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Winter Session Enrollment Starts TODAY!

I’m excited to announce our GMG winter session enrollment starts TODAY!

Winter Session Info:

Enrollment: January 1st-January 14th

Session dates: January 14th-March 8th
What is Good Morning Girls? (GMG)
If you have never heard of Good Morning Girls before here’s a little explanation. “Good Morning Girls” is a title for a group of women who use email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. For 3+ years, I have been a part of a group of girls who email each other each daily after we have our quiet time. We say “Good Morning” and then share what we read in our quiet time. Some of us have our quiet time first thing in the morning, while others squeeze it in during children’s naps or at bedtime. The time of day doesn’t matter…..our focus is just being in God’s Word daily!

Here is a video about Good Morning Girls and a few testimonials from my own personal GMG friends!

For those of you viewing this in your email, click here.

Who can join?
Single women, married women, women with kids, women without kids, high school or college girls….. basically ANY woman who wants to pursue walking with Jesus. (This is our belief statement- scroll to bottom of page).

Our main goal is to be accountable to each other and to help each other maintain the discipline of reading God’s word daily as we apply what we are reading to our lives.

What’s the commitment?
Joining a Good Morning Girls group requires commitment. Now that I have had time to watch these groups form and grow, I am aware that some start strong but then fizzle out. As a result the entire group can get discouraged. So it is very important that if you join a group you remain committed to the end. Even if you can only check in once or twice a week – please do not quit completely. The other girls WANT to hear from you!

This is a 2 month commitment.
The winter session runs from January 14th-March 8th.

What To Study?
The winter SOAP Bible reading plan of Luke 1-8 is optional.
You can choose as a group to read through a certain book of the Bible together, to join a Bible study together such as a Beth Moore study or each do your own thing.

What we provide: (FREE)

  • SOAP Bible reading plan (we also call it a bookmark because we print it off and leave it in our Bibles to mark where we are reading)
  • Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8 eBook for you to journal and record your S.O.A.P. quiet times
  • weekly videos that provide further understanding and personal application
  • weekly blog posts on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays to help you dig into the scripture of the week and gain better insight and application.
  • challenges aimed at helping you put God’s Word into action in your life.

{NEW} this session just for KIDS!!!!
Because of the popularity of the family activities during our Advent study, we have partnered with The Dig, to provide a fun and easy way for YOU to get into the book of Luke 1-8 with your kids this session!!!

I’m so excited to announce that The Dig is offering a SPECIAL price to all the women participating in our Good Morning Girls winter Bible study!!!! Now you and your children can learn about the same chapters of the Bible together!

A typical Dig lesson consists of the following four components:

1.  The Map: The Map tells you and your child where you’ll be going in each lesson.  It is a short summary of the study ahead.

2.  The Dig: The Dig is the main passage you will be studying.  Following each passage will be several questions designed to help conversation and understanding.  They are meant to be a guide.  You can use them or tweak them to help you talk with your children.

3.  The Treasure: The Treasure is the big idea of each lesson.  In a short statement, it is what you want your child to remember from the passage you studied.

4. The Display: When an archaeologist finds a treasure, they will clean it up and put it on display for everyone to see.  This is the basic idea of the Display.  It is the application of the Treasure you have found!

You can purchase The Dig for a special price offered by Good Morning Girls and The Dig for Kids!!

Available on KindleNook, or as a PDF for only $2.99 (regularly $4.99)!!!

and now for the FIRST time available as a paperback for only $7.99 (regularly $12.99)


 So join us this winter as we dig into Luke chapters 1-8 with our friends and our children!!!



Let the enrollment BEGIN!

Joining GMG is as simple as 1-2-3!

1- Find a group of friends to form an online accountability group.

  • Women in your Sunday school class or church
  • Friends from your women’s bible study
  • Past college roommates,
  • Relatives,
  • Neighbors,
  • Co-workers,
  • Other moms that you do life with…

Still not sure who to invite? Then visit our online message board and find a group there to join!GMG groups are forming based on location, age of children, pastor wives, homeschool moms, public school moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, special needs moms…etc. If you don’t see a group that interests you then form your own online!

