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Moms are Modern Day Shepherds…

 {My own personal little “flock”}
{Image credit: Marie Kelley Photography}

God treasures those who the world sometimes doesn’t see.

I LOVE that God REVEALED the birth of His Son…..Jesus, to common everyday…..shepherds.

His first “birth announcement” was sent to a group of men who didn’t have “degrees”, didn’t have it “all together” and probably weren’t in their “dream job…” Yet God used them right where they were at and now, thousands of years later we are reading about this heavenly birth announcement God decided to start with them.

Shepherds, these were men who:

… held an occupation that didn’t hold respect.

… go unnamed…..yet were chosen by God to be the very “birth announcers…” the first ones to share and tell others about the “good news of great joy that will be for all people…”

God chose them, the unseen, unnamed…..to tell of the “Good News.”

I love that He sees and chooses those who no ones else does.

If God would of had a marketing committee……I think they would have laughed at His idea of sharing this important birth announcement  with these lowly shepherds……yet I love that my God’s ways are not man’s ways……for God looks at our hearts.

I LOVE that about God!

I believe God has a tender spot for those who care for His “lambs.”

Many times as moms, whether we work inside our outside the home, we feel our work done in our homes goes unnoticed.



Yet I know that is not the case because God sees everything!

We, as moms, women who are raising the next generation for Christ……are modern day shepherds. Our jobs, our workload, our sleepless nights may go unnoticed by some…..but not by God.

He sees it all…..

Some of us might not hold the degrees we wish we had. Some of us might think we are not in our “dream job”, yet it’s in this job, this occupation, that we learn to touch eternity as we invest ourselves into our families…..tending to our own personal “flocks.”

It’s in the tending to our little lambs, that we can help spread the “good news of great joy for all people” …..one life at a time.

Have you ever specifically considered that, in being a mom, ( or a grandma, a daughter, sister, aunt) you have been called……YOU have a calling!

Tend to the lambs who are in your flock…..you never know what God has planned for your life.

Or who one day, may pay you a visit……

{Image credit: Marie Kelley Photography}

Love God Greatly!






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  1. I have always loved that humble shepherds were the first to know :-) I found out this year that these men were specifically Levitical shepherds, whose job was to watch and care for each newborn lamb to ensure that it wasn’t marred or harmed following its birth and could be used as a “perfect” sacrifice. Adds another layer of significance to your beautiful thoughts above.

  2. I was having similar thoughts when I read yesterday’s verses about the shepherds. Thank you for sharing your insights. And for sharing your beautiful daughters. I see the Light of Jesus in their faces! <3

  3. And just an encouragement to those ladies out there without children of their own, take a look around. There are children and youth in your life without a Godly woman as an influence. Maybe God put you in their lives to be their shepherd. Thank you Angela for sharing.

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes as I read it this morning. It was just what I needed as last night a lady was degrading about me staying at home as a mom. It hurt and I needed this encouragement. Thank you so much for all y’all are doing for us as women. I love my good morning girls studies!

  5. I got tears in my eyes this morning as I read this post. I so needed this as last night a lady was degrading me as a stay at home mom. It hurt, and this was just the encouragement I needed. Thank y’all so much for all you are doing for us as women. I love my good morning girls studies!

  6. Powerful post today Ang!!! Just beauti{full}!!!
    I shared it on my WLW FB :)
    Love you,

  7. Beautiful. As a mother to a baby, the part about the sleepless night truly touched my heart. My dear husband has found job, but accepting it meant we would be apart for a few months. Being home alone with our three little ones really does wear on me- I love my children more than anything in the world (save my husband!) but the sleepless nights, without help, are truly wearing me down. This was exactly what I needed to read- there is someone who appreciates my sacrifices, someone who knows I am doing my best, and someone who is proud of me- THANK YOU!

  8. Such a great reminder for moms! Thanks Angela!

  9. Thanks!

  10. This post was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you so much!

  11. I echo all the sentiments in the other comments. Thank you so much!

  12. thank you! i needed to be reminded of this…because we so easily forget :) Lord help us!

  13. This post touched me deeply today. I had a mom who gave me a spiritual foundation that I will always treasure and I want to be like that for my children. Investing in eternity and doing things that no one sees is the greatest gift we can give our children! I am humbled that God chose me to be a mom.

