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Countdown to Luke ~ Equipping you to lead…

Good Morning Girls!!  We are on the countdown, ladies: just ONE short week away from kicking off our Winter Study Session: Living Like Jesus {Luke 1-8}!  The GMG Facebook page and Message Board are buzzing with all kinds of energy and excitement as we welcome new GMG, answer your questions, and encourage leaders as you prepare!  This week our goal is to keep that excitement building, while equipping you every day with some helpful information as we get ready to dive into God’s Word together!
Have you ever considered leading a GMG group, but just needed that extra nudge of encouragement?
Then today’s guest post is for you!  Read on as Shonda, our Leadership Encourager, shares about her experience as a GMG leader, and explains how GMG is in the business of encouraging and equipping GMG just like YOU to become leaders too!

“Hello, my name is Shonda and I am part of the GMG Leadership Team.  Let me share my story with you.  Two years ago I was pregnant with my second child.  I was craving a Bible study that would help me dig deep into God’s Word and one where I wouldn’t have to leave my house.  I kept seeing Courtney from Women Living Well post about Good Morning Girls.  The day I took a peek was the day they revealed the new study for January- the book of James!  I was intrigued that Courtney said we would be writing out the whole book during the course of the study.  I found a group through the Message Board, and before I knew it, I stumbled upon an opportunity to lead the group!  I have led our group through several Good Morning Girls studies since then.  Though group dynamics are ever changing, the studies have been wonderful, and with God’s help, I feel stronger and more confident about leading these girls with each new GMG study.”


{Shonda’s GMG group from the Proverbs 31 study}


“God knew I needed Him to help me lead, and God continues to be faithful!  Last year, Angela opened up a Good Morning Girls Leadership Group on Facebook.  I joined, and by the Fall, the leadership group had grown so big, Angela asked me to help lead it!  Wow, I was so amazed at how God kept challenging me to step up in my role as a leader.  So, now I still lead my own GMG group, and I also help the leaders organize their groups and answer questions.  It’s a joy and delight to work with so many awesome women of God.  I have developed some great friendships and grown in my walk with God all because I was willing to take steps of faith.”




A leader is someone who is willing to serve.  God can use YOU in a mighty way if you are just open to his calling.  There are so many women who want to study the Bible with Good Morning Girls, but they need a guide.  A leader is not someone who is a Biblical scholar, but someone who is passionate about God.  A leader is interested in the seeking to draw women out and encourage them to pursue God.  A leader is prayerful and sacrificial.  A leader listens to God and is a life-giver.  Does this describe you?  Are you open to step out in faith and lead a group?  If you are unsure, please pray and read about all the ways you do not have to do this alone!  We are a team!


 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said,

“Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last,

and the servant of all.”

~Mark 9:35




Here’s what our leaders are saying about the GMG Leadership group on Facebook… we know you’ll be encouraged!


“The leader’s group is a life saver!  All the helpful hints, getting
the scripture pictures to post ahead of time… AWESOME!! When I led my
first group, I was so nervous, but the support here is tremendous!!!  I think
all active leaders should be in this group! Thank you for this group!!!”  ~Martha

“If it weren’t for this Leader’s Group, I would have given up before I even got started. I like that I can come here at any time and get information, encouragement and answers. Being a part of this group has given me the courage and inspiration to go on.”  ~Cindy

“The leader group has wonderful women to quickly answer any and all
questions I have. It has great ideas and fun tips for your group along
with pictures to post that grab your group members’
attention. My group wouldn’t be nearly as successful if I hadn’t joined the
leadership group.” ~Nikki

“I love all the extra information for leaders, and with your guidance, I really sounded like I knew what I was doing! : ) The ladies in my group were truly moved by the study and it brought us all closer together and most importantly, closer to God.”  ~Lindsay

“This group is kind of a springboard for positive encouragement.  As I
am encouraged here, it bounces to my group and from those individuals on
to others and so on!! I would absolutely recommend this group as a new
leader!!” ~Stephanie



There is so much we offer in the Facebook leadership group as you see above, such as prayer, answering questions, special photos to share with your group, encouragement, fun and SO much more!

Get connected today by sending me a message if you are leading a GMG group:

Facebook: Shonda Knowlton

Email: shondaet@gmail.com


Seeking Him First, Shonda



Shonda is a former Kindergarten teacher and now a SAHM mom. She is happy, healthy and loves God with all her heart.

Shonda’s blogs:
The Knowlton Nest
Milk N’ Honey Learn and Grow

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  1. Debbie Sparks says:

    I need to be added to the leader group

  2. Shonda is a great encourager!!!!

  3. I would like to join he Luke Bible Study

  4. Shonda, I just sent you an “email” before noticing THIS venue to get to you! We have a ‘group’, just need to get it set up with you! Am willing to become the ‘leader’ if you will give us the specifics. Thanks.

  5. Will the ebook work on my Kindle? I downloaded it from my phone and now I can’t find it on my PC Kindle.

  6. Joining the leadership group gave me the confidence I needed as I started leading for the first time. I definitely recommend people join it! I’m about to do my 5th GMG study and still learn stuff from that group! Great source of ideas and encouragement!

  7. Hi Debbie!! We would LOVE to have you join us!! Make sure to contact Shonda and she’ll place you into the group!! We are getting tons of requests today so it may take a day or so but she will add you! :) So glad you’re joining us!

    Annette- Yes she is!!! We are sooo blessed to have her join our GMG team!!! She does a fantastic job leading our GMG Leaders group!

    Lisa- Make sure to subscribe to our site so that you’ll get our Bible study materials, and enroll in our Bible study. If you’d like to join a group, check out our message board. Many groups are forming there!

    Subscribe link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

    Enroll link: http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/enrollment-form/

    Message board: http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

  8. Hi Marlamae- so glad to have you join us! :)


    Heather- I believe so….it’s saved as a PDF.


    Mary- thank you so much for your sweet testimony! We always love to hear from our leaders!

  9. Hi there! I am so excited for the new session to start! I am a 2nd time co-leader and I would love to join your leaders page! Thanks and have a blessed day! :-)

  10. Lauren Endres says:

    I would like to join!

  11. We would love to have you, Courtney and Lauren!!! Please message Shonda and let her know!! :)

  12. Teri Savage says:


    I have a group of online friends I have known for almost 6 years that I “met” on Sparkpeople. Our focus is about loving our husbands and children. One requirement is to not degrade our spouses but to lift them up in Christian love. This group of women are all ages and backgrounds. It is an amazing group that has blessed me richly. I suggested this bible study to them and some of them said yes! I will be the leader and am excited (as well as a bit nervous) to be leading them. I am glad to find this group for leaders.

    Have a blessed day!


  13. I would like to join the Luke Bible Study. I registered but have yet to receive an email confirming & it starts Monday! I also sent a FB message, I didn’t know how to contact anyone. Thanks!

  14. Valarie Ragsdale says:

    I need to be added to the leadership group. I already have a group on FB

  15. I’ve organized a small FB group that is ready to get started tomorrow. Although I’ve been a parochial school teacher for 20 years, I never really considered myself a candidate to be a “Bible Study leader”. After finding GMG, and asking if any FB friends want to try it with me, I think God might have sent the message that it’s time to try something new…He’s pretty amazing!

    Thanks for any additional information you can offer for me to encourage my group! Do I need to do anything else to continue to receive/access leader information?

  16. Joyce Ann Stafiej says:

    I am lost @ trying to subscribe where you have instructed! I would like Bible Study info to be sent to my email daily if that is correct? Sorry, I’m lost! joyce-ah@hotmail.com
    Thanks, Joyce


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