2- Once you know who is in your group, decide how you want to daily communicate to each other.

  • Facebook -setup a secret group. (Not sure how? Here are the steps)
  • Twitter- our hastag is #GoodMorningGirls or #GMG
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Skype

3- Click here to ENROLL!

After you have joined our winter session, please make sure to subscribe to our blog for blog post updates and join our Facebook community by “Liking” us! We are also now on Pinterest sharing past Bible studies, blog posts, videos and many more wonderful resources to help you!

Still not sure if you should join Good Morning Girls this winter? Here are a few quotes from women who participated in past GMG Bible studies!

“I think this study has brought a whole new level of mindfulness to my day. It has forced me to look at myself and evaluate my responsibility in strengthening relationships. It’s also helped me define goals for myself with the confidence that these are Biblical goals. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied the Bible with any consistency and I’m so grateful that I chose this one. Very positive!“- Ginny

“Thank you so much for this study. It’s made a difference in my life, which extends to my husband, children, grandchildren.”- Cheryl

“Well, I must admit I had a shaky start with this study, but it’s made a difference and I through enjoy and am glad that I persevered through it! I will most definitely sign up for the next one! I had so much fun learning and gaining new insights to proverbs 31!”- Amy

As you can see, being in God’s Word on a daily bases DOES make a difference in your life!

You can sign-up individually or in a group……either way, we’d love to have you join us this winter!

Questions? Feel free to ask them in our comment section!!!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Happy New Year! Looking forward to another study with you girls. I teach a ladies Bible study at our church and used your Christmas booklet with them, teaching some of them the SOAP method to study. It was perfect! God bless, Heidi

  2. So excited to begin this session!! Thank you “ALL” for the time, energy and work you’ve put into these studies.

  3. i will be joining you guys, but just as an individual, we have some MAJOR changes going on and i can’t commit to a group this time around, BUT please know i will be joining the study.

  4. nancys1128 says:

    I just enrolled for the Luke study. I noticed in the list things about ourselves that the only choice about childrens’ ages is if they are grown. What about those our us with both grown children and children still at home? Might it not give a better representation of who your audience is if there were more specific questions about the ages of our children? Thanks for letting me share this.

  5. Hi! I am interested in getting a group of friends together online to do this study. I already set up a blog on Blogger. How do I invite people and create the online group bible study?

  6. Hi Barb- I am part of the GMG Leadership Team. As far as getting a group together, ask your friends! Just invite them and give them the link to this blog. Seeking Him First, Shonda

  7. Nancy Silvers says:

    First, I would like to know what S.O.A.P. stands for. I am praying about joining this on-line Bible Study. The entire adult and youth Sunday School classes are doing the “Experiencing God” Bible study starting Jan 6 and for the 12 weeks following. I am the Nursery School Sunday school teacher and won’t be able to participate since I will be teaching my wee ones. This would give me a great opportunity to still participate in a Bible study–I like learning in a group and also need the accountability to stay on track.I am 56, married with no children living home if anyone would like to join me in a group :)

  8. Not seeing the download, is it posted yet? Thanks again for doing this it is such a wonderful site. Love studying God word w/ all of you.

  9. Not%20seeing%20the%20download%2C%20is%20it%20posted%20yet%3F%20Thanks%20again%20for%20doing%20this%20it%20is%20such%20a%20wonderful%20site.%20Love%20studying%20God%20word%20w%2F%20all%20of%20you.

  10. Hello! I receive your blog in my email, and have done a GMG study before. When I click to download the ebook and the bookmark, it says that a problem with the website is causing internet explorer to close and reopen. Then it says it can’t direct me back to the GMG website. Is this a problem that anyone else is having or is it my computer? Please help!! Excited to get started!! 8)

  11. Can you give me an idea of the suitable ages for The Dig please?

  12. I would like to knw how to start a private group on FB with some of the ladies in my church. How do I do this and get the lessons on FB…..thanks

  13. Hi Heidi!- Ohhhh that’s wonderful! So glad everyone enjoyed it! :) So glad to have you back! :)

  14. Hi Martha- So glad to have you join us this session….I’m really excited about it too! :)

    Hi Ginger!- Ohhh I’m so sorry to read that you are having so many changes going on! Praying for you tonight! Thanks for joining us!