  14. Thanks so much for your uplifting and encouraging message!

  15. I found your devotion through Women Living Well’s post….Anyway, this reminded me of a speaker that I heard many years ago who was to speak on the 23rd Psalm. My initial reaction was “Someone else speaking on the 23rd Psalm, great! (groan)” But, I prayed for God to change my heart…and you know what? He did! The speaker spoke as “Moms” being the Shepherd and that it was our privilege to shepherd our little ones… I read and meditated through Psalm 23 with Me as the Shepherd to my little ones — it was an eye-opener for me. Also, there is a story about the Invisible Mother. Google that. That was also an affirmation to me as a Mom!

  16. Erin Lindley says:

    Thank you for the encouragement this morning!

  17. Rebecca- I was wondering that when I wrote the post!!! Thanks for confirming it to me! :) Ohhh I just LOVE God’s Word….there are always so many “layers” to deepening our understanding. Thanks for sharing that information with me today! :)

  18. Karen- Amen! There are so many children in our world, town……neighborhoods who are needing a mother’s touch! Someone to love them, invest in them and be there for them. :)

  19. Ohhh Sarah H.- I’m so sorry to hear that and I’ll be praying for you and for her! :) Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad…..it’s the most important job we can do. :)

  20. Melissa- Yes, yes and YES!!! I know the stage you are in is hard……ohhhh those sleepless nights! One thing I’ve learned in life and going through those stages is to give myself grace…..the house isn’t going to be perfect, my “standards” may have to come down a little for a season….but that’s just it…….it’s a season and it will soon pass. :) Praying for you today too! :) Press on my sweet friend! God sees all your hard work and sacrifice and He is sooooo PROUD of you!!! :)

  21. Shonda- Amen, my sweet friend! :) You are a wonderful mom!

  22. Tammy- Ohhh thanks for letting me know, I”ll have to Google that! Sounds wonderful! :)

  23. THANK YOU sweet friend! This was beautiful! Love you so much. I’m so thankful to be a GMG and for your ministry!

    Love, Traci Michele

  24. Thanks to the Lord for perfect TIMING. This study, this insight…nor a mistake..I’m a Mom of small ones…2 and 5 weeks!!!! I was on a fast full speed ahead career path…thought I was happy from being so sucessfull…THEN as a mom I acutalky thought I lost something…in the career world..but oh how wrong…and this blog just lifted and blessed me.. thanks to Him first and for you Angela! It touched me this very second!

  25. Please excuse my spelling! I’m on my cell!

  26. I loved this and especially what Karen said about other children who may have ungodly moms and being a light in their life, I have 3 little ones but I try to love on all kids. I know when I was little I didn’t have a good childhood but I know a stranger,a teacher and a friend’s mom in my life who made all the differences and showed me I am lovable and worthy. Some kids you never know what they live with and even just the smallest act of kindness will strengthen their heart and make them feel they are special and loved. I feel blessed to know of HIS love now and give my children something I missed out on as a kid. But- praise the Lord- my dad and stepmom turned their lives around a few years ago and they are believers and my mom who used to be atheist became a believer last year! God is faithful for sure….:)

  27. Jacqueline Boggs says:

    This sight is so refreshing and a wonder to see modern days girls showing God’s Love..

  28. Wow this is so great! Such a wonderful perspective on this topic! Such proof that God chooses us not because of our wealth, celebrity, or name…but because of His purpose. Thank you for sharing! Loved!

    GB: Jessica @ Proverbs Living

  29. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point in my journey as a christian for many years that you’ve pointed out something new I’ve never seen before in Luke. How could I not wonder over the fact that the announcement of Jesus birth –our Lord and Savior! — is to shepherds?! It is a reminder once again that God looks to work where the world may not look. He doesn’t look for the popular or glamorous or seemingly important people or things.

  30. Laurie Messer says:

    Beautiful, Angela! What a gift children are!

    Rebecca, my heart is literally pounding in excitement at this new revelation. I googled “levitical shepherds” and found an article that explains it in great detail. Not sure if it’s okay to post the link here, but if you google it, anyone will find the info.

    Praise God for revealing this during our Luke study. It’s a deeper understanding that we’ll all have with us when Christmas arrives again. Everything surrounding Jesus’ birth has such deep meaning and the beauty of the intentions of our Heavenly Father is breathtaking!

  31. Angela, your flock is gorgeous! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make it over to your ministry site. How wonderful a place this is to find rest.

  32. beautiful. just beautiful. I’m so glad you shared this <3

  33. What a beautiful and encouraging word to wake up to this morning. To know that even though no one else may be looking on into our homes and appreciating what we do for our families, God does. And He loves us.


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