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{Week 8} Luke 16 ~ Eternal investing versus earthly gain…


Investing in the Kingdom of God with the money we have been given on earth…

Are you doing it? Am I doing it?  Luke 16 forces us to take a good hard look at how we view money as followers of Jesus.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” ~ Luke 16:9

Now I know what some of you might be thinking… not the “money talk” again.  Let me encourage you to resist sneaking out of the back of the “sanctuary” this week while everyone else’s eyes are closed during prayer. :)  Money is a touchy subject, yet a hugely important part of our daily lives.  And it drives and consumes the world - and often us – so much, that God knew He’d have to talk about it a LOT in His Word.  When something (like money) is repeated so many times in the Bible, if we’re wise, we’ll settle into our pews, and open our ears and hearts to what He has to say…


{If you are unable to see this video, you can view it here.}

Some of you might be frustrated today, thinking, “If money wasn’t so tight for me right now, I’d give it to God in a heartbeat.”   Let me encourage you with John MacArthur’s words regarding investing in eternity:

“The truth is circumstances don’t determine faithfulness, character does. You hear people say, “If I had more I’d give more.” No you wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter how much you have. The widow who had nothing gave everything. People who have everything give nothing. It’s never about circumstances. It’s a view of heaven and a view of earth. It’s a perspective that has captured your heart.” ~ John MacArthur

What is capturing your heart today, friend?  The things of this world, that are so very temporary and will ultimately fade away?  Or the things of God, which produce an eternity of reward in heaven one day?


At His feet,


{Week 8} Weekly Challenge: Take a few minutes to make a list detailing where your money is going.  Are there obvious eternity investments, or do the majority of your finances go towards earthly gain?  Pray that God would show you any needed adjustments, and ask Him to give you strength to put your faith and your finances into action to further His Kingdom this week!


 {Week 8} Reading Plan:


{Week 8} Memory Verse:


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  1. This is so challenging! My husband and I recently attended a Journey of Generosity by generousgiving.org and we were both so convicted and challenged to really think about how we give and the attitude of our hearts towards giving. Really studying this verse along with the verses about the cheerful giver has given us a lot to think about!

  2. Whitney,
    I love that you are so honest and real. Whenever I watch your videos, I feel like you are a friend who has been through the same things as I have. I feel encouraged, not judged, which is not always easy when you are talking about how God wants us to live. Thank you–and the other GMG ladies, too–for your time, energy and, most of all, your heart.

  3. Jamileh says:

    In giving monetarily, whether it be tithes or offerings, we should definitely give with a cheerful heart in wanting to help others and further the Kingdom of God. There is one trap that I feel a lot of people fall into, the trap of giving money to organizations and even churches without researching that church or organization. What is the true mission of that church/organization? Is my money truly going towards the cause to help and to minister or are people lining their pockets while others suffer. Are we stepping outside the box with our money and supporting ministries we wouldn’t normally support like prison ministries, ministries that help and minister to homeless people or children from broken homes??? The list goes on and on. As well, it’s always easy to throw money at a church or organization but what about giving with your time and praying for that church/organization? Are we seeking God on where he would have us give or not give? We can also give of our resources like donating clothes to a shelter. So many avenues to think of whether it’s of monetary value or not.

  4. I have a hard time with this because I have a hard time with the “commercial” aspect of many churches these days. I would love to give to God but I want to know that my money is truly going to that purpose… not to buy sound equipment or other superfluous items. Suggestions?

  5. Jamileh says:


    I understand where you are coming from. My husband and I were there (where you are) about 17 yrs. ago. We had been going to this church that we loved so much! Loved the people and pretty much everything! For some reason (God) my husband and I started to think about where our money was really going as we tithed each month. This was heavy on our hearts as we wanted to be responsible with the finances God provided for us and our family. We wanted to honor what Scripture says we should be doing with our money and of course above all it was important that we honor God. In regards to tithing and giving we (as many people are) were just doing what we were told to do by man. We hadn’t bothered to read what the Scriptures have to say about tithing and giving. As we read through Scripture and prayed we saw things clearly. What we learned was eye opening!! There are orphans, widows, homeless, and prisoners that are in need. They need to be ministered to and supported just as much as everyone else. These people can be found in churches all across the country. In my humble opinion, if churches all across the country would fulfill Scripture there would be NO need for the welfare system in our country. It would be obsolete!

    As well, the Jewish community (especially in Israel) practices this so there is no welfare in their communities wherever they may be. So awesome!

  6. Jamileh says:


    I thought I would do this in 2 parts. A lot of people give blindly and say if church leadership is being shady and irresponsible that God will take care of it. While that may be true, for people to give blindly (in my humble opinion) is a slap in the face to God. I feel people are throwing away the VERY PROVISION that God gave to them and said it doesn’t matter. I feel it’s lazy. My cousin attends a church that has a “business meeting” once a year on Sunday morning. They have everything printed on a hand out as well as presenting everything on the screen at the front of the church. The church leadership goes through all facets of spending in their church from missions, to facility expenses, pastoral funds, curriculums purchased for Sunday school, Wednesday night Bible study etc. They have representatives come in from the mission programs they support so they can share photos and talk about where the money goes. It’s a very extensive meeting. It’s the first church I had ever been to that shares all that. I was impressed. On the other hand I do know that numbers can be worked however I would say that this is better and more appropriate than the norm. Transparency and accountability are so important.

    In regards to your situation, I don’t know anything about your tithing and giving (2 different things) and it’s none of my business. They only thing I can do is give suggestions like you asked. Get together with your husband and pray about what you feel you should do. If you and your husband are comfortable you can set an appt. with your pastor and ask him some very specific questions about any concerns you have. Also, be ready to back your concerns with Scripture.

  7. Jamileh says:

    I posted a comment here for you but don’t see it any where. I will have to post again.

  8. Jamileh says:

    Disregard, I just saw my post.

  9. Lisa B. says:

    God spoke to me through your words today. My husband and I have been struggling with whether or not to continue sponsoring a child overseas because money is so incredibly tight for us right now. But everytime I consider stopping, I get a wake-up call and today you were that call. If all I ever do with my time in this life is to help care for this child and to show her God’s love, then the money will always be there. I have to have faith that God will provide. Thank You.

  10. Kim vinesett says:

    I attend Elevation Church in SC and love tithing at least 10% to give to the spreading of the gospel of Christ. God loves a cheerful giver, a servant that will put themselves last to see God’s kingdom go first and I am blessed to see the transparency of our church as they show weekly the 12 % they give back directly to the community. Between Christmas and Easter over 3000 salvation decisions were made! I also attend Trinity Baptist with my husband where he faithfully gives over the 10 % to see the gospel spread. It is a smaller church but proportionately 5-10 people are saved weekly. I would challenge those that are reluctant or struggling in giving or tithing to get into a church where they see people getting saved. There is no greater reward !

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