    Hi Nancy! Yes, great idea! :) Could you select both age groups? Thanks for letting us know! :)


    Hi Barb!- You don’t have to be a blogger to do this! :) All you need is an email address, or a Facebook account….whatever form of technology you’d like to use! :)

    Hi Nancy!- SOAP stands for S-scripture, O-observation, A-application, P-prayer. In the ebook we have a short section on the method. :)


  15. Hi Nicole!- Once you’re subscribed and receive our email, you’ll see the files available for you at the bottom of the email you receive from us! :)

    Hi Anna!- I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time downloading it! Email me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com and I’ll send you the files! :)

  16. Hi Gretchen!- I believe it’s geared toward elementary aged kids, but I plan on using it with my preschooler as well as 1st grader. :)

    Hi Pegleg- I’m working on a post right answering some reader questions so I’ll make sure and include your question in my post for tomorrow! :)

  17. Kathy Blair says:

    When I click on the link I get a blank page…any thing I am doing wrong? Thanks for the help! God’sBlessing to you all.

  18. Beth Moore is NOT a bible study…It is a book study. A bible study is where you read the bible and talk about it. Beth Moore is a person and did not write one word of the bible. So if you are reading her book and talking about what she thinks of the the bible then that is a book study.

  19. I would love to join, but I’m already committed to MYM in the mornings.
    I will definitely be following along though – you can never have enough Jesus.

  20. Good morning…we have a group of people who would like to do this here in Wooster, Ohio :) I wanted to set it up as a Facebook page but when I hovered over your “how to join up on facebook” thing there was nothing there. I have no idea how to set up something like that so if you could give me some help I would really appreciate it! :)

  21. I love how you have organized all the information in one spot this session! It is so helpful to when inviting women who have never heard of GMG! Thank you and we are praying for you ladies:)

  22. I’m trying so hard to post on the message board that I’m looking for a group. The validation code is not being accepted. I’ve tried everything.

  23. Stephanie W says:

    So I finally finished the Proverbs 31 study just before the new year and was excited yet sad. Excited bc I finished and it was awesome!! Sad because I missed an opportunity to participate in the giveaway for The Dig…oh well this year I was planning to begin studying the Bible with my boys. I found a Veggietales devotional I’d purchased years ago and forgot about. Now I have the opportunity to dig in along side my boys :) Awesome timing!!

  24. What a great way to start my morning! Please count me in… :)

  25. I just purchased The Dig PDF for kids via PayPal. How do I get the download link?

  26. Michelle Prince Morgan says:

    How do I set up a secert facebook page?

  27. Hi there,
    I have subscribed to the bible study, when do I get the email to download the files

  28. Julie D'Andrea says:

    My introduction. Single mom to a son 25 who has special needs, and a 16 year old daughter. Recently became employed after being laid off almost 3 months while still seeking employment at a job to better suit my family needs. Learning more who I am through God is a goal I have, but harder than I thought it would be. Looking forward to the study.

  29. If anyone is still wanting to be placed into a group…please message us in our message board or on our main FB page and we’ll get you into a group! :)

  30. Deborah Moore says:

    I can work with this schedule! I’ m interested in being part of a women’s study group and studying the Bible. I’m isolated in my job many days so I need to feel A sense of belonging someplace with other women.

  31. Joy Norris says:

    Just heard about you from a friend in the USA. Am a missionary in Peru. Trying to register even tho it’s after the 14th. Is that possible?

    I subscribed and tried to register but got a message saying I needed to have some problem diagnosed.

    Any suggestions?

  32. I receive satisfaction by, cause I ran across just what I became looking for. You may have ended our 4 working day prolonged quest! Goodness Thanks a lot dude. Employ a good evening. L8rs

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