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Luke 15- Jesus still searches for lost “sheep” {Plus GMG Mentor Leaders Program}

week 7


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I LOVE that Jesus is in the search and rescue business.

I love that He came to seek and to save the lost. He came for me, and He came for you. In the first 7 verses of Luke 15, we see Jesus doing many things. We see how He values relationships and time spent around the table talking and sharing a meal together. Jesus invested His life in those who held His same values as well as those who did not. Jesus never sinned, yet sinners and tax collectors felt comfortable enough to gather around Him to hear Him speak. Those two points challenge me to live like Jesus did. As I go about my days……am I on my true mission in life?

Am I, like Jesus, seeking the lost?

Am I spending time with those who do not hold my same values and beliefs?

It’s so easy to protect ourselves, to shelter ourselves……but it’s not healthy for us. For when I remove myself from the world to much…..my desire to make a difference in this world and reach the lost dies. Modeling our lives like Jesus, we need to “break bread” with those who are lost. We need to spend time investing our lives into their lives. When we do, God enlarges our hearts and plants seeds of love for them that in time grows and grows.

You see, every person we would consider a “sinner” is really someone’s child. As a mother, it breaks my heart to think of a child being lost in this world. As Christians, we are called to be a light in this dark world and use our lives to point others to Jesus.

In today’s parable found in Luke 15:3-7, we see Jesus searching for the sheep, finding the sheep, carrying the sheep and rejoicing in it’s return! Wow, what a loving God we serve. Like Jesus, let’s live our lives reaching out to the lost by looking for opportunities to show them God’s love.

Questions for today:

  • How has God used someone in your life to bring you back to Him? Share your story! We’d love to hear it!
  • Before reading today’s parable of the Lost Sheep, how did you view God’s response when you repented?
  • Now after learning that God REJOICES and celebrates with the angles when we repent and turn back to Him, does the knowledge of that truth change your view of the importance of repenting? How?

Week 7 Challenge: We are on the same mission Jesus is on……we are to seek the lost. How in your life are you seeking those who are lost around you? This week focus on praying over one person in your life who is not saved, every single day. Be intentional with her. Reach out to her. Invite her to dinner or on a playdate with the kids. Help her, serve her, be Jesus’s hands and feet to her. Look for ways to show her love and spend time with her if you can. Don’t make this a week long challenge, but a challenge for a lifetime. Don’t just stop after this week……continue to reach out and seek the lost with Jesus.

Week 7 Reading Plan:
week 7

Week 7 Memory Verse:
7_Luke_15_10GMG Mentor Leaders

The GMG Leadership Mentoring Program is about to start again! The program is for new or current leaders who wish to enrich their leadership skills, as well as deepen their understanding of their value as women of God.

Participants in the program will participate in a small group and complete a two week Bible Study, led by their Mentor. The study dates are May 20th to May 31st.

Due to the nature of this study and group size, we are only able to accept a limited number of participants. We do our best to create a spot for everyone, but that is not always possible.

To apply to join this study, please click on the link below and fill out the form.

Applications will close on May 14th.


If you have any questions concerning the GMG Mentor Leaders program, please feel free to ask in our comment section.

Love God Greatly!


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  1. Dorothee says:

    Hi, I would like to participate at the GMG Leadership Mentoring Program but we are on widson holidays within the next two and a half weeks. Is there another possibility? Thanks for answering. Dorothee

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