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Summer Mission Field: Your Neighborhood…plus direct links to enrolling & participating in this summer’s study


For the past 2 summers I have opened my home and held a summer Bible study with my GMG group and Sunday school class. There’s something special that happens when you open your home to friends, life slows down just a little as you finally have time to share what’s on your heart. There’s a bonding and closeness that develops when a group of women pray together, read God’s Word together and let down their guards together.

A sisterhood emerges…

In the past we’ve normally met on Wednesday mornings for about an hour and a half. While the moms met for the Bible study, their kids participated in a VBS in my backyard run by the four high school girls I disciple on Tuesday nights during the school year. It’s really been a win-win for everyone! My DG girls LOVE teaching our kids and planning the activities. Our children LOVE playing with the DG girls, hearing the Bible stories and doing the fun crafts that go with each week’s Bible lesson. The moms of course love it because we can actually meet and share what we’ve been learning through our study.

This summer I’m going to change it up a little, not because I haven’t enjoyed how the past 2 summers have went…I’ve LOVED it, but the change has more to do with my DG girls growing up and needing to get summer jobs now…

So this summer we are meeting every other Wednesday at a local park. If you live in my small town you might see us lugging kids, lunches and Bibles to picnic tables. We aren’t crazy….just women who desire to be in community….that’s what we’re made for…….each other. You’ll see us “break bread” together, pray together, kiss a few boo boos and support one another as we strive to live lives that reflect Jesus.

We come together because we know we are the Body of Christ….we were made to do this…..we are stronger as one.

Let me encourage you this summer to reach out and invite women who are in your life to do this study with you. Invite them into your home or schedule time with them at local parks or coffee shops. The location isn’t want matters…what matters is the souls you are cultivating and encouraging.

This summer go on a mission trip……without leaving your town. Invite a few new friends to join your GMG summer book club.

Sometimes we forget there are souls who need Jesus across the street and across the world.

Let’s make a difference in our country….one home at a time.


Today I’ve provided the direct links for enrolling into our online Bible study, finding a group, as well as the direct link for women who are leading GMG groups.

Want to enroll in our upcoming summer session?
click here to enroll





Looking for a GMG group to join?
click here to join a group





Leading a GMG group this session?

click here to register your group





And don’t forget about the giveaway happening here. You won’t want to miss it!

Plus, stay tuned…..we have a very special message from Jennie Allen for YOU tomorrow!

Let’s talk…what ways can you be “on mission” this summer in your community? How can we help?


Love God Greatly!



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  1. ” We come together because we know we are the Body of Christ….we were made to do this…..we are stronger as one. ”
    Oh, Amen and Amen!
    How beautiful Angela :)
    How wonderfully we have been created and how sweet the blessing of GoodMorningGirls!

  2. Trishia says:

    I am excited about being a first timer. I am a mother of four teenage daughters and my life is busy to say the least. Some quiet time would be great. God has blessed me abundantly more than I could ever say. He has gotten me through 2 aortic aneurysm surgeries where I was clinically dead for 13 min. He has been our rock our comforter our strong tower He is our everything. Being a single mother has its ups and downs but my God has never failed me yet. He is the Almighty… have a blessed day…

    • Wow, what a powerful testimony you are living for your girls to see! Thank you for sharing your story with us today!

  3. God has placed on my heart this year to open a VBS kind of study once a week for my daughter and her friends. I’ve resisted in the past because it meant I gave away to much of my summer. Thankfully that attitude is gone! It will be a blessing to poor into this young ladies (8-9 yo) and have a LOT of FUN!

    • Ohhh that’s wonderful! I’m sure your daughter will LOVE it! My girls loved having their friends over and helping me prepare the crafts each session before everyone arrived. :) It’s a great way to teach them hospitality and the importance of serving others. :) Sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful summer! Make sure to download our children’s resources…..our team shares lots of great ideas to help kids learn about God. :)

  4. Oh Ang – I LOVE this post!!! And I love the idea of meeting at a park!!

    Amen – it’s one.home.at.a.time!

    I just shared it on WLW facebook :)!
    Love you,

  5. I am behind on my first Luke study (I think by God’s will since things are “lining up” in my life with the study, talk about weird).

    Anyway this morning was on Luke 5:31-32
    31 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.
    32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance

    Ouch! It brings the phraise “Preaching to the choir” to mind. Think of the children’s song “This Little Light Of Mine”. Are we being a light unto the world all the time, or are we hiding light when we walk out of church, or in an uncomfortable situation.

    The bible teaches us

  6. Hope Holland says:

    How to I join a group for the Anything study?

  7. This will be my first study with you all and I’m very excited!

  8. adrianna says:

    Im looking for good christian women in circle i have decied to do this on my own. but offered my place to friends if they want to join in this too. i am No where ready to lead but wanting to follow and get insight with others.
    I want that good godly christian women friendships suggest any other books? i struggle with everyday life and getting this done on a daily basics i feel overwhemled sometimes. i feel like i have been lead here.

  9. I am so excited for the summer study. I finished the spring study, my first one on my own. I am newer in my faith and hope to be in a group to get a little support in my study this time. I would love another oppinion or help when stuck and unsure…..Thank you for doing this. It is a blessing for me and many others I am sure…..

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