heavenward, to hear what God would have me give over to Him. I’d like to think that He wouldn’t taken anything from me that I wasn’t willing to give, but I think I know better. So, I’m waiting to hear. From Him.

  11. I’m not a part of the group for the reading but I am trying to follow along.
    I have a hard time of knowing what I am doing is for God.
    I have so many things going on in life it seems that even when I’m alone in prayer I lose my focus. Yet, I know that God would never lose his for me.
    I know that I am surrendering my finances. That is very clear. I do know that.
    I am thankful I found this site on FB.

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