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{Anything} Online Bible Study with GMG ~ Your Summer Session Preparation Checklist!



Good Morning Girls!

We are just days away from the start of our Good Morning Girls Summer Session, {Anything} Online Bible Study with GMG, and we want to help you to begin well!  Here are just a few quick things you can do before Monday to get prepared for this exciting next session:

1.  Many of you have already done this, but if you haven’t yet, make sure to ENROLL in the study!  This helps us to know who is studying with us as we prepare to serve you well!  It takes just a few seconds… you can head on over and enroll here.


2. Purchase the book Anything, by Jennie Allen.  Lifeway is running an amazing special discount during our enrollment period, and we’ve also heard that Amazon and some local Christian bookstores have the book in stock.  *If you are unable to purchase the book at this time, the study is still very much do-able by following along with the Bible Reading Plan and blog posts.


3.  Now is a great time to print off the {FREE} materials provided to you for this study!  When you subscribe to our blog, you will receive an email in your inbox each time a new post is submitted here on the blog.  Scroll down to the very bottom of those emails, and you will find the links to the {Anything} Study Guide and Reading Plan.  The Study Guide – in journal format – is a wonderful, interactive way to record what God is teaching you throughout the study.  Not subscribed yet?  No problem!  You can do that here.


4. In the same email mentioned in #2, we have some fabulous Children’s Resources this session!!  Oh, we couldn’t be more thrilled about what the Children’s Resources Team has put together with your children in mind!  If you are a GMG subscriber, these resources are listed at the bottom of your email as well.  We suggest that you go ahead and print and share a preview of the study with your children, letting them know what exciting stuff will be waiting for them on Monday!  Look for: 1. Anything for Kids, 2. Dear God for Boys, 3. Dear God for Girls, 4. Dear God for Women . You can read more about our Children’s Resources here.


5.  Still looking to join a Good Morning Girls group this session?  Martha heads up our Enrollment Team, and would be THRILLED to connect you with a group that best fits you! Simply email Martha at martha.gmgenrollment@ymail.com  with your request to join a group (please specify if you are interested in an email or facebook group).  Or you can visit the GMG Forum to check out several open groups that are forming there!


6. It’s not too late to consider inviting a friend to join us this session!  Maybe, just maybe, God has already laid someone on your heart, and you’ve been meaning to share this study info with them.  Don’t wait another day (you’ll never know their answer unless you ask, right?!)!  This info section of the blog summarizes what Good Morning Girls is all about, plus find out what to expect in our upcoming study here… then share away!  It’s never too late to get into God’s Word!


7.  Finally, and most importantly, will you join us in PRAYER as we humbly come before God, asking Him to protect, bless, strengthen and empower us as we seek to know and love Him more throughout this study?  We are asking for God to prepare and soften hearts to receive truth from His Word, so all who participate might walk away from this study changed to be more like Him.


Oh friend, we cherish our time spent together with you in God’s Word!  Thank YOU for being a special blessing to the Good Morning Girls community!  Our {Anything} Online Bible Study with GMG begins MONDAY, JUNE 3!  Get excited!!!


At His feet,

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  1. Blessings Angela, Courtney, Whitney and all the many others on the GMG team,

    This looks GREAT! I’ve been checking all this out since you announced this wonderful summer plan of ANYTHING!!! Thank you Jennie Allen too!

    Since I am without a laptop, I’m not sure that I can participate yet and also in transition back and forth but have bookmarked and added ANYTHING to my wish list!

    My question is if the LANGUAGE part of your team will be putting the materials in Spanish (for me and any other Spanish speaking group) and/or the other languages as you have in the past?

    I love how you have wrapped this one around including the children and also reaching out in your commUnity to others!!!

    Praying with you for that beautiful #7 request and that this ministers greatly as all your plans and groups have done and do!!! Thank you once again for your gifts to His Kingdom!!!

    Love to all and a blessed weekend,

    • Peggy, we will be studying Ephesians at GMG EspaÑol. We are not translating the Anything resources oficially, but one of our leaders is making the translation of the study guide and children´s resources manual for her group. If you want any or our resources is Spanish please contact me at GMG espaÑol Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GMGespanol =)

      • Thanks (gracias Edurne)…I went over to your blog and saw you all were going to do Ephesians! Thank you! I don’t have Facebook,so though I can read it, I can’t share ANYTHING! I will look for the
        materials being translated of the guide (and the children’s will be great also!) Thanks for letting me know someone is working on it!
        Muchas bendiciones en el estudio de Efesios… Great one to study!
        Peggy (in Mexico)

  2. sHAWN gRAHAM says:


    I registered some time ago for the summer session but haven’t received any emails to download the journals etc. I just re-registered but I’m not sure I’ll be sent the links before the session begins. Can you please forward the links to the journal and any others printable material to my email? Also, I would love to be part of a facebook group!!
    Thanks so much!!
    Shawn Graham

    • sANDRA LEIGH says:

      I have not received my download link either. Could you also email the link to me? Thanks. Sandra Leigh

      • Chandra says:

        I registered this weekend too. I am not sure when to expect the emails, but could you ad me to the list too!


    • Hi Shawn, Sandra and Chandra! I just emailed you all directly with the links that you’ll need to start our Summer Session!! I also checked to make sure you all are subscribed to the blog. :) Please make sure that you confirm your subscription by answering the confirmation email. Once you do that, you should receive an email with each blog post, every M-W-F. You should be all set for tomorrow’s start! Thanks so much for studying with us! ~ Whitney

  3. I registered this weekend and have not received any emails with a link to download the journals. When should I expect it?

    • Hi Brooke! It looks like you were enrolled in the study, but not subscribed to the blog. Great news… I was able to subscribe you, so once you answer the email confirming your subscription, you will begin receiving an email with each blog post, every M-W-F! I also emailed you the direct links for the study materials tonight. You should now be all set to start the study! :) So glad you’re here! :) ~ Whitney

  4. I just enrolled in the study and subscribed to the blog. Is there a way for me to get the study materials tonight? Thanks!

  5. Kendra Wright says:

    I am so thrilled to be starting this summer session tomorrow. I pray that when I ask my Grandma tomorrow to do this study with me that she would commit & say “Yes!” I’ll comment later with her response. I think God could really change her life, especially after her Hubby (my Papa) died last week. Thank you Ladies for taking this journey with me.

  6. Joanna rodriguez says:

    I received the email with the links but when I tried to open them it there was nothing there. Can someone please resend it? Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to starting this study!

  7. JEwellmoore says:

    GM I also need the materials. Thank you.

  8. SUZANNE PROCK says:

    Hello, how do I get started with the Bible Study. I registered last week and ordered the book. No where have I found how to get started.

  9. Hi I just recently enrolled in this study but have not received any emails with the link to download the material. I have also confirmed my subscription to your blog??? Would you mind sending me the link? Thanks so much!

  10. christi Jones says:

    Joined the “Anything” study group today and would like to receive email with the printable links so that I can catch up with the rest before a new week starts. Thanks

  11. You briefly mention a prayer journal in one of your Anything blog post. Now I cannot find the link anywhere. Can you help please? Thank you. I am loving the Anything bible study. Thanks for all you do.

  12. I love your material and support in these studies. I have missed the starting date for this one but wondered if I can still use the resources as I start up a bit late and continue on my own. Thanks again for all you do.

  13. Hi can I plz have the print outs emailed to me plz I would love to do this with my kids plz


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